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L7WEC166R EN User Manual

Washer Dryer



1. SAFETY INFORMATION............................................................................................. 3
2. SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS.............................................................................................5
3. INSTALLATION............................................................................................................7
4. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION.........................................................................................11
5. CONTROL PANEL..................................................................................................... 12
6. DIAL AND BUTTONS................................................................................................ 14
7. PROGRAMS................................................................................................................16
8. BEFORE FIRST USE................................................................................................... 21
9. SETTINGS...................................................................................................................22
10. DAILY USE................................................................................................................22
11. DAILY USE - WASHING & DRYING....................................................................... 27
12. DAILY USE - DRYING ONLY...................................................................................29
13. FLUFF IN THE FABRICS..........................................................................................30
14. HINTS AND TIPS..................................................................................................... 30
15. CARE AND CLEANING.......................................................................................... 32
16. TROUBLESHOOTING............................................................................................. 37
17. CONSUMPTION VALUES.......................................................................................40
18. TECHNICAL DATA..................................................................................................41
19. ACCESSORIES......................................................................................................... 42

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Warning / Caution-Safety information
General information and tips
Environmental information

Subject to change without notice.


Before the installation and use of the appliance,
carefully read the supplied instructions. The
manufacturer is not responsible for any injuries or
damages that are the result of incorrect installation or
usage. Always keep the instructions in a safe and
accessible location for future reference.
1.1 Children and vulnerable people safety
Risk of suffocation, injury or permanent
• This appliance can be used by children aged from 8
years and above and persons with reduced physical,
sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience
and knowledge if they have been given supervision or
instruction concerning the use of the appliance in a
safe way and understand the hazards involved.
• Do not let children play with the appliance.
• Children aged 3 years and under must be kept away
from this appliance when it is in operation at all times.
• Keep all packaging away from children and dispose of
it appropriately.
• Keep detergents away from children.
• Keep children and pets away from the appliance when
the door is open.
• If the appliance has a child safety device, this should
be activated.
• Children shall not carry out cleaning and user
maintenance of the appliance without supervision.
1.2 General Safety
• Do not change the specification of this appliance.
• The appliance shall be installed as a freestanding
product or below the kitchen worktop if space
margins permit.


• Do not install the appliance behind a lockable door, a
sliding door or a door with a hinge on the opposite
side, that would prevent the appliance door from
being fully opened.
• Connect the mains plug to the mains socket only at
the end of the installation process. Make sure that the
mains plug is accessible after installation.
• The ventilation opening in the base must not be
covered by a carpet, mat, or any floor covering.
• WARNING: The appliance must not be supplied
through an external switching device, such as timer, or
connected to a circuit that is regularly switched on and
off by a utility.
• Ensure good air ventilation in the located room to
avoid the backflow of unwanted gases into the room
from appliances burning gas or other fuels, including
open fires.
• Exhaust air must not be discharged into a flue which is
used for exhausting fumes from any appliances
burning gas or other fuels.
• The operating water pressure at the water entry point
from the outlet connection must be between 0.5 bar
(0.05 MPa) and 8 bar (0.8 MPa).
• Do not exceed the maximum load of 10 kg (refer to
the "Programme chart" chapter).
• The appliance must be connected to the water mains
using the new supplied hose sets, or other new hose
sets supplied by the Authorised Service Centre.
• Old hose sets must not be reused.
• If the mains power supply cable is damaged, it must
be replaced by the manufacturer, its Authorised
Service Centre or similarly qualified persons to avoid
an electrical hazard.
• Wipe away lint or packaging debris that has
accumulated around the appliance.
• Items that have been soiled with substances such as
vegetable or mineral oil, acetone, alcohol, petrol,
kerosene, spot removers, turpentine, waxes and wax

• Do not dry unwashed items in the wash dryer. • Do not use high pressure water sprays and/or steam to clean the appliance. • Before any maintenance operation. between the appliance and the floor. • Items such as foam rubber (latex foam). abrasive cleaning pads. Use only neutral detergents. . solvents or metal objects. 2. • Fabric softeners. ENGLISH 5 removers should be washed separately with an extra amount of detergent before being dried in the washer dryer. than 0°C or where it is exposed to the weather. • Clean the appliance with a moist cloth. deactivate the appliance and disconnect the mains plug from the socket. or similar products. • Remove all objects from items that could be a source of fire ignition such as lighters or matches.1 Installation • Always keep the appliance vertical when being moved. • Do not use the appliance if items have been soiled with industrial chemicals. shower caps. • Follow the installation instruction • Make sure that there is air circulation supplied with the appliance. • Do not install or use the appliance • Remove all the packaging and the where the temperature can be less transit bolts. • Never stop the washer dryer before the end of the drying cycle unless all items are quickly removed and separated so that residual heat can dissipate. SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS 2. • The final part of the washer dryer cycle takes place without heat (cool down cycle) to ensure that items reach a temperature that will not cause damage to them. and rubber backed articles and clothes. or pillows fitted with foam rubber pads should not be dried in the washer dryer. Do not use abrasive products. should only be used as specified by the product manufacturer’s instructions. waterproof textiles.

This appliance is fitted with a 13 A mains plug. necessary to change the mains plug • Do not dry dripping wet clothes in the fuse. check that it is • Do not dry damaged (torn. • Do not install or use a damaged appliance. • This appliance is for household use • Do not install the appliance where the only. let the water flow until it is clean accordance with local requirements and clear. new devices fitted (water meters. appliance door cannot be fully • Do not put flammable products or opened. use only a 13 A ASTA (BS 1362) appliance. • This appliance complies with the 2.3 Water Connection mains electrical and water supplies. • UK and Ireland only.E. leaks during and after the first use of heat resistant and clean. WARNING! • Make sure that all metal objects are Risk of fire and electrical removed from the laundry. The glass • When the appliance is in its can get hot. shock.4 Use future they must be reattached to lock the drum to prevent internal damage. • Before connection to new pipes.6 www. permanent position.2 Electrical Connection rinse cycle before starting a drying cycle. • Remove the door catch to prevent pipes not used for a long time. where children or pets from becoming repair work has been carried out or trapped in the drum. adjust the feet accordingly. • Only dry fabrics that are suitable to dry in the washer dryer. • Cut off the mains electrical cable • Do not cause damage to the water close to the appliance and dispose of hoses. the mains plug. If it is not. . fuse. burns or damage safety gloves and enclosed footwear. • Always use a correctly installed • Plastic items are not heat resistant. – If a detergent ball is used. electrical appliance as it is heavy. If it is • Do not sit or stand on the open door. programme. space between the appliance and the • Do not touch the glass door while a flooring. WARNING! • Always take care when moving the Risk of injury. it. • Do not pull the mains cable to – Do not use a detergent ball if disconnect the appliance. Always pull setting a non-stop programme. near or on the • The floor area where the appliance is • Ensure that there are no visible water to be installed must be flat. to the appliance.). items that are wet with flammable • Adjust the feet to have the necessary products in. cleaning instruction on the item label. the appliance.5 Disposal E. frayed) fully level with the aid of a spirit level. carry out an additional 2. Follow the • The appliance must be earthed. WARNING! • Do not touch the mains cable or the Risk of injury or damage to mains plug with wet hands. • If laundry has been washed with a stain items that contain padding or fillings. the appliance. If the appliance is to be moved in 2. fire. shockproof socket. Always use shock. • Dispose of the appliance in etc. stable. • Keep the transit bolts in a safe place. programme is in operation. Directives. remove • Do not use multi-plug adapters and it before starting a drying extension cables. • Disconnect the appliance from the 2.

7. Carefully put down the appliance with the rear side on it. 2.1 Unpacking WARNING! Remove all the packaging and the transit bolts before installing the appliance. 3. 5. Remove the cardboard top and the 6. . Remove the polystyrene protection from the bottom. 3. INSTALLATION WARNING! Refer to Safety chapters. If necessary. Remove the internal film. Remove the external film. 1. Put the front polystyrene packaging polystyrene packaging materials. 3. use a cutter. Open the door and remove the Use the gloves. polystyrene piece from the door seal and all the items from the drum. ENGLISH 7 for the disposal of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). WARNING! 4. Make sure not to damage the hoses. element on the floor under the appliance.

It should be screwed to at least 2 floor beams and should extend beyond the front feet. Put the plastic caps. in the holes.3 Positioning and levelling 10. This is due to 3.2 Installation on suspended the testing with water of flooring the appliance in factory. 3. Suspended wooden floors are particularly susceptible to vibration. that you find in the user manual bag. Remove the power supply cable and We recommend that you the drain hose from the hose holders. . position. 1. Make sure that the appliance does not touch the wall or other units. at least 15 mm keep the packaging and the transit bolts for any It is possible to see movement of the appliance. Install the appliance on a flat hard floor. Remove the three bolts by using the key supplied with the appliance.8 www. install the appliance where the floor is more stable. Make sure that carpets do not stop the air circulation below the appliance. To limit vibration we recommend placing a waterproof wooden panel. under the appliance. Pull out the plastic spacers. water flowing from the drain hose. 12. If possible. Pull up the appliance in vertical 1 2 8. 9.

Connect the water inlet hose to the back of the appliance. loose the ring nut to set it in the correct position. . wood or equivalent materials below the appliance feet to adjust the level. ENGLISH 9 2. 3. Read CAUTION! carefully the instructions Make sure that there are no supplied with the appliance leaks from the couplings. 1.4 The inlet hose The red sector in the window «A» shows this fault. WARNING! Do not put cardboard. x4 3. Contact the service centre for the replacement of the inlet hose. 4. Do not use an extension hose if the inlet hose is too short. cold water tap with 3/4" thread. Position it toward left or right the level. 3. noise and the movement of the appliance when in operation. If necessary. and with the accessory. Loosen or tighten the feet to adjust 2.5 Water-stop device The inlet hose has a water stop device. Connect the water inlet hose to the The appliance must be level and stable. O 45 O 20 Make sure that the inlet hose is not in vertical position. depending on the position of the water tap. use the accessories described in chapter 'Accessories'. This device prevents water leaks in the hose because of its natural ageing. When the machine is installed on a plinth or if a washer dryer is stacked on the washing machine. A correct adjustment of the appliance level prevents the vibration.

aeg. close the water tap and contact the authorized service centre to replace the hose.Fasten the of the drain hose. Contact the authorized service centre for the other drain hose and the extension. you can push it guide cannot move when directly into the stand pipe. Refer to the illustration. To a stand pipe with vent-hole - You can extend the drain Insert the drain hose directly into a hose to maximum 400 cm. There may be a not less than 60 cm and not more than return of dirty water into the 100 cm. 1. the appliance drains.6 Water drainage hose end is not immersed in The drain hose should stay at a height of the water. 3.e. i.10 www. drain pipe. guide to the water tap or to the wall. appliance. the inner diameter of the drain pipe (min. 38 mm - min. Make sure that the drain 3. Make a U shape with the drain hose and put it around the plastic hose guide. .5") must be larger than the external diameter 2. It is possible to connect the drain hose in different ways: 1. If the end of the drain hose looks like Make sure that the plastic this (see the picture).com A If this occurs. 4. On the edge of a sink . The end of the drain hose must always be ventilated .

Position the hose directly to a built- a sink spigot .Put the drain hose in in drain pipe in the room wall and the spigot and tighten it with a tighten it with a clamp. Without the plastic hose guide. Refer to the illustration. ENGLISH 11 5. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION 4. to 6. 4.1 Appliance overview 1 2 3 8 9 10 4 5 11 12 6 7 1 Worktop 8 Drain hose 2 Detergent dispenser 9 Inlet hose connection 3 Control panel 10 Mains cable 4 Door handle 11 Transit bolts 5 Rating plate 12 Hose support 6 Drain pump filter 7 Feet for levelling the appliance . clamp. Make sure that the drain hose makes a loop to prevent particles going into the appliance from the sink.

) 6 Start and pause touch button (Start/ Pause) 5.1 Control panel description 1 2 3 Programme Time Drying Cottons Cottons Eco Synthetics Delicates Auto Drying 4 Wool/Handwash Outdoor NonStop 60min Wash Dry 5 Steam Stains/ Delay Start Mode 5.12 www. CONTROL PANEL 5. Spin Prewash Rinse Spin/Drain Start/Pause Anti-crease Quick Wash 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 1 Programme dial 7 Delay Start touch button (Delay Start) 2 Display 8 Time Saving touch button (Quick 3 Drying time touch button (Time Wash) Drying) 9 Anti-crease touch button (Anti- 4 Drying level touch button (Auto crease) Drying) 10 Anti-stain and prewash touch button 5 Washing and drying mode touch (Stains/Prewash) button (Mode) 11 Spin reduction touch button (Spin) • Wash 12 On/Off push button (On/Off) • Dry 13 Temperature touch button (Temp.2 Display MIX .aeg.

one additional rinse. ENGLISH 13 Laundry weight indicator. Temperature indicator. Drying phase indicator. Spin speed indicator. Washing phase indicator: it flashes during prewash and wash phase. Child safety lock indicator. Extra drying indicator. g. • Delay time (e. • Cycle end ( ). The permanent Extra Rinse option: • . Detergent quantity indicator: the value shows the percentage of deter- gent quantity needed. The indicator appears when a cold wash is set. Steam phase indicator.g. It flashes when the laundry load exceeds the maximum declared load of the selected programme. • . Cupboard drying indicator. . It flashes during rinse phase. Iron drying indicator. or ). ). Rinse hold indicator. Rinsing phase indicator.two additional rinses. Door locked indicator. The icon flashes during laundry load esti- mation (refer to "PROSENSE load detection" paragraph). . Maximum laundry indicator. It flashes during spin and drain phase. g. Spin and drain phase indicator. Drying time indicator. washing and/or drying phase). The digital indicator can show: • Programme duration (e. • Warning code (e.

com Quiet indicator. Stain indicator. the spin speeds available for the set programme. it is suitable for use at night time when . the appliance automatically proposes a • Activate the Quiet option. The options/functions are The water of the last rinse is not not selectable with all drained out to prevent the fabrics washing 6. the appliance does not allows to activate or deactivate the heat the water. 6.3 Temp. maximum spin speed. 6. 6. You must drain the water to unlock the door. An The display shows the indicator . option/function can exclude The drum turns regularly to reduce another one. default temperature. As the programme is very quiet. For more details. phase and drains the water. DIAL AND BUTTONS 6. options/functions together. Two different tunes sound while switching the appliance on or off. the deactivates the appliance to decrease appliance automatically selects the the energy consumption in a few cases. • Decrease the spin speed.2 Introduction • Activate the Rinse Hold option .4 Spin As the Stand-by function automatically When you set a programme. Check from creasing. All spinning phases (intermediate spin Touch this button repeatedly until the and final spin) are suppressed and the desired temperature value appears on programme ends with water in the the display. refer to Stand-by The display shows only paragraph in Daily Use chapter. Pre-wash indicator. drum. The washing the compatibility between programme ends with water in the options/functions and drum and the final spin phase is not washing programmes in the performed. It appears when you set the Cottons Eco pro- gramme.14 www. The drum to set the incompatible turns regularly to reduce creasing. ECO Energy saving indicators.1 On/Off When the display shows the indicators Pressing this button for a few seconds and . you may need to activate the appliance Touch this button repeatedly to: again. appliance. appliance doesn't allow you The door stays locked. Touch Start/Pause button: the appliance performs the spinning When you select a washing programme. Delay start indicator. This helps to reduce creasing. "Programme Chart". in this case the creasing.

treat heavily soiled or stained laundry On the display the programme duration with stain remover. ENGLISH 15 cheaper electricity tariffs are available. Touch this display. the programme duration. The stain remover the button is on. The door stays locked. This option is recommended for heavily soiled laundry. the display shows The appliance empties the the selected delay time and the water out automatically after appliance begins the countdown. Pour the stain remover into When this button is set. appliance performs only the draining After starting the cycle by the means of phase.8 Anti-crease This option is not available with a This option adds a short anti-crease temperature lower than phase at the end of the programme. • Prewash Use this option to add a prewash When this option is set. dust . By touching any button the anti-crease This option can increase movements stop and the door unlocks. the led above compartment . solid particles. the Start/Pause button. • Stains • In case of smaller load. will be added in the appropriate This option can also be used phase of the washing programme.5 Stains/Prewash With this option you can decrease the programme duration. 6.7 Quick Wash 6. button once to decrease the duration. the programme duration. Press this button repeatedly to activate one of the two options. With this option you can delay the start of a programme in a more convenient The display shows the indicator . This phase reduces fabric creasing and facilitates the fabric ironing. it may be advisable to shorten The relevant indicator goes on in the the washing programme. • If your laundry is normally or lightly soiled. 6. The time increases by the door.6 Delay Start In some programmes the rinses are performed with more water. 6.9 Time Drying These two options cannot be set together. especially if This option can increase the containing sand. time. steps of 30 minutes up to 90' and from 2 Touch the Start/Pause button: the hours up to 20 h. The drum turns regularly to reduce creasing. 40 °C. 6. mud and other programme duration. to shorten the Steam This option can increase programme duration. the led above phase at 30 °C before the washing the button is on and then blinks during phase. touch this Select this option to add an anti-stain button twice to set an extra quick phase to a programme in order to programme. Tap on the button repeatedly to set the You must drain the water to unlock required delay. approximately 18 hours. Touch this button to set the time that suits the fabrics you have to dry (refer to . is adjusted accordingly. anti-crease phase.

16 "Timed drying" table). Set this programme to have a good washing results and decrease the energy consumption. The time of the washing programme is extended.12 Start/Pause • Iron dry: laundry to be Touch the Start/Pause button to start. Cottons Eco Cottons energy saving programme. automatic dryness levels proposed by • Washing and drying : Wash and Dry the appliance. Normal soil. On the display the relevant dryness • Only drying : Dry indicator is on. a cycle can perform: Touch this button to set one of 3 • Only washing : Wash indicator is on. 7. pause the appliance or interrupt a running programme. in compliance with EEC 92/75 stand- indicator goes on: 6. • Extra dry: laundry to be fully dried. values for different types of fabrics. Normal soil and light soil. indicators are on. ironed. • Cupboard dry: laundry to be put in store. 6. Each time you touch this button the time value increases by 5 minutes.10 Auto Drying Thanks to this button. This programme at 60ºC with a load of 10 kg is the reference programme for data en- tered in the energy label. . Machine washable wool.1 Programme Chart Programme Programme description Washing programmes White cotton and coloured cotton. hand washable wool and other Wool/Handwash fabrics with «hand washing» care symbol1). The display shows the set value. viscose and mixed fabrics Delicates requiring gentler washing. Synthetic items or mixed fabric items. You can not set all automatic levels for each You cannot set all time type of fabrics.11 Mode 6. PROGRAMS 7. Normal soil. Cottons White cotton and coloured cotton. Normal soil and light soil. Synthetics Delicate fabrics such as acrylics.

the drying phase also acts as water- repellent restorer. Steam programme Steam programmes2) Steam Steam can be used for dried. wooden parts or alike. ENGLISH 17 Programme Programme description Do not use fabric softener and make sure that Outdoor there is no softener residue in the detergent dispenser. sport fabrics. • Items where it is not specified on the care label as being suitable for tumble drying. Additional programmes To rinse and spin the laundry. By performing a non-stop wash and dry pro- gramme. waterproof and breathable jackets. metal. Do not set a Steam programme with these types of items: • Items to be washed at a temperature lower than 40°C. Also. . Reduce the spin speed accordingly to the type of laundry. • All items with plastic. washed or worn once laun- dry. shell jackets with a removable fleece or inner insulation. the indicator appears on the display. technical. remove stains by washing or using localized stain removal. Make sure that the garment care label permits tumble drying. Steam programmes do not perform any hygienic cycle. Do not use any detergent. If necessary. All fabrics. Wash&Dry programme Complete programme composed of a washing phase and of a Non Stop 60min drying phase for a small load of mixed fabrics (cotton and syn- thetic items). These programmes can reduce creases and odours and make your laundry softer. Outdoor clothing. except woollens and Rinse very delicate fabrics.

2) If you set a Steam programme with dried laundry.400 rpm 1600 rpm 10 kg Spin/Drain 1600 rpm - .Maximum spin speed Maximum load ture Spin speed range Temperature range Washing programmes 40 °C 1600 rpm 10 kg Cottons 95 °C . maximum spin speed and maximum load Programme Default tempera. except woollens and delicate fabrics.400 rpm 40 °C 1200 rpm 1. at the end of the cycle the laundry could be humid.Cold 1200 rpm . It is better to expose the items to the fresh air for about 10 minutes to let the humidity dry.30 °C 1.400 rpm 40 °C 1200 rpm 4 kg Delicates 40 °C . All fab- Spin/Drain rics.400 rpm 30 °C 1200 rpm 2 kg Outdoor 40 °C .Cold 1200 rpm . Programme temperature.5 kg Wool/Handwash 40 °C .5 kg Steam 1600 rpm 10 kg Rinse 1600 rpm . It can seem that the drum doesn't rotate or doesn't rotate properly.400 rpm 40 °C 1600 rpm 10 kg Cottons Eco 60°C . 1) During this cycle the drum rotates slowly to ensure a gentle wash.Cold 1200 rpm .Cold 1600 rpm .18 www. When the programme is Programme Programme description To spin the laundry and to drain the water in the drum.400 rpm 40 °C 1200 rpm 4 kg Synthetics 60 °C . items may be ironed however with less effort.400 rpm 30 °C 1200 rpm 1 kg Non Stop 60min 40 °C . but this is normal for this quickly remove the laundry from the drum.Cold 1200 rpm .40 °C 1600 rpm . After a steam cycle.

2) This option is not available with temperature lower than 40 °C. the appliance only drains the water. ENGLISH 19 Programme options compatibility Programme Wool/Handwash Non Stop 60min Cottons Eco Spin/Drain Synthetics Delicates Outdoor Cottons Steam Rinse Options ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ Spin ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ Rinse Hold ■ ■ ■ ■ Quiet ■1) No Spin ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ Extra Rinse ■ ■ ■ ■ Prewash ■ ■ ■ ■ Stains2) ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ Delay Start ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ Quick Wash3) ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ Anti-crease ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ Time Drying ■ ■ Auto Drying 1) If you set No Spin option. however the washing results can be less satisfactory. . It is possible to fully load the appliance. we recommend that you decrease the load size. 3) If you set the shortest duration.

shell jack- ets) . etc) Cupboard Dry1) For items to be stored Synthetics and mixed fab. household linen) Delicate fabrics up to 2 kg (acrylics. up to 4 kg rics (jumpers.2 Woolmark Apparel Care . sport fabrics. 7. washed according to the instructions on the garment label and those Blue issued by the manufacturer of this washing machine. Hong Kong and India the has been approved by The Woolmark Woolmark symbol is a certification Company for the washing of wool trademark. waterproof and breathable jackets. blouses. under- wear. garments labelled as "hand wash" provided that the products are 7. M1224 • The wool wash cycle of this machine In UK. viscose and delicate mixed fabrics) Wool items up to 1 kg (woollen jumpers) Outdoor sporting garments up to 2 kg (Outdoor clothing. technical. The cycle is suitable to dry wool garments which are labelled "hand wash" provided that the garments are washed in a Woolmark endorsed hand washing cycle and dried according to the instructions issued by the manufacturer. M1230 • The wool drying cycle of this machine has been tested and approved by The Woolmark Company.20 www. bath Automatic drying Dryness Level Type of fabric Load Cottons and Linen up to 6 kg Extra Dry (bathrobes. etc) For towelling materials Cottons and Linen up to 6 kg (bathrobes. bath towels.

125 2 1600 75 . tablecloths. waterproof and breathable jackets. ENGLISH 21 Dryness Level Type of fabric Load Iron Dry Cottons and Linen up to 6 kg Suitable for ironing (sheets. available and the water tap is open.125 Synthetics and mixed fabrics 4 1200 135 . shirts. etc) stored 4 1600 155 . etc) 1) Hints for test institute The test performance.255 For items to be (bathrobes. must be carried out with a FIRST drying load of the maximum declared drying capacity (load composition according to EN61121) by setting the AUTOMATIC CUPBOARD DRY for Cottons Eco programme.135 Cupboard Dry Cottons and Linen 6 1600 235 .185 2 1600 125 . shell jackets) Iron Dry Cottons and Linen 6 1600 170 . viscose and delicate mixed fabrics) Wool 1 1200 110 . tablecloths. etc) materials 4 1600 165 . bath towels.4 Timed drying Dryness Level Type of fabric Load Spin Suggested (kg) spee duration d (mins) (rpm) Extra Dry Cottons and Linen 6 1600 245 .175 2 1600 115 . 7. Make sure that all transit bolts have 2. etc) ironing 4 1600 105 . Make sure that the electrical power is been removed from the appliance. technical.85 8. blouses.265 For towelling (bathrobes.190 Suitable for (sheets. shirts. bath towels.50 Delicates 2 1200 150 (acrylics. house- hold linen) 1 1200 40 . sport fab- rics. underwear.145 (jumpers. . in accordance with EN 50229. BEFORE FIRST USE 1. The SECOND drying load with the residual load must be tested by setting the AUTOMATIC CUPBOARD DRY for Cottons Eco pro- gramme.130 (woollen jumpers) Outdoor sporting garments 2 1200 160 (Outdoor clothing.

1 Child Lock • The appliance has a malfunction (sequence of short sounds for about 5 With this option you can prevent that the minutes). children play with the control panel. times to remove extra rinses. they • After you touch the Start/Pause continue operate when the button: all the buttons and the appliance has a malfunction. appears on acoustic signals. To deactivate/activate the acoustic • To activate/deactivate this option.3 Permanent Extra Rinse • Before you touch the Start/Pause button: the appliance cannot start. • Simultaneously touch the Temp. DAILY USE WARNING! Refer to Safety chapters. • You make a wrong selection (3 short button and the Spin button three sounds). The • The programme is completed display only shows . any laundry in the drum. Pour 2 litres of water into the 5. signals when the programme is touch the Stains/Prewash and the completed. the display. SETTINGS 9.2 Acoustic signals button and the Spin button once to This appliance is provided with different add one extra rinse. Set and start a programme for cotton detergent compartment marked by at the highest temperature without . 9. This action activates the drain 3. touch the Delay Start and Delay Start buttons simultaneously the Quick Wash buttons simultaneously for about 6 seconds. With this option you can permanently The appliance keeps the selection of this have one or two extra rinses when you option after you switch it off. • You activate the appliance (special button and the Spin button twice to short tune). that operate when: the display. Pour a small quantity of detergent drum and the tub. set a new programme. • Simultaneously touch the Temp. • You touch the buttons (click sound). If you deactivate the You can activate this option: acoustic signals. .aeg. • Simultaneously touch the Temp. (sequence of sounds for about 2 minutes). • You deactivate the appliance (special add two extra rinses.22 www. 9. programme dial are deactivated (except On/Off button ). into the compartment marked by . 9. appears on short tune). 10. until the indicator comes on/goes off on the display. This removes all possible dirt from the 4.

Press button On/Off for a few with a maximum load lower seconds to activate the appliance. The programme indicator comes on. the symbol you put the laundry in the flashes for a few seconds drum. than the appliance The programme dial is automatically set maximum load. leakage or damage to the laundry.2 Before activating the anyway. but the water and appliance energy consumption increase. option and/or the digit shows the This data is indicative and refers to the delayed time. the display could show in the drum. consumption and washing 2. laundry stays between the seal and The indicator of Start/Pause button the door. 2. the drum If you put in the drum more must be empty when laundry than the maximum activating the appliance. and shows the maximum recommended load. possible overload: open the On the display the weight of the laundry door and remove a few is updated by steps of kg 0. 10. Put the laundry in the to indicate a drum. the default temperature. the indicators of the phases making up the programme and the programme duration. on cotton programme and only the Wash 3.3 Activating the appliance The overload indication is and setting a programme shown only in programmes 1. touch the related buttons to add some options and/or 4. Make sure that no indicator is on. 1. one item at time. detergent dosage recommended for a maximum load on the detergent 10. touch the Temp. The display shows the maximum load.1 Using weight sensors programme duration is updated accordingly. performance remove the exceeding items. Make sure that the water tap is open. detergent quantity needed The display shows the symbol of the set . the maximum spin speed. The display shows the percentage of to set a delayed start. 4. button and the Spin button to change the water temperature and the spin speed. You can wash your laundry 10. The weight is indicative and For a correct use of the changes with the type of the laundry. ENGLISH 23 10. There is a risk of water flashes.5 and the garments. 1. weight sensor. . Make sure that the mains plug is To have the best connected to the mains socket. If you change the washing The display shows . Turn the programme knob to the necessary programme.4 Loading the laundry package. Shake the items before you put them door. Open the appliance door. If necessary. Set the programme BEFORE load. Close the door. If it is necessary. 3. programme after closing the 2.

com 10. To use powder detergent. remove any detergent residue from the detergent dispenser. if necessary. but we down. After a washing cycle.6 Check the position of the flap 1. Press the lever down to remove the dispenser. Flap for powder or liquid detergent. turn the flap up. Compartment for washing phase. This quantity will however guarantee the best washing results. recommend that you do not exceed the maximum indicated level ( ).24 www. Pull out the detergent dispenser until it stops. starch). turn the flap detergent products. .aeg. soak programme or stain remover.5 Filling the detergent and 1 additives 2 3. Compartment for liquid additives (fabric conditioner. 10. Maximum level for quantity of liquid additives. Always follow the instructions that you find on the packaging of the 4. To use liquid detergent. 2. Compartment for prewash phase.

blockage when you close the drawer. programme. the liquid detergent than programme starts. 1. The related indicator flashes. Touch the Start/Pause button to pause the appliance. Touch the Start/Pause button again Touch the Start/Pause button to start the to start the new countdown. the limit shown on the flap. locked. The PROSENSE estimation • Do not set the starts at the end of the prewash phase. After about 15 minutes the display shows the new programme duration: 10. the door is goes off. The . Carefully close the detergent dispenser. Touch the Delay Start button repeatedly until the display shows 10. Touch the Start/Pause button to pause the appliance.9 The ProSense load stays on. • Do not set the delay start function. the delay start. The detergent percentage indicator The programme starts. To cancel the delay start: 6. The appliance adjusts automatically with the delay start the programme duration to the load 1. The display shows the indicator 2. Touch the Delay Start button to achieve perfect washing results in repeatedly until the display shows the minimum possible time. The ProSense starts the laundry load .7 Starting a programme the desired delay time. 3. 1. The indicator position DOWN: comes on. detection to calculate the real The drain pump can operate programme duration. Measure out the detergent and the the countdown has started fabric conditioner. The related Make sure that the flap does not cause a indicator flashes.8 Starting a programme the time dots stop flashing. • Do not use 2. 3. • Do not put more When the countdown is completed. the indicator of the detection operating phase starts flashing and the After touching the Start/Pause button: detergent percentage indicator goes off. The related indicator stops flashing and 10. Cancelling the delay start after 5. 3. Touch the Start/Pause button. the indicator flashes. Touch the Start/Pause button again to start the programme immediately. The time dots shortly before the appliance flash. fills water. 2. ENGLISH 25 With the flap in the the desired delay time. gelatinous or thick The appliance starts the countdown of liquid detergents. 2. Touch the Delay Start button repeatedly until the display shows . In the display. Changing the delay start after the countdown has started To change the delay start: 1. countdown.

the new programme carried out with complete starts without repeating washing programmes only the ProSense phase. add or remove the items.11 Interrupting a Start/Pause. acoustic signals operate (if they are active). already carried out and the water filling is already The ProSense detection is started. Touch the button Start/Pause again. still rotates you cannot open The next phase indicator starts flashing. Press the button On/Off to cancel the programme and to deactivate The indicator of the Start/Pause button the appliance. appliance stops automatically. While a programme or the delay start E. programme. 10. In the display the related door lock If you select the Steam programme the indicator goes off. 1. Open the appliance door. The (no skipping phase water and the detergent are selected). not drained out in order to avoid waste.10 Programme phase indicators 10. 2. 2. 3. programme and changing the The programme or the delay start options continues. Press the button On/Off again to activate the appliance. Start/Pause button. Press the On/Off button to deactivate the appliance. 1. you programme is complete. Touch the button Start/Pause. The door unlocks and the indicator The door can be opened when the When the programme is running. . the washing or pre wash phase is operates. the door. 1. the 3. goes off. If necessary.26 www. E. 10. The related indicator flashes. Close the door and touch the button 10. Change the options. steam phase indicator comes on. the appliance door is locked.g.13 Opening the door - When the programme starts the indicator Adding garments of the running phase flashes and the other phase indicators are steady programme duration could increase If the ProSense phase is or decrease. 4. running: .12 Cancelling a running In the display all washing phase programme indicators become steady and the time area shows . 2.14 End of the programme information in the display changes accordingly. The given 10. the rinse phase is running: . The The washing programme continues. you can set a new washing goes off. When the programme has finished. If the temperature and level of the water in the drum are When the phase ends the relevant too high and/or the drum indicator stops flashing and is steady on. Touch the button Start/Pause.g. or set Spin/ can change only some options: Drain programme and than press 1.

the appliance drains the water and spins. 5. This appliance is an automatic washer dryer. The option indicator or goes out. the energy saving function only drains the water. DAILY USE . The washing programme indicator of the running phase Press the On/Off button to activate flashes. When you activate the appliance again. If necessary. • The door stays locked. seconds to deactivate the appliance. selected programme. Touch the Start/Pause button: the appliance to remind you to drain the water. In any case. the Press the button On/Off to activate the appliance again. automatically deactivates the appliance. but: minutes before you touch the Start/ Pause button. Remove the laundry from the 4. • The display shows the indicator . When the programme is completed the programme dial to set a and the door locked indicator new cycle. Turn 3. approximately 18 hours.15 Draining water out after 10. the Stand-by by the appliance. option indicator or and the • After 5 minutes from the end of the door locked indicator . • If you have set . 10. door: If you set a programme or an 1. . set programme. ENGLISH 27 After five minutes from the end of the • If you have set . the programme is • You do not use the appliance for 5 completed. • The drum still turns at regular intervals The display shows the end of the last to prevent the creases in the laundry. Turn the programme dial to set a new • You must drain the water to open the cycle. 3. Make sure that the drum is empty. Close the water tap. touch the Spin button to option that ends with water decrease the spin speed proposed in the drum. Keep the door and the detergent empties the water out dispenser slightly ajar to prevent automatically after mildew and odours. 2. you can open the door. function doesn't deactivate 2. Press the On/Off button a few appliance.16 Stand-by option end of cycle The Stand-by function automatically deactivates the appliance to decrease If you have chosen a programme or an the energy consumption when: option that does not empty out the water of the last rinse. the display while the indicator flashes and then show the end of the last goes off. the appliance again. 11.WASHING & DRYING WARNING! Refer to Safety chapters. the appliance 4. goes off. the appliance programme.

the running phase starts flashing. activate also the drying function.2 Washing and Drying . Touch the Start/Pause to start the 6.4 At the end of the drying the required dryness level.28 www. Tap on the Auto Drying button repeatedly until the display shows 11. Set the desired options. Not all programmes are b. temperature and spin. The display also shows the remaining 4. indicator goes on.g. . On the display the indicator comes on. programme. if there are running phase starts flashing. function. The display also shows the estimation starts. the indicator of the 3.5 and the time value increases by 5 minutes. shorter time. Cupboard dry: for compatible with drying cotton and synthetic items. The display 1. 1. drying. Turn the programme dial to the does not let you set a too desired washing programme. drying level indicator goes off and 5. Close the door. programme. Automatic levels The display also shows the remaining programme time. The OKOPower programme is already a c. 2. • The acoustic signals operate (if they are active). the weight of the laundry is updated Each time you tap on this button the by steps of kg 0. Put the detergent and the additives estimation starts. The cottons). accordingly. 11. available. maximum recommended load for In the display the door locked washing 11. The PROSENSE laundry. Touch the Mode button once to programme time. In the display the door locked indicator comes on and the indicator of 11. 2. The time value on the display is the You can wash and dry your laundry duration of both cycles washing and setting a «non stop-programme».1 NON-STOP programme - a. Open the door and load the laundry one item at a time. Extra dry: for cotton complete wash&dry items. The PROSENSE 7. The programme duration is updated display shows the set new time value. The low spin speed for the items display shows the default to be washed and dried. The indicators in the display illuminate programme accordingly: • The appliance stops automatically.3 Washing and Timed The indicators and Drying appear on the display. If necessary. Touch button Start/Pause to start the change them according to your programme. The Wash and Dry indicators come on. Tap on the button Time Drying also shows the maximum repeatedly to set the desired time recommended load for a washing value (see the "Timed drying" table and drying programme (e. Iron dry: for cotton Wash and dry in the appropriate compartment. Press the On/Off button for some using less energy and in a seconds to activate the appliance. Proceed as follows: To have a good drying by 1. 6 kg for the "Programmes" chapter). the appliance 2.

items. to have good drying performances. the indicator of the indicators and appear on running phase starts flashing. Touch button Start/Pause to start the exclude washing and perform drying programme. goes off. clean the • Press the button On/Off for some drum. 12. ENGLISH 29 • In the display comes on. the energy saving function deactivates the appliance automatically. The door locked goes off After drying phase. value (see the "Timed drying" table the "Programmes" chapter). the seal and the inside seconds to deactivate the appliance. accordingly: This appliance is an a. The WARNING! indicators in the display illuminate Refer to Safety chapters. The Dry indicator is on. 1. With a drying-only The display shows the drying programme the display do programme duration.Automatic levels the indicator comes on. 1. Extra dry: for cotton items. using less energy and in a 2. Press the On/Off button for some seconds to activate the appliance. Turn the programme dial to the does not let you set a too programme suitable for the items to low spin speed for the items dry. the display. shorter time. make 12. of laundry. to be washed and dried. Tap on the Mode button twice to 2. 12.3 Timed Drying sure that the laundry itself is not rolled up and that is 1. DAILY USE . 2. Make sure that the drum is empty. Remove the laundry from the • The indicator of button Start/Pause appliance. Load the laundry one item at a time. not show the laundry weight and the PROSENSE To have a good drying by estimation is deactivated. Cupboard dry: for cotton and synthetic items. The In the display the door locked indicator goes on.1 Preparation to drying b. 1. The display also shows the remaining When drying a big amount programme time.DRYING ONLY the required dryness level. The drying level indicator goes off and 12. only. Tap on the Auto Drying button repeatedly until the display shows . of the door with a wet cloth. After some minutes from the end of the programme. Iron dry: for cotton automatic washer dryer.2 Drying . Tap on the button Time Drying uniformly distributed in the repeatedly to set the desired time drum. c. 4. the appliance 3.

sweatshirt ) If the appliance is frequently and the contrary. • Empty the drum. set a special programme: sweatshirt) could release fluff. we until the display shows CLE to activate recommend that you: the cleaning function. used. 2. synthetics. We recommend • Divide the laundry into: white. some types of fabric. the gasket and the The released fluff could stick to the door with a wet cloth. that you wash them separately for the coloured. • Clean the drum. programme. 13. • Set the rinse programme. 14. Prewash and the Anti-crease buttons To prevent the fluff in your laundry. off 2. • To clean the drain filter. fabrics during the next cycle. seconds to deactivate the appliance. the seal and the inside • In the display comes on. deactivates the appliance automatically. Touch the Start/Pause to start the • Press the button On/Off for some programme. FLUFF IN THE FABRICS During the washing and/or drying phase. . the energy The display also shows the remaining saving function programme time. clean the empty drum. • The appliance stops automatically. Refer to Safety chapters.4 At the end of the drying 1. when they are washed the first time. In the display the door locked After some minutes from indicator comes on and the indicator of the end of the the running phase starts flashing. 12. • Button up pillowcases. (sponge. This inconvenient increases with • Simultaneously press the Stains/ technical fabrics. wool. Remove the laundry from the programme appliance. • After the drying phase. • The acoustic signals operate (if they After drying phase. hooks and poppers. wool. washed and dried light coloured fabrics (hand Each time you tap on this button the • The indicator of button Start/Pause time value increases by 5 minutes. wool. delicates and first couple of times.1 The laundry load • Some coloured items can discolour with the first wash. clean the are active). The goes off. of the door with a wet cloth. The door locked goes display shows the set new time value. close zippers. the gasket and the door with a wet cloth. drum. Tie up belts. To remove the fluff inside the drum. • Do not wash white and coloured items together. carry out the CLE • To dry this type of fabrics at open air programme regularly. • Touch the Start/Pause button to start • To do not wash dark fabrics after you the programme.30 www. Make sure that the drum is empty. HINTS AND TIPS • Follow the washing instructions on the WARNING! laundry care labels.

• Be careful with curtains. Prefer powder detergents containing Prepare the drying cycle bleach for whites and laundry • Open the water tap. with the maximum load of laundry b. manually redistribute the load so allowed.3 Detergents and other area. set a programme with c. or moderate. refer to the drying programmes table.4 Ecological hints a. To find out the water hardness in your 14. with cuts. washing machines: – powder detergents for all types of 14. check the water hardness 14. • A very small load can cause balance problems with the spin phase leading to excessive vibration. Remove the • Follow the instructions that you find hooks and put the curtains in a on packaging of the detergents or washing bag or pillowcase. other treatments without exceeding • Do not wash laundry without hems or the indicated maximum level ( ). spin phase continues. tights. Follow the instructions that you treatments specially made for find on the packaging of the product. programmes (60 °C max) for all • For the maximum laundry load of the drying programmes.g. • Pre-treat tough stains. excluding delicate. treatments Use the correct quantity of water • Only use detergents and other softener. ). that the items are spaced evenly • If you pre-treat the stains or use a around the tub.2 Stubborn stains of your domestic system. For some stains. a water softener. 14. etc. stain remover. • To use the correct quantity of detergent. level of soil. do not use • Wash heavy soil stains with a special more than the recommended quantity detergent. water and detergent is not sufficient. programme or the delay start • Always start a washing programme operates"). we recommend that you use a water softener for washing Special stain removers are available. sanitization • Check if the drain hose is connected – liquid detergents. Refer to "Water hardness". If this occurs: 14.6 Drying hints fabric. contact your local water authority. interrupt the programme and • Set a programme without the open the door (refer to prewash phase to wash laundry with "Opening the door when a normal soil. Refer to installation chapter low temperature wash for more information. belts. Use machines. the and/or delicate items (e. or special ones for • Turn multilayered fabrics. types of fabric. items with printed illustrations inside • Do not mix different types of out. ENGLISH 31 • Empty pockets and unfold. wool and woollens only. press the Start/Pause button. detergents.5 Water hardness We recommend that you pre-treat these stains before you put the items in the If the water hardness in your area is high appliance. of detergent. • Use the recommended detergents for • Use a washing bag to wash small the type and colour of the fabric. . The a low temperature. preferably for properly. In areas where the water the special stain remover that is hardness is soft it is not necessary to use applicable to the type of stain and fabric. • To help the environment. underwired programme temperature and the bras.

32 www. Use special fabric conditioner for • = The drying cycle is at reduced tumble dryers. obey the of the cycles done before. Clean the appliance with mild soap and 15. shrinkage do not overdry • Sleeping bags. indications on the labels of the manufacturers: To avoid the static charge at the end of the drying cycle: • = The item can be tumble dried 1. • Nylon stockings. • Fabrics with residue of hair sprays. CARE AND CLEANING WARNING! CAUTION! Refer to Safety chapters. the laundry is still damp. Do not clean the metal surfaces with chlorine-based 15. • Garments with foam-rubber or 14.7 Items not suitable for • speed of the last spin • dryness level drying • type of laundry Do not set a drying programme for • weight of the load this laundry: • Very delicate items. If. • Pieces of clothing with metal If the water hardness in your area is high or moderate. Take note of the duration When you dry the laundry. at the end of the drying programme. temperature When the drying programme is completed remove the laundry promptly. • = The item can not be tumble dried. 14.2 Descaling warm water only.9 Drying cycle duration The drying time can change depending on: 15. drying cycle again. temperature 2. Regularly examine the drum to check for limescale.10 Additional drying • Synthetic curtains. set a short • Quilts. • Bed covers. 14. To avoid creasing and • Anoraks. Refer to the «Drying programmes» table to find the average drying times. WARNING! • Duvets.11 General Tips materials similar to 14. Fully dry all the surfaces.8 Garment labels Experience will help you to dry the laundry better. washing machines. Use fabric conditioner in the washing • = The drying cycle is at high cycle. 14. . we CAUTION! recommend that you use a Do not use alcohol. the laundry. nail solvents or similar. solvents water descaling product for or chemical products.1 External cleaning detergent.

5 Cleaning the drum Regularly examine the drum to prevent rust forming. Always follow the 15. Run a short cotton programme at water softening agents. After cleaning. Press the catch tub. To prevent possible deposits of dried detergent or clotted fabric softener 15. but we high temperature with empty drum recommend to run a cycle with empty and with a small quantity of powder drum and a descaling product detergent. Open the drawer. Use a small brush product. Make sure that all detergent residue instructions that you find on is removed from the upper and lower the packaging of the part of the recess. ENGLISH 33 The regular detergents already contain 2. Regularly examine the seal and remove all objects from the inner part. . in order to rinse out any occasionally. 2. To eliminate these deposits and 1 hygienize the inner part of the appliance. Run a cotton programme with the 2 highest temperature with a small quantity of powder detergent. This could generate bad odours and downwards as indicated in the mildew. 15. fluff residues. Remove the top part of the additive compartment to aid cleaning and flush it out under running warm water. picture and pull it out. replace the top part in its position. 15. For a complete cleaning: 1.4 Door seal 2.3 Maintenance wash and/or formation of mould in the detergent dispenser drawer. Always follow the 3.6 Cleaning the detergent instructions that you find on the packaging of the dispenser product. once in a The repeated and prolonged use of low while carry out the following cleaning temperature programmes can cause procedure: detergent deposits. residues left . to clean the recess. Remove all laundry from the drum. to remove any traces of accumulated detergent. run a maintenance wash regularly (at least once a month): 1. Clean the drum with special products for stainless steel. bacterial growth inside the drum and the 1.

7 Cleaning the drain pump water spillages when removing the WARNING! filter. . Clean the drain pump if: • The appliance does not drain the water. • The display shows the alarm code without removing. • The appliance makes an unusual noise because of the blockage of the 4. Insert the detergent drawer into the guide rails and close it. Open the chute downwards. Run the rinsing programme without any clothes in the drum. out. • Do not clean the pump if the water in the appliance is hot. Always keep a rag nearby to dry up any 15. Turn the filter 180 degrees in anti- drain pump. 4. • The drum does not turn. Regularly check the drain pump filter and make sure that it is clean. Open the pump WARNING! • Do not remove the filter while the appliance operates. clockwise direction to open it. 2 1 2. Place a suitable bowl below the drain pump access to collect the water that flows out. Wait until the water cools down Proceed as follows to clean the pump: 1.34 www. Disconnect the mains plug from the mains Let the water flow . 3.

contact the Authorised 1 Service Centre. ENGLISH 35 11. When the bowl is full of water. 5. turn the filter back and empty the 2 container. 6. 10. 2 9. 1 12. If it does not rotate. Make sure that you tighten the filter correctly to prevent leakages. 1 2 8. Make sure that the impeller of the pump can rotate. When you drain the water with the emergency drain procedure. Put the filter back into the special guides by turning it clockwise. Repeat the steps 4 and 5 until the water stops to flow out. Clean the filter under the water tap. remove fluff and objects from the filter recess. Turn the filter anti-clockwise to remove it. Start the programme to drain the water. Close the pump cover. 7. Put 2 litres of water in the main wash compartment of the detergent dispenser. you must activate the drain system again: a. . If it is necessary. b.

15. back of the appliance. 3. install the inlet hose again. water tap. Start the programme to drain the water. 3. you must 2. Put 2 litres of water in the main wash compartment of the detergent dispenser. When you drain the water with the emergency drain procedure. 2.8 Cleaning the inlet hose and the valve filter It is recommended to clean both the filters of the inlet hose and valve occasionally to remove any deposit. Clean the valve filter on the back of 1. WARNING! Make sure that the temperature is higher than 0 °C before you use the 4. Put the two ends of the inlet hose in a container and let the water flow out of the hose. described in 'Cleaning the drain filter' 15. If 3 necessary. clean the pump. 1. . turn it left or The manufacturer is not right (not in vertical position) responsible for damages depending on the position of your caused by low temperatures. Empty the drain pump. 5. Disconnect the mains plug from the the appliance with a toothbrush. 2. mains socket.10 Frost precautions If the appliance is installed in an area where the temperature can reach the values around 0° C or drop below. Remove the inlet hose from the tap and clean the filter. 45° 20° 1 15. When you reconnect the hose to the appliance again. collected over the time: 1. Refer to the emergency drain procedure. 4. Close the water Remove the inlet hose from the activate the drain system again: appliance by loosening the ring nut. remove the remaining water from the inlet hose and the drain pump. When the drain pump is empty. 2 carry out the same procedure.36 www.9 Emergency drain If the appliance cannot drain the water.

If the alarm code appears the door will be unlocked. • . After 5 seconds too early. may flash continuously: • . First try to find a solution to the problem (refer to the table).The mains supply is unstable. Please check the the water tap. • . If the appliance is WARNING! overloaded. alarm code and the Start/Pause button Wait until the mains supply is stable.1 Introduction The appliance does not start or it stops during operation. 16. the water. again. cancel the setting or wait for the end of countdown. Contact the Authorised door! Service Centre. contact the Authorised Service • . 16. • Deactivate the Child Lock function if it is on.The anti-flood device is on.The appliance does not fill with Switch it off and switch on again. The programme was not finished Start the appliance again by pressing properly or the appliance stopped Start/Pause button. the display shows an • . • Make sure that the appliance door is closed.No communication between electronic elements of the appliance. • If the delay start is set. . pressed the door while touching the Start/Pause button until the indicator stops flashing (see the picture below). the acoustic signals operate.The appliance door is open or Disconnect the appliance and close not closed correctly. If the problem persists.The appliance does not drain Centre. TROUBLESHOOTING WARNING! Refer to Safety chapters. remove Deactivate the appliance some items from the before carrying out any drum and/or keep check. not start.2 Possible failures Problem Possible solution • Make sure that the mains plug is connected to the mains socket. The programme does • Make sure that there is no damaged fuse in the fuse box. ENGLISH 37 16. water properly. In case of major problems. contact the Authorised Service Centre. • . • Make sure that the Start/Pause has been touched.

• Make sure that the drain filter is not clogged. • Make sure that the water tap is not clogged. Contact the Authorised Service Centre.38 www. if necessary. damages or fill with water properly. Clean the fil- operate or the washing ter. • Set the drain or the spin programme if there is water in the You cannot open the ap- Problem Possible solution • Make sure that the water tap is open. The appliance does not • Make sure that the inlet hose has no kinks. • Make sure that the sink spigot is not clogged. has been selected. The water and drains immedi. • Set the drain programme if you set an option which ends with water in the tub. • Make sure that the drain hose has no kinks or bends. if necessary. The appliance fills with • Make sure that the drain hose is in the correct position. • Set the spin programme. phase again. There is water on the • Make sure that the water inlet hose and the drain hose have floor. bends. hose may be positioned too low. This problem may be caused by balance prob- lems. • Make sure that the filter of the inlet hose and the filter of the valve are not clogged. drain the water. The appliance does not • Make sure that the connection of the drain hose is correct. Refer to "Care and cleaning". • Set the drain programme if you set a programme without drain phase. Refer to "Installation in- ately struction".aeg. • Make sure that the connection of the water inlet hose is correct. • Make sure that the couplings of the water hoses are tight and there is not water leakages. If you need to open the door. • Make sure that the pressure of the water supply is not too low. • Make sure that a washing programme that ends with water in tub. Refer to 'Care and cleaning'. contact your local water authority. • Make sure that the appliance receives electrical power. Refer to "Care and cleaning". • This problem may be caused by a failure of the appliance. Clean the fil- ter. please read carefully "Emergency door opening". cycle lasts longer than • Adjust manually the items in the tub and start the spin usual. pliance door. no damages. • Make sure you use the correct detergent and the correct quantity of it. For this information. The spin phase does not • Make sure that the drain filter is not clogged. • Make sure that the washing programme is finished. .

• Reduce the laundry load. • Make sure that the flap is in the correct position (UP for there are some deter. The drum is full but the Press the On/Off button to deactivate the appliance. display shows 0. The appliance does not • Make sure the drain filter is not clogged. some weight in. ter. • Make sure you have set the correct cycle. ferent colours fluff. ENGLISH 39 Problem Possible solution • Make sure the levelling of the appliance is correct. fer to "The ProSense load detection" in "Daily Use" chap- cution. The fabrics washed in the previous cycle released fluff of a dif- ferent colour: • The drying phase helps to eliminate some fluff. • Make sure that the packaging and/or the transit bolts are brates. The washing results are • Use special products to remove the stubborn stains before not satisfactory. ing the indications given in this user manual. dry or does not dry cor.DOWN for liquid detergent). • Make sure you have used the detergent dispenser accord- penser drawer. The programme duration • The ProSense function is able to adjust the programme du- increases or decreases ration according to the type and the laundry load size. • Decrease the laundry load. • Empty the drum and follow the necessary steps. rectly. (Refer to "Loading the laundry") • Turn the water tap on. • Make sure that you set the correct temperature. In case of an excessive amount of fluff in the drum run the spe- cial programme to clean it (refer to “Fluff in the fabrics" for more details). Too much foam in the • Reduce the quantity of detergent. • You loaded the laundry before activating the appliance. powder detergent . drum during the washing cycle. • Increase the detergent quantity or use a different deter- gent. The drum is empty and • Press the On/Off button to deactivate the appliance and the display shows there is activate it again to set a tare. unusual noise and vi. After the washing cycle. Re- during programme exe. Refer to The appliance makes an "Installation instruction". if necessary. • Add more laundry in the drum. Refer to "Installation instruction". you wash the laundry. removed. gent residues in the dis. .0 kg. set again a short drying time. The laundry is full of dif- • Clean the clothes with a fluff remover. The load may be too small.

Before opening the door: CAUTION! Risk of burns! Make sure that the water temperature is not too high and the laundry is not hot. contact the Authorised Service Centre. If the problem continues. If the display shows other alarm codes. locked. Technical specifications may be changed without prior notice to improve the quality of product. activate the appliance. wait 5. The washing programme 2. If necessary. the door remains locked in case of 3. the supply voltage and the temperature of inlet water may also affect the washing pro- gramme duration. 17. contact the Authorised Service Centre. Take out the laundry and then close until the drum stops the appliance door. After the check. Different causes can change the data: the quantity and type of laundry and ambient temperature. Pull twice the emergency unlock emergency unlock function. Close the filter flap. . If necessary. Disconnect the mains plug from the continues when the power is restored. rotating. Make sure that the water level inside the drum is not too high. The programme continues from the point of interruption. CAUTION! Risk of injury! Make sure that the drum is not rotating.3 Emergency door opening To open the door. If mains socket. 6. Deactivate and activate the appliance. Water pressure.40 www. wait until they cool down. Open the filter flap. CONSUMPTION VALUES Stated values are obtained in laboratory conditions with relevant stand- ards. Press the On/Off button to switch the failure the appliance door remains appliance off. If the problem occurs again. proceed with an emergency drain (refer to «Emergency drain» in «Care and cleaning» chapter). If proceed as follows: In case of power failure or functioning 1. trigger downward and open the appliance door. it is possible to open it using the 4. failure.

05 MPa) 1) Maximum 8 bar (0.02 m (16. the ProSense technology can vary the wash duration and the consumption values. in compliance with EEC 92/75 standards. ENGLISH 41 During the washing programme.5 bar (0.05 MPa (0. 18. ex- cept where the low voltage equipment has no pro- tection against moisture Water supply pressure Minimum 0. connect it to your domestic cold water storage system.35 57 60 1) «Cotton Energy Saving programme » at 60°C with a load of 10kg is the reference programme for the data entered in the energy label.5 0.78 55 130 Delicates 40°C 4 0.8 MPa) Maximum wash load Cotton 10 kg Maximum dry load Cotton 6 kg Synthetics 4 kg Spin Speed Maximum 1600 rpm 1) The appliance works correctly if the water pressure is not lower than 0.gramme duration tion (kWh) tre) (minutes) Cottons 60°C 10 1. TECHNICAL DATA Dimension Width/ Height/ Depth/ 600 mm/ 850 mm/ 630 mm/ 660 mm Total depth Electrical connection Voltage 230-240 V Overall power 2200 W Fuse 13 A Frequency 50 Hz Level of protection against ingress of solid particles IPX4 and moisture ensured by the protective cover. . For further details see 'The ProSense load detection' paragraph in 'Daily Use' chapter.92 61 275 gramme 60°C1) Cottons 40°C 10 1.sumption (li.5 bar).70 85 205 Cottons Eco Cotton Energy Saving Pro. Programmes Load Energy Water con.60 63 91 Wool/Handwash 30°C 1. If you cannot connect the water inlet hose to the cold water tap of the primary hydraulic system.5 ft) between the appliance inlet hose and the bottom of the water storage tank. 10 0. Approximate pro- (kg) consump. Make sure not to exceed a distance of 5.30 85 205 Synthetics 40°C 4 0.

19. Read carefully the instructions supplied with the appliances marked with the symbol Put the packaging in relevant containers with the household ACCESSORIES 19.2 Fixing plate kit If you install the appliance on a plinth. Do not dispose of * . cleaning products and more.: towels. ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERNS Recycle materials with the symbol .42 www. If unapproved parts are used. any claims will be invalidated. 20.1 Available in 19.g. secure the appliance with the fixing plates. Help protect the product to your local recycling facility or environment and human health by contact your municipal or from authorised dealer Only appropriate accessories approved by AEG ensure the safety standards of the 19. loading and unloading laundry easier. The drawer can be used for laundry storage e. Read carefully the instructions supplied To raise your appliance and make with the accessory. Return the to recycle it.3 Pedestal with the drawer www. recycling waste of electrical and electronic appliances.

ENGLISH 43 . 157009811-C-272017 .