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Music 101B, Winter 2018 Syllabus, p.2 Date Topics Assignments Jan. 29 ‘Aug, 6" Feb. 2 Bach, invention #4 Analyze chorale #5 Write in 4-voices, in A: I, TV, iii, Vipviig, on mn I, V; 1, 1Ve, Ve, 1, V, V, 1. [you may add suspensions and p.t.’s] Write bass line first, then strive for a convincing soprano line, then fill in the alto and tenor parts, Use quarter notes except for the final notes (in boldface) of each phrase, which have fermatas: use half notes there. Listening assignment: Brandenburg #3 Feb. 5 Neapolitan 6 chord Feb. 9 Bach A minor invention Bach f minor invention ‘Analyze chorale #6 & #7 Harmonize given melody in 2 different versions, one in major, one in minor, using 4-voice chorale or keyboard style Feb. 12, Pedal tones; Review Analyze chorale #8 & #9 Analyze “Air” from Bach Orchestral Suite no. 3, Dover p. 232-33 Feb. 14 Dictation Midterm Exam Feb. 16 Midterm Exam Feb. 19 Fugue Analyze chorales #10 & #11 Feb. 23 Fugue Listening Assignment: Brandenburg #5