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1.  Junior Seminary Prep​ ​-​ ​D&C 88:77-78 
Summer Session 2018  
6/24/2018 - 8/26/2018 
Sundays 4p-5p 
Junior Seminary Prep is a 9 week preparatory program to prepare 
middle schoolers for the core junior seminary course. This courses 
included are: 
● The Importance of the Holy Spirit 
● Being Teachable 
● Acquiring Spiritual Knowledge 
● Scripture Study 
● Right Attitudes/Right Habits 
● Goal Setting and Time Management 
● How to Teach Others 
Course Outcomes: 
● To prepare students for core junior seminary classes for Fall 
● To help students learn how to rely on the Holy Spirit to learn 
Gospel truths and deepen testimonies 
2. ​For The Strength of Youth​ ​-​ ​D&C 115:5 
Summer/Fall Session 2018  
6/24/2018 - 10/28/2018 
Sundays 5p-6p 
This course teaches the standards listed in For the Strength of 
Youth. Each week, students will learn the importance of each 
standard and discuss and teach how to apply them in everyday life. 
Course Outcomes: 
● Increased faith 
● Stronger testimony 
● Being worthy to attend the Temple  
3. ​ eveloping Christlike Attributes​ - John 13:13-17 
Summer Session 2018  
6/26/2018 - 8/28/2018 
Tuesdays 5:30p-6:45p  
This class teaches 9 Christ-like attributes and how to apply them 
to everyday life. There is also a leadership component to teach 
students how to incorporate the 9 attributes in leadership. 
Course Outcomes: 
● To learn and apply the 9 Christ-like attributes at home, 
school and church 
● To learn how to minister to others 
● To lead with the heart of Christ 
4. P
​ ersonal Progress ​- Mosiah 8:9  
Thursdays 5p-6p 
Personal  Progress  is  an  achievement  program  designed  to  help 
young women ages 12 to 18. 
Course Outcomes: 
● Strengthen their testimonies of Jesus Christ. 
● Strengthen both their present and future families. 
● Prepare  to  be  worthy  to  make  and  keep  sacred  temple 
● Prepare for their future roles and responsibilities. 
5. D​ uty to God for Aaronic Priesthood Holders​ - John 17:3 
Wednesdays, 10a-11a 
Duty  to  God  for  Aaronic  Priesthood  Holders  is  a  program  to  help 
boys  ages  12  through  18  prepare  for  and  perform  their 
priesthood duties.   
Course Outcomes: 
● Strengthen  their  testimonies  and  and  their  relationship 
with God 
● Learn and fulfill priesthood duties 
outh ● Apply standards from ​  
6. G
​ ospel Principles​ - ​D&C 88:77-78 
This class teaches basic gospel doctrine so you can grow in your 
understanding and testimony of ​Jesus Christ​ and His Atonement. 
This includes coming to understand, believe and live according to 
His doctrine.   
Course Outcomes: 
● Deepen your conversion and commitment as His disciples 
● Protect you against the influences of the adversary 
● Help you bless the lives of others 
7.​ S​ ervice​ ​- Mosiah 2:17 
Students  will  have  opportunities  to lead and participate in service 
projects once a month as well as the for the month of December. 
8. ​Student Teaching​ ​-  
Students  will  have  the  opportunity  to  teach  15  minute  segments 
in  different  classes  throughout  Junior  Seminary  Society.  They 
will  learn  how  to  rely  on  the  Holy  Spirit  to  prepare  and  teach 
lessons.  Students  will  learn  three  basic  methods  to  help  them 
connect with other students. They are: 
● Question and answer 
● Object lessons 
● Storytelling.