sns12pb56 ***************************************************************************** 1.Autoconfig Error: ---------------PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

declare * ERROR at line 1: ORA-00001: unique constraint (APPLSYS.AD_APPL_TOPS_U2) violated ORA-06512: at line 32 Disconnected from Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release - 64 bit Production With the Partitioning, OLAP, Data Mining and Real Application Testing options exiting with status 1 ERRORCODE = 1 ERRORCODE_END .end std out. .end err out. AutoConfig could not successfully execute the following scripts: Directory: /u01/apps/erpx1/inst/apps/erpx1_mcdeagaix948/admin/install INSTE8_PRF 1 ->Resolution: ------------select applications_system_name from applsys.fnd_product_groups; update applsys.fnd_product_groups set applications_system_name = '<TARGET_INSTAN CE>'; and run autoconfig again. ******************************************************************************** ***** 2. Forms are not opening: ---------------------After clone forms are not opening, throwing the below errors... FRM-92101: There was a failure in the Forms Server during startup. This could happen due to invalid configuration. Please look into the web-server log files for details. Details... Java Exception: Forms session<1>failed during startup:no r esponse form runtime process at Source ) at Source) ->Resolution: -----------cd $ORACLE_HOME/lib32 ls -l ldflags --- check whether this link pointing to the currect environme nt. If its not execute below.. ln -s $ORACLE_HOME/10.1.2/lib/ldflags ldflags

******************************************************************************** ************* 5. FND: Debug Log Enabled =No FND: Debug Log Level = Error FND: Diagnostics = No Also use below script to see at resp/application level. Blank login page issue: alert log erro: Errors in file /u02/oracle/erpd1/10.trc: ORA-04098: trigger ' install ******************************************************************************** ********** 3. fp. status from all_triggers where table_name = 'FND_USER'.3/j2ee/oacore/oacore_default_group _1/ $ORACLE_HOME/forms/lib32 make -f ins_forms.0/admin/erpd1_mcdeagaix952/udump/erpd1_ ora_26488986.1.WEB_TRACE_TRIGGER' is invalid and failed re-validati on application. Login page displaying the below message while loggin in Low-level Diagnostic Logging is turned on.log issue: some one has created the above trigger on some standard apps tables.profile_option_value. ******************************************************************************** ********** 4. SQL> alter trigger ALR_FND_USER_0_108_IAR disable.. alter trigger <trigger_name> disable.1 select trigger_name. select fp. fp..log also reported some error referening the above trigger. check the below profile option and change it to No if it is yes. fu. SQL> select trigger_name. resolution: Disable the trigger.level_id.USER_NAME from fnd_profile_options_vl fpo .level_value. TRIGGER_NAME -----------------------------ALR_FND_USER_0_108_UAR ALR_FND_USER_0_108_IAR STATUS -------ENABLED ENABLED SQL> alter trigger ALR_FND_USER_0_108_UAR disable.2. log file location: $INST_TOP/logs/ora/10. Login page error "Oracle error &ERRNO: &REASON has been detected in &ROUTINE" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------metalink note: 464072. This may temporarily reduce performan ce. status from all_triggers where table_name = 'FND_USER' .

.USER_ID = fp.profile_option_name = 'AFLOG_ENABLED' and fu.fnd_profile_option_values fp.APPLICATION_ID = fp. ******************************************************************************** ****************** .profile_option_id and fpo.Bounce apache after changes are made.LAST_UPDATED_BY.application_id and fpo. -.PROFILE_OPTION_ID = fp. fnd_user fu where fpo.

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