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The Danger of Permethrin for Scabies


Article · January 2017


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2 authors:

Regina Finkadita Yudha Nurdian

Universitas Jember Universitas Jember


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The Danger of Permethrin for Scabies Treatment
Regina Finka Dita and 2Yudha Nurdian
Student, Faculty of Medicine, University of Jember, Indonesia
Faculty of Medicine, University of Jember, Indonesia
Corresponding author: Regina Finka Dita,;

Scabies is a superficial epidermal infestation because of the bite of Sarcoptes scabiei var.
hominis which is transmitted through skin contact with itchy manifestations, especially in the
night, and lesion such as tunnel. S. scabiei var. hominis classified phylum arthropoda, class
arachnida, and ordo acarina. Spread over areas with poor sanitation and easily contagious so
easy infest a family or boarding. Itchy in the night because of S. scabiei create tunnel at skin
in the night and use the tunnel for eggs in the afternoon. Between the finger, the volar wrist,
the elbow, the front armpit, the areola mammae, the umbilicus, the buttocks, the lower
abdomen, the male external genetalia, the palms of the hand and feet in the infant. A widely
used drug today is topical preparations which contain permethrin 5%, other option are
ivermectin and lindane. Permethrin in various studies mentioned that permethrin have side
effect on many organ. The first is hypersensitive from the sensory organs, permethrin can
cause irritation of the eyes and skin. The second is side effect permethrin for systemic can
cause increases the risk of obesity and insulin resistance resulting in type 2 diabetes. The
third is side effect permethrin can cause degeneration of oocyte and follicles and increase in
the number of oocyte atretic which can cause infertility in woman. While in men can cause
infertility as a result of decreased function of sertoli cells that function to nourish the sperm.
This permethrin effect is not only on high dosage usage but also in chronic minimal dose
usage, therefore society should be wise in its use.

This work explains the danger of permethrin for scabies treatment

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