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 This research is about the biology and psychology of what we think we know about
paranormal events today. It may also show what we don’t know, what our mindscapes take in
as evidence and the output may well be facts that we don’t want to look at. No surprise there



No matter where you are on planet Earth, somewhere close by will be evidence of the
paranormal be it in woods, forests, countryside, shores, mountains, rivers ,streams, loughs,
buildings including churches and chapels, mounds and standing stone, old trees and rocks,
symbols and on the winds. All religions have it, because without it, they would not survive and
I could say it is linked to all planets and stars as well.


Today’s human mind in children and adults is over-cluttered with information. some of it
useless of course coming from data on our phones. computers and TV. Without knowing it,
we are implanting data in our mindscape, search the Internet for medical conditions, maybe
even find one that fits and go an tell your doctor what it is and he or she will scratch their
heads and give you some chalk pills and off you go happy as an Easter Bunny. Until the next
Then there is mental illness. mild otherwise, you hear voices, more like whispers in fact, see
bright lights in the sky, moving shadows with no shape and seek help. Your doctor thinks you
may have a form of mental illness. but puts a name on it,depression fits the box and puts you
on ’happy pills’, which may keep you happy, but does not solve you problem. In time it gets
much worse. Now you are seeing human type shapes, some of them not very pretty, dreams
and nightmares, and most of all, fearing the dark and the coming sunset.
The fear of the dark and what may there, is normal. It is inbred with humans and many other
mammals because something could attack us if we are not alert.
In my interviews with many people, young and old in many locations I was surprised that at
least ninety percent believed in it and there is and was a good reason for this.
You may think this a high % but religion and tribal culture plays an important part in such
and all religion is paranormal wither we like it or not. That 10% may need to reflect on their
thinking because somewhere in there is some paranormal triggers.
Let us take human death, and afterwards.

Much depends on the religion or culture of the dead person when alive and many of the
family and friends go through the paranormal ritual from start to finish. In the west even
more so because prayers are said, the body, an empty husk, is buried or burned at great
expense and emotion, and people cry and are sad and yet some have hope when a priest,
minister or other other ’holy person’ informs us that all is well and come the last day of earth,
all souls, spirits, ghosts and so on will return to their family units. That in fact is not a nice
thought because when they were alive many were bad and sometimes ’evil’ people and no
family unit would want them back again. No thank you.
On the other hand when it is the death of a child before the parents it is a very sad thing and
even more so on the type of death the child had and if a violent death, the state of the living
mind comes into play and we hope and pray that the ’soul’ is at peace and we as parents and
family need that special place, a place of great beauty and where other children sing and
We call it Heaven, a place we create in our mindscapes to make us feel much better. When the
question of Hell comes up and we wish the dead person would, rot in hell for what he or she
had done to their child or family relations again this is a mind state, makes us get rid of our
anger and somehow have revenge on that dead person. This state is called raw hate.
Like the thoughts of heaven and hell only makes us feel much better and we lose in part, the
love we had for that child or family member who was murdered or died in an accident or of
an illness.
Religious deaths of course do lead to problems, depending where you are in the world and if
many people believe in the paranormal even more so if a body has to be buried before sunset,
then if it is a sudden death or a murder, the victim may not be buried for a week or so and
this can lead to religious friction and becomes a thorn in the side of a community if high
handed officials are involved.
All the above are paranormal linked to the living so they go through their paranormal rituals
to please themselves and make sure the dead get some sort of release ,well, at least their souls
or spirits get a send off to the other side somewhere.
That is all well and fine if you believe in and afterlife, but what happens the souls of people
buried in shallow graves around the world or their remains are lying on a river, swamp or sea
bottom if they do not get some sort of holy ritual?
Mass graves in a war where people were murdered because of religion,many such burial sites
are sometimes never found, and it is doubtful even if all the names of the victims are never
known which includes men, women and children. So the believers in souls,spirits and ghosts
could well have a problem here with the unclaimed,if you get my drift?

What is surprising in my research is that so called experts seem to rehash events of the
paranormal to suit their own agenda and almost claim that most hauntings and ghosts take
place in old castles and houses, past kings,queens, witchcraft trials, highwaymen of old, killers
of the past like Jack The Ripper and his victims as well as many others world wide have all
been reported as late as 2017 as now ghosts, spirits and lost souls that turn up, be seen, heard
and said to frighten people.
Yet for all the reports, not one photograph that is not blurred or a sound recording with a
total voice heard has ever been presented as evidence, even with all the gear we have today.
Because of all the rehashing of ghost stories, the dead being seen, voices heard as well as
clunking footsteps above your head in some room or other, doors opening and banging shut
and evil spirits taking over a living body so much so that the local holy man or women called
in with bell, book and candle to perform some ritual or prayers said, It is little wonder that
parapsychology is stuck with the label ’sudo-science’ and almost dismissed out of hand by
most people that has half a working brain.
Parapsychology, I point out is not a science and may never will be unless a new model is
created for use in the field when it comes down to researching the paranormal as fact or
fiction and the use of the human mind scape to take in, sort and bin the rubbish that continues
to come up as ’truth’, mainly by students of psychology trying to prove a point to fit their own
The human mind today can not except that a invalid report in the research on the paranormal
is as good as a valid report because you now have two sides of the one coin.
The main questions that need to be answered are:
Once you have the answers, no matter what they are, then you are ready to undertake
paranormal research as long as you drop the word ’para’.


For the purpose of this research I am going to refer the above as GHOSTS. It is said that the
soul leaves the body of humans when they die and there is a number of views on this, some of
them with a religious bent to suit a community or tribe. This is understandable of course as
there is a need in many cases to observe rituals but in this research I found that man people
do not know when or how this happens. Some say that moving or burying a body too quickly
strands a soul and is stuck and in the case of a violent death, say on a battlefield, during a
medical operation or in a case of murder,self harm, or accident, the soul is detached from the
body as an energy field seconds before brain death. In my informed opinion therefore with
research, the soul energy leaves a body fast and has to go somewhere. By that I mean it is
dispersed. Which brings up the thorny question of energy ’ghosts’ and so called biology of the
same. Over many years of this study on death, dying and possible after death I have now got
to rule out a number of factors of death Myth and ’ghosts’.

(1) The human dead body can not in any form leave the grave, including murder graves.
(2) A dead body that has been burned down to bone ash cannot return in human form. Once
we accept that as fact we can move on to the energy and mind force that may occur, and
though the energy force might be one in the same as memory or at least part of it.


Ghosts do not walk, they glide.
They do not walk through walls but vanish.
They can not be touched or touch.
Ghosts cannot speak, eat,drink hear or see.
A cold spot in a room or site does not mean a ghost is present. That is for TV and books of
fiction as well as a very vivid conception of ‘what should be’
. A ghost cannot open doors. Trust me, I know.
They can vanish as quickly as they came.
DO NOT Move pictures, car keys,throw cups in a kitchen.
Make a noise. Do not breathe.
Do not need the night to be present.
Do not lie on you at night because that is at times wishful thinking.
Do not have sex with living humans and it is more than doubtful if they have sex at all as they
cannot feel.
No way can they move from London to Wales.
Do not make lights in a house flicker.

Do not drain your camera or tape recorder. That is more likely the cold or a magnetic field.
Beware of your own mindscape because it is possible that your brain creates your ghost.
Ghosts cannot think like you and I if at all. That is because they are mind dead as well!
Ghosts do now hear so forget all that “Is there anyone there” They are dead deaf!

Now I know that these points will upset many people but they have their own choices to make
when it comes down to their own paranormal research and more so then it comes to
hauntings and ghosts.
A ghost is not solid, it has no mind, and all it may be is an energy source that may or may not
be imprinted on the human mind or place.
If the researcher is highly strung or to high grade mental illness then I suggest strongly you
avoid such paranormal research.
All mood changing drugs including drink, happy pills, and flickering lights.
This can lead to confusion, fear and cause panic so much so that your ghosts or whatever slip
into your mind and you react, sometimes with violence, mood changes and even think of self
harming. Being dead by self harming is not going to be much use for research.
Get it well out of your head,you are not taken over by a demon or evil spirit, you don’t need a
priest or other holy-man to get rid of something that is not there. Your demons or claimed
demons are all yours! Worse than that, you could have made them up. On saying that I had to
look at the thousands reports on hauntings and ghosts as well as other factor in the
paranormal world because many of such people could not all dreamed up their own ghosts,
however, there may well be other factors in such suggested reports and this is what a
researcher needs to go over with a very fine tooth comb.
In order to do this one has to take on board a number of things. It could be reports of UFO’s
and Alien beings as well as ghosts and hauntings are all one in the same and on the same
You will need OS maps for this on Google Earth to plot all reports I have just mentioned and
mark up the areas in colour. You may well find as I have that there is complex results that
sets your heart racing much faster.
Add to your project the marked map areas and reports, details of the reports, weather, date.
times, hidden magnetic fields close by, landscape types in a two mile radius, such as soil type,
forests and woods, airfields, communications towers, phone towers, sound static. Yes I know it
is a lot of work but this in your research and no one else's so take the time and get your local
facts right before you even get down to paranormal activity, much as you would like to or
pushed into jumping the gun and end up with egg on your face.


All human minds do not act the same and in some people it can be very complex for taking in
information and what such information means. An 'educated' mind may well dismiss the
paranormal out of hand because they have been educated to degree standard. The question
isn't ‘do you believe in paranormal events but is it possible that many thousands if not
millions of people report them as real?’
Do I believe in ghosts you may ask?
The short answer is 'yes' but not the TV sort and as I am a survivor and never a victim or will
be,as I keep a very open mind about this subject.. The trouble with 'ghosts or spirits' is that
they can turn up almost anywhere at any time and in odd places, such as woods, forests,
shopping centres, houses. ruins, on boats or ships, on aircraft, airfields, army, navy, and
airforce bases. battle areas in schools, colleges and hospitals day or night and for
some of you, if ghosts are real and you are reading this, one may be in the same room as you.

When you sit on a bench in a town or city, try people watching. pick one out and look at him
or her from a distance and do not be surprised if he or she turn their head right or left and
stare back at you. It is not just a glance but a 1000 yard stare into your eyes. However you
cannot say that this is a ghost unless it vanishes in front of you.
Hospitals, any hospitals in fact should have their share of ghosts or spirits of staff or dead
patients who have died and believe me when I tell you that it is a good place for research. Ask
any long term porter and you may get answers that will surprise you. And do not dismiss
OOBE and the body dies and the spirit is 'stuck' and can not cross over. Some people do die,
have all the tests from brain cell death to oxygen levels, or a heart beat, declared dead and
have wakened up in a mortuary. True.
It is a mote point this. A churchyard or graveyard, even old ones, is the worse place to see or
research for a spirit or ghost and in the past I have slept in such places when moving around
Europe. It is the safest place to be when you are on the road and you won't get mugged or
robbed there as no one will come in there at night.
You might see rabbits, foxes, badgers, cats but in all the time there I had no fear of the dead
around me. Owls may call and trees rattle in the wind, clouds may scuttle across the face of
the moon or even a thunderstorm but never a ghost or spirit did I see or expect to see.
The same can not be said of an island where no one lives and there is only the ruins of old
cottages and toppled stone walls. with the sea all around you.

On some islands that was once a community with fishing and farming there may well be old
headstones covering bones of what was once a living human being and now the gulls call, the
wind sighs and only the stones and rocks remains.

So let us take such an island as a good example as as starting point but keep in mind it does
not have to be a marine island just as long that people used to live on it. A local history check
is always useful so you have some idea of the past.

If people lived and died on that island or were taken out there to be buried as is sometimes the
case, more so in Clan Scotland than anywhere else.

Church and Abbey ruins on an island suggests old graves and as it is an island my theory is
the dead travel fast and any reported or unreported ghosts or spirits are stuck there for one
reason or another. On saying that any plants may have a past paranormal use as well as
cooking herbs because it is an island much more will be revealed as your research progresses.
A rowan or yew tree in such a place is a sure sign that some paranormal beliefs were in force
and a good clue. If you believe in A God, then the Devil at such a time was not casting a
shadow was nearby, as were witches and spirits who were busy in the minds of the monks and
Brothers. Back in those dark days a body washed up on an island beach would be buried in
haste, as there were no coffins there and if the body had a stone in its mouth, then it was not
buried with anyone else but in some distant corner outside of consecrated ground, and face
down. No police in those days and therefore unreported unless in an old dairy and in Latin,
sometimes written in old English with a quill pen. If a monk or priest killed themselves for
one reason or the other, they got the same treatment, a shallow grave face down.


There are many people out there who would be 'GHOST' hunters. a few doing honest
research into paranormal events or said events, then there are others who form little Ghost
Hunting Groups with a 4x4 or land rover loaded down with gear, some of it costing an arm or
a leg, or at times, their mind. If you are going to research the paranormal you have to take in
many factors of how your project is going to run and what use it may be to others. You do not
want much gear but two Trail cameras set up in movie mode on site a day or two before is
useful, a laptop with a USB, two recorders, torches with a red light and warm clothing.
Simple as that.

Then there is your team. Keep it small, elect a leader and if need be find or connect to the
owner of the building or land. It is not a wise move to ring or speak to an owner of land and
say, “We want to look for ghosts”,or “We are ghost hunters” because more than likely the
owner will look at you as if you are all mad or does not want to take the risk that someone will
get hurt or cause damage. There are ways around this if you are honest and write a letter and
arrange a meeting with an owner stating you want to carry out some research that is
psychology tests. On top of that you need to have together your project plan with a map of the
area, plus details of the local history recorded in a file or folder and it would do no harm to
show ID. A letter from someone who knows you will go along way. Remember in this day and
age, the owner may also be very wary of strangers or even uneasy of people around him or
her that she does not know. If the owner is dead of course you do have a problem unless you
know someone on the other side!
Take the stories of such a project site with a pinch of salt as over the years the real events if
any, may well have changed or even added to. Life and death are like that and avoid if you
can ‘well known haunted castles’ with its blue or grey ladies walking the halls of the place or
standing on the battlements in bright moonlight. That is for the tourists. You have to maintain
at all times,professional and grounded, records kept, an, and most of all, a bit of scepticism is
“As I have said above, ghosts or spirits don’t go banging around is a so called
Haunted places or ‘Haunted Building or wood’. rattle chains, open and close doors and
windows, break twigs underfoot in a wood or forest, do not breath or whisper. and most of all
will not touch you or walk through you, unless an energy force of some sort passes through
your nice warm body.”
Reports of ghost dogs ,the UK and Ireland are not uncommon, they are seen, they vanish
then seen again somewhere else so rule out a ghost or spirit always looking human, male,
female or child. It could in fact be anything, including,ships of old, boats, coaches with horses,
wild mammals of all sorts.


Depends on the location and archaeology landscape across the world, including Europe,
Ireland and the UK. There can be four different versions of an old story or report on a
haunted place or or spirit and though back in time the first record can well be as far away
from a modern version, bastardised with fact and figures that confuse a researching student
or someone working in Psychology or forensic anthropology. The need to be in a mindscape of
the paranormal, archaeology,biology, and history is more important than having you mind set
on looking for ‘ghosts. spirits or other boggy men or women because you will not get far if
that is all you have to offer in your research.
Here is one example. A skull has turned up in a newly ploughed field and jammed into the
jaws of the human skull is a wedge flat stone, so far knocked in that it cannot be removed by
Human remains dug up during an archaeology dig showed that the head had been removed
and nailed at the feet?
Human remains found in a grave face down during an archaeology dig and again with a
wedge stone jammed into the mouth?
Human remains discovered buried at a country cross roads?
Whoever buried them had a reason for this but it begs the question, what were the living
frightened off?
Of course many may whisper or think a number of things, the main one being whatever were
in these graves the living did not want the soul or spirit coming back. Ever.
That is not the case in Wales it seems and a good point of more research.
Life is light and fire. This idea must have entered into the minds of primitive people. To this
day in Yorkshire falling stars are supposed to be the souls coming down from above to
newborn children and animating them, and when death ensues the flame of life passes out of
the body. This is the conception that lies at the root of many folk-superstitions.
A case in an a Welsh parish, where there was a young man in a decline who had helped in the
hay-harvest. He was dead before the next season. But I was assured that at haysel a flame was
seen dancing about the meadow and running up to the hayrick; the haymakers had no doubt
whatever that this was the spirit of the young man who had died in the previous year. In
Wales the belief in corpse--lights is very prevalent. There it is a flame that comes from the
churchyard to fetch the spirit of the dying man or woman. It is, in fact, the spirit of a relative
come to call it.
It is called the Canwyll Gorph, or Corpse Candle; and the saying is that St David promised to
Welshmen in his territory that none should die without the premonitory sign of a light
travelling to his house from the churchyard to summon him. In the Cambrian Register for
1796 we read of--

A very commonly received opinion, that within the diocese of St David's, a short space before
death, a light is seen proceeding from the house, and sometimes, as has been asserted, from
the very bed where the sick person lies, and pursues its way to the church where he or she is
to be interred, precisely in the same track in which the funeral is afterwards to follow.
In Devonshire it is supposed that this light is only seen when the moribund has children or
relatives buried in the churchyard, and it is the souls of these that come to fetch their kinsman
or kinswoman.
All under the stars, and beneath the green tree,
All over the sward, and along the cold lea,
A little blue flame a--fluttering came;
It came from the churchyard for you or for me.
I sit by the cradle, my baby's asleep,
And rocking the cradle, I wonder and weep.
O little blue light in the dead of the night,
O prithee, O prithee, no nearer to creep.
Why follow the church-path, why steal you this way?
Why halt in your journey, on threshold why stay?
With flicker and flare, why dance up the stair?
O I would! O I would! it were dawning of day.
All under the stars, and along the green lane,
Unslaked by the dew, and unquenched by the rain,
Of little flames blue to the churchyard steal two,
The soul of my baby! now from me is ta'an.
Baxter, in his Certainty of the World of Spirits, quotes a letter from Mr John
Davis of Gleneurglyn, 1656, in which he says that the corpse-candles do as
much resemble material candle--light as eggs do eggs, saving that in their journey these
candles are sometimes visible and sometimes disappear, specially if anyone comes near them,
or in any way meet them.
On these occasions they vanish, but presently appear again. If a little candle is seen of a
pale bluish colour, then follows the corpse of an infant; if a larger one, then the corpse of some
one come to age. If two candles come from different places and be seen to meet, the corpses
will do the same; and if any of these candles be seen to turn aside through some bypath
leading to the church.
journey these candles are sometimes visible and sometimes disappear, specially if anyone
comes near them, or in any way meet them. On these ccasions they vanish, but presently
appear again. If a little candle is seen of a bluish colour, then follows the corpse of an infant; if
a larger one, then the corpse of some one come to age. If two candles come from different
places and be seen to meet, the corpses will do the same; and if any of these candles be seen to
turn aside through some bypath leading to the church.

journey these candles are sometimes visible and sometimes disappear,

especially if anyone comes near them, or in any way meet them. On these
occasions they vanish, but presently appear again. If a little candle is seen of a
pale bluish colour, then follows the corpse of an infant; if a larger one, then the corpse of some
one come to age. If two candles come from different places and be seen to meet, the corpses
will do the same; and if any of these candles be seen to turn aside through some bypath
leading to the church.
In my informed opinion and research this I found is not a one off event it has been recorded in
the UK, Ireland and parts of East Europe.
I point out a report by Baxter who tells the story of what happened at Llangollen ir
Carmarthenshire:-- Some thirty or forty years since my wife's sister, being nurse to Bishop
Rudd's three eldest children, the lady comptroller of the house, going late into the chamber
where the maid-servants lay, saw no less than five of these lights together. It happened a while
after that, the chamber being newly plastered, and a grate of coal fire therein kindled to
hasten the drying of the plaster, that five maid-servants went to bed as they were wont, but it
fell out too soon, for in the morning they were all dead, being suffocated in their sleep with the
steam of the new tempered lime and coal.’
There is nothing paranormal or supernatural in these deaths, however it is likely that a story
could have been woven around the dead women at the time and for a while afterwards.
In England, Scotland , Wales and Ireland there is still signs of drover trails, tracks and paths
and they have been there hundreds of years which brings me to the report on the blue light on
a remote track in Wales. Many of these tracks I have walked and explored over the years and
all are of interest from a wildlife point of view and to historic.
‘Mrs Crowe, in her ‘Nightside of Nature’ , tells a couple of stories which she heard from a
"dignitary of the Church" born in Wales. A female relative of his started early in the
morning, attended by her father's servant. When she had reached halfway, where she
expected to meet the servant of the friend she was about to visit, she dismissed the man who
had accompanied her so far.
The fellow had not long left her before she saw a light approach her, moving about three feet
above the soil. She turned her horse out of the bridle-road, along which it advanced, to allow
it to pass, but to her dismay, just as it came opposite her, it halted and remained flickering
before her for about half an hour, and only vanished as she heard steps of the servant's horse,
as he trotted up to meet and conduct her to her friend. On reaching the house of her friend
she related what she had seen. A few days later that very servant who had come to meet her
sickened and died, and his body was carried along the road upon which the light had moved;
and more curious still, owing to an accident, the coffin halted for an hour at the very spot
where she had been delayed confronting the mysterious light. That light, we may be sure, was
supposed to be the soul of a relative come from the grave to meet and welcome a kinsman. In
no other way can it be explained.’

One has to think that it was dusk or dark when these events occurred and I can rule out a
barn owl or other owl with ‘glow fungus’ spores on the feathers and wings as does happen but
no owl is going to stick around close to a human on a horse or anything else. Of course. the
screech or barn owl in may parts of the countryside is regarded as a bad omen and even at
times , a witch and again linked to the dying and the dead. Though now a protected species in
the bad old days it would be shot on sight but today it is rare and is welcome to farmers but
keeping down mice and rats in a grain shed. Coming out of the night and flying low it is often
mistaken as a ghost or spirit and more so when caught in car headlights.
Strange things in strange places so here we go; Another story is this: “A servant in the family
of Lady Davis, the aunt of the dignitary who told the above story to Mrs Crowe, had occasion
to start early for market. Being in the kitchen at 3 a.m., taking his breakfast, when everyone
else was in bed, he was surprised by the sound of feet trampling down the stairs; and opening
the door, he saw a light. He was frightened and rushed out of the house, and presently saw a
gleam pass out of the door and proceed towards the churchyard. Lady Davis was ill at the
time, he made no doubt that her death impeded; and when he returned from market his first
question was whether she were still alive; and though he was informed she was better, he
declared his conviction that she would die, and described what he had seen and heard.
The lady, however, recovered; but within a fortnight another member of the family died, and
her coffin was conveyed by bearers down the stairs. One curious feature in the story is that
the man had described how he had heard the sound of a bump against the clock on the stairs;
and actually, as the coffin was being taken down, the bearers ran it violently against the
This could happen but what is of interest was the woman in the coffin ‘brain dead’ because
this at the time in history that some coffins did have a glass plate where the face would be, not
for the dead to see out but for family to look in?
The reports of ‘premature burials’ are in fact true and through the body looks dead, the
brain is not and I have reports even in the present day of ‘dead people’ waking up in Hospital
mortuaries and elsewhere and worse, when a post mortem is about to start or even as the first
‘Y’ cut has been made.

Vital spark of heavenly flame,

Quit, O quit, this mortal frame.

But a curse from a dying man or woman would send a shiver into anyone, thus;
"It is well, and shortly after I shall be a dog and will bite and tear you." The doctrine of the
Hindu as to the spirit of man or woman is that it passes at death into some other body,
presumably that of an animal and later on could be feared as a ‘shape changer’ but I will not
go there yet!

No one can say or believe that there is no such thing as the ‘Paranormal’ and likewise no one
who has any form of religion, state that they believe in things they cannot see or hear without
question. Of course they may believe in the psychology of it all when it comes to religion and
cults and as human minds, where mental illness is involved, can change their thinking like
four seasons in a year and do not always have choices of what they see, hear, feel, and react to.
When it comes down to the dead, sometimes long dead, returning in spirit, soul, or ghost form
and is it to do with fear, wishful thinking, love, hate, or another Universe within the human
mindscape and brain that has never been discovered yet and maybe never will?
As children in the world of the past,and today, it could be said, that their brains get
contaminated at an early age, even as young as one year old onwards and such pollution stays
with them, sometimes placed in a hidden place in the brain to be used at a later date for better
or worse. Many children while playing in their garden, have ‘special friends’ and talk to
them, a running conservation that sounds to the observer, it is like two people talking. Aged
people when their mind starts to go to the point of no return have conservations with long
dead friends and even have’ a new friend’ and can name them, see them and hear them and
my own research around many nursing homes and with the aged, tend to suggest strongly,
that Aunt Sue, is not as daft as people think and does not need to be told by ‘care staff’ to
come and join the rest of the clients in the TV room for ‘stimulus’ because Aunt Sue could
well have her own circle of friends close by. TV for children and the aged with mental illness
is not ‘stimulus’ it is a babysitter only and a zombie stage that in my mind does more harm
than good.
My own observations and notes made in nursing homes did show that women did
in fact have a much better understanding of these ‘special friends’ and got very
agitated if they were interrupted by anyone else, including family members who
they no longer knew or wanted to know. The family member of course is hurt,
confused, at times angry and say that their loved one is not getting any better and
‘she does not know who I am any more’. They tend to blame the staff and the
system for this because they do not face up to the fact that Auntie Sue has moved
across and up into a new level of their mindscape. No ‘normal’ human mind can in
fact go there to invade and try and re-pollute that special mindspace of Sue. It is
her space,not yours.


It could be, and that we could say that the Soul or the Spirit of a human being is one and the
same but I do not think that science will never be able to prove that or that such exist at all
though it is pushed a lot to the top of religions agenda’s and tribal communities world wide
and believed. If such does exist then I must look at when and how, most of all, why did such
enter a human body or brain?
Does it happen at conception, or when and at the moment, a child is born?

These questions have not yet been solved and for Christians it is the bogeyman of their
religious symbolism because they go through the ritual of pouring water over a child’s head
and the name is recorded. If therefore a child goes full term but dies before it is born, such a
child may be soulless or does the spirit, soul, leave the dead child before birth?
The dilemma of course is that no one knows or will every know and though the parents may
well believe that the child’s soul or spirit’ has gone to a better place which they have named as
‘Heaven’ while many tribal people believe that such a child’s spirit remains close by in the
forest or rainforest and is now part of the natural world and can be seen each and every day
in a bird or animal, even a bright butterfly or a firefly. I like this belief much better, rather
than a make believe place called heaven or paradise as it would give more joy and comfort to
the parents.


….Is that it is everywhere, from childhood through to being an aged adult who has one
minute and thirty seconds before they give up the ghost and all that is left is the body with a
brain with no activity. World Religions and cults are riddled with it as are tribal communities.
Symbolism and signs leak it as harmless, yet for all that it depends on the state of mind of
each person and their own interpretations.
Going into your own trance when doing meditations and even yoga can and does take you to
new places of the mind, most of it good, but sometimes I found some people are finding it hard
coming down and being grounded. The number of body and mind communities now across
our planet has grown, mostly in the Western World and the aim, for most, is Human Health,
mental as well as physical. As for Asia there has always been such cults with medication
practices as well,that go back maybe 5000 thousand year or more. When such then mix with
religion it is ‘truth’ for many and a way of life but that is the good side and no one thinks that
there is a bad side, a dark side to it.
In my research into two such communities in the UK over two years and living on site to carry
out the research I discovered very quickly that the students that came on site to practice got a
culture shock from day two.
No meat, fish or eggs.
Up at 0600 am and in bed by ten. Silence till after breakfast that was porridge
Karma Yoga or other work on the land, in the garden and sometimes in silence to lunchtime.
After lunch, the best meal of the day, but all vegetarian, it was time for practices and
meditations till 18.00 and then supper and a bowl of soup. Then evening meditation till
9.00pm and silence.

Even if such a course was just for a long weekend for some it became difficult and reports of
not sleeping well, energy depletions, and ‘visitors’ or ‘something’ in their room at night.
Shapes and human figures were and are reported and sometimes a student would ask to be
moved to another room next morning. This was of course was done but the words, ‘ghosts or
spirits’ was never mentioned by the staff. Except for one, who when the time was right, would
ask someone next morning,’did you sleep well?”
Now I have no doubt at all that 50% of such visitors tend to come with their own emotional
baggage and in such a peaceful place, some of that baggage comes out and does cause distress.
If someone has a ‘hidden’ mental illness as well as the emotional baggage then it is a rather
scary mixture. This is for long weekend students and those for two weeks or a week at a time
they also get a ‘culture’ shock because they had convinced themselves that they were coming
to The Hotel Taken For Granted was always going to give them a high, joy and peace and
little rainbow dreams with birds singing as they slept. Not so of course, and the first thing I
observed was that, say a group of twenty, started to splintered out and form their own little
groups, at breakfast, lunch, supper and sat with one another during practices. Of course there
were people who did not ‘join’ a group and a few were left out or did not want to be with
other people. This happened within the first two to three days and it reminded me strongly of
troops of baboons or monkeys and more so when darkness fell, they were staying close as the
apes do for protection from carnivores. Now there is always someone who becomes dominant
in a group, a sort of self appointed leader if you like and becomes the mouthpiece should an
issue arises, such as no hot water, people are tired, Sally thinks someone keeps coming into
her room at night, John walked across the courtyard in the dark and seen a wolf, when it was
a fox but he also seen a dark shape of someone in the shadows and that unnerves him because
this has happened twice at night.
Their mindscapes are now charged and changing I noted and anyone who has a mental illness
tend to see much more than they should but there is nothing wrong with that as long as
someone listens to them and they talk about it if they want.

If we sit and ‘people watch’ you should know that there is much more going on their heads
and at times their body that can trigger things off. The human race, I point out here, will all
have some form of mental illness or flashback, some may not even know that they have and
carry on, dismiss the feeling and the people who are always there for others, tend to avoid
looking at themselves, because being busy and busy they are in limbo. Also when asked how
they are, they always say ,’FINE’ when you can see by their body language, that they are not
and once you break the word ‘FINE’ down it hits you hard and that is Fucked up, insecure,
needy and emotionally unstable.

When we are upset and someone asks you how you are, many of use that word ‘FINE’ to
cover up how we really are, what we are really thinking and want to hide it, even loved ones
and very close friends. They may be alright in a town or city most of the time, but when in the
paranormal landscape and their mind is there, there is fear, fast heartbeat, eyes darting here
there and everywhere and ears more alert than they would be. Even the nose has a major part
to play and all of this brings on survival triggers that you may or not know about. Yet.
So turn off your phone, take the ear plugs out and see, hear and even taste the landscape
because you have to fine tune your brain and mind, more so the left side of your brain.