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March 22, 1971

Greetings and hi there to all of you.

Believe me I was just told, for the first time, that I had neglected you. Heaven's forbid that I
should do anything like this to you, hence I will attempt to give you a letter each month approx.,
giving you the Occult news as i have recieved it and also, I hope, to interpret the World's News
according to Occult laws, ideas, set up, etc as I see it but, for heaven's sake, use these things as
a basis for your own growth and own interpretation. DEVELOP. DEVELOP. DEVELOP. I am not
like many teachers who want a band of sheep baa baaing after them, no not that at all. So please
develop yourself.

We are coming into a season which Occultists, and others, call spring (time).

To go back a little. This Earth, as it flies around the Sun, spins/turns. Also this Earth "wobbles" a
little bit from off it's spinning axis, as i remember the figure is about 18 degrees, (?) whatever the
figure is, this wobble means that, apparently, the Sun "travels" north a certain distance and then
turns around and goes south a certain distance.

This advance and retreat of the Sun makes for seasons.

On the one hand you have an apparently physical movement which brings on another kind of
movement, a growth and fruition movement which results in animal and grain/vegetable

For untold centuries mankind recognised these changes that Nature went through and
responded accordingly. We all feel a little better in Springtime.

I frankly, am not able to delineate exactly as to how this outer Physical Plane action is
reproduced in Inner Plane actions (or maybe the other way around) but it surely is.

In the old savage days the Rites of Spring were proverbial, even to the committing of physical
sex acts in order to "show" the Gods what was wanted of them in the way reproduction and
multiplication, etc.

The notion that a man could, or should, show a God what to do is a queer idea to the Judeo-
Christian but to those of you who have become acquainted with the concepts of The Astral Light-
demi-urgeous it is quite clear. I have dealt with this half-God concept elsewhere. Please check it

Many people, and societies, have set up a system of observances for the Rites of Spring and you
are at liberty to indulge in any and all of them provided you know what you are doing and why;
but in this day and age you should be able to observe spring with the mind mentally, and not
require any outward observancies- but you can still do it if you want to- but should know what you
are doing, as said.

The practicing Occultist should be aware of the forces coursing through Nature at all times and
always feel in communion with them.
Guiding, or rather integrating, himself with Inner Forces, the practicing Occultist should feel the
monthly changes of the Moon Forces (called tides by some) and move accordingly. (Don't let me
suggest anything to you) I always feel the last two days of the dark of the Moon, so unless I have
to drive myself for some reason, i take those two days easy. Then again, I sometimes get a
reaction about the fifth to eigth day of the New Moon. (I call your attention here to an Occult
tool/book - The Moon Sign Book and Calender published by Llewellyn Publications. A quite
useful book about Moon influences. I use the companion Calender all the time).

Dear student the object of all this study and work and interest in the Occult Forces is to give you
a deftinate degree of knowledge/control over the circumstances of your Physical Plane Life, and
(as i have said over and over again, like an old cliche) to better yourself.

I got as much knowledge down in my books as i could. More additions come all the time.
Probably I should abandon the ordinary pursuits of living and write all the time but this I did not
plan to do.

I have two little announcements to make. I am preparing an inexpensive cassette tape recorder
with lessons/lectures on cassette tapes. Please inquire about this. Also, from time to time, a
piece of "advanced" knowledge comes to hand. I can see where it could be used incorrectly and
also to those without sufficient knowledge it would be useless. I will announce in the next letter
what is available and upon a letter from you convincing me you are able to use this advanced
knowledge, I will give it to you in the form of hand-written copies upon a donation.But remember
this knowledge is advanced, requires some basic Occult background otherwise it is useless. Also
if you cannot afford it, please reconsider asking for it, but explain fully in your letter. Also a much
quicker answer is possible if you enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope and allow me to
write on the bottom of your letter for short matters. I have a tentative advanced lesson on hand.
How to handle love matters properly (due to so many requests about this subject. Not

The world situation is normal, all screwed up, and it always will be so don't expect any changes.

The action in Indo-China (no prediction) will be won by us but more than likely will just peter out
and die away. It is certainly queer the number of gonephs who think they are capable of running
the foreign affairs of this country with all its sources of secret information.They should not be
curbed illegally but they should be argued with out in the open which no one does.

There is no greater delusion on earth, or in history, than the Bolsheviks and their childish ideas of
supply and wealth.

The whole silly thing was nightmared up by a lazy-good-for-nothing bum called Carl Marx, who
never earned an honest dollar in his life; he lived off his wife and friends. In order for his crazy
ideas to work at all it is necessary to reduce men to slavery absolute which is against the
principles of Freedom, which Freedom is the force of evolution, divine evolution. They, the
Soviets, will crack up, but unfortunately very slowly.

There is one Occult Knowledge/Fact that we can use now. This Knowledge is the knowledge of
the Occult phenomenon called the Group Soul (for want of a better name). Some reference was
made to Group Souls in a previous vignette, please check there for it).

This word "Group Soul" came from theosophy and seems to mean (whatever it actually is) that
conglomerates of any and all kinds have (roughly speaking) an organisation on the Plane above
this one, the Etheric Plane, in which all similar things are connected together, and can be
pictured as a great cloud-like shape even coloured and having characteristics to identify it, which
cloud-like shapes must be "helped" by your imagination, and can be molded and helped by your
imagination. For example, way on the "upper" Etheric would be a conglomeration in which all
"Earth" things connected with, say automobiles, are "connected". (You'll have to work to
understand this but this isw the way all things are and the sooner you grasp this, and understand
it the quicker you learn to work Magic). Your imagination can mold the automobile Group Soul
into the "form" of an automobile, for example ! ! !

So Russia has an Oversoul and to make a long story even longer - you/we can influence that
Group Soul and easily as there is not much resistance there for obvious reasons. One reason
being that very little is known about Group Souls and what to do about them. We will deal with
this more in a later lesson, as I'm running out of space now.


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