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Inter American University of Puerto Rico

Guayama Campus

Graduate Program in Computer Sciences

CSNS-5100 Network Analysis and Design

Dr. José René Colón (Professor)

Project Proposal

Student: Gustavo Velázquez Dávila




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In the following work I will present a summary and a complete assessment of a proposal network design for

the Patillas City Hall in order to serve to over 22,000 habitant from that town, the proposed changes are

necessary to improve the service and to increase the employee efficiency. Our project is to plan a network

design for the best known for everybody E-government is a general term describing is the use of technologies

to facilitate the operation of government and the disbursement of government information and services. The

system will serve for the municipality to: Increase revenue, Improve communications, Add a new modern

technologies, Improve security and reliability in critical operation, Offer better customer support, Offer new

services. As we know every company over the world is using the technologies to offer better customer support

and new services, we think that is time now that the public sectors recognize the opportunity is now over the

table. In this case we will notice that we going to work in a place that the infrastructure present is very limited,

so we will have the chance to integer all the municipality department in the use of new technologies, new

opportunities and create basically everything new. The new design is necessary due to the project of the new

city hall building was cancelled and by this reason is very important to design a network that will satisfy the new

requirements in the 21 century. The new network description will has 2 Cisco switches each one with 60 ports

two new servers, a router to go to the Internet, the departments will be segmented logically for security

concerns, VPN will be implemented as security measure too. Our system will be designed capacity of run video

conference and connected to other public agencies as DTOP, IRS, and others, the network layout will give you

a good idea of all this.

Project Description

The project will consists in a Client /Server environment with 72 IBM computers 4 HP laser jet printers, 2

wireless access point, 2 servers that will act as a file server, email server and application server, 2 Cisco

switches with 60 ports each one with gigabit capacity and 2900 Cisco router. Another thing included will be the

cabling that will be implemented the EIA/TIA 568-B standard. A logical segmentation of the network need to

take place in order to avoid network congestion and at the same time implement security between departments

as example the Human Resource department doesn’t need to have access to the finance department. Wan

services with a leased line will be implemented using the AT&T company for a T1 service this will be necessary

for the service online that will be given to the general public as examples a business owner can pay their taxes

online without need to be physically in the City Hall or the people can get documents needed start a new

business and student can get information needed to complete an assignment of the Patillas town.

Workstations: The workstation will be allocated in each area needed as example if Human Resource need 8

workstation those stations will be in HR area, the recommended workstation will be the IBM MP 58 model for

the complete network one of the main reason to select IBM machines are because IBM machines encrypt the

user id and password as they went across the network, if the user id and password went unencrypted through

the network, using a network diagnostic tool called a LANanalyzer those data as user id

and password can be obtained in clear text. The system will use Novell Netware to

make the log in where users need a user identification and password where their

accounts, user id and password will be unique; the security policy will clarify all

those aspects. None data will be allowed to be stored locally in any workstation

because if you left users to save data in the HD locally then you must perform a

data sensitivity or risk analysis to determine the level of exposure in order to install

the proper third party security product.

Router 2900 series: This device will be connected to the leased lines this device

is the device that let the users navigate through the Internet, in this device we can

implement security policy as Access list control to improve security. At the same

time this layer 3 device will need some configuration as the following: Host name,

Interfaces configuration with proper IP addresses, the VTY that is needed to perform

remote connection by the Administrator in case of failed leased line or other fail

personal in charge is out of office, the OSPF routing protocol will need to be

configured and a BRI interface in case of fail of the leased line dial backup service is

necessary. Another configuration needed will be NAT in the router to save IP

addresses due to the addressing scheme used in the LAN will be a private


Cabling: The cabling standard used will be EIA/TIA 568-A (UTP) cat 5e with the R-

J45 connector as we know this standard defines a hierarchical cable system

architecture, in which a main cross-connect (MCC) is connected via a start topology,

the reason for having a 'Standard' is to define a method of connecting all types of vendors voice and data

equipment, over a cabling system that uses a common media, common connectors and a common

topology. This means that a building can be cabled for all its communications needs without the planner

or architect ever having to know what type of equipment will be used. the cabling need to be

certified with the correct calibrated instrument before perform any device

connection with it and this certification is about the distance that it maximum

allowed is 90 meter for horizontal cabling, Insertion loss, Near end crosstalk,

Propagation delay, Attenuation to Crosstalk Ratio – Near End and others

parameters. The cabling running through the building need to be identified in order

to isolate network fails and to keep a good practice of a well organized job.

Servers: In today’s downsized environment the File Server is usually set up to

allow a System Administrator to have total control over the system. This means

that the Systems Administrator usually functions as the administrator, security

officer, programmer, capacity planner, quality assurance group, and the change
control group. In other words, at this time in the deployment of Client/Server

applications, one individual usually has total control over all the data files. In the

proposed network we will set two servers one of them will act as a: email server,

application server and web server the other one will act as a file server to save all

document and all data generated by the different department each one will have

2TB of data capacity in order to avoid congestion and to make sure all of them work

smoothly. In servers the Administrator has the responsibility of create account

assign temporary passwords and set the appropriate privilege to all users as

example only HR director can modify the job description of a position, users from

the mayor office will not going to have that privilege. Another advantages of all this

new system is that will give reliability at all the process when may be a legal issue

it’s been discussing in a court or any kind of legal forum.

Scheme Addressing: The scheme addressing used will be an IP dynamic

addressing where the address usually is written in dotted decimal notation, for

example that means that host 7 is on network; stations in an IP

environment are call host. The term dynamic means that a DHCP will assign the

address automatically that means that client dynamically request configuration

parameters from servers, the DHCP goal is that clients should require no manual

configuration and the Administrator should not have to enter any per-client

configuration parameters into servers. All of this means that the DHCP server

assigns an IP address to a client for a limited period of time. The private IP

addressing will be the method used for the network in this kind of addressing the

Administrator assigns to internal network and host without any coordination from an

ISP or the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA). An ISP or the IANA provides

public addresses for web servers or other servers that external user access. One

advantages of private network numbers is security, private network numbers are

not advertised to the Internet in other word private address do not advertise to the

Internet because they are not globally unique and that’s why a security in private

addressing improve. This addressing scheme makes easier to change the ISP in the

future, by the way if private address is used the only address changes required are

in the router or firewall providing NAT services. The Network address translation

(NAT) is an IP mechanism for converting addresses from an inside network to

addresses that are appropriate for an outside network and vice versa.

Switches: The use of this devices for this network is essential as we know switches

are devices that operate in layer 2 of the OSI model, the network will have two

Cisco switches each one with 60 port with gigabit capacity with cut-through

processing, in cut through switches they quickly look the destination address (the

first field in LAN frame), determines the outgoing port and immediately starts

sending bits to the outgoing interface. This is one of the reasons that switches offer

lower latency than traditional bridges. The other advantages of these devices are

that switches are that they can make partitioning in LANs without incurring in

latency associates with bridges; they behave as a bridge except that they are

faster. Another advantage is that to avoid excessive broadcast traffic switched

networks can be segmented with VLANs and at the same time we make the network

more secure and less congestion. Switching alleviates congestion in Ethernet LANs

by segmenting into multiple collision domains, this reduce traffic on each segment

and increase available bandwidth.

Software: Electronic Mail, File Sharing Access, Groupware, Web Browsing and
Microsoft Dynamics solutions that will be the software used to handle multiple tasks
inside the city hall operation. Why use this? Because Citizens are becoming more

vocal in their demands for better services that are more citizen-centric. At the same
time, government agencies are faced with more limited public funding and
requirements to show greater accountability in managing these limited resources,
this software will help us manage finances, human resources, citizen relationships,
funds and grants, and service delivery—all with a low total cost of ownership. Every
day, these tools are used by government organizations to provide more effective
services with greater accountability.

Increase efficiency and effectiveness

• Gain real-time insight into organizational information and metrics for

better decision-making.

• Streamline and automate critical processes to free up time for value-

added work.

• Integrate data and streamline information flow across different

systems, departments, and agencies for greater collaboration.

• Enable regulatory compliance through accurate fund and account


Effectively manage your most valuable asset—people

• Simplify the management of employee data, payroll, benefits, and


• Comply with employment-eligibility and injury-reporting requirements.

• Provide employees with security-enhanced Web access to human

resources (HR) and payroll data.

Increase citizen satisfaction

• Gain a holistic view of citizen interactions across multiple

communication channels.

• Improve response to citizen requests with centralized databases and

automated follow-up tools.

• Enable one-stop citizen self-service through Web portals.

• Increase ability to analyze service trends and respond quickly to

changing constituent needs.

• Conduct targeted community outreach with comprehensive

communications tools.

Company Background

The City Hall of Patillas is located in the middle of Patillas town with a total of about

400 employees including all employee that their works is completely out of the

office or running through all the city and as we all know the main reason of it is

bring services to over twenty two thousand habitant and others that come from

other places as tourist, contractors, attorneys, physicians and others. At this time

the Patillas City Hall do not have any web page it’s depend for information of but we planned to register a new domain totally independent from the first mentioned web. In the new

projected web people will get information historic information from the town, can

apply for public job, will make transaction as pay any debt of taxes or any other,

they can fill online document as document needed to start a new business, they will

print other necessary document to perform any public transaction without need to

go physically to the city hall. At this time the infrastructure available in this city hall

is basically none they just have 15 terminals in the complete building as example

and is true people from the CRIM office share a computer for almost 4 employee to

perform their duties, people from the tax fundraising office only have two terminals

with one printer to assist hundred of business people weekly to get their patent, pay

their taxes and others efforts. The other critically aspects of all this is that data

generated by them are saved locally in the workstation, where people can change

document without left any trace, they don’t log in with usernames and passwords in

other words they still in the 1980’s. The only offices that use Internet is Finance, the

mayor office and the Head Start office that is in the main building and the federal

government require head start to have Internet service, but all this offices don’t

save data in any special storage they saved locally and don’t backup anything. The

finance office use an old software that at this time nobody knows how is called to

perform their duties and they work in a ineffective environment, because the

physical aspects is not good, we can observe an old cat-5 cabling running through

any place without be well organized in order to preserve a good place for work and

create a favorable work environment. At this time the IT department is represented

by an outside contractor of only one people who come to the offices when some

issues with the workstations are reported. The main departments of the city hall

are: Finance, Human Resource, CRIM, Head Start, Civil Defense, Housing

Department and Tourist Office, those department need changes in the way they

operate due to they use a load of procedure manually and this creates slow and

poor services to the general public and cause that inefficient service in all aspects.

We can thing that this new system will fix the 100% problems of the Patillas City

Hall, but in the way we implement the new system we will see favorable changes in

all aspects because there is no way that operation in public office get worse with

the new system. A this moment and the information collected in a visit to the

Patillas City Hall 72 employees need a computer to perform duties that’s means

that they are needing a complete new system to really put them in the century 21

during the visit we observe that the most complete office with workstation (4) is the

Head Start office due to the requirements of the Federal government to be

committed with a services to the little’s.

Justification of Project

The new project will be justified due to inefficiency observed in process due to lack

of technology use creating this poor service to the public, some benefits of the new

project will be: Increase Revenue and profit for the city, Improve communications

with other government branches and the general public, Modernized an out dated

technologies, Improve security and reliability in city hall operation, Offer better

customer support, Offer new customer services, Move to a global-network business

model, Reduce telecommunications and networks costs including phone service

payment, due to in order to make a phone call to San Juan the employee can send

an email, other example of cost reduction is the capacity of Video Conference, may

be a meeting with the Governor in the Old San Juan can be accessed by video

conference saving cost in fuel, time and employment efficiency due to when

meeting finished they can perform other duties instead of be driving from San Juan

to Patillas and vice-versa. Fax services can be partially eliminated with a copier with

the capacity of be connected to the LAN where employee will scan a document and

send it through his email and there is not paper wasted, more secure

communication and a document that will go directly to the destination without fear

that any person will get access may be to a confidential document. Another benefits

is that the HR department will have absolutely control of the confidential document

as: employee position, salary, disciplinary actions, any health condition, contract

time, and a complete list of all employee with all the information as: date hire

address, nuclear family, phone numbers, days of vacation balance and more.

Finance department can has all this information too including salary increase,

position salary, money pay in overtime, purchase order information, money pay in

all expenses including all contractor that make business with the municipality, this

will help them with Contralor Office auditing due to everything will be accessible all

the time and there is no need to go to search in an old box document that may be

get lost or get damage creating writing observation by the Auditors or even worse

be cited by the court.





The project will be realized with public fund that come from American Recovery Act, Puerto Rico

government support with funds the project from a special assignment and Puerto Rico tax

payers from sales tax funds. The risk of this project is the burocracy of government that

sometimes act as a firewall by themselves and by general public, but now thinking in the new

government philosophy of process automation it is alienated with Central and Federal

government, so the first risk was the funds consignation, but at the same time is a project that

President Barack Obama is pushing to states and US territories. The other risk is that

employees and syndical leadership begins to rise messages that this is for employment

reduction or privatization of the services

Network Preparation

Name of new solutions or applications

1) Electronic Mail
2) File Sharing
3) Groupwise
4) Microsoft Dynamics
5) Web Browsing
6) OS Windows 7 Pro.
7) Windows Server 2008
8) Office 2007

Proposed Network: As described the proposed network will consist basically in over 72 new

workstations, two Cisco switches each one with 60 ports for network future grow, two servers

that will be use for data storage, web server, apps server, email server. The old building cabling

will be replaced totally for a new one, a new web page will be available for general public where

people can perform certain type of transaction to save time and money to them. The Finance

and HR departments will use Microsoft Dynamic software in order to increase employee’s

productivity, better and fastest services this software features were described in previous page.

New Cisco Router will connect our network to the leased lines of the Telco infrastructure the

company and it will provide a T1 service to the new City Hall network.

Technical Requirements:

1) Workstations: The workstations will use 64 bits Windows 7 professional with

2GB of RAM memory an Intel dual core processor, Video card of 256mb and a

HD of 80GB

2) Switches: The Cisco AS5350 universal gateway is a one-rack-unit, two, four, or

eight T1/E1 gateways that provide universal port data, voice, wireless, and fax

services on any port at any time. The Cisco AS5350 offers high performance and

high reliability in a compact, modular design. This cost-effective platform is

ideally suited for Internet service providers (ISPs) and enterprises that require

innovative universal services. The Cisco AS5350 supports widely deployed

routing protocols, including those generally found in high-end access servers and

routers (that is, Border Gateway Protocol Version 4 [BGPv4], Open Shortest Path

First [OSPF], Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol [EIGRP], and

Intermediate System-to-Intermediate System.

3) Cisco Router 2811: The 2811, a compact platform, delivers multiple services –

including state full firewall, NAT and hardware-based intrusion detection (IDS) –

along with high-capacity WAN transport, obviating the need for multiple separate

appliances. It deliver a full telephony services including Cisco Call Manager and

this router can sustain 2 T1bidirectional WAN data traffic.

4) Servers: For this task we choose a Dell Power Edge server T710 we choose

Dell due to they are a well known vendor with discount to some public institution

we are going to give 50MB to each employee for storage purpose, the OS

Windows Server 2008 will be keep separately from the files, this will protect the

files if OS has to be reinstalled. The staff of director and the mayor will have 2GB

of data for storage. The feature of this servers are: Windows Server 2008 OS,

two hard drive of 500GB each configured in RAID 1(mirroring). The

DellTM PowerEdgeTM T710 offers customer-inspired usability with excellent

system and image commonality. The PowerEdge T710 features a clean, logical

layout of components and power supply placement for quick installation and

simplified deployment.

An interactive LCD provides system health monitoring, alerts and control of basic

management configuration from the front of the server. A built-in AC power meter

and ambient temperature thermometer can be monitored from the LCD without

software tools.

With up to 16 hard drives and up to 144GB of memory, the Dell PowerEdge T710

is ideal for large capacity computing. A customer inspired design provides

excellent system commonality along with a clean, logical layout of components

and power supply placement for quick installation and simplified deployment.

Scalability Goals: The scalability means how much growth a network design must support. In

the proposed system for about 72 users adding about 4 printers one copier, it will support about

80 nodes and we select switches with 60 ports each one that will give us over 40 port free for

future growth, a T1 Internet services enough to run videoconference and support a load of users

connected to the internet, our router has capacity to connect two T1 connection that let

administrator increase bandwidth in case of a higher demand by the network and users, the

router also has capacity for future VoIP network. The servers with capacity each of 1TB and OS

server 2008 make sure any future growth for this network with memory capacity of 18 DIMM

slots of 1GB to 16GB DDR3. Analyzing the proposed network design it should be able to adapt

to increases the network uses and scopes.

Availability Goals: Refer to the amount of time a network is available to users in the presented

case the, the proposed network will be available most of the time due to the operation of the city

hall is about 7:30 am to 5:00 pm. The backup will be performed at weekend on Saturday in a

short period of time this will give us the commodity that the operation of the government is

practically cero on weekends and no interruption for personnel duties will be necessary only

outside users can observe interruption in the web page in about 6 hours in a year giving 99.9%

of availability for them. Unless and power failure occur or a mayor rupture the network for

employees will be 99.9% available.

Performance Goal: When analyzing technical requirement and planned infrastructure we can

say that this system will meet the goals of the expected performance. Bandwidth will be a T1

with 1.544 megabits per second Depending on what they are doing; a T1 line can

generally handle quite a few people. For general browsing, hundreds of users are

easily able to share a T1 line comfortably. The total capacity in use will be moderate

due to city hall employee no need to be online 100% to do their jobs. The maximum

of utilization will be under the system capacity and no network saturation is

possible. Throughput is the average rate of successful message delivery over a

communication channel in this new system analyzing the complete infrastructure

we can predict that this goal will be meet due to the complete system is an updated


Security goals: One or the most important goals is security, our system will have a border

router that will work as firewall at the same time of provide connection with our ISP. VLAN’s

between departments implemented provide another way of security, an anti-virus is another tool

to improve security. Client connects to the proxy server, requesting some service,

such as a file, connection, web page, or other resource, available from a different

server. The proxy server evaluates the request according to its filtering rules. For

example, it may filter traffic by IP or protocols.

Administrative Goal: The network administration will be performed by two help desk personnel

they will work with new accounts, security, and system performance. At the same time they

have to make sure that system use is according to the policy and they need to watch for

backup, storage and documentation.

Use goal: LAN will increase the efficiency of workers by letting them exchange data

and by eliminating redundant effort three of the most common benefits for the

proposed network are: increased efficiency, improved communications and lowered

costs. Users will have prohibited download software with copyright infringement,

download executable programs, destroy any hardware or software, printing files not

relates to their jobs as example print a picture of Jennifer Lopez or other. System

administrator have to encourage the well use of the network if those policy are clear

and communicated to the personnel the use goals will be accomplished.

Adaptability goal: The technology used in the new system will let us incorporate

any elements without making hard to implement as described the hardware uses

are with capacity to incorporate new elements as VoIP, increase the capacity of

storage, capacity of add more nodes to the network, the addressing scheme let us

the flexibility to change the ISP at any time.

Cost goal: The cost goal need to be achieved to avoid detractors of the system be opposed,

the time will tell if money used will return in benefits, but in places as the city hall of Patillas

there is no way to be worsen because there is no present any kind of technology, and all money

expenses will result in benefits as: reduce corruption, increase the taxes revenue, reduce paper

use, fastest services, mobility outside the building will be reduced, reduce the use of faxes and

telephone lines, communication between personnel.

Warranty goals: This will be achieved due to new system will be validated, tested and may be

modified before take place, people will be trained and educated in the use of its.

Network Planning: The network planning will take place in a building of 96 feet of length 80

feet of width and 45 feet high, where the gross of the work take place in the first floor, the

second floor is used for municipal legislature when meet all Wednesday at night. The hardest

work identified is the cabling phase due to this is an old building with areas where the cabling

activity will be difficult because when this building was designed this technology was not

available. The targeted time to finish the project will be 10 month.

Activity Approximated time Comments

Design 3 month 1 certified technician
Cabling 1.75 month 5 Outside contractors
Hardware&Software 1month 2 certified technician
Configuration 2 weeks 2 certified technician
System Validation 1.5 month 4 certified technician
Training 1 week 2 outside contractor
Different system phases


Start design Cabling Configuration Validation Training End of Project

Project Approximated Cost

Design $7,000
Router 2800 series $1,899
2 Cisco Switches AS5350 $8,997*2= $17,994
Hardware Configuration $4,500
Software Licenses $27,000
Cabling $35,000
2 Servers $14,800
Validation $15,500
Training $12,300
Total Cost $135,993

Network Design Plan: The network design plan is one oriented to the client/server with a

flat architecture or topology with private addressing scheme an example of a private address is

10.2..1.2 and the default subnet mask of The network will be segmented

logically and with VLAN’s the switching configuration will have the VLAN’s and spanning tree

protocol to avoid switching loops this is used to avoid network loop and allow redundancy,

remember that layer 2 devices forward all broadcast by default. The proposed network will

support multicasting for video conference purpose Multicast is a different beast entirely At first

glance, it appears to be a hybrid it allow multiple recipient to receive messages without flooding

the messages. Multicast work by sending messages or data to IP multiple group addresses.

Routing process will use OSPF as routing protocol the RP gathers information about available

networks and the distance or cost to reach networks. In addition to directing packets, a router

may be responsible for filtering traffic, allowing some data packets to pass and rejecting others.

Filtering is a very important responsibility for routers; it allows protecting computers and other

network components from illegitimate or hostile traffic. Strategic for the network management is

use a software call SOPHOS this product will let us to get the level of protection we need with

high-capacity, high-availability gateway and groupware email security and data protection via

anti-malware, anti-spam and data loss prevention technology, level of protection you need with

a choice of endpoint security solutions that keep you protected against the latest threats, reduce

the impact on your users, block web threats at the gateway, prevent phishing and create and

enforce acceptable internet use policies to provide essential safeguards for data loss and

protect your confidential information and ensure regulatory compliance with a range of

encryption products that deliver policy-based security across mixed environments and operate

transparently to your users. Administrator will be in charge of write the policy and make sure the

proper use of the system.

Note: Firewall is a Cisco Router

This is the proposed network design with redundancy between switches, the network computers

are identified by department and each one will be a separated VLAN’s. and logically segmented

by private IP addresses.

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