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Introduce yourself and where you are located, your educational

background, and what interests you most (e.g., hobbies).

My name is Mr. Travis Lee Thompson. My address is as follows:

1004 Indian Woods Road; Lewiston Woodville, NC 27849-9518.

I obtained a high school diploma from Bertie High School in Windsor,

NC. The date was June, 1985. Next, I obtained my first undergraduate
degree from North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC. The date was
May, 1995. Major was Computer Science. Afterwards, I obtained my second
undergraduate degree from American International University (AIU) in
Hoffman's Estate, IL. The date was March, 2013. Major was Information
Technology. Finally, I obtained my graduate degree from AIU. Date was
December, 2015. Major was Information Technology: Project Management.

My #1 hobby (extra curricular activity) is being Pastor of Christian

Love Center in Lewiston, NC. I have been Pastor for 23 years. My second
hobby is writing religious books and online posts. My third hobby is reading
information concerning a variety of subjects. In particular, I like reading
about the history of things.

My field of study is: "Doctorate of Management: Project

Management." I chose it because it reflects my interest in management. My
main goal is to become a better Pastor from a leadership perspective. I
believe that my chosen field will assist me in becoming a better leader, a key
component in becoming a better Pastor. Not every leader is a Pastor, but
every Pastor is a leader.

I kind of answered this question in my preceding answer concerning

my reason for choosing my field of study. My selection will result in me
becoming a better manager of projects. Such a skill is very valuable in both
the secular world and church-related world. In the secular world,
achievements are done in terms of projects. For instance, the creation of
Apple's iPhone derived from some type of iPhone project that was broken
down into sub-projects. Concerning the church-related world, there are
projects going on (i.e. building projects, evangelistic projects, revival

projects, etc.) all of the time. The achievement of a PhD in Project
Management will enable me to flow in both worlds.

Now is the best time because of convenience. For the most part, I am
not required to physically show up in a classroom. Also, I don't have a full-
time job. Hence, now is the best time for me to commit the necessary time to
achieve my ultimate educational goal. The road will not be easy because of
my extra-curricular activities as a Pastor and online Author. I remember
when I had to say "no" to pursuing my Master's degree (via the traditional
route) because of the lack of time required to physically attend classes. I was
ecstatic when I found out that my educational goals can become a reality via
online degree programs that are just as valid as the traditional degree