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Your Slavery
It’s a System - How the USA,
Soviet Union, East Germany and
Nazi Germany have used the exact same
techniques to control their tax slaves.

Final Draft – For crowd-sourced Etienne
fact-check & feedback de la Boetie2

Copyright 2017, Etienne de la Boetie2

A copyright, as pointed out by Larken Rose, is usually an implied threat: (“Don’t
Copy This or Else!”). Like Larken, I hope that anyone who likes this book will
buy additional copies from me to help fund our experiment in large-scale cult
deprogramming. If someone does copy it without permission then that alone
would not make me feel justified in using force against that person, on my own or
using “government” as my proxy. If someone was uncool enough to sell bootleg
copies then I have no doubt that karma, always operating at maximum power in
the universe, would kick their ass far more effectively than any government lackey.
Like Larken, I have copyrighted the book primarily so no one else can copyright it
and use the violence of the state to prevent me from distributing it. – Etienne de
la Boetie2

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This book is dedicated to all the other parents with kids imprisoned
in the government’s indoctrination system and anyone whose loved
ones have been psychologically trapped by poisonous ideas they
were force-fed in their youth by a system designed to keep them

Final Draft – For crowd-sourced fact-check and feedback


Preparing the Reader -4- .

and just because and “democratic governments” for the mob wants to lynch black folks or rob centuries. which the government school system Unfortunately. can’t change morality. despots. Statism rights you don’t have personally is the propagandized belief in the to “representatives. tyrants. In to use the same techniques through addition to sharing mechanisms of history. government today Peter to pay Paul. society is organized crime. and the It now parallels the same system that control system known as “government” was used to control the tax slaves/ has always been used to fleece the actual slaves in Nazi Germany. The U. Those in power have tended Soviet Union and East Germany. these institutions to perpetuate propaganda governments are all illegitimate and indoctrinate the pseudo-religion because it is impossible to delegate of Statism into children. majority outnumbering its victims. and legitimacy If you don’t have the moral right to of government. It is a mind control coerce money from your neighbor and technique and pseudo-religion because redistribute it to others.” -5- .S. Voting by monarchies. desirability. then you can’t there is no such thing as “government. Introduction Techniques for controlling populations delegate that “right” to a “representative” have been developed and honed — even if the majority agrees. They control educational control and indoctrination. necessity.” For example. it doesn’t mean those does not remotely resemble or respect actions are legitimate by ‘virtue’ of the the ideals of the original republic. the population. using violence to control still celebrates and pretends exists.

Some cult acceptance that you are a slave and must members are so mind-controlled they obey a master. The acceptance of “cult indoctrination” techniques and the legitimacy of “authority” is the propaganda on them. It can even raise wages and borders on ludicrous. fellow tax slaves.” for example. It is a system based and — by virtue of where they were on lies. propaganda. poisonous idea that some in overt/covert taxes and inflation to people can be “delegated” the “authority” organized crime using well-recognized to rule others. It is a “supernatural their income in overt taxes. covert taxes. and born — now owe half their income the immoral. lower prices at the same time! Is there “Americans” are victims of a multi- nothing the State can’t do? trillion dollar con-game through which Pursuant to government power. protect the weak. they are followers” to kill and enforce on their “American” or “Canadian. free they have been indoctrinated and children are brought up in mandatory secretly propagandized into an artificial schools believing that because they belief system that teaches them to be were born on this side or that side of “tax-payers” and some to be “order- an imaginary line (a border).You can’t go to Washington D. brainwashing. and to provide for your monopolies and licensing schemes retirement. entity” that promises to make the world and inflation while putting up with the a better place: to feed the poor.C. and touch “government!” You can touch The idea that Americans are “free” when buildings and people. to government’s myriad rules. The difference between a even shave their heads and murder free man and a slave is that slaves can’t whomever the cult leaders tell them say: No. regulations./ “Mecca” victimless crimes. but “government” they are forced to pay as much as half is just an idea. to or lock peaceful people in cages for -6- .

and real allowed to rob everyone in society to charity. Voluntaryism/anarchism outnumbered by citizens who didn’t vote are political movements that reject the at all). democracy. It easily rigged and controlled by moneyed is the most moral of all the political interests to offer the illusion of control to systems in that is recognizes natural the tax slaves who are ignorant/willfully law and honors the Non-Aggression ignorant of the ‘big con’. elections utopia. elections are also interactions between free people. unless someone of the biggest secrets kept from public is threatening your life or property. All (government) school children is that the other political philosophies (socialism.Freedom! .The alternative that is the right to initiate violence and coercion often paid lip service but rarely against other human beings who are offered in government schools: It not aggressing against them — in other amounts to no masters. In addition to the travesty that engineered belief system of Statism in occurs when majority rule tramples the favor of true freedom and voluntary rights of the minority. no slaves! One words. world is a self-organizing system that communism. monarchy. live and let live. Freedom doesn’t guarantee enact its stated political goals.) produces spontaneous order and that all allow a ruling class to engage in violence the “services” provided by government and coercion against the majority. Principle (NAP). which posits that no individual or group of individuals has -7- . — from protection to roads to charity Though these systems may even allow — can be better provided by voluntary elections where the winning party is interaction. but it is the most moral amount to ritualistic theater (especially alternative that unleashes the creativity when they only represent a minority of and capital creation mechanisms of the eligible voters and the winner was the market. the free market. etc.

S. Cub Scouts. and other with active links to additional information and supporting evidence.20+ techniques used by inter-generational organized crime to create the cult-ure of slavery/tax slavery and how it manifested in each time and place. buried. and police/military training further reinforce this artificial reverence with artificial solemn rituals: how the holy flag should be folded. Symbolically. In the U. bloods.. military academies. Type of Government Republic Republic Republic Republic -8- . saluted. children are forced to pledge their allegiance to the alleged holy symbol with their hands over their hearts starting in kindergarten. carried. and ultimately revered. US Government Nazi Germany Soviet Union/Russia East Germany Current 1933-1945 1776-Present 1922-1991 1949-1990 Flag – This is a pseudo-religious symbol that evolved from war banners that war parties carried in battle. Boy Scouts. The PDF version is available for free at www.UnderstandingYourSlavery. it is the same as the “colors” of crips.

March 1949 rights (assembly. and there is really no agreement at all since these one-sided contracts are simply forced on the populations. covert taxes. and inflation.Most governments pretend there is a “social contract” between the people and the government (organized crime) under which the people are guaranteed certain rights. even the most oppressive governments pretend to have “constitutions” and declarations of “rights.) all three million people wrote ignored. But the organized crime governments always break these agreements. down on a piece of paper that they alone get to make up rules for everyone and steal the wealth of others is not credible. Adopted by the Second All- Germany from 1919 to 1945. constitution. Draft of the East German ago a couple dozen slave. US Government Nazi Germany Soviet Union/Russia East Germany Current The Constitution and the Bill of Rights . freedom owners on a continent of of religion. press. 1924.” Yes Yes Yes Yes The Constitution of the German Reich usually known as the Weimar Constitution (Weimarer Verfassung) was The idea that you owe up to ½ of your income to the the constitution that governed governent in overt taxes. Ultimately. etc. -9- . all Russian Congress of Soviets It had all kinds of guaranteed because hundreds of years on January 31.

Such schools were developed specifically and openly to indoctrinate obedience and fealty to king. that it completely destroys freedom of will in the soil which it undertakes to cultivate. and “government. country. and produces on the contrary strict necessity in the decisions of the will the opposite being impossible. Addresses to the German Nation 1807” Yes Yes Yes Yes .” – Johanne Fichte.10 - .” “The new education must consist essentially in this. Architect of the Prussian System. US Government Nazi Germany Soviet Union/Russia East Germany Current Mandatory government schools employing the Prussian model of education .

Bernhard Rust invented/used the who holds it in his hands beginning of each day. who indoctrinated and to produce the sort habituated their fellow of character and the students into statism. at – Joseph Stalin would ask the pupils which point the crimes ’Seid bereit?’ (Are “He alone who owns the of the National Socialist “The education of all you willing?). US Government Nazi Germany Soviet Union/Russia East Germany Current “The whole function of The U. shall be in had a class council injunctions {Schooling state institutions. injections. from the was responded by Adoph Hitler became apparent. 1968 . and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible. moment that they can ’Immer bereit’ (Always get along without a prepared). Marx and vice president from a very early age. The Impact of Science on Society. .Minister of Education socialist “Bellamy/Nazi and at whom it is aimed.” almost every teacher in Nazi Germany. sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable.” . Every class “Diet.S. government’s “Education is a weapon. and mother’s care.Karl with a sitting president – Ed} will combine.”. When children entered education is to create mandatory schools whose effect depends on their classrooms at the Nazis” .“Nazi” Party in Germany children. Salute” until 1942. which youth gains the future” .Bertrand Russell.11 - .

Government- affiliated scouting programs are the 2nd level. etc. the Prussian education model is used on children as the first level of indoctrination.To this day. obedience to hierarchical command. at which point children receive awards (Cub Scout Adventure Loops. and other techniques that ultimately produce “order followers” willing to kill upon orders from the State.) for learning and demonstrating their conditioning: Duties as a “citizen.12 - . US Government Nazi Germany Soviet Union/Russia East Germany Current Youth Programs to teach “citizenship” and state/flag worship .” reverence for/worship of the flag. Boy Scout Merit Badges. Boy Scouts of Russian Young East German Young Hitler Youth America Pioneers Pioneers . pride of uniform.

class consciousness the same because it is his or social status might duty…” still be left .” —Adolf Hitler (1938) . the Young Pioneers of institutions of higher months . to live as family and many of their not complete National A Scout obeys orders… the great Lenin bade values.In German Youth were the Young Folk they go the virtues that militaries the presence of my imposed by authorities on to the Hitler Youth. and his subordinates. Kids were forced Socialists. And whatever he must carry it out all the Soviet Union. focus on and foster. and as to have any chance of smoothed out there not like. ... . the Wehrmacht [German armed forces] will take care of that. . ultimately.” learning. . both the Young time get a little fresh program was to train boys Pioneer each child Pioneers and Free air. divide another four years . cherish my Motherland children from their And even if they are still Baden-Powell wrote. as the Communist to join if they wanted Labor Service and are he gets an order he does Party teaches us. Even if us. .13 - . they go to without question. passionately. . after four years of in militaristic fashion with had to promise: . US Government Nazi Germany Soviet Union/Russia East Germany Current Youth Programs to teach “citizenship” and State/flag worship Boy Scouts of Russian Young East German Young Hitler Youth America Pioneers Pioneers “These boys and girls “Scouting Founder Vladimir Lenin All-Union Used to indoctrinate enter our organizations Baden-Powell was an Pioneer Organization children as members [at] ten years of age. seven soldiers and sailors do. authoritarian whose of a new socialist and often for the first vision of his fledgling “To be accepted as a society. “A comrades I solemnly to attack religious beliefs where we have them for Scout is loyal to the King” promise: to love and and. he must do as required by the laws of being accepted into for another six.

military training. flag worship. pride of uniform.” among other submissive qualities. and obedience to federal “authorities.14 - . US Government Nazi Germany Soviet Union/Russia East Germany Current Youth programs to militarize children – These are a subset of the main program (Explorers in the US Boy Scouts) in which some children are militarized and indoctrinated to accept hierarchical command and control. Boy Scouts of Free German Youth Hitler Youth America / Explorer The Komsomol Movement Program . more obedience to authority.

U. with the Deparment of communal living. This was the reading. as he America Explorer indoctrination through Pioneers graduated believed. Part of the boys police forces to train training. grenade throwing. which included military pain. US Government Nazi Germany Soviet Union/Russia East Germany Current Youth programs to Militarize children Boy Scouts of Free German Youth Hitler Youth The Komsomol America Movement Hitler created the Hitler The Boy Scouts of The Komsomol included East German Young Youth because. “The weak program is now working social work and sport. bayonet government enforcer drills. to veer young minds under barbed wire. “red Youth movement (Freie I want young men and Homeland Security. women who can suffer Military. morals and customs that may have worked against communist war tactics. gas defense. children were also overlapped with drills. and away from religious pistol shooting. christenings. map Empire’s armies of ability to assemble and gatherings.S.” and books Deutsche Jugend / FDJ). how to get under 30 seconds. into the Free German must be chiselled away.15 - . . and serving in the required to have the Catholic ceremonies and trench digging. training was to part of tens of thousands of In addition to taking their “military athletics” kids and instill in them part in various military Meetings were normally (Wehrsport) included the glory of being a physical education scheduled so they marching. use occupation. disassemble an AK-74 in consequence of an effort of dugouts. and individual and cinema.

16 - . Whosoever shall desecrate the flag for all. peer pressure and the “authority” of the government school teacher ensures conformity. given name). and to Illich Lenin All-Union fight as Ernst Thälmann raised and blazes to the the Republic for which Pioneer Organization. I am always all eternity. “Ernst Thälmann is my of Allegiance: “We “I pledge allegiance to having now joined the model. I will follow the heavens like fire in the it stands. as seeks to destroy it must first take our lives and the Communist Party prosperity. While U. indivisible. and fight as the Great and Country. The flag is our I can. and the source of our courage. True to our be true to the flag for with liberty and justice promise: to passionately greeting.” love my fatherland ready to support peace will be cursed for all and to cherish it as and socialism. We are sworn to under God. to live.S. I promise to carry the flag forward the Flag of the United ranks of the Vladimir learn to work and to into the battle of the youth. belief in God. People.” . our the Soviet Union. Yes Yes Yes Yes Hitler Youth Pledge US Pledge of Allegiance I (surname. and as to the flag as a mother always carry out the cares for her child. We care for teaches me. teaches. It stands and is States of America. Whoever Lenin has instructed. children can sit down for the pledge. honor. US Government Nazi Germany Soviet Union/Russia East Germany Current Pledges and oaths are forced on Kids: Thousands and thousands or repititions are required in mandatory government schools and government-sponsored youth programs from a young age. comrades solemnly Pioneers. one Nation in the presence of my rules of the Thälmann sky. study. The laws of the Pioneers of flag is our future.” eternity.

discounts. and television) showcasing the newest portrays the military as weapons in the nation’s heroic for invading and arsenal.S. . Often.” The a grand spectacle media propaganda system (news. It pro-gov’t messages during normally includes games/”circuses. US Government Nazi Germany Soviet Union/Russia East Germany Current Military & police are glorified and celebrated . the propaganda system. those perpetuating these practices and delusions believe in them wholeheartedly themeslves. and affiliated cartel companies promote the sanctity of the military with preferred parking. many join the military with the best of intentions and are awake to the criminality of how they are being used. ceremonies at stadium events.17 - . the government. priority boarding at the airport. These benefits and rituals promote militarism so the slaves are propagandized to worship the enforcers. etc. Yes Yes Yes Yes This image shows the The US Government has Every 9th of May is It’s almost like they all military being celebrated been caught paying NFL victory day in Russia use the same techniques. occupying foreign lands in wars based on lies and manufactured intelligence.In the U. before a soccer game in teams over $53 million and celebrates Russian eh? Nazi Germany. In the soldiers’ defense. film. to include pro-military / military victories..

the use of the artificially. Neurolingustic Programming speech techniques. US Government Nazi Germany Soviet Union/Russia East Germany Current Political Rallies use spectacle. and often participants who are paid/bussed in to give the illusion of grass-roots support/popularity for tell-a-vision cameras while conditioning individuals into groupthink. indoctrinated holy symbol of the flag. slogans/propaganda. and the “common prayer” of Statism using similar techniques as religious revivals.18 - . Yes Yes Yes Yes .

. Glavlit. “Product placement” of the US flag and militarism abounds in Hollywood’s content and is often directly sponsored and influenced by government agencies. showed Nazi propaganda 1000+ television shows: eliminate any undesirable children as young as five minister Joseph Goebbels Argo. but also in miniature tanks. Product from the dictates of official says: “Show your soldierly that showed the Nazi party placement of the propaganda was punished face for the Socialist in a positive light. The Nazi’ party CIA and Dept of Defense The main Soviet One Stasi propaganda established a film division have direct involvement censorship body. film targeting kids. NPR & “Public Television” on every published item. hits a wall. deviation the voice-over for the film news. American flag “anchored” by execution and labor Fatherland as these brave to moments of high camps. As with militarism. Zero Dark Thirty. At the appointed himself “Patron and others shape a false “to ensure that the correct end of the film. At this point exercised censorship over is also used to distract In the Stalin era. printed materials. government employees (FBI/CIA/DEA/ATF/POTUS/Military/Police) always save the day. too. many of those perpetuating these ideas believe them. in 800+ major movies and was employed not only to Sun Always Lives. The as early as 1930. Much is subtle… countless movies and tell-a-vision shows support the “legitimacy” of government and the status quo. and funded films and deceive. a live shell of the German film” and paradigm. modeling behavior on how the public is “supposed” to behave in certain situations.19 - . warriors do!” positive emotion is found in movies like The Martian. ripped. Good-looking. US Government Nazi Germany Soviet Union/Russia East Germany Current Use of Propaganda – The government conspires with the entertainment industry to sell the population on nationalism and the “legitimacy” of the slave system. ideological spin was put from one of the mini-tanks promoted escapism.

. six monopoly companies running hundreds of subsidiaries give the illusion of choice. US Government Nazi Germany Soviet Union/Russia East Germany Current Use of manufactured news.S. This chart shows CFR net/chrishume/nazi- and Bilderberg control propaganda-1003819 of the press.20 - . Trilateral Commission and Bilderberg members hold key editorial positions at major wire services.” In the U. while the CFR. Yes Yes Yes Yes CIA control of the press Just one channel: was first exposed in The Government’s the Church Committee channel… hearings (1970s) where it came out the CIA Stalin famously had was secretly paying murdered Soviet hundreds of reporters SlideShare on leaders air-brushed and editors for the Nazi Propaganda out of pictures “product placement” of Techniques agency propaganda. and newspapers..slideshare. overt or surreptitious control of publishers. http://www. networks. and reporters creates an “artificial reality. editors.

the armies. 20+ FBI Bombings burned down their own agent-provacateured In 1999.21 - . are CIA proxy the explosives and a car competitors. Operation Gladio used by the perpetrators communists. Yes Yes Yes No Known Cases It is widely believed Domestic: OKC Russian Apartment that the Nazi Party bombing. for example. to seize created false flag terror were traced back to power. firm to create fake terrorist propaganda films.This is a technique used throughout history to unite populations behind the government against manufactured external enemies. a series of parliament building domestic terror plots apartment bombings to create the illusion of (The Reichstag fire) and were blamed on “terrorism” blamed the incident Foreign: Al-Qaeda/ Chechen separatists. it was recently revealed that the Pentagon hired a British P. 9-11. They are designed to play on American fears. US Government Nazi Germany Soviet Union/Russia East Germany Current Use of Manufactured Terrorism . Federal Security Service. but on their political ISIS. Post-Soviet Era .R. Al-Qaeda and ISIS/ISIL are proxy armies funded and controlled by intelligence agencies at the top. The Phoenix the FSB — the Russian Program in Vietnam. in Europe. and many of the “beheading videos” and other filmed atrocities are cartoonish and obviously fake.

This was followed his own people. Belli to start the Winter by a number of actions that were used to make the attack War. manufactured intelligence and lies to start wars . more convincing. including a Polish prisoner of the Gestapo. US Government Nazi Germany Soviet Union/Russia East Germany Current Use of False Flag events. and benefit politically-connected firms. . Assad’s of Mainila and blamed in order to broadcast messages in Polish urging alleged gas attacks on it on Finland as a Casus Poles in Silesia to attack Germans. Franciszek Honiok. 9-11 was a false flag incident engaging in aggression against Germany. who was dressed in a Polish uniform and killed. Kuwaiti in which the Soviet Army when German operatives led by Alfred Naujocks seized Babies Tossed from shelled the Soviet town the radio station at Gleiwitz Incubators. before being presented to the press as proof that the attack was the work of Polish saboteurs. usually through its intelligence services. Shelling of Mainila – This designed to create the illusion that Poland was Gulf of Tonkin.A false flag is when a country. military industrial complex companies and banking interests. Yes Yes Yes No The Gleiwitz Incident was Remember the Maine.22 - . It started False Flag. restrict civil liberties. manufactures an apparent/actual attack from another country or a terrorist event to unite the public behind the government.

former John F. John Kennedy Jr. and dissidents . Kennedy.. Paul Wellstone.23 - .. rivals.The shadow government/CIA could have poisoned JFK but they shot him at high noon in Dallas to make a point to potential opposition. Martin Luther Soviet Union and Russia student Benno Ohnesorg Schleicher and Gustav King Jr. Gary Webb. Seth Rich . US Government Nazi Germany Soviet Union/Russia East Germany Current Secret government/real power structure’s use of political assassination to remove political leaders. Vince Foster. Ron Brown. Clinton Body Count. night of Very Strong Evidence: A List of 45+ political Swedish journalist Long Knives. Ritter von Kahr Highly Suspected: Congressman Larry MacDonald. Yes Yes Yes Yes Ernst Rohm. Robert assassinations in the Cats Falck and German Chancellor Kurt von Kennedy.

and was one of the first than 6. that housed the whitewashed by Statist m) high palace was sarcophagi of the sixteen historians. than simply fighting between opposing government armies. military during de. members of the party imprisoned dissenting monumental statue of who had been killed newspaper editors. a failed coup freemen. nazification. .S. civilian populations rather inside of its head. and a later destroyed by the to wage total warfare on library would be located U.C. many government schools offer optional low-cost/price-supported trips to Washington D.000 tons. passed sedition Lenin would weigh more attempt. Lincoln crushed to be crowned by a political self-determinism. Soviets (unfinished) constructed by the Nazis a tyrant who has been The 1. They were laws. Vladimir Lenin. US Government Nazi Germany Soviet Union/Russia East Germany Current Political “Temples” dedicated to the State and its deities.. The in the failed Beer Hall conscripted (enslaved) gigantic bronze statue of Putsch.In the United States.362 feet (415 in 1935. Monument to Lincoln. They are subtlety conditioned into the hidden religion of Statism./ “Mecca.” where impressionable middle school kids are taken into the ‘temples’ and shown the ‘deities’ in solemn reverence.24 - . Yes Yes Yes No The Ehrentempel were Lincoln/Jefferson Memorials Moscow Palace of two temples in Munich.

Private (Federal Reserve) . which banks were allowed Fed-backed banks are allowed to create money carried high-quality to create money out of allowed to create money out of thin air even imported goods they thin air even though the out of thin air even though it is inflationary would not accept their practice is inherently though it is inflationary and steals the value own currency.The source of much of the State’s power is its ability to force the citizenry to use monopoly money.25 - . like silver and gold. Silver coins were stolen in 1964 and replaced by base metal tokens. are banned. US Government Nazi Germany Soviet Union/Russia East Germany Current Monopoly Government fiat money steals value surreptitiously from the population . East Germany. which the government and its agents/allies in banking are allowed to manufacture out of thin air while other forms of currency. . This allows the ruling class to buy up and consolidate industry and keeps the population poor by quietly stealing the value of what they earn and save through inflation. everyone else’s money. (Gosbank) . Citizens’ gold coins were stolen through forced conversion in 1933. Gosbank was own Intershops. even a private central bank a private central bank owned central bank in the government’s (Reichsbank). inflationary and and steals the value of out of everyone else’s steals the value out of everyone else’s money. Yes Yes Yes Yes Unbacked fiat paper Unbacked fiat paper Unbacked fiat paper Worthless outside of tickets were issued by tickets are issued by tickets issued by a state. money.

the NSA. US Government Nazi Germany Soviet Union/Russia East Germany Current Spying on Citizens . and available.5 people Gestapo agents and of the entire population.000 for the CIA.000 for 51 years of the communist local authorities. in 1989.26 - . Honest journalists like Michael Hastings. successor. and publicly monitors all people and one informer accessory personnel. the FSB. worked for KGB in 1973. under SORM. and control the population.000 people pervasive.000 engage in illegal. numbers are not the Stasi in both East and people to turn in 21. warrantless wiretapping telecommunications for every 6.000 people the secret police. trace. on citizens became charged. but the actual state’s existence. No officials people were informers for the Third Reich. FBI. Gary Webb. Yes Yes Yes Yes The Gestapo The NSA. and the Approximately 35. and Danny Casolaro are often killed when it becomes apparent through surveillance that they are about to expose government criminality.000 More recent accurate worked undercover for Gestapo encouraged people work or the FBI. Political puppets and journalists can be blackmailed. Over 620. and unconstitutional. and CIA KGB – The KGB’s Stasi – There was one full employed over 150. agents. the informants concentrated Much of this was exposed government’s official When the Berlin Wall fell by whistleblowers on finding suspected William Binney & Edward surveillance system. Spying have been arrested or About 490.000 political dissidents of Snowden. about 189. West Germany during the “suspect persons” to less than 100. number is classified. still time agent for every 166 informants. .Organized crime spies on the citizenry to track.

their hands. beating persons by their hands. Yes Yes Yes Yes Torture techniques Torture techniques Techniques included: Techniques included: included putting revealed thus far Sleep deprivation for a included the burning people’s hands in boiling include: waterboarding period of seven to nine and mutilation of water until the skin and fingernails came off. genitals. (simulated drowning). forced or striking all sensitive The above image shows which were secured nudity. Russian roulette. US Government Nazi Germany Soviet Union/Russia East Germany Current Torture as Policy . slaps to the face. areas of the body with a water torture room in behind their backs and then gashing the soles and sleep deprivation. to a brass rod or whip. well as pulling hair from Prison Complex. restricted diets. henchmen. sexual abuse. where the ruling class is comprised of the worst kinds of people imaginable. as the Hohenschönhausen of their feet and making name a few. days. pulling teeth and cutting and twisting off ears. constant waking through physical beating.Because the hidden government is a kakistocracy. hanging beatings. . the victims walk on salt. and segments of the public that are conscious to them. imposed through genitals as well as pressing a hot poker into stress positions. it is unsurprising that they use torture and make it publicly known in order to strike fear into their enemies.27 - .

Concentration Camps. Chicago. US Government Nazi Germany Soviet Union/Russia East Germany Current Secret Prisons. Camp Delta – Gulag System for Hohenschönhausen Forced ghettoization Guantanamo Bay.28 - . political prisoners Prison Complex – Where Japanese internment East Germans trying to camps during WW2. CIA “Black Sites” in a dozen countries . and “Black Sites” Yes Yes Yes Yes Concentration Camps. escape to the west were Homan Square in taken and tortured.

Al-Qaeda and ISIS are own military-industrial creations of the US intelligence complex companies. menacing their Union. support for the Soviet The Soviets represented By extension of their military industrial Union was exposed by the other side of the control by the Soviet Antony Sutton in the complex companies books: Wall Street and the coin.S. to Buy. including IBM. incarceration. US Government Nazi Germany Soviet Union/Russia East Germany Current Use of conscription to forcefully enslave people to fight wars and further indoctrinate them into the government’s ideology and discipline Yes Yes Yes Yes Forced participation in Forced participation in Forced participation in Forced participation in wars and murderous the wars and murderous the wars and murderous the wars and murderous programs of the State or program of the State or program of the State or program of the State or incarceration. Manufactured Enemies to unite the population under the government Yes Yes Yes Yes U. incarceration.29 - .S. General Motors The Best Enemy Money Can the threat of the U. Standard Bolshevik Revolution and own population with Oil. incarceration. . financial and U. agencies.S. Major Racey Jordan and Ford supported was a whistleblower who ensure obedience and the Nazis as an excuse documented that covert to transfer wealth from to wage war and reap support firsthand in From the population to their Major Jordan’s Diaries billions in profits.

paid political operatives 2016 after investigative murder in a scheme of the National Socialist reporters with Project financed by Wall Street German Workers Veritas spent a year to test and develop Party (similar to US undercover capturing stricter slavery than Democratic Party) who dozens and dozens the tax slavery / mafia were paid to disrupt of incriminating model of the west. . US Government Nazi Germany Soviet Union/Russia East Germany Current Use of paid political violence at the rallies of their political opposition. including using the mentally ill and coordination by Hillary Clinton personally.30 - . Yes Yes No No The Sturmabteilung. The latest example was They seized political Enslaved and ruled by or “Brown Shirts” were exposed in October power by violence and the Soviet Union. engineered violence at Trump rallies. political rallies of conversations of opposition candidates.

31 - .com It’s no accident that the mainstream media (the propaganda arm of the oligarchical kleptocracy / kakistocracy) is constantly using trick photography to give the ruler’s political puppets the appearance of holiness using religious symbolism. . and mainstream media propaganda in news. and tell-a-vision “programming”. �ilms. Statism. military and police training. It one of the many ways the rulers indoctrinate the masses with a pseudo-religion. scouting. slipped to them using government schools. Understanding Your Slavery: Propaganda Using Religious Symbolism www.UnderstandingYourSlavery.

government schools. easily-digested treatises on individual subjects optimized for the 70% of society who are visual learners with references and links to more comprehensive research and the “authentic voices” of the developing alternative media available on the self-directed internet. scouting. . military and police training. and a weaponized media system of 6 companies running hundreds of subsidiaries to give their tax slaves the illusion of choice while propagandizing them. These one-pagers are designed to be printed out and shared but with accessible PDF versions with active hypertext links to reference material and evidence. The author is Etienne de la Boetie2. deceiving them. and distracting them from the reality of their existence and slavery.Understanding Your Slavery is a series of one-page overviews of concepts hidden from the public by a ruling class (oligarchical kleptocracy/kakistocracy) that has been controlling the �low of information in society and human perception through their control of the government.32 - . intelligence agencies. the nom de plume of a technology executive and writer who tries to distill 20+ years of research into short.

etc. make the word a better place for the true believers who have accepted the belief The root words are: • Gubenare – Control. required to recite the pledge of allegiance every day at school and at scouting • Mandatory “free” government K-12 schools & accredited private schools meetings. paid-for militarism/statism Founding Fathers (deities). scouting (pre-military training & �lag worship). Green) and collective punishment • Responding to Pavlovian bells. Understanding Your Slavery: The Religion of Statism www. magazines. More common prayer and militarism at sporting events where the spend ~12.program • Promotion of military.A. sentient beings who don’t owe their allegiance/income to anyone just because they were born on one side or Independence. etc. Statism is a pseudo-religious belief I. etc. and military recruiters in schools • Obedience Techniques include: • The inability to leave or even go to the bathroom without permission • Public shaming (Red. mandatory “church” schools. the Congress/Courts (church leadership) who sit “above” the citizens and wear robes television shows. It is a There is No Such Thing as “Government” completely indoctrinated belief system I. in the case of the enforcement class (police) hundreds of subsidiaries give the illusion of choice but are controlling the the techniques produce a classic “shave-headed cult member” willing to kill and cage information the masses receive to limit their knowledge and secretly non-conformists who ignore or violate the laws (commandments) handed down by reinforcing the status quo and “legitimacy” of the system in movies.E. These techniques produce “citizens” (cult members) at sporting events and a propaganda system where 6 companies running willing to hand over ½ their income and. It is a supernatural entity that promises to • The translation of the original Latin is “To Control the Mind”.E. Govern. . “holy documents” in the Constitution and Declaration of • Human beings are free. Rule system into their world view. obedience to police. and in�lation to a ruling class is a good idea form of the �lag. government. common prayer where children are another of an imaginary line. In the case of the military (shave-headed cult members) they are willing • Most government teachers/administrators are ignorant/willfully ignorant of to go abroad and kill whom they are told in wars/”police actions” (crusades). selective service. These techniques include: Religious symbolism in the covert taxes.UnderstandingYourSlavery. the hidden curriculum and brainwashed themselves and don’t know/refuse to research the history of the Prussian education system and its creators own admissions that the system was designed to control the masses and instill obedience to authority: • Indoctrination Techniques include: • Common Prayer: The pledge of allegiance at school and national anthem at sporting events • Civics and social studies that teach kids the Statist world view • Focus on learning about the Presidents (Popes) and legitimacy of Gov’t • Socialization of the enforcement class (police) through D.000 hours indoctrinating and legitimizing this belief system in a government pays teams for the privilege. The multi-generational oligarchical kleptocracy • Mens – Mind (kakistocracy) that has been ruling the planet from behind the scenes uses the same The belief in “Government” is mandatorily indoctrinated into the masses techniques that religions and cults use on their followers to indoctrinate the masses • No one is born believing that handing over ½ your income in overt taxes. police. The government schools use classical “cult indoctrination” techniques on kids (vestments). “Government” is The word “Government” literally means “Mind Control” in Latin not a physical entity that can be touched.33 - . into accepting a ruling Executive Summary Key Concepts Statism is the belief in the desirability and legitimacy of a State (Government). walking in line.R. Yellow.E. it has been mandatorily taught to the • You can’t go to Washington DC and touch “Government” • It is an idea/belief system that is indoctrinated into kids by gov’t overwhelming majority of the public through government schools and private schools schools and most private/parochial schools through tradition where the government controls the content of instruction through textbook and textbook amalgamation amalgamation and tradition. taking school children on �ield trips to hidden curriculum Washington DC (Mecca) where they are taken to the monuments (temples) to see the • The belief is reinforced through government institutions.

Best Books: Best Short Video:
Statism- The Most Dangerous Religion
(Featuring Larken Rose) 12:36

The Most Dangerous The End of All Evil
Superstition By Jeremy Locke
by Larken Rose

Understanding Your Slavery is a series of one-page overviews of concepts hidden from the public by a ruling class (oligarchical kleptocracy/kakistocracy) that has been
controlling the �low of information in society and human perception through their control of the government, government schools, scouting, intelligence agencies, military and
police training, and a weaponized media system of 6 companies running hundreds of subsidiaries to give their tax slaves the illusion of choice while propagandizing them,
deceiving them, and distracting them from the reality of their existence and slavery.

The author is Etienne de la Boetie2, the nom de plume of a technology executive and writer who tries to distill 20+ years of research into short, easily-digested treatises on
individual subjects optimized for the 70% of society who are visual learners with references and links to more comprehensive research and the “authentic voices” of the
- 34 -alternative media available on the self-directed internet. These one-pagers are designed to be printed out and shared but with accessible PDF versions with active
hypertext links to reference material and evidence.

Understanding Your Slavery:
Consumer Monopoly Consolidation
The Drug Dealers & the Company Store – Monopoly/duopoly corporations that poison the population with excessive sugar,
aspartame, BPA/BPS, rBGH, arti�icial food colorings, glyphosate, �luoridated water, glutamates, and re�ined grains many scienti�ically
designed and marketed to be physically and psychologically addictive. Most signi�icant industrial production of consumer goods
concentrated into a handful of duopoly companies �inanced to be a predatory monopoly force within their own industries by the money
center banks and their central bank that have bought up the world with the paper tickets they create out of thin air using fractional
reserve banking. Shop Local. Break the Chains. Know Your Farmer. Grow what you can. Barter. Boycott and divest from these companies.

- 35 -

Charts from a story by
clean food activist
Vani Hari
(Aka the Food Babe)

Glyphosate can be
harmful to human
beings in concentrations
of as little as 0.1 parts
per billion (ppb)

Full independent
laboratory report from
Food Democracy Now
and the Detox Project:

Understanding Your Slavery is a series of one-page overviews of concepts hidden from the public by a ruling class (oligarchical
kleptocracy/kakistocracy) that has been controlling the �low of information in society and human perception through their control of the
government, government schools, scouting, intelligence agencies, military and police training, and a weaponized media system of 6 companies
running hundreds of subsidiaries to give their tax slaves the illusion of choice while propagandizing them, deceiving them, and distracting them
from the reality of their existence and slavery.

The author is Etienne de la Boetie2, the nom de plume of a technology executive and writer who tries to distill 20+ years of research into short,
easily-digested treatises on individual subjects optimized for the 70% of society who are visual learners with references and links to more
comprehensive research and the “authentic voices” of the developing alternative media available on the self-directed internet. These one-pagers
are designed to be printed out and shared but with accessible PDF versions with active hypertext links to reference material and evidence.
- 36 -

The taxes are laundered through the governments to the “slave owners” through their monopoly and duopoly companies and the military-industrial-complex who continually menace the population with staged wars and terrorism manufactured by the intelligence agencies. Understanding Your Slavery: The Propaganda Matrix www.37 - . Behind the prisoners was a walkway and behind the walkway a � In Plato’s Allegory of the Cave prisoners were chained facing the wall of a deep cave. The fact that the world is self-organizing and there is no need for “governments” and the force and violence they employ are ideas that are never presented to their slaves. covert taxes and in�lation.UnderstandingYourSlavery. Puppeteers crossed the walkway holding objects that cast shadows on the wall. Today our oligarchical kleptocracy uses its control of the media and the government’s mandatory schools to raise up free people to believe they are “Americans” or “Canadians” and that they owe ½ their income to their various governments in overt taxes. The “shadow play” became the prisoner’s life and even when one prisoner escaped to see the reality of the world he was unable to explain that reality to his former friends because they had no frame of reference because all they ever knew was the shadow play. – Etienne de la Boetie2 .

7%] Fox Soccer NBC (99% of households reached) Walt Disney Feature Anim The main identi�iable vehicles for creating/managing/controlling the content of MainStreamMedia are Bilderberg Group and Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) control of the Media and the CIA’s control of key journalists that was made public during the Church Committee hearings in 1975 where it was disclosed that the CIA had hundreds of journalists on the DirecTV Group [33. and a weaponized media system of 6 companies running hundreds of subsidiaries to give their tax slaves the illusion of choice while propagandizing them. or other propaganda crimes. and the very essence of an instinct is that it is followed independently of National Geographic Channel [67%] FILM Sunday Tasmanian INSIDEout Grab. government schools."—Charles Darwin. WTXF Disney Adventures EXPN. deceiving them..blogspot. The organized crime oligarchy that controls the country and much of the planet has been using their complete control of virtually everything that the average person sees on a given day to weave an arti�icially-created reality with regard to politics/economics/history/current events when they are not distracting us with sports & mindless Fuel TV Fiji Times donna hay Papua New Guinea Post-Courier Herald and Weekly Times MySpace IGN. Number of Employees: 133.html “The CIA owns everyone of any signi�icance in the major media” – Former CIA Director William Colby "It is worthy of remark that a belief constantly inculcated during the early years of life. military and police DirecTV Latin America TELEVISION Philadelphia.38 - . the nom de plume of a technology executive and writer who tries to distill 20+ years of research into short. ." - http://involuntaryservant.8%] https://www.9%] Chicago. In Russian Pravda means "Truth" and Izvestia is loosely translated as "The News". National Rugby League Twentieth Century Fox Fox Television Australia & New Zealand Twentieth Century Fox My Nework TV SATELLITE [50%] Animation Fox Television Studios INTERNET Fox Searchlight Pictures Star Group Limited (STAR) DISNEY SKY Italia Fox 2000 Fox Broadcasting Company CEO: Robert Iger 1871 Understanding Your Slavery is a series of one-page overviews of concepts hidden from the public by a ruling class (oligarchical kleptocracy/kakistocracy) that has been controlling the �low of information in society and human perception through their control of the government. intelligence agencies. KTTV. commercial book publishers. They could only afford 2 state propaganda organs: Pravda and Izvestia. and other foreign media outlets. easily-digested treatises on individual subjects optimized for the 70% of society who are visual learners with references and links to more comprehensive research and the “authentic voices” of the developing alternative media available on the self-directed The O’Reilly Factor Nursery World News Magazines CasesLadder. scouting. radio and television stations. We have 6 major propaganda DirecTV US Speed Fox Sports International THE NATIONAL ENTERTAINMENT STATE (2006) Walt Disney Pictures Touchstone Pictures [Australia] News.8%] New Regency [20%] Los Disneyland PERIODICALS Disneyland Disney’s Ca PROGRAMMING Disneyland NEWS CORPORATION Fox (77% of households reached) Hong Kong Euro Disne NEWSPAPERS Fox College Sports Walt Disne (Publishes more Fox Reality Walt Disne than 175 newspapers Fx Networks Magic King worldwide) PERIODICALS Fox International Channels MISCELLANEOUS EPCOT New York Post [US] Fox Sports Net Walt Disne News International [UK] Fox Movie Disney Mobile Tokyo Disn News of the World BOOKS Fox News Channel Mobile ESPN Tokyo Disn The Sun HarperCollins Limited [UK] Special Report With Brit Hume Buena Vista Games Disney-MG Sunday Times HarperCollins Publishers [US] Fox Report The Chronicles of Narnia Disney’s An The Times MAGAZINES Zondervan (evangelical With Shepard Smith Chicken Little Disney Cru TSL Education [UK] Christian imprint) On the Record With Nightmare Before Christmas DISNEY Disney Vac Times Educational Supplement News America INTERNET ReganBooks Greta Van Susteren Buena Vista Music Group ESPN Zone Times Literary Supplement Marketing Group [US] Fox News Sunday Walt Disney Records Times Higher SmartSource Intermix Fox News Radio Network Hollywood Records Education Supplement Weekly Standard [US] BSkyB [36.. corrupting our morals. WNYW. whilst the brain is impressible. The author is Etienne de la Fox Sports World Middle East SEE THE WHOLE PICTURE HERE: Hollywood Pictures News Custom Publishing PARKS & Innova [30%] Plus 20 other stations Wondertime Soccernet SKYLatin America [49. WFXT Buena Vista Magazines ESPNdeportes. KCOP FamilyFun PROGRAMMING Fox Pan American Sports [37. We are/were a very wealthy country. WPWR ESPN The Magazine ABCSports. These individuals provide the CIA with direct access to a large number of newspapers and periodicals. A quote from the commission: "The CIA currently maintains a network of several hundred foreign individuals around the world who provide intelligence for the CIA and at times attempt to in�luence opinion through the use of covert propaganda. These one-pagers are designed to be printed out and shared but with accessible PDF versions with active hypertext links to reference material and evidence. WWOR FOXTEL [25%] Entertainment New York.scribd. appears to acquire almost the nature of an instinct. scores of press services and news Hannity & Colmes Daily Telegraph [Australia] [Australia] FlowGo. predicatively programming us.My favorite analogy about the LameStreamMedia is that the former Soviet Union was a very poor Miramax Films Gemstar-TV Guide [41%] NYPost. The running joke in the Soviet Union was: “There is no truth in Pravda and there is no news in Izvestia”.com/2009/03/bought-and-paid-for-central-bankster. The Descent of Man.000 SKY News Twentieth Century Fox Home Fox Television MAGAZINES ESPN. and distracting them from the reality of their existence and slavery.

public schooling is ground zero for producing obedient statist subjects and memorization. glutamates. and often. to tacitly accept subsequent authoritarianism from all realms of government and which continues with the additional “common prayer” of the anthem at sporting military. necessary and desirable without ever industry has bene�itted from the increase in diagnoses of ADD and ADHD in children. patrolling campuses and enforcing techniques employed by other cults: for example. imbuing students with an unshakable faith in the government’s submit to government (organized crime) control from an early age. pesticide-ridden foods murderous wars. to see the temples/deities. directly affect students’ body the holy documents of the Constitution/BoRs. submission and conformity are constantly promoted. children are pumped full of chemicals. and �luoridated water. pledges/oaths. “social contract”. uniform control over student movement • Drill bells dictate where and when students may move during the course of the day By glorifying collectivism and authority. create docile Statist Executive Summary Key Concepts The American school system. So do the vast supplies of genetically modi�ied. undemocratic operations to the Federal Reserve and the real reasons for war Because of these hidden methods of control and modern consequences of rampant • Whether it is history.UnderstandingYourSlavery. directly modeled after the 19th century Prussian Obedience to the government. security checks with metal detectors and conducting random searches of students’ trips to D. • Students are expected to pledge allegiance to an arti�icial religious symbol in a kind of “common prayer” on a daily basis from K-12 Other methods of control permeate the system. Understanding Your Slavery: Public (Government) School Indoctrination www. is rooted heavily in control. glyphosate. control. sugar. teaching methods usually require statism. public (government) schools prime children • Students are usually required to collectively stand and pledge allegiance to the �lag. and indoctrination. students are often forced to face collective punishment for the actions of a single student Students are indoctrinated into the pseudo-religion of statism using the same • Police are increasingly present in schools. rBGH. methods that crush independent thought and promote obedience. inevitability. • Assigned seating imposes constant. as well as mandatory vaccines. including public shaming and Red/Yellow/Green troublemaker boards • On the other side of the coin. civics. universality. or any other subject. police and authority �igures is lesson #1 approach. which is largely due to children’s inability to conform to schools’ rigid standards of • Young students learn of the mythology of the “Founding Fathers”.C. examining those premises or the immorality of the concept. standardized. combined with a fetish for submission and the modern American government-sponsored corporatocracy. reinforcing the notion that school is a prison — and everyone must support these myths. regurgitation. soy. Selectively presented snippets of history private property.39 - . from the CIA’s covert. re�ined grains. some of whom ultimately shave their heads and become “order followers”. from ADD and ADHD drugs and mercury and aluminum-laced vaccines to toxic processed food with genetically modi�ied (GMO) ingredients. and righteousness. they face punitive measures. From monopolizing students’ time and demanding they ask permission for events basic human functions — like going to the bathroom — to imposing one-size-�its all • If students are late or do not adhere to other standards. Militarism and nationalism pervade the system through junior training programs like ROTC. the pharmaceutical • They are taught that gov’t is both legitimate. • Classic indoctrination methods. teaching approaches. In recent years. and the state’s legitimacy is never Indoctrination into the hidden religion of Statism is “Education” questioned or debated. These drugs. the justi�ications for the gov’ts chemistry. . obedience. BPA/BPS. • What is left out of these lessons is equally important. multiple choice testing order followers willing to kill on command. and that stealing is OK when gov’t does it! provided by state-empowered conglomerations. holy documents. Chemical Control • Thanks to propagandized obedience and state-sanctioned in�luence of the pharmaceutical industry and food industry.

. The author is Etienne de la Boetie2. scouting. Speech at the Heartland Institute: Scouting/jROTC “uniforms” and others https://youtu. easily-digested treatises on individual subjects optimized for the 70% of society who are visual learners with references and links to more comprehensive research and the “authentic voices” of the developing alternative media available on the self-directed internet. public shaming. the nom de plume of a technology executive and writer who tries to distill 20+ years of research into short. intelligence agencies. pledges/oaths. Alex Newman – Crimes of the Educators �lags/arti�icial holy of American Education The Hidden Curriculum Down of America .be/p7rFi8hJjrk?t=3m36s are being used in schools? Understanding Your Slavery is a series of one-page overviews of concepts hidden from the public by a ruling class (oligarchical kleptocracy/kakistocracy) that has been controlling the �low of information in society and human perception through their control of the government. government military and police training. collective punishment. and a weaponized media system of 6 companies running hundreds of subsidiaries to give their tax slaves the illusion of choice while propagandizing them.40 - . and distracting them from the reality of their existence and slavery.John Taylor Gatto of Compulsory Schooling – Charlotte Iserbyt – John Taylor Gatto Could the real goal of mandatory government education be shave-headed cult members / ”order followers” willing to kill foreigners and enforce orders from the leaders of an arti�icially indoctrinated Statist religion? Is this why classic. Resources to Learn More Best Short Videos: Best Books: The American Way? Our Connection to Nazi Germany Produced byThe School Sucks Project The Underground History Dumbing us Down – The Deliberate Dumbing https://www. These one-pagers are designed to be printed out and shared but with accessible PDF versions with active hypertext links to reference material and evidence. deceiving them. textbook cult indoctrination techniques including Pavlovian bells.

a son. FL 32399 Via Bitcoin: 1CnMqpF3dUoHSUg3r4ngAsJoNhSTBU7TY Phone:(850) 717-9337 . for selling Gov. Another cocaine back in the 90’s to a completely victimless crime Peter Steinmetz & where the State entraps Michael Edwards disgruntled girlfriend. a peaceful Please Help Free 32-year-old entrepreneur These Political Prisoners was given a sentence of double life without parole for the non-violent. not all of them legal in every jurisdiction.change.titanians. where people the world over could trade bitcoin for a variety of goods. No victims could be named at trial.41 - . entrepreneur Thomas He is loved and supported “Morpheus” Constanzo (right) arrested with operating an by family and friends and “unlicensed bitcoin exchange” has been locked behind bars I. Ross bank that lobbied and bribed Congress for a monopoly privilege that steals from everyone Phoenix-area neurologist Peter Michael Edwards is a father. a good man. Thomas “Morpheus” Constanzo someone and claims their peaceful economic exchange is illegal to benefit a private central https://www. https://freeross. Silk Road was a web commerce platform based on the voluntaryist philosophy of free markets. Call/ Write and Request Clemency: https://www. for cash sentence for selling $850 of to willing buyers. strings for 24 years of a 60 year of letters and numbers. victimless crime of running a website that matched willing buyers and willing sellers outside of Ross Ulbricht g ove r n m e n t / o rga n i z e d crime’s purview. Via PayPal: Tallahassee. Steinmetz (left) and bitcoin a brother.E. Rick Scott Donate to Thomas “Morpheus” Constanzo 400 S Monroe St.

Larken Rose’s challenge to ethics. If your government teacher or professor challenges the logic and principles of Voluntaryism then there are: “The Five Questions”. Sometimes a picture… or a meme is worth 1000 words. .42 - . The Basics – To help others understand Voluntaryist principles and thought.” . Meme War “If you want to tell people the truth. make them laugh. Here are the basics. civics and government professors and teachers who support the state. otherwise they’ll kill you.Oscar Wilde Here is some intellectual ammo that you can screenshot and post to social media or share selectively with friends and family.

.43 - .

All 5 transgressions constitute a theft of some sort . moral conscience. no harm. constitutions. theft of security. NATURAL LAW THE FIVE QUESTIONS 1) Is there any means by which any number of individu- Based in reality. equals no crime.theft of from whom and how did they acquire such a right? physical well being..RAPE . do they bear the same responsibility for their actions that any- A RIGHT AND A WRONG ARE MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE one else would who did the same thing on his own? Natural Law cannot be changed or subverted by the will of any being. The whim of “Legislators” only creates rules of a 5) When there is a conflict between an individual’s own membership club (a society). theft of sexual choice.THEFT . leg- islators.TRESPASS . and the commands of a political au- No violation.COERCION other people do not have the moral right to do? If so. Without a victim there is no crime. is the individual morally obligated to do what he personally views as wrong in order to “obey the law”? www. etc. the theft of the rights or your rights are an attribute property of another 4) When law-makers and law-enforcers use coercion that constitute your property and force in the name of law and government. theft of physical property. conforms to An absolute aspect of nature. theft of consent 3) Is there any process (e.) have the moral right to do things which ASSAULT . no theft of rights. itself)? harm or violation of another.44 - . nature obvious as a self-evident truth something which none of the individuals have the moral right to do themselves? THE FIVE BASIC BREACHES OF NATURAL LAW 2) Do those who wield political power (presidents.g. legislation) by which human beings can transform an A RIGHT A WRONG immoral act into a moral act (without changing the act An action that causes no An action that violates another. . thority.UnderstandingYourSlavery. als can delegate to someone else the moral right to do the natural world.

Illogic.45 - . and Immorality of “Government” and “Democracy” .The Ridiculousness.

.46 - .

The Ridiculousness of Mandatory Government Schools .47 - .

. The Ridiculousness and Illegitimacy of Voting (for Statists) in Obviously Rigged Elections when ½ the Population doesn’t even Vote.48 - .

The Ridiculousness of Not Understanding that Both Parties are Owned and Controlled by the Same Interests .49 - .

.50 - .

The Ridiculousness and Criminality of the Monopoly Statist Police (The Increasingly Federalized Domestic Military) .51 - .

The Ridiculousness and Immorality of the Statist Military .52 - .

53 - ..

The Incredible Sadness of Mental Slavery .54 - .

55 - .The Stupidity of Statist Arguments Against Voluntaryism/Anarchy .

.56 - .

Solutions .57 - .

58 - ..

dual-citizenship Zionist break this news to you. terms: “Globalists”. Kennedy. and I am truly sorry to have to be the one to there are free masons. to be purposely unhelpful. but it’s time quit pretending you very suspicious of anyone using the amorphous don’t know the government isn’t evil and funded by stolen money. People/the FBI/ a while to overcome my programming. you have distracted the population from Hollywood.because it is. indoctrination. if you Relations members.. I know it police understand and can relate to organized is harder to admit the truth if you are drawing crime. We can simply refer to the problem as and was a cub scout and a Boy Scout. Trilateralists. Catholics. if you want to run the world. and it is easy for criminal. then throw sand in the gears every chance Tavistock Institute psychologists similar to the you get: Leak the State’s documents. and Bilderberg inconvenienced travelers and violated their group members involved and in key positions of dignity and privacy. New to have meetings. Skull and Bonesmen. Atlanta. What do I do next? How Do We Fight Back? Here are some suggestions: Accept my sincerest apologies and Let’s Just Call it Organized Crime . bribe.. expose CIA’s now declassified campaign (CIA Document the State’s crimes. Bavarian Illuminati. and organization over time. sabotage the State’s ability 1035-960) to weaponize the phrase “Conspiracy to track. if you killed Bohemian Grove attendees. Council on Foreign because someone told you to.. . track and control peaceful people. and OK! You are forgiven! We are up against a multi- blackmail to hijack and control any hierarchical trillion dollar propaganda. if you locked up good people for victimless crimes. York. It’s time to get another job. and Theory” against honest researchers investigating teach the kids in your charge the truth about the the CIA’s assassination of John F. If you shaved your Israelis. likely developed by CIA/Rand Corporation/ yet. It took me organized crime . There then quit working for the mafia! was and probably is a Bavarian Illuminati. undescriptive terms If you are in the system and just can’t leave.. But let’s not complicate control system. system. or Langley… it’s monied interests willing to kill. Be a paycheck. These appear enforce upon/indoctrinate people for the State. “Elitists”.59 - . Jesuits..Yes. Washington DC. I went to government schools the issue. not so much. or “New World especially if your job requires you to kill/hurt/ Order” to describe the problem. head and wear/wore a uniform. If you propagandized and power..

Press for Truth (Canada). Steemit (blockchain social media/Reddit replacement). Trusted Political and Financial Commentary: Larken Rose Website/YouTube. Sterlin Luxan – The Psychological Anarchist. Yes. Kenny Palurintano – Travelling Vegan Chef. . Trusted news frequencies: The Corbett Report YouTube/Podcast. Neema V. You might as well fly the Nazi flag. neoconservatism. Rob Hustle. and don’t vote to rob your friends and neighbors to put your political party’s ideas into practice by force. fascism. . CopBlock. The Anti-Media. World Alternative Media. We Are Change. Take down that flag: It is the symbol of your oppression and an artificial. Liberty. The Vin Armani / Jeffrey Tucker (Chief Liberty Officer). Alex Jones is a tool/gatekeeper. David Dees. or any other government system that is easily hijacked and controlled by monied interests is at best misguided and worst a paid political agitator or agent. indoctrinated belief system. Jordan Page. Newsbud. Mear One. Benny Wills/Kevin Kostelnik=Joy Camp. School Sucks Project. Dollar Vigilante. Tragedy & Hope. False Flag Weekly News. Truthstream Media. Artists: Truniversal.60 - . Anarchast. Eric July/ Backwordz.Turn off the bought-and-paid-for Mainstream Media and begin getting your news and information from the authentic voices on the self-directed Internet. socialism. Different sect. Technocracy News and Trends. Dayna Martin-Unschooling Advocate & Midwife. Max Igan. Forget politics (except for those running to expose and repeal the system): Don’t play poker in a crooked card game. Mark Passio . Let me know if any of my trusted frequencies are suspect. Let’s recruit thousands more to join him. Ernest Hancock . Adam Kokesh is running for the 2020 Libertarian Party presidential nomination on a platform of a peaceful and orderly dissolution of the federal government and to be NOT-president because he has the honesty to openly state that political authority is illegitimate.Website / YouTube. The Free Thought Project. The Drudge Report is designed to waste your time and keep you in the fake left/right Statist paradigm.Freedom’s Phoenix. Anyone promoting communism. Same artificial religious symbol. Avoid Untrustworthy Frequencies: Anyone pumping Trump or Hillary or any other government savior is suspect.

A Conspiracy Theory. and Rhetoric. Anatomy of a Great Deception.John Taylor Gatto. Century of Enslavement: The History of the Federal Reserve. A Noble Lie. Books for Kids: Three Friends Free by Anam Paiseanta.The Constitution of No Authority . the compulsory pledge of allegiance. Sir! No Sir!. restrictions on movement without permission. The Underground History of American Education. The Trivium . and public shaming as obedience techniques. Grammar. The Manifesto of the Free Humans . The Philosophy of Liberty. Remove Your Kids from the government indoctrination system: I would rather my children be uneducated than be educated by the State.Frederick Bastiat.John Taylor Gatto. especially if your kids are old enough to learn auto- didactically and are capable of self-directed learning focused on their interests. Everything about the government school system is wrong: segregation by age vs. None Dare Call it Treason .Our School’s Connection to Nazi Germany Freedom Apps: Cell 411. Government schools are designed to slave-up and dumb-down your kids.61 - . Edward Griffin. Tails (Private Operating System you can Run on Your PC). Thrive. and Debian (Free non-Windows/Apple OS). . The Law . ability. It is much better to use private schooling. Volume I: An Intimate Investigation Into the Prison of Modern Schooling . 9-11 Explosive Evidence: Experts Speak Out. The Tuttle Twins series Important Documentaries: The Money Masters. The Creature from Jekyll Island by G.Smedley Butler. The American Way . Tor Browser. Signal (encrypted messaging). corporal punishment.A New Revelation.Lysander Spooner. mandatory vaccinations. Statism: The Most Dangerous Religion .The Liberal Arts of Logic.John Stormer. or unschooling.Patrick Wood. Technocracy Rising . lack of freedom to use the restroom without permission. No Treason . Best Short Videos: Non-Aggression Principle. homeschooling.Derrick Broze and John Vibes.The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling . Freedom by Adam Kokesh. and the use of collective punishment. 9-11 . War is a Racket . Waco . and indoctrinating kids into a hidden religion: Statism. Red/Yellow/Green classroom management techniques.Important Books: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose. Dumbing Us Down .

S. Liberland (Europe). and local and state government pension schemes are underfunded. and the dollar have been managed by organized crime for so long. the mafia’s political puppets have. Acapulco). looted the nation. divest & buy local/small: Break the chains! Shop at your farmer’s market. and get involved: Anarchapulco. barter. looted. The Jackalope Freedom Festival (July/Aug. 50% of the Free Your Mind conference. Liberstad (Norway). The government is on the hook for $20 trillion in debt and unfunded liabilities between 75-200+ trillion. and trillions of dollars in government IOUs are left. Boycott. simply wake up two additional people and get them to commit to waking up two additional people and continuing the chain. Philly). have fun. March) Get concentrated: Support & move to voluntaryist and libertarian communities: The Free State Project (New Hampshire). community currencies. The Education Options Expo (San Jose. economy is a Ponzi scheme in which bankers give themselves the ability to create money out of thin air and where they have attempted to buy the world with their rapidly depreciating fiat-paper tickets. Montana) PorcFest (June. The government’s illegitimacy and criminality are being exposed. Get together: Meet others.62 - . . (April. and/or mismanaged. and crypto- currencies. The Red Pill Expo (June. Don’t be surprised when the Ponzi scheme collapses. Vancouver). The Pentagon can’t account for over $10 trillion. of course. Free Keene (New Hampshire). The U.Become a scholar: “The truth is not for all men. but only for those who seek it. start your own! Prepare for the worst: Because the gov’t. The Anarchists of Acapulco. Real Sons of Anarchy (July. NH). Arizona) Freedom Fest (July. the system has been raided. and agorism are starting to challenge the economic system. It’s really that simple. Fort Galt (Chile). Seasteading Institute (the oceans).(Feb.Ayn Rand Wake up two more people… and then have them wake up two more: After you become a scholar yourself. Las Vegas).” . Social Security is actuarially insolvent. the markets.

io and publisher of Ver. Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth. Foundation for Economic Education. Water a thousand flowers… selectively… Think strategically: 1. independent media producers. Freedom Force International. Andreas M. The Anti-Media. monetary metals stored in other jurisdictions but instantly spendable and transferable (Anthem Gold. Bitcoin Cash. and other crypto-currencies + barter + commodity money + community currencies: The better you and your community are diversified into $USD alternatives. CEO of ShapeShift. Water the authentic voices of the growing alternative media. non-inflationary crypto-currencies. Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee. and Dash. The Concious Resistance Network. Please understand that consistent income is the lifeblood of the . Divirsify into and use Bitcoin. Anthem Vault. and the developing alternative media.Give small: Through micro-donations and donation aggregators like Patreon. we like physical metals in small denominations of a recognizable hallmark.63 - . No gift is too small if it is regular and dependable. the foundations and economics programs that support the Austrian school of economics. Juan Galt. Jeff Berwick/Dollar Vigilante. Tax Revolution Institute. the more resilient you will be against a dollar collapse or devaluation. We like beans. and bandaids as your core wealth. liberty. Antonopoulos. After the basics. bullets. Give big: If you have the resources. Then. Bitcoin Cash. and Understanding Your Slavery/The Discourse of Involuntary Servitude (our humble effort). The Crypto Show / Danny Sessom. Erik Voorhees. Future of Freedom Foundation. Dash. We like Bitcoin. Trusted Frequencies: BitCoin. GoldMoney). We win the intelligentsia. and freedom: Mises Institute. and they drag the rest of society . please consider supporting freedom and the liberty movement in a big way. After that. it is possible to easily support a dozen worthy organizations for $12 a month.

scholarly research delivered in a variety of formats (website.We are creating posters. we are creating posters. most people don’t have time for a full length book. please e-mail me at: Etienne. We are accurate and well-referenced .com We are going multi-format .Because it’s hard-to-catch someone’s attention.The team at Understanding Your Slavery is soliciting donations in crypto-currencies and rapidly depreciating fiat paper tickets. and many people learn in short bursts.64 - . We are both fast-to-insight and thorough! . deceitful. we are aggressively fact-checking. and eventually.While this is a draft. and referencing everything with authoritative. facts.People like pictures.delaBoetie@gmail. and repetition of the control techniques reveals that this system is formulaic. footnoting. and infographics geared towards busy people and those with low attention spans. . Here is our strategy: We are going after the visual learners and accelerating their “Time-to-Insight”! . video content geared to catching attention and fast-insight but providing the background. and indoctrinated. We are crowd-sourced.Would you like to help wake up friends and family and support large-scale cult deprogramming? . memes. and 65-70% of folks are visual learners who learn best and fastest when they see information rather than simply hear it. so if you see something incorrect or would like to contribute. downloadable PDFs. Humans are also the world’s best pattern recognition machines. documentaries) for individual learning preferences. interactive infographics. and references.

We are looking for voluntaryist writers. and artists who would like to work on a paid project that exposes the organized crime gangster government and their control and obedience techniques.65 - . researchers. We think there is a resistance movement within the government’s mandatory schools. and we are going to get both students and “School Sakharov’s” the information weapons they need to help expose the control system and mitigate the harm to the kids. We will be producing the interactive program on cool. You can download the contents of the Liberator. inexpensive thumb drives that will include other informational warfare assets. graphic designers. and viral growth. We are taking it to the schools . impact. documentarians. We call this drive The Liberator. We are looking to be well-funded .com/sh/cocj4c4g4dge5ae/AAD989ik8cHQaoINjIrw9q3da?dl=0 We are looking to collaborate . . and we are exploring crowd-funding this effort to ensure we are well- capitalized for accuracy. videographers.The interactive posters/infographics we are designing are formatted for the hundreds of thousands of interactive touch- screen SMART Boards and Promethean boards in K-12 classrooms and universities. including the stickers needed to wrap a blank USB drive here: https://www. If you are interested in investing in neo- abolitionism and large-scale cult-deprogramming we have a plan and the team.We are looking to partner with “idea-philanthropists” and liberty donors interested in getting hundreds of thousands (millions?) of students exposed to the ideas of liberty.dropbox.

Preloaded $35 ppd in US. and hopefully similar works from other freedom-oriented artists. Contact us directly in the meantime if you are intereted in helping or sending us rapidly depreciating fiat paper tickets.Numbers 3-10 (#3 has been sold) $10.000 ppd .Pencil signed lithograph on art-quality paper .Pencil signed lithograph on art-quality paper . will be auctioned at a liberty event in 2018. #1. Etienne.Pencil signed lithograph on art-quality paper .Signed Final Draft of Understanding Your Slavery $50 ppd . The Liberator.Signed Poster of the Overview Infographic $35 ppd .000 ppd . and a Poster $100 ppd .66 - . Sponsorship Levels and Premiums .The Liberator x2 .delaBoetie@gmail. Please Support Understanding Your Slavery! The final overview infographic will be produced as a fine art poster in a limited edition of 100 pencil-signed lithographs printed on art-quality paper.The Trifecta – The Donate .Number 2 Formal crowd funding campaign coming soon.Numbers 11-100 $1.Please e-mail me the confirmation with your physical address for premiums! Donate Bitcoin Cash: Donate Bitcoin: Donate Dash: 17HwFYsjGdXvweNp5o7vuY2Rh8AzctK2V7 12VvyNcsoDyWGUkuECHGiV4So7UA2TPJdP XskTAT4vJFhxnx8WErMMAnqnpw1yoKGjXx .How Hard Would You like to “Strike the Root? $25 ppd .

You can also screenshot the image above and use it in social media. With the poster we are doing the same thing condensed to a single large format overview that can be printed cost-effectively at a print shop OR on a large format printer/plotter OR displayed on the hundreds of thousands of interactive Smartboards in high school and college PDF of the book. Throw it up on the wall in your mandatory government school and ask the teacher or professor why they are using the same techniques as the Nazis and Soviets and see if they can answer Larken Rose’s 5 Questions! The downloadable.html . and the rest of the Liberator contents here: http://involuntaryservant. we tried to keep it short and use images to accelerate and deepen understanding. printable PDF can be found on our viral USB thumbdrive: The Liberator Get the poster.67 - . Get the Understanding Your Slavery Poster for your High School or College Classroom With the book Understanding Your Slavery.blogspot.

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State. Suite #195-629.70 - . Zip or Postal Code ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ Contact Phone Number Contact Phone Number ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ Email Email Mail form to: Understanding Your Slavery 44050 Ashburn Shopping Plaza. Ashburn. Pre-Order Form & Sponsorship/Donation Credit Card Order: ¨ Visa ¨ Master Card ¨ American Express ¨ Discover Credit Card # _________________________________________________ Expiration Date: _____/_____ Name on Card: ___________________________________________________________ Security #________ Primary Contact /Authorized Signatory Billing Address (if different) ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ Contact Name & Title Contact Name & Title ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ Company Company ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ Address Line 1 Address Line 1 ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ Address Line 2 Address Line 2 ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ City. Items are expected to ship in October but our gratitude and thanks flows immediately! Thank you for your support! . VA 20147 Important: This is a pre-production sneak peak so we are only taking pre-orders and donations at this time. Zip or Postal Code City. State.

anarchy. and crypto-currencies? Want to fight statism. and militarism from the front lines of the culture war? Want to meet other intellectuals and free thinkers? Students of Anarchy – Coming to your High School or University Fall of 2017 If YOU Make It Happen! www. counter-economics. war.71 - . . agorism.Want to help your fellow students understand voluntaryism.

People are trained to adore rulers. then you will behold him. but also in adoration. and that their ruler could not have given them what they were receiving without having first taken it from them.. Servitude. their .Quotes from the original Discourse of Voluntary Servitude – Etienne de la Boetie. 1576 It is incredible how as soon as a people become subject. a bushel of wheat. The dictator does not consider his power firmly established until he has reached the point where there is no man under him who is of any worth. but simply that you support him no longer. is fostered when people are raised in subjection. like a great Colossus whose pedestal has been pulled away. “Long live the King!” The fools did not realize that they were merely recovering a portion of their own property. a gallon of wine. Tyrants would distribute largess.. have made every effort to train their people not only in obedience and servility toward themselves. Liberty is the natural condition of the people. and had at his mercy the captured Croesus. I do not ask that you place hands upon the tyrant to topple him over. . Resolve to serve no more.72 - . It has always happened that tyrants. While freedom is forgotten by many there are always some who will never submit. and you are at once freed. it promptly falls into such complete forgetfulness of its freedom that it can hardly be roused to the point of regaining it. and a sesterce: and then everybody would shamelessly cry. their chief city. however. obeying so easily and willingly that one is led to say that this people has not so much lost its liberty as won its enslavement. in order to strengthen their power. This method tyrants use of stultifying their subjects cannot be more clearly observed than in what Cyrus did with the Lydians after he had taken Sardis. fall of his own weight and break into pieces.

that their fathers lived in the same way. and issued the proclamation that the inhabitants were to enjoy them. based on the idea that it has always been that way. no matter how well disguised. possessed of clear minds and far-sighted spirit. and what we call pastimes they call ludi. such men would invent it. behind and before. Even if liberty had entirely perished from the earth. it would have been easy for him to reduce them by force. Men are like handsome race horses who first bite the bit and later like it. like the brutish mass. but being unwilling either to sack such a fine city or to maintain an army there to police it.73 - . These wretched people enjoyed themselves inventing all kinds of games. having good minds of their own. These are in fact the men who. He found this type of garrison so effective that he never again had to draw the sword against the Lydians. they will think they are obliged to suffer this evil. He established in it brothels. he thought of an unusual expedient for reducing it.fabulously rich king. and public games. most of the others have pursued secretly as an end. taverns. For them slavery has no satisfactions. Not all tyrants have manifested so clearly their intention to effeminize their victims. so that the Latins have derived the word from them. “There are always a few. and rearing under the saddle a while soon learn to enjoy displaying their harness and prance proudly beneath their trappings. better endowed than others. but rather look about them. who feel the weight of the yoke and cannot restrain themselves from attempting to shake it off: these are the men who never become tamed under subjection. These are the ones who. have further trained them by study and learning. but in fact. and even recall the things of the past in order to judge those of the future. and will persuade themselves by example and imitation of others. finally investing those who order them around with proprietary rights. to see only what is at their feet. Men will grow accustomed to the idea that they have always been in subjection. When news was brought to him that the people of Sardis had rebelled. what the aforementioned despot publicly proclaimed and put into effect. as if they meant to say Lydi.” . are not satisfied. and compare both with their present condition.

UnderstandingYourSlavery. armchair economist. . East Germany and the United States to take free. Mr. hot yogi. runner. agorism. tolerance. Boetie2 distills 20+ years of research into short. Boetie includes references and links to more comprehensive research and the “authentic voices” of the developing alternative media to counter organized crime’s “propaganda matrix” of six companies running hundreds of subsidiaries to offer the illusion of choice. multi-disciplinarian truther. easily-digestible treatises on individual subjects and optimizes them for the 70% of society who are visual learners. “order-following” and tax slavery. Soviet Union.About the Book: Understanding Your Slavery exposes the hidden control system and pseudo-religion of Statism used by organized crime interests centered around banking and central banking to manage the population. sentient children and indoctrinate them into a worldview that produces obedient “tax-payers” and classic “shave-headed cult members” willing to kill foreigners on command or enforce on their fellow tax slaves. counter-economics. love. memes. obedience. and crypto-currencies. father. Boetie2 is exposing the hidden curriculum of organized crime’s mandatory government schools and scouting programs: The hidden religion of Statism. cryptocurrency enthusiast. by providing students and honest teachers: The Liberator – A viral thumb drive full of liberty resources that both expose the control system and provide the healthy alternatives of voluntaryism/anarchy. state and local law enforcement understand the people and organizations behind organized crime’s control of the government and media. Boetie2 lives on the Silicon Plantation of Northern Virginia where he stands ready to help federal. technology entrepreneur. freedom. The book catalogs 20+ techniques used by the Nazis. Mr. and infographics the book is designed to accelerate and deepen the understanding of the 70% of the population who are visual learners. and neo-abolitionist who is experimenting with large-scale cult deprogramming. Mr.74 - . fealty. The PDF version with links to additional research and evidence is available for free at www. Using historical photographs. scuba-diver. racquetballer. Youth Programs Military & Police Secret Prisons Monopoly Use of Spying on Flag to teach Glorified and Concentration Camps Government Propaganda Citizens “Citizenship” Celebrated and Black Sites Fiat Money Nazi Germany 1933-1945 Republic Hitler Youth United States 1776-Present Republic Boy Scouts of America Soviet Union /Russia 1922-1991 Republic Russian Young Pioneers East Germany 1949-1990 Republic East German Young Pioneers Etienne de la Boetie2 is the nom de guerre of a voluntaryist/anarchist author.