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TOPIC: University life

First, when I got into university, I thought that the teachers were like in school for
example: teachers were going to teach step by step, but it wasn’t like that. Everyone
learned at their own pace.

Another thing: I thought that the evaluations would be about the topic that the teachers
had taught us in class, but it was totally different, the evaluations had topics that we had
not realized in class, sometimes the teacher had said that we had to check constant the
syllabus of the course.

Finally, I assumed that my schedule at the university would be in the morning or in the
afternoon, but it was not like that, my schedule had to many gaps, for example I could
have classes at 8 am and the next was at 3 pm.

I feel the University life has been the best experience in my life, in spite of all the things
that were different from the ones.