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No single personality type applies perfectly to a person, but for me one comes closer
than all the others. The personality category that fits me most closely is Type C. First,
Type C’s are lovers of detail and sensitive. They tend to be individuals who become
accountants, programmers, or engineers.
In Type C, there are people who can understand other people. They can communicate
with others without problem that is good because Type C, whom they can deal with
different types of personalities.
In Type C, there are people, who are very detailed with the things, are the engineers, for
example when they have a project, they take everything about the project which are the
measures, the budget, the time, the people in charge, place, etc. This people are very
meticulous to do things.
Sometimes they take their own risks that they can be made by entrepreneurs like those
in Type A, but it doesn’t want to say that they should be drivers.
People, who like to do things on their own, doesn’t mean they are antisocial, but they like
to show that they are self-sufficient.