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A video consists of a sequence of

a. Signals c. Packets
b. Frames d. Slots
2. ____________ refers to any type of application or presentation that involves more than one
type of media, such as text, graphics, video, animation, and sound.
a. Desktop publishing c. An executable file
b. Multimedia d. Hypertext
3. The text color in a presentation should contrast with the ________ color.
a. background c. stack
b. CPU d. frame
4. The process of producing, from start to finish, your multimedia presentation is known as a:
a. layout c. storyboard
b. design d. development
5. The type of font that refers to the independent device is known as:
a. FalseType c. Both a and b
b. TrueType d. None of these
6. Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) is used to compress
a. Frames c. Music
b. Pictures d. Images
7. A structure of linked elements through which the user can navigate, interactive multimedia
becomes ______.
a. digital media c. inter media
b. Hypermedia d. Hypertext
8. When the viewer of a multimedia project is able to control what and when the elements are
delivered, it is called _____.
a. portable multimedia c. onscreen multimedia
b. interactive multimedia d. selective multimedia
9. Multimedia elements are typically stitched together into a project using _____.
a. multimedia tools c. video tools
b. authoring tools d. audio tools
10. In Picture and Video Compression, term RBG expresses
a. Red, Bluish, Greyish c. Rate, Bit, Giga bit
b. Red, Blue, Green d. Red, Black, Grey
11. The Primary Colors for Color screen displays are
a. Red, Green, Blue c. Red, Green, Black
b. Blue, White, Black d. Red, Green, Yellow
12. Which of the following is NOT an advantage of applying multimedia in distance learning and
a. Free of charge
b. Expansion of customer base
c. Excellent search capability
d. All of the above
13. Which of the following is related to the process of adjusting the horizontal space between each
a. Monospaced c. Tracking
b. Leading d. Kerning
14. If a multimedia application is considered as a hypermedia product, it is very likely that the
organizational structure has been used.
a. database-driven c. non-linear
b. hierarchical d. directed
15. CMYK is a ________.
a. codec c. file format
b. color model d. gamut
16. OCR Stands for ____.
a. Output Character Rename
b. Optical Character Recognition
c. Optical Character Recorder
d. OminiPage Character recognizer
17. 3-D Stands for _____.
a. 3-Deductable Devices c. 3-Dimensions
b. 3-Displays d. 3-Datas
18. _______applications are specialized and powerful tools for enhancing and retouching existing
bitmapped images.
a. Voice editing c. Movie editing
b. Image editing d. Sound editing
19. A ______is a set of software components that adds specific capabilities to a larger software
a. effects c. plug-in
b. filters d. transition
20. The _____Represents the size of the original image divided by the size of the compressed image
– that is, how much the data is actually compressed.
a. compression analysis c. compression ratio
b. compression point d. compression length
21. A _____ is the algorithm used to compress (code) a video for delivery and then decode it in real-
time for fast playback.
a. convertors c. cod readers
b. codecs d. camcorders
22. A collection of characters of a single size and style belonging to a particular typeface family is
called _____.
a. text c. font face
b. font d. print
23. The _____ is the distance from the top of the capital letters to the bottom of the descanters in
letters such as g and y.
a. fonts height c. fonts length
b. fonts width d. fonts size
24. DPI stands for _____.
a. Dots Per Inch c. Dots Image
b. Display Image d. Distance Intent
25. The taller-than-wide orientation used for printed document is called _____.
a. height wise document c. landscape
b. portrait d. breath wise document
26. Sound pressure levels (loudness and volume) are measured in _____.
a. vibrate c. herds
b. decibels d. diopter
27. _____determines the accuracy with which a sound can be digitized.
a. Video frequency c. Audio frequency
b. Audio resolution d. Video resolution
28. Which image files are a lossy format?
a. PNG c. MPEG
b. GIF d. JPEG
29. Which compressions provide some loss of quality?
a. Object based c. Loss less
b. Lossy d. Cel based
30. The wider-than-tall orientation normal to monitors is called _____.
a. white space c. landscape
b. portrait d. blue print