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Questionnaire for productions and operations management

Shaurya potdar 34

Kartik vala 52

Sushant yadav 58

mms mho

1. How are operations and maintenance structured?

2. Do any maintenance functions report directly to production? If so, which and at what level?
3. Do you have a single major contractor on site who routinely provides capital and support
4. Do you have an operations/maintenance organization chart?
5. How is your manufacturing/production organization structured?
6. Are there standard operating procedures for each step of the manufacturing/production
process, and are they consistently followed?
7. What criteria do you use to measure manufacturing/production success and quality?
8. Who within your organization is responsible for training?
9. Do you have a basic maintenance/operations training program for new hourly employees?
10. Do you have such a program for current employees?
11. Have you identified specific craft or skill deficiencies in maintenance and/or operations?
12. Do you have a formal work order procedure? If so, does it require a formal approval or review
process? review process?
13. Do you require a written request for all maintenance work?
14. Approximately how many work requests are received by maintenance each week?
15. Do you use blanket or standing work orders?