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"To Heal the World" is a detailed analysis of how most American Jews, aided and abetted by the
Reform and Conservative movements, have abandoned traditional Jewish thinking (and of
course, practice) and replaced it with a relatively minor concept in the Jewish tradition known as
Tikkun Olam, which means to repair or heal the world. The Tikkun Olam "program," as
(mis)interpreted and promulgated by its enthusiasts, is in near perfect alignment with what in
the secular world is known as the Social Justice movement and it's hard-left agenda.
Unfortunately, many Jews have fallen for Tikkun Olam without having a clue as to what it's all
about, or even what their tradition is all about, which is no surprise given that they are being
influenced by the many non-Orthodox Jewish religious leaders and writers who are so busy
peddling T-O's revisionist theology that they themselves seem to have no time for genuine
Jewish learning and thinking. The author does an excellent job of showing how many Biblical
texts have been re-interpreted to fit T-O theology, so much so that their new meanings grossly
distort or even totally contradict traditional Jewish teachings. The result is that under T-O,
Judaism is being replaced by a political movement - leftism. Those who have fallen under the
sway of T-O naturally feel that they're doing G-d's will, but these people don't know a mitzvah
from a matzah. This is a painful subject and the author should be congratulated for tackling it
head on. Anyone who is concerned about how and why authentic Judaism is being hijacked by a
political agenda should read this book.

For anyone reading the above info: 2020 A.D. will be approximately the 3000th year since the
'breakup' of the original Hebrew nation of Israel around 1020 B.C. According to Hebrew history
Moses(with the help of his father-in-law ( a Midian priest) arranged the creation and structure of
the new nation of Hebrew tribes. After an estimated 420 years of living in Eqypt Moses could
only reliably identify 13 of the original tribes. Twelve of the tribes were alloted tribal lands, while
the tribe of Levi was designated the Priestly tribe to be given the duty of administration over the
nation and responsible for collecting tithes for GOD's work ( Orphans, widows, elderly and
disabled, etc.) They administered the nation from 48 strategic cities within the 12 lands of the
other tribes. It took an estimated 200 years for the Levite tribe to become corrupted (later to be
remembered as the corrupted UNnumbered 13th Tribe) and turning social tithing for the benefit
of the nation into "taxation" increasingly to the benefit of the Levite tribe. Ten of the tribes left
their lands(since known as the lost ten tribes) and the nation basically dissolved with the tribes
going their own way. Today it is not likely that there are many (if any) pure Hebrew tribal
blood...including Levite or Jewish(from the tribe of Judah.) Blaming 'Jews' as the one source of
the last 10 generational progression toward what is referred as a return to a modern day two
class feudalism made possible by a planned 'debt bondage' being orchestrated and managed by
their 'International banking and Corporate' system of Global serfdom by fraudulent government
'monetary bankruptcy' makes just as much sense to blame it on those with the dominant DNA
of the ancient Levites as it does the Jews of which tribe the Christ of the Judeo-Christian religion
came forth. There is much more to this story than has ever been debated or revealed. In
considering the creation of the United States of the America's...the crucifixion of Christ( or
Yashua) has been on the mind of the Middle East and Europe for about 2000 years, and
especially since the beginning of the Crusades. An early 18th century poet, William Blake,
expressed the preference of a new Jerusalem in a Western location such as pleasant England.
Evidently there were also those who considered the possibility of creating a new Israel after
founding 13 colonies under the English Crown!!!