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One of the funniest situation that I’ve ever been involved in was when I was studying at
the university.
When we were in the organic chemistry laboratory, the teacher said that we had to
separate in groups of 4 people to be able to perform the laboratory practices.
The practice was that each group had to prepare 2 acid solutions to prevent food from
oxidizing, but to prepare the solution it had to be done in the extraction hood because
one could be burned. Abe, who is my friend, said that I am going to prepare it and I said
“Do you know how to use the pipette correctly to avoid burning?” And my friend told me
I have no idea if he will made correctly.
Suddenly, Abel's apron began to burn and not only his apron, but also his sweater as t-
shirt. We all started to laugh because Abel was throwing water to extinguishing the fire
of his clothes, but this one was ignited more. I'm not sure how long it took for it to go out,
but luckily the teacher did not notice.
What’s funny about this is that this day was Abel's birthday, and he had come with his
best clothes to celebrate his birthday, but he had to go home to change his clothes.