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Name of the Company : Ujjivan Financial Services Private Limited

Specialisation : Finance
Name of Student : Shreeja.G.Menon
USN : 1CR08MBA98

Weeks Dates Topics Covered/Works Done External Guide’s

1 04-Jan-2010 Studied about the Microfinance industry, the
To background and inception of the company,
09-Jan-2010 nature of the business carried on by the
company. Visited the branch and attended
branch meetings.
2 11-Jan-2010 Studied about the organisation structure of the
To company, the outreach and customer profile of
16-Jan-2010 the company. The functional departments and its
structure. Product profile of the company.
3 18-Jan-2010 Company’s Service profile; competitors;
To Organisation Structure; physical presence; Work
23-Jan-2010 flow Model; Functional analysis.
4 25-Jan-2010 Continued with functional analysis; McKinsey
To 7s framework and SWOT Analysis of the
30-Jan-2010 company; analysis of financial statements and
key ratios.
5 01-Feb-2010 Presented Synopsis; studied social impact
To indicators and financial indicators, studied the
06-Feb-2010 companies being compared.
6 08-Feb-2010 Studied the social impact, geographic
To concentration of the companies, compared theie
13-Feb-2010 products and interest rates and did the welfare
analysis of the company.
7 15-Feb-2010 Compared financial ratios, profitability,
To sustainability, asset/liability management ability
20-Feb-2010 of the companies
8 22-Feb-2010 Calculated ratios to measure portfolio quality
To and compared it with the competitors. Compared
27-Feb-2010 the productivity and growth of the companies.
9 02-Mar-2010 Calculated ratios of SKS microfinance and
To Ujjivan for September 2009 and compared the
06-Mar-2010 ratios.
10 08-Mar-2010 Concluded after giving findings and suggestions.