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abroad - out of doors

accouchement - birthing

advertisement - a notice to readers in a book

afeard/afeared - frightened

affright - frighten (someone)

ague - malaria or a similar illness

aliment - food; nourishment

ambuscade - an ambush

animalcule - a microscopic animal

apothecary - a person who prepared and sold medicine

appetency - a longing or desire

assay - attempt

asunder - apart

audition - the power of hearing

aught - anything at all

avaunt - go away

bane - poison

baseborn - of low birth or social standing

bedlam - an asylum

behold - see or observe

behoof - benefit or advantage

beldam - an old woman

bethink oneself of - remember; recollect

betimes in good - time; early

bibliopole - a dealer in books

bijoux - jewelry; trinkets

billow - a large sea wave

blackguard - a scoundrel

blow - produce flowers or be in flower

bodkin - a dagger

bootless (of a task) - ineffectual; useless

breech - a person's buttocks

bridewell - a prison or reform school for petty offenders

brimstone - sulfur

bruit - a report or rumor

buck - a fashionable and daring young man

bumper - a generous glass of an alcoholic drink

burgess - a full citizen of a town or borough

buss - a kiss

caboose - a kitchen on a ship's deck

cadet - a younger son or daughter

caducity - the infirmity of old age; senility

camelopard - a giraffe

cannonade - bombard

carl - a man of low birth

ceil line or plaster - the roof of (a building)

champaign - open level countryside

chapman - a peddler

chicane - deceive; hoodwink

circumjacent - surrounding

cicisbeo - a married woman's male companion or lover

cispontine - on the north side of the Thames in London

cleanse - restore to health

clerk - a literate or scholarly person

clew - a ball of thread

clout - a piece of cloth or clothing

collogue talk - confidentially

commend - entrust someone or something to

commons - provisions shared in common; rations

handmaid - a female servant

hearken - listen

hence - from here

herbary - a herb garden

hereat - as a result of this

hereunto - to this document

hereupon - after or as a result of this

hie -go quickly

hight - named

hither - to or toward this place

hoar - frost

horse-coper - a person who deals in horses

horseless carriage - a car

host - an army

howbeit - nevertheless

husbandman a - farme