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Last summer I went to Cusco to spend the New Year there with my friends.

First, when we arrived at the square, we thought that we take some cars to “Aguas
Calientes”, but the really was different because we should have found the bus station,
them when we entered the hotel, the receptionist said to us that there were no empty
rooms and we must have reserved the rooms early or we had to sent an email.

Another thing very important that we should have had cash because the cashier didn’t
work or they didn’t have money.

Finally the climate was changed all day, for example: in the morning it could be sunny
and in the afternoon it could be rain, so we should have worn warn clothes or we might
have an umbrella.

For these things that happened to us that for the next trip we will have to look for
information about the climate, the food, the buses of the city to which we will visit and
we will have to make a schedule about how much will be our expenses, to be able to
take the necessary money for the trip.