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February 2017

Vocabulary More words Dialogue: At the airport
Terminal – a place where vehicles, Mr Fleet is at the airport check-in
passengers, or goods begin or end a desk, hoping to board his plane very
journey. shortly. He’s talking to the check-in
Flight time / departure time – your “flight desk attendant.
time” is the time that the plane leaves.
Check-in desk – a place where you can show Mr Fleet: Hi.
Aeroplane / your ticket and give the airline your bags so Attendant: Good
Airport airplane
they can put them on the plane. morning.
Baggage allowance – the maximum weight May I see
for your bags (it's usually 20 kilos). your ticket HAVE
Excess baggage charge – an amount and (1) FLIGHT!

of money you have to pay if your bags are , please?

heavier than the baggage allowance. Mr Fleet: Certainly. Here you are.
Luggage belt / baggage conveyor belt – Attendant: Would you like a window seat or
Baggage / a moving rubber belt that takes your bag from an (2) seat?
luggage Suitcase
the check-in desk to the plane, or from the Mr Fleet: A window seat, please.
plane to the baggage reclaim area. Attendant: Could you place your bag on the
Departure lounge – a large room in an luggage belt, please?
airport where you can sit before getting on the Mr Fleet: Sure!
plane Attendant: Did you pack it yourself?
Security check-in area – the area in an Mr Fleet: Yes.
airport where you show your passport. Attendant: Has anyone interfered with
Hand luggage / Boarding gate – the area where you show your bag, or asked you to take
Taxi carry-on bag
your boarding pass and get on the plane. anything on board the (3)
Board – if you “board” a plane, you get on it. ?
Arrival time – the time your plane arrives at Mr Fleet: No.
its destination. Attendant: Do you have any firearms,
Land – if a plane “lands”, it comes to the hazardous materials or liquids in
ground in a controlled manner. your bag?
Take off – if a plane “takes off”, it leaves the Mr Fleet: No.
ground in a controlled manner. Attendant: Oh, I’m afraid your bag has
Boarding card Baggage carousel
Delayed – if your plane is “delayed”, it leaves exceeded the maximum baggage
later than planned. allowance, so you’ll have to pay
Cancelled – if your plane is “cancelled”, it the excess (4) .
doesn’t leave and you have to get on another Mr Fleet: Oh, right.
flight. Attendant: If you just go over to that counter
over there, you can pay the amount.
Useful expressions Then, just come back here with
the receipt and I’ll put your (5)
Passport (Luggage) trolley What you say straight through.
Where’s the check-in desk, please? Mr Fleet: OK. Thanks.
Which terminal does the plane leave from? [Ten minutes later, he comes
Do you know which gate the plane is leaving back and hands her the
from? receipt.] Here you are.
Where’s boarding gate 34, please? Attendant: Thank you. Here’s your boarding
Can I have a window seat, please? (6) . Your
Where’s the security check-in area? flight leaves at 13:34. Boarding
Window seat Aisle seat will commence at 12:45. The
boarding gate hasn’t been
What you hear announced yet, but it should
Can I see your passport, please? appear on the flight information
Did you pack the bags yourself? (7) in about half
Your plane is delayed forty-five minutes. an hour. The security check-in
Would you like a window seat or an aisle seat? area is just over there. Have a
Check-in desk Flight information Here’s your boarding card. nice flight!
attendant screen You’ll be boarding at gate number 34. Mr Fleet: Thanks.


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Vocabulary Useful expressions
What you ask/say What you hear
Could you help me put this bag in the Can I see your boarding card, please?
overhead locker, please? Please make sure your seat belts are
Can I pay in euros? fully-fastened.
Airline Tray
I’ll have a black coffee, please. What would you like to drink?

Pilot Runway

Cockpit Flight attendants

Safety belt /
seat belt Life jacket Watch this video of an unusual
flight attendant. Search
YouTube for “world’s coolest
flight attendant”.
Audio: On the plane
Here are some typical announcements that Flight 4B7.
you can hear on the plane. Listen once and We’re currently cruising at an (6)
Seat Emergency exit complete the text with the correct words. of 33,000 feet and an airspeed of 400 miles per
hour. The time is 1:25 pm. With the tailwind on our
Welcome side, we’re expecting to (7) in Paris
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome onboard approximately fifteen minutes ahead of schedule.
Gallop Airlines (1) 4B7 from The weather in Paris is clear and sunny, with a high
London Gatwick to Paris. Please fasten your (2) of 25 degrees for this afternoon. The cabin crew will
Oxygen mask Control tower and secure all baggage underneath be coming around in about twenty minutes to offer
your seat or in the overhead lockers. And make you a light snack and drink. I'll talk to you again
sure your (3) and table trays are in before we reach our (8) , but until
the upright position. Please turn off all personal then, sit back, relax and enjoy the rest of the flight.
electronic devices, including laptops and mobile
phones. We’d also like to remind you that (4) Landing
Passenger Sick bag is prohibited for the duration of the Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen and welcome
flight. Thank you for choosing Gallop Airlines. Enjoy to Paris. We’ve just landed at Charles de Gaulle
your flight. Airport where the local time is fifteen minutes past
three in the afternoon. The (9)
During the flight outside is 25 degrees Celsius. For your safety please
Ladies and gentlemen, the captain has turned remain seated with your seatbelt fastened until the
Airline food Overhead locker
off the Fasten Seat Belt sign, and you may now (10) has come to a complete stop
move around the (5) . However and the seat belt sign has been switched off! Before
we recommend you keep your seat belt fastened in leaving, please ensure that you have all of your
case of any unexpected turbulence. personal belongings with you. On behalf of Gallop
Airlines and the entire (11) , we’d
The captain speaks like to thank you for joining us and we look forward
(Food) Good afternoon. This is your captain speaking. I'd to seeing you on board again in the near future.
trolley aisle just like to welcome everyone on Gallop Airlines Have a nice day!


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Useful words

Customs officer Passport ID card Suitcase Backpack Hand luggage

Firearm Metal detector Body scanner Packet of cigarettes Carton of cigarettes Bottle of spirits

Extra words Dialogue: The customs officer

Luggage – all the bags that you In this dialogue, Peter, who has flown in from New York City, is going through
take with you when you travel customs. [Complete the dialogue with the correct words.]
abroad. HAVE YOU GOT
Exotic species – a plant, animal or ANYTHING TO
insect that is taken from its native
habitat into another country.
Smuggle – to take goods illegally
into a country.
Tax / duty – money you pay to
the government for certain goods:
cigarettes, alcohol, etc.
Duty-free shop – a shop in an
airport where you can buy goods at
a cheaper price because you do not
have to pay tax on them.
Duty-free allowance – the amount
of goods you’re allowed to take into
a country without having to pay tax.
VAT – Value Added Tax – a tax
that is added to the price of goods
or services.
Declare – if you have something to Customs: Hi, could you put your bag on the Customs: OK, and what’s the purpose of your
declare, you have goods that you table, please? visit?
must pay tax on. Peter: Yes, sure. Peter: I’m (6) some friends and
Green channel – you walk through Customs: Would you mind (1) it for me, relatives.
this area in an airport if you have please? Customs: And how long do you plan to
nothing to declare. Peter: Yes, of course. (7) ?
Red channel – you walk through Customs: Did you (2) __________ it yourself? Peter: 15 days.
this area in an airport if you have Peter: Yes, I did. Customs: Where will you be staying?
something to declare. Customs: Where have you (3) in from? Peter: At my uncle’s house.
Banned goods – goods that you Peter: New York City. Customs: Have you got anything to
can’t bring into a country: drugs, Customs: Is this your first time in the UK? (8) ?
guns, explosives... Peter: Yes. Peter: No, I don’t think so. I mean, I’ve got
Restricted goods – goods that Customs: Is there anyone else (4) with this bottle of whisky, but I got it in the
have controls over the quantity you? duty-free shop.
you can bring in, etc: some food Peter: No. Customs: That’s all right. That’s within your duty
products, some animal products, Customs: Can I (5) your passport, free allowance. OK, you can go now.
some plants, some souvenirs made please? Enjoy your stay.
from endangered species... Peter: Yes, erm, here you are. Peter: Thanks.


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Vocabulary More words Dialogue: Checking in
Reception / front desk – the area in the hotel Melissa has just arrived at the
entrance where you can book rooms or ask hotel where she’s staying. She’s at
questions. The receptionist is usually behind a the front desk.
long table. HOW MAY I
Guest – a person who is staying in a hotel. HELP YOU?

Lobby – the large area near the entrance just when

Lift / elevator Receptionist you walk into a hotel.
Room service – if a hotel has “room service”, it
will bring food / drinks to your room.
Suite – the most luxurious room in a hotel
Bill – a piece of paper with information about how
much you have to pay for the hotel room.
Hotel manager – the person in charge of the
hotel and the staff who work there. Receptionist: Hi, can I help you?
Double room (with a double bed)
Air-conditioning – a machine that produces cold air. Melissa: Yes, I made a reservation a
Heating – a machine that produces warm air. couple of weeks ago.
Balcony – an area on the outside of a room with Receptionist: What name did you make it
a railing (a guard or barrier) around it. under, please?
View – what you can see from the hotel window: Melissa: Simmonds, Melissa
the land, sea, mountains, etc. Simmonds.
Floor – the second “floor” of a building Receptionist: Ah, yes, a single (1)
Twin room (for example) refers to the second level of that for two nights.
Single room (with two building with all the rooms on it. Melissa: Actually, it was a double
(with a single bed) single beds)
Check in – when you “check in” to a hotel, you go to room for three nights.
the front desk and tell them that you’ve arrived. Receptionist: Oh, I’m sorry about that.
Check out – when you “check out”, you go to the I’ll just change the (2)
front desk and tell them that you’re leaving. You . Right, so
often pay at this point. that’s a double room for
Wake-up call – a telephone call from the hotel three nights.
that will wake you up at a certain time. Melissa: Yes, I’ll be checking (3)
Reservation – if you make a “reservation”, you on Monday
Porter / bellboy Key
telephone the hotel and arrange to have a room morning.
on a particular day. Receptionist: Could I have your credit
card and (4) ,
Useful expressions please?
Melissa: Yes, here you are.
What you say Receptionist: Thanks. You’re in room
I’d like a room for two nights, please. 625, which is on the sixth
I’d like a single room, please. floor. Here’s your key card,
Key card Pillow
I have a reservation under the name of Smith. and the (5) is
Does the hotel have a swimming pool? just over there.
Is breakfast included? Melissa: Great. What time is the
We need a cot for the baby, please. restaurant open for (6)
Could I have a wake-up call at 6am, please? , please?
What time do we have to check out? Receptionist: Between 7am and 10am.
Melissa: OK, and is there a
swimming pool here?
Mini-bar Trouser press What you hear Receptionist: Yes, just down those stairs
What name was the reservation made under? over there on the right.
Here’s your key. It’s room 458. We’ve got some pool (7)
It’s on the fourth floor. if you need one.
The lift is just over there. Melissa: Perfect.
Would you like someone to help you with your bags? Receptionist: And let me know if there’s
Breakfast is served between 7 and 11. anything else you need.
Safety-deposit Check-out is at midday. Enjoy your stay.
Cot box / safe Shall I call a taxi for you? Melissa: Thanks.


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Useful expressions

I’ve sprained my ankle. I’ve twisted my wrist. I hurt my arm. I’ve got a pain in my left shoulder.

I’m a bit sunburnt. I banged my head. I’m having trouble breathing. I’ve got a cut on my finger.

I’ve got a bruise on my leg. My eye has swollen up. I got stung by a bee. I’ve got a rash on my arm.

More words Dialogue: Consulting the doctor

Temperature – a normal body Clinic – a building where Jack is at the doctor’s. Listen once and complete
temperature is about 37ºC. people go to see the doctor / the text with the correct words.
Thermometer – an instrument receive medical advice, etc.
for measuring temperature. Diarrhoea – if someone has Doctor: So, what seems to be the problem?
Fever – if you’ve got a “fever”, “diarrhoea”, liquid comes out of Patient: Well, I haven’t been feeling very well. I was vomiting a
your body temperature is high. them when they go to the toilet. lot over the (1) . And I’ve got this terrible pain
Pills – small pieces of medicine Constipated – if someone’s in my (2) and a pretty bad headache.
that you swallow without “constipated”, they can’t go to I think I’ve got some kind of tummy bug.
chewing. the toilet. Doctor: Does your body feel sore?
Medicine – a substance that Cold – if someone has a “cold”, Patient: Yes, it does.
you drink or swallow to cure an they sneeze a lot (air/liquid Doctor: OK. I just need to take your (3) . [She takes
illness. comes out of their nose). his temperature.] Mmm... 38.5 – you’ve got a bit of
Vomit / throw up – when you Cough – an illness in which a temperature. You need to drink plenty of fluids
“vomit”, liquid/food comes out your chest or throat hurts. and stay in (4) for the next 48 hours. You
of your mouth. Queasy / sick / nauseous – if also need to take this (5) [She hands him
Tummy bug – an illness in your you’re feeling “queasy”, you feel a prescription.] You can get it in the chemist’s. Just
stomach caused by bacteria. as if you’re going to vomit. take one pill every six hours.
Headache – a pain in your Dizzy – if you feel “dizzy”, you Patient: OK. Thanks a lot. Is there a chemist’s near here?
head. feel as if you’re about to fall. Doctor: Yes, there’s one right next to the (6) .
Sore – if you body is “sore”, it Flu – an illness which is like a Patient: Great. Thanks a lot. Bye.
hurts. Also, “ache”: “My body is cold but more serious. Doctor: Bye.
aching.” Blood pressure – the amount YOU’VE GOT A
Fluids – liquids such as water / of force with which your blood
orange juice, etc. flows around your body.
Prescription – a piece of Painkiller – a medicine that
paper the doctor writes with stops pain.
information about the medicine Pulse – the regular beating of
you need. blood through your body.
Chemist’s / pharmacy (US Infected – an “infected ” area
English) – a shop where you can of your body that has germs or
buy medicine. bacteria on it.


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Useful words

Aisle Toilets / bathroom Shelf Credit/debit card Receipt Scales

(Shopping) trolley Escalator Exit Plastic bag / carrier bag (Shopping) basket Coins

Self-checkout / Sales assistant /

Notes / banknotes (Shop/store) manager Checkout assistant Checkout till / cash till self-service checkout shop assistant

Extra words What you ask Dialogue: At the department store

Department store – a very Where’s the sports Bob is in a department (7) ?
large shop with different department, please? store. He needs some A: Yes, we are.
sections: toys, food, etc. I’d like to return this skirt, help so he’s speaking to a C: Oh, I wanted to try this shirt
Shopping centre – a large please. shop assistant. [Listen once on. Do you know where the
building with many separate Is the café on the second and complete the text with the
changing rooms are?
shops. “Shopping mall” in US English floor? correct words.] C=Customer
A: You’ll have to go back to the
Floor – a level in a shop: Where can I get A=Assistant F=Frank
ground floor, first floor, second toothpaste, please? (8) department
floor, etc. What time do you close, C: Excuse me, do you know on the 4th floor and try it on
Menswear/womenswear please? where the cereal is, please? there. This is the supermarket
department – the place in the Are you open on Sundays? A: Yes, it’s down there on the – there aren’t any changing
shop where there are clothes for Is there somewhere I can right – three (1) rooms here.
men/women. try this on, please? down. C: OK. Great. Thanks a lot.
Changing rooms – a little Do you have this in C: Oh, and do you know where A: My pleasure.
room where you can try on a larger/smaller size, the (2) are,
C: Oh, and just one other (9)
clothes. please? please?
Cafeteria – a restaurant where A: They’re on the third floor.
you can buy a coffee / What you hear C: And the fruit and (3) A: Excuse me. [to a colleague]
a sandwich, etc. Have you got a store section? Frank! Frank!
Store card – a card that gives card? A: It’s at the back of the F: Yeah, what?
you points every time you buy Shall I wrap it for you? supermarket – just over A: Could you deal with this
something. Will you be paying by cash there. gentleman, please? [to the
Refund – if you get a “refund”, or credit card? C: Oh, and where’s the sports customer] I’m sorry, but
you return an item you bought We’re open from 9am (4) ? there’s been an emergency
and the shop returns your money. till 6pm, all through the A: It’s on the 2nd floor.
and I’ve got to go and stack
Discount – if there’s a week. C: And the (5) ?
some (10) .
“discount”, a product costs less The changing rooms are A: It’s on the 6th floor.
than normal. just over there. C: Great. Sorry, but where’s C: Oh, right, well, then, erm,
Coupon – a little piece of paper You can bring it back and the (6) ? Frank, I was just wondering
with a discount on a particular get a refund if you keep A: It’s just over there. whether you could tell me...
product. the receipt. C: Are you open on [fades out]


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Vocabulary WHAT
Dialogue: The meal
Megan and her husband
Bob are in a restaurant.
W=Waiter M=Megan B=Bob

W: Good evening.
Wine glass Plate
M: Good evening. We’d like a
(1) for two,
W: Certainly. This way, please.
Can I get you a drink?
M: Yes, I’ll have a (2)
of white wine,
Side dish Knife
B: And I’ll have a bottle of
Heineken, please.
W: OK. [He gives them the menu.]
Our special of the day is
More words mushroom soup and a fillet
Menu - a piece of paper with the prices and list of of (3) with
things you can eat in the restaurant. sautéed potatoes.
Fork Spoon
Starter – food you eat before the main course: soup, a M: OK. Thanks.
salad, etc. W: (After a few minutes the waiter
Main course – the large plate of food you order: fish returns.) Here are your (4)
and chips; steak with potatoes, etc. . Are you
Dessert – a sweet dish you eat at the end of the meal: ready to order?
cake, yoghurt, sorbet, etc. M: Yes, I’ll have the special, please?
Set menu – a fixed price for a starter, main course and B: And I’ll have the salad as a
Jug of water Bowl
dessert. There’s usually a limited choice of options. starter, and I’d like the steak
Bill – a piece of paper that tells you how much you for the main course, please.
have to pay for your meal. W: And how would you like your
Steak – you can have your steak done three different steak?
ways: “rare” (cooked for a very short period of time B: Well (5) ,
so it’s still red inside), “medium” (cooked a bit until please.
it’s brown on both sides) or “well-done” (cooked for a W: OK, so that’s one special, and
Napkin Tablecloth
longer period of time). one salad and a well done
Useful expressions M: That’s right.
W: Perfect.
What you say
We’d like a table for two, please. (an hour later)
We’ve got a reservation under the name of Jones.
Toothpick Salt pot Could you bring us the oil and vinegar, please? W: Was everything all right?
I’ll have the soup as a starter, please. M: Yes, very nice, thank you.
I’ll have the steak for the main course. W: Would you like any coffee or
Where’s the bathroom, please? (6) ?
Could we have the bill, please? M: No, just the bill, please?
W: Will you be paying by credit
What you hear (7) ?
Table Can I get you a drink while you’re waiting? M: Yes.
Are you ready to order? W: OK. I’ll just go and get the...
What do you want for the main course? [fades out]
Would you like a starter?
What would you like to drink with your meal? GLOSSARY
Would you like any wine with that? sautéed potatoes n
How would you like your steak? thin slices of potato that have been
Waiter Waitress Would you like any dessert or coffee? cooked quickly in hot oil


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Useful words

Police station Police car Suitcase Passport Plane ticket

Handbag (usually Mobile phone /

Police officer Backpack for a woman) Wallet (for a man) Purse (for a woman) cell phone (US)

Extra words Dialogue: Reporting a theft

Thief – someone who takes something without permission: Marco is in the police station. He’s reporting a theft.
“The thief walked off with my bag while I wasn’t looking.” [Complete the dialogue with the correct words.]
Theft – if there’s been a “theft”, someone has stolen
something. Police officer: Good afternoon.
Robber – someone who takes something, often with violence Marco: Oh, hi, I’d like to report
or the threat of violence. We often use “robber” to refer to a (1) , please.
someone who robs a bank: “The robber stole a lot of money Police officer: OK. You’ll need to fill
from the bank.” out this crime incident
To rob – to use violence or the threat of violence to take report (2) then.
something from someone: “They robbed me while I was on Marco: Will I be able to use that
my way home.” to file an insurance (3)
Burglar – someone who enters a property illegally with the when I get back
intention of stealing something: “The burglar got in through to Italy?
an open window.” Police officer: Yes. OK, now, can you
Pick pocket – someone who steals money or a wallet from give me your name and
your pocket: “The pickpocket took her wallet as she was (4) , please?
getting onto the train.” Marco: Yes, it’s Marco Spinetti
To steal – to take something from someone: “The thief stole and I’m staying at the
my camera while I wasn’t looking.” Grosvenor Hotel at 13
Belongings – your “belongings” are your possessions – the Marlborough Street.
things you own. Police officer: And your passport or ID card (5) ?
Suspect – someone who could be guilty of a crime. Marco: My passport number is B783 4689Z.
Victim – someone who has been robbed, etc. Police officer: And have you got a contact number?
Identity card (ID card) – an official card with your photo on Marco: Yes, my (6) number is 00 29 876 349.
it and information about you. Police officer: OK, and what items were stolen?
Insurance policy – a formal agreement with an insurance Marco: Erm, just a (7) , I think.
company: you pay the company an amount of money; in Police officer: When was this?
return, you receive compensation (money, etc.) if you’re Marco: At about 2pm yesterday (8) .
robbed or injured or if you lose something. Police officer: And where were you at the time.
To report a crime – to tell the police about a crime. Marco: I was in Victoria Station.
Crime incident report form – a form that you must Police officer: And could you describe what happened?
complete, with details about the crime. Marco: Yes, well, I was waiting in a queue to get a (9)
To fill out a form – to complete a form.  , but when I came to pay, I realised that my
To file an insurance claim – to inform the insurance wallet was missing. I think someone must have picked
company officially about a loss or injury so you can get my pocket as I was in the queue.
compensation (money, etc.) . Police officer: Did you notice anyone acting suspiciously at the time?
CCTV (closed-circuit television) – television cameras in the Marco: Yes, well, there was an elderly (10) with a
street that record everything that happens. walking stick behind me. He kept bumping into me.
Help! – what you need to shout if you’re in trouble or being robbed. I’m sure it was him. [fades out]


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Vocabulary Dialogue: The Pub
Sally is in the pub getting

Sally: Good evening.

Barman: Evening. What can
A barman A barwoman I get you?
(bartender) (bartender)
Sally: I’ll have a (1)
Heineken and a vodka
and Coke, please.
Useful expressions Barman: OK. Would you
like any ice and (2)
What you say with
The bar Glass of wine
What time does the pub close? the vodka and Coke?
I’ll have a pint of lager, please. Sally: Yes, please.
I’ll have a straight whisky, please (a whisky with Barman: (He hands her the
no ice). drinks.) Anything else?
I’ll have a non-alcoholic beer, and a vodka and Sally: Yeah, a packet of cheese
orange, please. and onion crisps, and
A pint glass A half-pint glass Where are the toilets, please? a (3)
(about 570 ml) (about 285 ml)
A bottle of Bud, please. of peanuts, please.
Is this chair taken? Barman: OK. (To the bar.)
Can I smoke here? Last orders, ladies and
Is there a non-smoking section? gentlemen.
Do you have darts here? (He gives her the
Is there a pool table? food) Here you are.
Do you serve food? Sally: How (4)
A bar counter A slice of lemon
Can I see the menu, please? is that then?
Are there any live bands playing tonight? Barman: That’ll be eight pounds
Do you have quiz nights? fifty, please.
How much is that, please? Sally: Cheers. Here you are.
Do you have Sky sports? (the digital channel that shows Barman: Thank you. (To the
live sports games). bar.) Time, please,
Are you going to be showing the Scotland-Ireland game? ladies and gentlemen.
A bar stool A packet of crisps
Cheers (this can mean “thanks”, or as a way of Let’s be finishing your
celebrating the moment by touching your glass against (5) ,
the other person’s glass) please.
Sally: Excuse me, but
What you hear where are the (6)
What would you like? , please?
A landlord / What will you be having then? Barman: Just over there on the
Ice (rocks) landlady Would you like anything to eat with that? right.
A pint or a half? Sally: Thanks.
Sorry, but smoking is prohibited here.
The smoking section is at the back.
The toilets are down the stairs and on the right.
That’ll be twenty two pounds
A round
of drinks
and six pence, please. GLOSSARY
Last orders, please (This lager n
means the pub is about to abeer golden-coloured, fizzy (with bubbles)
that is served cold
close, so you have to order Bud n
a Budweiser – a type of American beer
quickly.) darts n
Time, ladies and gentlemen apointed
game played that consists of throwing
sticks at a board
(This means the pub is a menu n
closing, so you have to stop aa list of the food served in a restaurant
live band n
A table toilets drinking.) a band that plays in front of an audience


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Tube map Line Tube station Track Travelcard Tube train

Carriage Train seat Door handle Turnstile Ticket machine Underground staff

Information board Ticket counter Sign Tunnel Platform Tube entrance

Extra words What you ask Dialogue: The tube stop

Zone - the Underground is divided into A single to Baker Miranda is a tourist in London.
different zones. For example, Zone 1 is the Street, please. She wants to get to Waterloo Station.
central area of London. A return to Waterloo M=Miranda B=Bob
Single ticket - a ticket that allows you to go on Station, please.
one journey to a destination without returning. Which platform is it M: Hi. Do you think you could help me, please?
Return ticket - a ticket that allows you to go to for Victoria Station, B: Yes, sure.
a place and return from there. please? M: I’m trying to get to Waterloo (1)
Stop - a station on the underground train Do I need to change . What’s the best way to get
route. lines for Waterloo there?
Escalator - a moving staircase that takes you Station? B: Probably by tube.
up or down a level. I’d like a Travelcard, M: OK. Do you know which (2)
Pickpocket - a thief who steals things (money, please. it is?
etc.) from people’s pockets. B: Yes, it’s the er, the Northern line.
Delayed train - if a train is “delayed”, it arrives What you hear M: Great. And do you know where the nearest
later than it should. Stand clear of the tube (3) is?
doors, please. B: Well, Covent Garden is just down this street.
Mind the gap, But then you’d have to (4)
please. at Leicester Square to get on the Northern
The next station is Line. So, it’d be quicker, and easier, to walk
Tottenham Court to Leicester Square and to get the
Road. Change here (5) from there.
for the Northern M: OK. That’s great. Do I need to change lines
Line. after that?
You need to take the B: No, just get on a southbound (6)
Bakerloo line. – find the platform that says
Get on the “Southbound” and take the first tube that
southbound train. comes along. I think it’s about four or
Change at (7) stops from there.
Tottenham Court M: That’s great. Thanks so much.
Road for the B: My pleasure. Bye.
Northern Line. M: Bye.


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Vocabulary Dialogue: At the ticket office
Customer: Hi, I’d like a ticket to
Wolverhampton for
tomorrow, please.
Vendor: Single or (1)
Seat Carriage
Customer: A single, please.
Vendor: When did you want to
Customer: What time is the first
(2) ?
Vendor: 7:35.
Customer: OK, a single for the
7:35, please.
A train engine A train track
Vendor: That’ll be £42, please.
Customer: £42! That’s a bit
Useful expressions expensive.
Vendor: If you buy it online in
What you say (3)  ,
Where can I buy a ticket? you can get a much
Where can I make a reservation? better price, or you
A monthly pass A ticket inspector
I’d like a single to London, please. can get an off-peak
I’d like a return to Birmingham, please. (4)
I’d like to reserve a berth in the sleeper to Edinburgh, please. for just £22, but you’d
I’d like a monthly season ticket, please. have to get the 11:22
Is this train direct? train.
Do I have to change trains? Customer: OK, then I’ll have the
Which platform is it for the 14:45 to Manchester, please? off-peak ticket for the
A ticket A waiting room
How long does it take? train at 11:22. Is it
What time does it arrive in London? direct?
Where do I have to change? Vendor: No, you have to (5)
Is this the train for Bath? at
Is there a left-luggage office? Barking.
The ticket machine wasn’t working properly. Customer: OK. Can I pay by credit
When’s the next train to Brighton? card?
A ticket office A ticket machine
Is there a waiting room here? Vendor: Of course.
Is there a lost-luggage office? Customer: Here you are.
Where’s the information desk, please? Vendor: Thank you. Just (6)
I’d like a cheap day return here
to London, please. GLOSSARY please.
Is this seat taken? a berth n Customer: Thanks. Which (7)
An overhead I think this is my seat. a bed in a compartment in a train
a season ticket n
luggage rack A sleeping car I’d like an off-peak ticket, a train ticket you can use for a fixed period it leave from?
of time: three months / six months / one
please. year, etc Vendor: You’ll have to check
a platform n it on the information
What you hear the area in the train station where you
stand or sit and wait for the train to come (8)  .
I’m sorry but the train is the left-luggage office n
a place where you can leave bags in
It usually goes from
delayed. lockers platform 16, but you’ll
a ticket machine n
The next train arriving on a machine that gives you a ticket have to check.
Left luggage An aisle platform 6 is the 13:48 to a cheap day return n Customer: OK.
a ticket that is lower in price, and that
Brighton. allows you to travel to a place and return Vendor: Have a nice journey.
You are in carriage number 10. in the same day, but not during rush hour
(the busy times)
Customer: Thanks.
This is a non-smoking train. an off-peak ticket exp
a cheap ticket for a train at a quiet time -
Tickets, please. not at the time when people are travelling
You’ll have to pay a to work or going home
delayed adj
surcharge. / You’ll have to if a train is “delayed”, it will come later
Electronic barrier Information screen pay an excess fare. than planned


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Backdrop the furniture / backdrop
a cloth at the back of the that shows where a scene
Theatre Stage Director Audience stage that shows a scene is taking place.

(“orchestra stalls” in
US English) The seats
on the ground floor.
Upper Circle Dress Circle
(“balcony” in US (“mezzanine”
English) The seats in US English)
at the top of the The first floor
theatre (above the seats above
Actor Orchestra pit dress circle). the stalls. Costumes

Extra words Dialogue: At the theatre

Musical – a play in which the actors sing. Customer: Hi, I’d like some tickets for the musical
Play – a piece of writing that is performed in the theatre: Hamlet / Let it Be, please.
Romeo and Juliet, etc. Theatre: OK. When would you like to go?
Performance – any time a theatre play is performed in front of an Customer: This Friday 18th if possible.
audience: the 6 o’clock performance, etc. Theatre: We’re fully (1) on Friday, but
Script – the written version of a play. Actors study it to learn their lines. there are some (2) available for
Score – the music that accompanies the play / film, etc. Thursday.
Playwright – someone who writes a theatre play: Shakespeare, for Customer: Perfect! What time are the performances?
example. Theatre: Well, the matinee session is at 3pm and the
Full-house – a theatre that is full of people. evening (3) is at 8pm.
Props – objects that actors use during a play / film: a sword, hat, gun, etc. Customer: OK, and how much are the tickets?
Lines – the text that actors say in a play. Theatre: Well, seats in the stalls are £65 each, they’re
Rehearsal – a practice session for the play. £45 for the Dress (4) , and £35
Role – a part in a play. The “lead role” is the most important part in the play. for the Upper Circle. There’s a 10% discount
Standing ovation – when the audience stands and claps because they’re for those under 16.
so impressed. Customer: OK, then I’ll have two seats in the stalls for
Curtain call – at the end of the play when the actors come out to receive the matinee performance, please.
applause. Theatre: OK. How about (5) H, seats 1
Pantomime – a type of Christmas play with singing and dancing. It’s and 2? That’s quite close to the stage, but
often based on a fairy tale such as Cinderella. not too close.
Interval / intermission – a short break in the middle of a play or film. Customer: Sounds great. How long does the show last?
Matinee performance – a time when the play or musical is shown in the Theatre: About three hours, with a half-hour (6)
afternoon (between 2pm and 6pm, more or less.) in-between. So, that’s £130,
Row – a line of seats. please. How would you like to pay?
A programme – a little book with information about the play and actors. Customer: By credit card, please. Can I take one of the
(7) ?
Theatre expression Theatre: Yes, of course. Here, just key in your PIN
Actors on stage never say “good luck” (as it’s supposed to bring code. [He keys in his code.] The (8)
bad luck) – they always say “Break a leg!” Another forbidden word is opens 45 minutes before the
“Macbeth”. show starts.
Customer: OK. Great. Thanks a lot.
Useful expressions Theatre: Enjoy the show!
It’s about… Customer: I’m sure we will.
It’s set in…
It’s written by…
It’s directed by…
It’s a version of a book by…
It’s a musical adaptation of…
Some of the most memorable songs are…


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(“movie theater /
theater” in US English) Seat Row Popcorn Usher Projector

Cashier Ticket office Cinema poster Screen 3D film Ticket

Extra words Dialogue: At the cinema

Session – the 3pm session (for example) is the time Customer: Three adults and a child for the six-o’clock (1) of
when a film is shown at 3pm. Murder at Midnight, please.
Matinee performance – the times when films are shown Cinema: Did you want to see it in (2) ?
in the afternoon (between 2pm and 6pm, more or less) Customer: No, just the normal version, please?
Premiere – the first time a film is shown at the cinema. Cinema: OK. Where would you like to sit?
Box office – this word refers to the money collected from Customer: Somewhere in the (3) , if possible.
ticket sales. For example, if a film makes $300 million at Cinema: How about row J, seats 10 to 13.
the box office, it makes that amount from ticket sales. Customer: That sounds perfect. What’s the film (4) , by the
Soundtrack – the music for a film. way?
Ticket stub – the part of a ticket that you keep after Cinema: Well, it’s a sort of murder mystery. It’s quite good, I went last week.
they take off the main part of the ticket. Customer: I saw the (5) – it looks pretty good. Do you think
Trailer – a type of advert for a film that shows what the it’d be suitable for my 15-year-old son?
flim is about. Cinema: It’s rated PG-13, so it’d be fine for him. That’ll be £26 please.
Surround sound speakers – speakers that project the Customer: Can I pay by credit card?
sound all around you – in front of you and behind you, Cinema: Of course.
for example. Customer: OK, here you go.
Snack bar – a place in a cinema where you can buy Cinema: Thank you.
food, popcorn, drinks, etc. Customer: Where are the (6) , please?
Cinema: Just along the corridor on the right.
Genres of film Customer: And where can I get some (7) ?
action films, adventure films, comedies, gangster films, Cinema: There’s a snack (8) just around the corner as you
crime films, dramas, historical dramas, war films, walk in.
horror films, musicals, sci-fi films (science-fiction Customer: Great. Thanks a lot.
films), westerns Cinema: Here are your tickets.
Customer: Thanks.
Useful expressions
What you say
What time does the film start?
I reserved the tickets online.
Have you got any seats in the middle row?
Could you put us a bit further away from the screen?
Are there any tickets for the six o’clock session?
What you hear
Where would you like to sit?
Would you like to sit a bit further forward?
I’m sorry but there aren’t any tickets left for the six
o’clock session.


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Vocabulary Dialogue: At the nightclub
Nightclub: Sorry, but we’re a bit full. You’ll
have to wait.
Jackie: OK, erm, what time’s the (1)
open until?
Nightclub: Three am. Could you just stand
(a type of security over there, please?
guard at the door) DJ Friend: I told you we should have gone
to that other club.
Jackie: Do you know how long we’re going
to have to (2) ?
Nightclub: Not long.
Jackie: What sort of (3)
Other words do they play here?
Mixing desk Bar Soft drink – non-alcoholic drinks (Coke, Nightclub: House, RnB, rap, hip hop...
orange juice...) that sort of stuff. [five minutes
Clientele – the people who go to the bar / club. later] All right, you can go in
Round of drinks – drinks for everyone in the now. Have you got any
group you’re with. (4) on you?
The toilets – the “gents” for men; the “ladies” Jackie: Yes, here you are. [She gives
for women. him her ID card.]
Bartender Disco ball Live music – music performed by a band or Nightclub: How old are you?
singer. Jack: Twenty.
On the rocks – with ice (a whisky on the rocks). Nightclub: All right. You can pay at the
Spirits – vodka, whisky, gin... (5) just inside the
Pint glass – a glass that holds about 550 ml. club when you go in.
ID – identity, an identity card (a card with Jackie: How much is it to get in, by the
information about your age, name, etc.). way? I’ve got this invitation.
Bar stool Cloakroom Nightclub: That’s only (6)
Typical drinks before 11pm. It’s £20 per
Gin and tonic (G&T) person, and you get two free
Vodka and orange (a screwdriver) (7) .
Rum and coke Jackie: OK.
Margarita (tequila, Cointreau
lime, salt and sugar) Friend: [in the nightclub] Pretty busy,
Lights Glass of water Scotch & Soda (Scotch whisky and club soda / isn’t it?
soda water) Jackie: Yeah. Hey, I’ll get the drinks.
What are you having?
Getting the drinks Friend: A whisky and coke. Do you know
What are you having? where the (8) is?
What can I get you? Jackie: I think it’s just by the entrance.
Would you like another drink? Friend: I’m going to leave my coat.
Bottle of beer Glass of wine I’ll have a rum and coke, please. Jackie: Good idea. Oh, I love this song.
I’ll have the same again, please? I’m going down to the dance
No, I’m fine, thanks. (9) .
I’ll get this round. Friend: I’ll see you there!
These are on me.
A pint of lager, please.
Half a lager, please.
Speakers Stage
Useful expressions
The music’s a bit loud, isn’t it?
I love this song.
Have you been here before?
Do you come here often?
It’s really crowded tonight.
Wide-screen TV Dance floor I think I’m going to head off home.


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Coffee shop Waiter / waitress Cup of coffee Muffin Cup cake Sandwich

Doughnut / Donut Soft drink Chair / seat Apron Menu Bar

Types of coffee

(“check” in Americano
Cash-till US English) Customer Espresso (a type (an espresso with White coffee Black coffee
of coffee that is water added so it (coffee with milk) (with no milk)
quite strong) isn’t so strong)
What you say
Could I have a drop of milk with that, please?
Is this chair taken?
Is anyone sitting here?
Is this chair free?
Where are the toilets, please? Decaf / Cappuccino Latte (caffè Skinny latte Mocha
decaffeinated coffee (coffee with frothy latte) (a latte with (a latte with
(coffee with no milk and powdered (a shot of skimmed chocolate
What you hear caffeine) chocolate) espresso coffee milk) syrup. )
and frothy,
Can I take your order, please? steamed milk)
What would you like to drink? Types of milk
Would you like anything to eat? Skimmed milk (almost no fat)
Would you like any sugar or saccharine Semi-skimmed milk (half and half)
with that? Whole milk (full fat)
Dialogue: At the coffee shop
Assistant: Good afternoon. Can I take your order? Assistant: Is this to take away or have (6)
Jerry: Yes, I’ll have a (1) and a ?
decaf latte. Jerry: To take away, please.
Assistant: Regular, medium or Assistant: That’s £16.99, please.
(2) ? Jerry: Here you are. [He hands
Jerry: Regular for both, please. him a £50-note.]
Assistant: Would you like skimmed (3) Assistant: Oh, I’m sorry but I don’t have any (7)
? . Have you got anything
Jerry: Semi-skimmed for the cappuccino and smaller?
whole milk for the (4) , Jerry: Erm, let me see, oh yes, here’s a £20-note.
please. Assistant: Great thanks a lot.
Assistant: And any hazelnut or vanilla? Jerry: Where’s the (8) , please?
Jerry: No, thanks. Assistant: It’s just over there on the table. Here’s
Assistant: Would you like anything to (5) your change.
with that? Jerry: Great. Thanks.
Jerry: Yes, a piece of the cheese cake and a Assistant: Thank you, and have a nice day.
chocolate muffin, please. Jerry: Thanks, bye.


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Useful words More words Dialogue: The trip
Business trip – a trip abroad Randy and Flynn are in a restaurant. He’ll love it!
(or to another city) in order to rock band. They’re at the R: Really?
meet clients / do deals, etc. airport waiting to board a F: Yeah, and I’m planning to
Boarding card – a card with flight to fly to New York for trash the hotel room before
Mobile phone / information about your flight. a meeting with a record we check out. And maybe (7)
smartphone Passport You need it to get on the company. [Complete the the TV into the pool.
plane. text with the correct verbs.] R: Not on my credit card you’re
Delayed – if a flight is “delayed”, R=Randy F=Flynn not!
it leaves later than planned. F: Hey, what’s with the suit and
Cancelled – if a flight is R: This is fantastic. I’ve never tie? You should be wearing
“cancelled”, it doesn’t leave, been in the executive lounge some tight leather trousers
Taxi Flight attendant often because of a problem. before. like mine. It’s much more
Book a flight – to reserve a F: Just one of the perks of flying rock n’ roll!
ticket in advance so you can business class.... R: No thanks.
go somewhere by plane. R: So, who (1) for the F: Oh, and I’ve booked a
Reserve a hotel room – to plane tickets? limousine to pick us up at
arrange to have a room in a F: Mum. the airport.
Carry-on baggage /
Airport hand luggage hotel on a specific day. R: Great. She’s so kind. You’ve R: Am I paying for that too?
Departure time – the time a (2) a room at the Cancel it! Let’s (8)
plane, etc. is supposed to leave. Hilton, haven’t you? a taxi.
Arrival time – the time a F: Yep! A suite! F: We can’t pull up to the Hilton
plane, etc. is supposed to R: I bet there’s wifi in the room, in a taxi!
arrive at its destination. cable TV and one of those R: [Sigh] Just remember to
Aeroplane / Overnight trip – a short trouser presses! (9) the receipts, so
Chauffeur airplane
journey that requires you to F: And 24 hour room service. I can claim everything as
stay in a hotel for one night. R: Fantastic. But I (3) expenses.
Check in to a hotel – when a bit bad about your mum F: Rock stars don’t keep
you “check in”, you tell the paying for everything. receipts.
person at the front desk that F: Oh don’t worry. She only paid R: Hey, time to board. Got your
you’ve arrived, give them your for the flights. You’re paying boarding pass and passport?
Suit Tie credit card details, etc. When for the hotel. F: Yep. Oh, and just so you
you leave, you “check out”. R: What? know, I’m planning to
Economy class – the least F: I (4) your credit card. make a scene on the plane.
expensive seating area in a R: I can’t afford a room at the Hopefully I’ll be arrested
plane. Hilton. when we land. Just think of
Trouser Business class – the second F: Relax! We’re about to sign a the publicity!
press Travel iron most expensive seating area in major record deal. We’ll be
a plane. millionaires by Monday. GLOSSARY
First class – the most expensive R: I hope so! a record deal n
a contract that a band or singer signs with a
seating area in a plane. F: Right, so we’ve got a tight music company
Executive lounge – a waiting schedule. Once we check into tight adj
if a schedule is “tight”, there’s very little time
room at an airport for business the hotel we have to to complete everything

Hairdryer Washbag and first class passengers. (5) straight to a to take it easy exp
to relax; to do something more slowly and
Receipt – a piece of paper business lunch with Rocco. calmly
a hangover n
with information about He’s the head of the studio. a headache and bad feeling someone has
something you bought. R: Don’t you think you should after drinking too much alcohol
to shout abuse at exp
Expenses – the money you take it easy with the to say rude words at someone in a loud
can spend on a trip. champagne? That’s your voice
to trash n

Shoe polish Laptop

Hotel suite – a luxurious fourth glass. You don’t want if someone “trashes” a hotel room (for
example), they completely destroy it
room (or set of rooms) to have a hangover for the a suit n
Take off – when a plane “takes meeting. clothing that consists of a jacket and trousers
(or skirt) of the same material and colour
off”, it leaves the ground in a F: Of course I do! We’re a rock make a scene exp
controlled manner. band. In fact, I’m (6) if someone “makes a scene”, they make a lot
of noise / shout / break things, etc.
Land – when a plane “lands”, to get really drunk at the publicity n
if you get “publicity”, newspapers or TV
it comes down to the ground meeting and shout abuse at stations write about something that you’ve
Tablet (computer) Suit bag / carrier in a controlled manner. Rocco in the middle of the done or said


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a hotel the underground a skyscraper a restaurant a museum a pub

a traffic jam traffic lights a sign an alley a building a theatre

Dialogue: In the city

Natalie visits a tourist office in New York City.
Ti=Tourist information N=Natalie
Ti: Hi, how can I help you?
N: Hi. I’ve just got in and I was wondering if you could (1)
anything to see.
Ti: Well, if you like art, you really should go to The Metropolitan Art Museum
– the MOMA.
N: OK. I’ve heard of that.
What you say Ti: And then there’s the Empire State Building. You can go to the top of that
Where can I find a bus timetable, please? and get a great (2) of the city.
Can you recommend any good hotels? N: What about eating out?
How do I get to the city centre? Ti: Well, you really should try some of New York City’s (3) .
Is there public parking near the museum? There’s one I really like that serves gourmet hamburgers on
Have you got a map of the subway? 5th Avenue.
Where’s the best place to go shopping for clothes? N: That sounds good. What about a Broadway show? I’ve heard so much
What are the main tourist attractions? about Broadway and I’d love to see a (4) there.
Ti: Well, the musical Wicked is playing. Also, Chicago and Fiddler on the Roof
What you hear are quite popular.
There’s a new art exhibition this Sunday. N: What about (5) ? I’m really into alternative music.
There’s a street festival all next week. Ti: Oh... well, New York City has some great (6) . You’d
There’s a new Thai restaurant that’s just opened. probably like CBGB. It’s a punk/alternative bar on Bleecker Street. Blondie
The best way to get to the centre from here is to take and The Talking Heads both performed there before getting really famous.
bus 64. N: OK, well, thanks for your (7) . Very useful.
Most of the museums are in the centre of the town. Ti: You’re welcome. Have fun! And stay safe!


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A flat / an apartment A launderette A tenant A landlord / A landlady A refrigerator A table

An oven A bed A bathroom Dishes A wardrobe A sofa

Dialogue: Renting a shared flat

Petra has come to look around at a room in a
shared flat. In this dialogue, she’s speaking to the
landlord about possibly renting it.
Petra: Hi, I’ve come round to see the flat.
(1) Landlord: Oh, you’re Petra, right? Come in. This is the living
Petra: Looks nice. So, is the flat furnished?
Landlord: Yes, this is all my (1) here.
Petra: Great. Is the kitchen fully-equipped?
Landlord: There’s a fridge and an (2) , but I’m
afraid there’s no washing machine. But there’s a
launderette really close by. If you decide to move
Useful expressions here, the other (3) can show you
where it is. There are three girls who live here:
What you say (to a landlord or landlady) one from Germany and two from China. They’re
I’m looking for a room in a shared flat. all very nice.
What time can I come round to see it? Petra: OK. Are they students or do they work?
How many tenants live there? Landlord: Two of them are students, but one of the Chinese
Are the tenants working professionals or students? girls works as a (4) .
Will I be sharing a room? Petra: Oh, that’s pretty cool.
Is it safe? Landlord: Yes, she’s very lovely. Now, this is one of the (5)
When is the rent due? . The other tenants have single
rooms, but this one is the biggest.
What you hear (from the landlord or landlady) Petra: Very nice. It looks quite light. Does it get a lot of sun?
There are two common rooms. Landlord: Well, when it isn’t raining, you should get a bit of
The rent is £600 per calendar month. (6) in the afternoon.
Are you a student or do you work? Petra: OK, and what kind of deposit do you need?
The average electricity bill is £20 a month. Landlord: Well, I’ll need one month’s rent as a (7)
You can split the deposit if you live in a double room. . Plus, you’ll need to pay one month’s
There are three bathrooms. rent in advance.
When can you sign a contract? Petra: And how much is the monthly rent?
Landlord: It’s £600 per calendar month.
More words Petra: So, you need a deposit, one month’s (8)
Rent – the money you pay to live in the house/apartment. in advance, plus the first month’s
Deposit – money you pay the landlord/landlady before you move in. rent? That’s £1,800 then, right?
It is returned to you when you leave. Landlord: Yes, that’s right.
Furnished – with furniture: a bed, a sofa, etc. Petra: OK, well, I’m definitely interested.
Fully-equipped – a kitchen that is “fully-equipped” has a washing Landlord: We can sign the (9) now if you want.
machine, dishwasher, etc. Petra: OK, great.


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Useful words
A cash
(an “ATM”
machine) A PIN number
in US (a personal identification
A bank A bank manager English) number). A cashier

A safe A coin A note / bill A credit card A cheque A cheque book

A traveller’s
cheque A piggy bank A bag of money A purse A wallet A security guard

An alarm A vault Pounds Dollars Euros Yen

What you say What you hear Dialogue: At the bank

I’d like to pay this money into The exchange rate for euros Jane is in the bank. C=Cashier J=Jane
my account, please. to British pounds is 0.748. C: Good morning.
I’d like to take 600 euros out, We charge a 2% commission J: Good morning. I’d like to pay this money into my
please. rate. (1) , please.
I’d like to transfer some The current interest rate is 4%. C: Have you filled in a paying-in (2) .
money from my current There are no bank charges. J: No, I didn’t see them.
account, please. I’m afraid the account is C: Here you are. (He gives Jane a slip.)
Are there any bank charges? overdrawn. J: (Jane fills it out.) I’d also like to apply for a credit
I’d like to cash this cheque, Which account would you like (3) .
please. to transfer the money from? C: You’ll need to fill out this (4) . (He gives Jane
I’d like to apply for a Could you sign and date the a form.) Then, we’ll process your application.
mortgage. / I’d like to apply cheque, please? J: I’ve also got these US dollars on me. Can I (5)
for an overdraft, please. them here?
How much interest does it More words C: Yes, that won’t be a problem.
pay? / What’s the interest rate? Bank account – if you have J: What’s the exchange (6) for dollars to
I’ve lost my credit card. / I a bank account at a bank, pounds?
need to cancel my credit card you have a personal account C: It’s 0.50615 pence. That means that one dollar is worth 50.615
urgently. number and you can pay in pence.
I’d like to apply for a new money or take money out of J: So, if I change 100 US dollars, I’ll get about 50 pounds, right?
credit card, please. the bank. C: Yes, 50 pounds and 61.5 pence, to be precise.
Could you change this note Paying-in slip – a little form J: And are there any
for me, please? you complete when you want (7) ? GLOSSARY
overdrawn adj if your account is
Could I have some larger bills to put money into your bank C: There’s a 2.5% “overdrawn”, you have taken out more
and small bills, please? account. commission charge on all money than you have
to sign vb to write your name on a
Please give it to me in 20- Exchange rate – the value transactions. formal document
euro notes. of one currency in terms of J: OK. I’ll think I’ll just an application n
a form you complete when you want to
Could I have the rest in another currency: pounds to keep them for my next join an organisation/bank, or apply for
change, please? euros, for example. . (8) to the something
a commission charge n
What’s the exchange rate Bank (charges) – the states. money you pay (often a small percentage of
the total) for doing a bank operation
for euros to British pounds, money you pay the bank for C: OK. Have a nice day. a transaction n
please? transferring money, etc. J: Bye. a bank operation


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Useful words

A plaster / band-aid /
A chemist / pharmacist elastoplast / sticking
A chemist’s / pharmacy (US English) (US English) Aspirin A bandage plaster

Liquid antiseptic
Contact lens solution Cotton wool Cotton buds Cough medicine disinfectant Eardrops

Gauze Insect spray Laxatives Nose drops Sleeping pills A chemist sign

A first-aid kit Suppositories Tablets A thermometer Vitamins cream

Dialogue: At the chemist’s

Jane is at the chemist’s. C=Chemist J=Jane
C: Can I help you?
J: Yes, I was looking for some antiseptic (1) .
C: You’ll find some in the next aisle – the one parallel to this one.
J: OK. Great. Another thing, have you got anything for an upset
(2) ?
C: Yes, these work quite well. (The chemist shows Jane a packet
of pills.)
J: OK. I’ll take a (3) GLOSSARY
constipation n
of those then. And have you got any if you have “constipation”, you have a
What you say cough (4) ? condition that prevents you temporarily
from going to the toilet
Is there a chemist’s / pharmacy nearby? C: Yes, you’ll find that next to the (5) hay fever n
When does the chemist’s open/close? – just over there. an allergy to pollen (a fine powder produced
by plants/flowers)
I need something for a cold/constipation/diarrhoea/hay J: OK. Thanks very much. And finally, sunburn n
a red mark on your body where you are
fever/ a headache. I was just wondering if it’s possible burnt because you have been in the sun for
Have you got anything for an insect bite? to get any (6) . too long
an upset stomach n
I’ve got a bit of sunburn. What would you recommend? I’ve got a bit of a chest infection. a pain in your stomach, often because you
have eaten something bad
I’ve got a bit of an upset stomach. Is there anything you C: Not without a prescription. You’ll to clear something up exp
could recommend? have to (7) to your to cure something; to make an illness/rash,
etc go away
Where are the plasters, please? GP about that. a rash n
Do you have any thermometers? J: OK. Thanks for your help. an area of red marks on your skin where
your skin is irritated or hurting
a prescription n
What you hear a note from the doctor with information
about the medicine you need
The contact lens solution is just over there. an aisle n
a space between rows of shelves that you
Do you have a prescription? can along in a shop
I’m sorry but we haven’t got any cotton buds at the moment. cough medicine n
medicine to help you cure a cough (an
You’ll need a prescription for this. irritation in your throat)
a chest infection n
This medicine should help clear it up. an infection in the front and upper part of
This works well on rashes. your body
a GP abbr
You’ll need to talk to a doctor about that. a general practitioner. A doctor who treats all
Have you got a prescription for this? types of illnesses (not a specialist)


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It’s opposite the

Go straight on until you Turn left into Cross over the road church. / It’s in
get to the traffic lights. Gordon Street. Take the next left. and then turn right. It’s the first on the right. front of the church.



It’s on the corner of

It’s between the school It’s at the end Market Street and It’s just behind It’s just around
It’s next to the bank. and the shop. of the road. Baker Street. this building. the corner.


Penny Street is It’s four blocks down

Turn right at the Turn left at the Bank Street is parallel perpendicular to the street on this Turn right at the
traffic lights. crossroads. with this street. this street. side of the road. roundabout.

Useful expressions Dialogue: Giving directions LOST!

Go straight on until you come to a Listen and complete with the words from below.
Turn left into Gordon Street.
east bank school roundabout
Take the next left. Lenny has just arrived in London. He’s a bit
Take the second road on the left. lost and so he decides to ask a passer-by for
Turn right at the traffic lights. directions.
It’s opposite the church. Lenny: Erm, excuse me, I’m trying to find Lenny: I’ve got a map here…
It’s next to the bank. a pub called the Cock & Bull. Could George: I don’t need a map. I’ve lived here all
It’s between the school and the shop. you point me in the right direction? my life. And the Cock & Bull isn’t far.
It’s at the end of the road. George: Ah… the Cock & Bull. I know it well. Excellent pub, by the way. They do a
It’s on the corner of Market Street and Excellent pub. fantastic steak and kidney pie... Or
Baker Street. Lenny: Oh, great. I’m new to the city and was it steak and mushroom? Anyway.
It’s just behind this building. I’m supposed to meet a friend there, Go about four hundred metres that
It’s in front of the school. but I haven’t got a clue where I am. way and when you get to a
It’s just around the corner. George: Right. Go straight ahead. Then, take (5) , hang a left. Walk
Bank Street is parallel with this street. the (1) road on your for another two minutes and you’ll
Penny Street is perpendicular to this street. left. That’s Queen Street. Follow it see a (6) on the
It’s four blocks down the street on this until you pass a opposite side of the road. The pub
side of the road. (2) , and then… No, is just next to the bank. You can’t
Turn right at the roundabout. hang on. That’s not right. miss it.
I’m trying to get to the museum. Lenny: Oh… erm, I can ask someone else if Lenny: Great! Thank you!
Do you IT’S JUST you’re not sure. George: No, hold on… That’s where the pub
know CORNER. George: No, no. I know London like the back used to be. It moved 15 years ago.
where the of my hand… OK. Ignore everything Lenny: Maybe I should ask someone else.
post office I just said. From here, you want to George: No, no, I’m your man. I practically
is? get onto Charles Street, which is live at the Bear & Bull.
What’s the parallel to this street. Then walk (3) Lenny: You mean the Cock & Bull.
best way about 500 metres until George: No, the Bear & Bull.
to get to you see an old (4) . Lenny: I’m trying to get to the Cock & Bull.
the train Turn right at the church and… Wait a George: The Cock & Bull? No idea! Never
station? minute… heard of it! Goodbye!


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Vocabulary Dialogue: Driving in the city
Sally is driving when she gets into an
argument with a pedestrian.
A=Alan S=Sally
A: Hey, watch out! That’s a red light,
and I’m on a pedestrian
Zebra crossing (1) !
/ pedestrian S: Sorry! Are you OK?
Traffic light crossing
A: I’m all right, but your front wheel is on
the (2) .
S: I’m just so tired. I’ve been stuck in a
traffic (3) for two hours
and I didn’t get any sleep last night.
A: That’s hardly my problem. And in case
you didn’t know, this is a dead-end
Rush hour (4) .
(the time when people travel to or from work)
S: Whoops! I’m a bit lost. You don’t
happen to know where Marstone Street
is, do you?
A: Yep.
S: So, erm, could you, erm, give me
(5) ?
A: OK. Drive straight on for about 350
Kerb Roundabout
S: OK. Straight on.
A: When you get to the traffic (6)
, take the first turning
on the left and then drive straight on
S: Traffic lights. First turning, erm, left.
A: Then, after about another 200 metres
Pedestrian and a few speed (7) ,
crossing Speed bump
you get to a roundabout...
S: A roundabout...
A: ...and you take the first (8)
on the right.
S: ...on the right.
A: Then, you go over a bridge and through
a (9) . Then, you turn
right and then left and then right again,
Traffic jam Turning
and it’s just there on the left.
S: A bridge. A tunnel. Right, left, right...
OK. I think I’ve got it.
A: You can’t (10) it!
S: OK. Bye! Thanks. Right! Now, what
did he say? Drive straight on, then
first left...
Tunnel Bridge Useful expressions
There’s a zebra crossing just ahead.
Take the first turning on the right.
This is a dead-end street.
You need to go over the bridge.
The rush-hour traffic is terrible.
We got caught in a traffic jam.
Dead-end street / You need to go through the tunnel.
cul-de-sac Pedestrian Turn right at the roundabout.


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