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Understanding the Process of Creation

Johan Oldenkamp


Foreword 4
Understanding the Process of Creation
1. Science of Creation 5
1.1 Seven Days of the Week...................... 10
First Digital Edition, December 13th, 2011 1.2 Seven Levels of Creation..................... 12
1.3 The Geometry of Creation ................... 21
1.4 Geometry of Wholeness ...................... 25
2. Plato Revisited 29
2.1 The Illusion of Matter.......................... 33
To contact the author of this book: 2.2 Harmonic Numbers.............................. 36
3. The Forbidden Apple of Knowledge 40 3.1 Dynamics of Time ............................... 46
3.2 The Clock of Giza................................ 57 3.3 Dynamics of Creation .......................... 64
4. Creation of the Shadow World 70
4.1 Deliberate Use of Numbers ................. 89
4.2 Dynamics of Interacting Energies ....... 95
4.3 The Code of the Source World .......... 103
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As above, so below
© 2011, Dr. Johan H. Oldenkamp
The Emerald Tablets contain the writings of Thoth the Atlantean,
All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a later known as Hermes Trismegistus. Number 11 of the 13 original
retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechani- tablets is about the (mirroring) relation between ‘above’ and ‘below’.
cal, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior written permission of The most common description of this proverb is: ‘that which is above
the author.
is the same as that which is below, and that which is below is the
same as that which is above’. This book shows the scientific meaning
of this perhaps oldest proverb known to present-day humanity.
2 Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation 3

Foreword 1. Science of Creation
Science without spirituality is dead and without soul. Spirituality
This is a science book. This book is meant for everyone who values without science, on the other hand, is fantasy and ungrounded.
understanding higher than believing. In this book, I share my under- The universities offer us nothing but dead and soulless theories.
standing of the core principles behind the creation of the reality we The universities are like the emperor without clothes in the famous
live in. Before you begin to read this book, probably starting at the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. The naked truth is that the
first chapter on the next page, I have one request for you: “Please do universities offer us fake science.
not believe one word of this book.” Please try to fully understand The churches offer us nothing but ungrounded fairy tales. These
everything I wrote down. When you encounter something you do not churches include not only all organized religions, but also New Age
understand, even after doing your own research, also based on other and other woolly and vague examples of fake spirituality.
sources, then please totally forget about that part of this book. Ap-
parently, it was not meant for you (or it might even be complete and This book shows that grounded spirituality is the beating heart of a
utter nonsense). living science. The whole of living science with grounded spirituality
beating in its heart is called Wholly Science.
Believe in yourself, and in your capability to understand everything
you want to understand. I believe in myself, and I want to fully un- Wholly Science studies harmony.
derstand the reality we live in. That is my Holy Quest to wholly un- This study is based on three pil-
derstand the Wholeness of Everything. That is also the mission of the lars: numbers, music, and ge-
Pateo Academia. Are you a scientist who wants to help spread and ometry. Each pillar reveals the
develop Wholly Science? Then please contact me. My e-mail address universal principles of harmony,
is on the second page of this book. each in its own way. These are
always dynamic principles, since
During the past four years, I have invested all my time and money in everything is always moving.
developing Wholly Science (for instance, I resigned from my well-
paid job as a university professor and I sold my house). In order to Let us start with the principles of harmonic music. A key principle of
further professionalize the Pateo Academia, additional funding and harmonic music is the octave. Octave means the whole of 8 (since
appropriate housing is required. Can you help to transform the Pateo octo is Latin for eight). An octave is a set of eight consecutive tones.
Academia into a world-leading science institute? Then please do con- We generally identify these eight tones as Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Si,
tact me. and then again Do. The ratio between the oscillation frequencies of
the first (and slowest) Do and the second (and fastest) Do is 1:2. The
octave is the first harmonic ratio. The other two harmonic ratios are
the quint and the quart.

All harmonic ratios are always relative proportions of a multiple of 2
and a multiple of 3. That is why Wholly Science calls both numbers
4 Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation 5

the universal Harmonic Ratio Base Numbers. Two harmonic vibra- Numbers 2 and 3. This rhythm is clearly visible in the black keys of
tions always have a ratio of 2a : 3b (where both a and b are always so the piano or the accordion.
called Fibonacci-numbers, as described later on in this book). The standard ratios are about 21/3 times larger than the small
ones. Between the successive tones with a standard ratio, there is
1:2 Octave 30 : 21 enough space for a semitone, right in the middle between both tones.
2:3 Quint 21 : 31 However, the more than twice smaller space between the tones with
3:4 Quart 31 : 22 a small ratio offers not enough space for a semitone. That is why a
musical scale contains 8 wholly tones and (2+3=) 5 semitones. On
A harmonic octave contains four quints and four quarts, as shown in the keyboard, the wholly tones are white and the semitones black.
the figure below. The four upper bows represent the quints, while the Together, these are the (8+5=) 13 (wholly and semi-) tones of har-
four bows down represent the quarts. Now, we can understand why monic music.
the names quint and quart are used. A quint (Latin for fifth) is a har- In the figure on the previous page, the note A (or the tone La)
monic relation between a first and a fifth tone, while a quart (Latin vibrates exactly 432 times (per second). By tuning the musical A to
for fourth) is a harmonic relation between a first and a fourth tone. this frequency of 432 Hertz (abbreviated as Hz), music resonates
with our inner vibrations.

Please note that there is no first vibrational octave, nor a last one.
The frequencies of each following octave are simply doubled com-
pared to the previous one. However, when we start with a Do that
vibrates exactly once every second (meaning an oscillation frequency
of 1 Hz), then we arrive at the ninth octave at the frequencies men-
tioned in the figure on the previous page.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
13 2 4 8 16 32 64 128 256 512
12 1115/128 351/64 719/32 153/16 303/8 603/4 1211/2 243 486
11 1203/256 375/128 711/64 1411/32 2811/16 573/8 1143/4 2291/2 459
10 111/16 33/8 63/4 131/2 27 54 108 216 432
9 119/32 33/16 63/8 123/4 251/2 51 102 204 408
8 11/2 3 6 12 24 48 96 192 384
7 15/12 25/6 52/3 111/3 222/3 451/3 902/3 1811/3 3622/3
The ratios between the successive tones in a harmonic octave is 2 6 11/3 22/3 51/3 102/3 211/3 422/3 851/3 1702/3 3411/3
times standard (meaning 23:32, which is 8:9), then once small (35:28, 5 117/64 217/32 51/16 101/8 201/4 401/2 81 162 324
which is 243:256), then 3 times standard (again 23:32), and finally 4 125/128 225/64 425/32 99/16 191/8 381/4 761/2 153 306
once small again (35:28). In the length of the se- 3 11/8 21/4 41/2 9 18 36 72 144 288
quences of the standard ratios, we therefore see 2 11/16 21/8 41/4 8½ 17 34 68 136 272
another rhythm based on the universal Ratio Base 1 1 2 4 8 16 32 64 128 256

6 Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation 7

Each harmonic octave (meaning ‘whole of 8’) consists not only of 8 The Ray of Creation starts on Day 0 with the intention of the Lord
wholly tones, but also of 8 harmonic relations (4 quints plus 4 God (Almighty) to create the whole of reality, mostly called ‘the
quarts). The frequency ratios mentioned above, originate from Py- world’. This is the tone of Do from Dominus, meaning the Lord.
thagoras in Ancient Greece. Most ‘music’ currently produced, is not On Day 1, God separated the light from the darkness. This is the
based on these harmonic ratios, and neither vibrates the tone A on separation of the light (yang) of all the stars (or Sidera in Latin) from
432 Hz. That is, however, not the only vital knowledge humanity lost the darkness (yin) of the rest of the universe (or macrocosm). This is
over the ages related to the essence of music, as we will see below. the tone of Si from Sidera (or all galaxies).
On Day 2, God said, “Let there be a firmament in the midst of the
Why do we use the names of Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, and Si to refer waters, and let it separate the waters from the waters.” The ‘waters’
to the wholly notes? The table below shows that these notes are ab- is a reference to a galaxy. The galaxy we can see in the midst of the
breviations of Latin words. Each Latin word refers to a level within firmament is our own galaxy called the Milky Way. This is the tone
the Ray of Creation. We find a very accurate scientific description of of La from Lactea, meaning milk.
the Ray of Creation in the first chapter of the first book of the Holy On Day 3, God said, “Let the waters under the heavens be gath-
Bible. Wholly Science shows the true meaning of Holy, which is the ered together into one place.” In this level of Creation, ‘water’ refers
same as Wholly. The title of the first chapter of the Book of Genesis to light. The gathering of light into one place is a reference to our sun
(which is also the First Book of Moses) is The Creation. The content Helios. This is the tone of Sol, meaning the sun.
of that first chapter of the Bible has nothing to do with faith in God. On Day 4, God said, “Let there be lights in the firmament of the
On the contrary, it enables us to understand the true essence of God heavens to separate the day from the night; and let them be for signs
and the Wholly Work of God, which is Creation. We find God as the and for seasons and for days and years.” These lights in the firma-
initiator of the Ray of Creation, also referred to as the Unmoved ment that enable us to keep track of time are the visible planets of
Mover by Aristotle, another (wholly) scientist form Ancient Greece. our solar system. These planets play a key role in astrology, which
We also find God on every other level of the Ray of Creation. To provides us a scientific description of fate. This is the tone of Fa
distinguish between these different creating Gods, each God has a from Fata, meaning fate.
different name on each level. The abbreviations of these (seven) On Day 5, God said, “Let the waters bring forth swarms of living
names of God are Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, and Si. creatures, and let birds fly above the earth across the firmament of
the heavens.” Again, the ‘waters’ that bring forth living creatures
Tone Latin English Meaning Day refer to light, meaning all cosmic energies that support biological
Do Dominus Lord The Lord 0 life. The microcosm includes all living creatures on our mother
Si Sidera Stars all galaxies 1 planet called Terra (Gaia means Mother Terra). Next, the ‘birds’ that
La Lactea Milk our Milky Way 2 fly above the microcosm of Terra across the firmament of the heav-
Sol Sol Sun our sun Helios 3 ens refer to the stars of the macrocosm. This is the tone of Mi as the
Fa Fāta Fate our solar system 4 abbreviation of the Latin word Microcosmus.
Mi Microcosmus Microcosm our planet Terra 5 On Day 6, God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our
Re Regina Regent our moon Luna 6 likeness; and let them reign over the fish of the sea, and over the
Do Dominus Lord The Lord 7 birds of the air, and over the cattle, and over the entire planet, and
over every creeping thing that creeps upon the planet.” This is the
8 Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation 9

site bodies on the other side of the circle. By combining it with the French names. in the current English names of the seven days of the week. we find the sun Helios (also yang). a synodic cycle) lasts 29. Next. In the syderic cycle) lasts 27. these seven visible bodies played an important Friday Vendredi Venus yin role. In the order of the planets in a week. we also find a perfect alternation of yang and The ordering of these seven heavenly bodies is based on the orbiting yin. meaning Venus Inanna Ishtar Aphroditê Venus Sukra Lord.760 Wednesday Mercredi Mercury yin Thursday Jeudi Jupiter yang In all ancient cultures. Please note that the sun on the feminine cross at the bottom of the astrological sign of Mer- Helios is not really orbiting Terra. The table below shows the perceived orbiting time in natural English French Body Gender days in rounded numbers.333 10. Please note that I consider Mercury to be feminine (yin). Sunday Dimanche sun Helios yang Monday Lundi moon Luna yin body Luna Mercury Venus Helios Mars Jupiter Saturn Tuesday Mardi Mars yang orbit 28 88 225 365 687 4. The table below shows the names of these seven heavenly bod. Mercury Enki Nabû Hermes Mercurius Budha On Day 7 we find again the tone of Do from Dominus. as shown in the table below. The average length of both is 28. the moon Luna reigns (as a Regent) over the waters of Terra. together with English. a full orbit of the moon Luna around Terra (called a the left hand side. Humanity’s role is to reign or English Sumeric Babylonic Greek Latin Sanskrit rule over biological live on Terra.3 days.4 days. this relation becomes clearer.1 Seven Days of the Week Saturn Ninurta Ninurta Kronos Saturnus Sani The names we use to identify the seven days of the week refer to the The figure to the left shows these seven bodies seven heavenly bodies that can be seen with the naked eye from the placed in the same ordering in a circle. since it is actually the other way cury. Also. We find this ordering of the seven-pointed star in days of the week. based speed as perceived from the surface of Terra. and the yang bodies on the right hand side. the relation with these heavenly bodies is not very clear anymore. the seventh Day is the Day of the Sun Utu Shamash Helios Sol Surya Lord. 10 Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation 11 .5 days. In the figure with the seven-pointed star. The figure below shows the astrological sign of seven lines connect each body with the oppo- each of these seven heavenly bodies. Mars Gugulanna Nergal Ares Mars Mangala Jupiter Enlil Marduk Zeus Iuppiter Brhaspati 1. Or to put this differently. surface of Terra. the yin bodies are on round. meaning Regent. However. Moon Nanna Sin Selenê Luna Chandra tion.tone of Re of Regina. At this level of the Ray of Crea. The illumination cycle of Luna (called middle. Saturday Samedi Saturn yang ies in five classical languages.

This is the duality between light (yang) and below differs from the ones Piotr Dimianovich Ouspensky (1878 – darkness (yin). Mister Gurdjieff deliber- find the creation of the division between the stars and the space in ately altered some details. chapter of Genesis. fate. The number 1 It was Georges Ivanovitch Gurdjieff (1868 – 1949). knowledge represented in this symbol out in the open. all stars 2 2 La Lactea. yang shock. In the first chapter of Genesis. moon Luna 48 At the top level of the Ray of Creation. ness with the magnetic energy of Water (yin). and the Dark- (yang). the Lord 1 1 Si Sidera. The female. and the Fa. we find the wholeness or unity of the tone Do meaning Dominus or the Lord. The ingoing. female shock occurs between the Mi creation of the trinity. The number 3 represents this trinity. 12 Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation 13 . but his effect occurs be- tion as described in the first chapter of the Book of Genesis. while the small triangle pointing down. In order to this corresponds to Day 0 of the Creation. The explanation of the mysterious symbol of the ∆ male Light Fire electric outgoing yang - Enneagram begins with the two small triangles. yin shock is directed inwards. on the other hand. At the level of La meaning Lactea or the Milky Way. male There is a remarkable symbol that represents the seven levels of crea. tween the Si and the Do (where this shock is needed to overcome the ure below shows this symbol. the neighboring wholly tones that lack an intermediate semitone. Fire and Water are the names of cosmic energies. Day Tone Meaning Number 0 Do Dominus. In the first chapter of Genesis.2 Seven Levels of Creation outwards. make sure only the true seekers of Wholly Science would discover At the level of Si meaning Sidera (all stars of all galaxies). Terra 24 6 Re Regina. we find the ing or positive (+). The male. who brought the represents this wholly (or Holy) unity. The outgoing. shock starts between the Sol and the La. which means outgoing or negative (-). It is called the Enneagram (ennea or vibrational distance between Si and Do). this corresponds to Day 1 of the Creation. we the knowledge hidden in the Enneagram. The small trian- gle pointing upwards represents a male shock Light corresponds to the electric energy of Fire (yang). That is why my explanation as described between these stars. In the first 1947) gives in his revealing books. which means incom. sun Helios 6 4 Fa Fāta. this corresponds to Day 2 of the Creation. That is why shocks are necessary to overcome the vibrational distances between the first chapter of Genesis repeatedly mentions both light and water. Both above. The number 2 represents this duality. corresponding to the two lower corners of the ∇ female Dark Water magnetic ingoing yin + dotted triangle within the circle. enniá is Greek for nine). is directed 1. planets 12 5 Mi Microcosm. as shown in the table wards represents a female shock (yin). The fig. Milky Way 3 3 Sol Sol.

At the level of Sol meaning the sun Helios. 8. Mister Gurdjieff referred to the Japanese word Do. a sine wave (symbolized as ~) unites the Creation. Similarly. and 7. we get the infinite repetition of the The Holy Do is always an abstract process. father mother child The direction of these lines is reflected in the fractional series of 7. just like walking along ciphers 1. In the first chapter of Genesis. that we find at the end of the names of many tra- hexad as the Law of Seven. ditional (martial) arts. That is also the exact meaning of the regularity with 7 as the divisor. The table below shows some examples of such wholly or holy trinities. 4.This trinity is shown by the dotted triangle in the circle. this corresponds to Day 3 of union of this duality. Mister Gurdjieff re- ferred to this wholly trinity as the Law of Three. both the male and female Enneagram. The number 6 represents this male and female. we find the creation of tom points of the dotted inner triangle correspond to the duality of the hexad. different activity and point of focus. Because of this remarkable numerical our way or path is a process. The essential disparity between the abstract top of the dotted inner Line Activity Focus triangle and both concrete base points (meaning the male and the 1–4 Exploring Intention female shock) is unfortunately hardly reflected in several classic de- 4–2 Wanting Motivation scriptions of the Holy Trinity. which is a six-parted unity. In the traingel. 2. 2–8 Being Competency Father Holy Spirit Son 8–5 Knowing Transformation Osiris Isis Horus 5–7 Arranging Organization Brahman Vishnu Shiva 7–1 Releasing Synergy Buddha Dharma Shanga 14 Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation 15 . an upper and a lower bow. Fully practicing these fascinating arts always becomes a way of living. which is an abstract process. by dividing 1 by 7. ∆ ∇ ~ male female uniting affirmation negation learning transmitting receiving communicating Spirit Soul Body In the Enneagram. This is a whole-making or healing union. For instance. This union of the duality of male and fe- male creates the wholeness. Each step of this path requires a ing. the six solid straight lines represent the hexad. The two bot. 5. Unlike the Do at the apex of the inner At the level of Sol. the process of Creation includes 6 steps. as shown in the table below. this creational process is represented by the walking the shock are concrete events required to keep this abstract process go- path of the six solid straight lines. The Do at the apex of this triangle represents the hexad. also referred to as a Holy or Sacred union.

The number 12 represents this essence of the nearby corner of the inner triangle. while man is at 24 (of Mi). in which the parts are the hours. Within the Enneagram. However. Now lines with the doted lines of the inner triangle. this corresponds to Day 10 Capricornus Water Goat ∇ Earth ∇ 5 of the Creation. parted unity. In the first chapter of Genesis. a quartet of hexads. Wanting 4 Is my will strong enough? ∇ Being ~ 5 Do I get the most out of myself? No. which is indeed two octaves lower than 6. and a negative yang face. Latin English Gender Energy Type Being ~ 6 Do I stay loyal to my core values? 1 Aries Ram ∆ Fire ∇ Knowing ∆ 7 What does my inner knowing say? 2 Taurus Bull ∇ Earth ~ Knowing ∆ 8 What do I want to learn? 3 Gemini Twins ∆ Air ∆ Arranging ∆ 9 What do I contribute to the whole? 4 Cancer Crab ∇ Water ∇ Arranging ∆ 10 Do I accept my responsibility? 5 Leo Lion ∆ Fire ~ Releasing ~ 11 Can I transcend myself? 6 Virgo Maiden ∇ Earth ∆ Releasing ~ 12 Which longing is arising? 7 Libra Scales ∆ Air ∇ 8 Scorpius Scorpion ∇ Water ~ At the level of Mi meaning microcosm. God (meaning Sol or Helios) is at 6. Wanting ∇ 3 Do I really want this? sented by a specific constellation of stars. This means that a natural day is an example 24- The table above shows these constellations of the Zodiac. dozen. each repre. we find a quartet of trinities: one for two of these 24 faces dominates human consciousness at this level. astrology shows that fate is caused by the movements of the Exploring ∇ 2 How does it affect me? heavenly bodies through the 12 houses of the Zodiac.At the level of Fa meaning Fata of fate. we find the creation of the main question reflects this crossing of the activity of the line with the dozen. each type of cosmic energy. we find the creation of a 24- 9 Sagittarius Archer ∆ Fire ∆ parted unity. a we can see what he meant. each constellation is known by its original Latin name. which is a twelve-parted unity. a positive yin face. the duality of Within the 12 constellations. Each of these 24 faces. we have no single word to refer to 11 Aquarius Water Bearer ∆ Air ~ this wholeness of 24. In the cases of Scorpio and Capricorn. these 24 faces of the microcosm. this original name has been slightly modi. as shown in the table below. or 12 Pisces Fishes ∇ Water ∆ an octave of trinities. In general. The table below shows Next to both cosmic energies mentioned before (Fire and Water). there are a dozen crossings of straight. Unfortunately. To be more Exploring ∇ 1 What do I have in mind? precise. In the first chapter of Genesis. Line Activity Corner No. Based on the moment of birth. each of the 12 constellations has both fied by removing the ‘us’ at the end (and adding an ‘o’ or nothing). On each crossing. which is a double dozen. is present the table above shows two more cosmic energies: Earth and Air. Main Question Astrology shows us that fate is written in the stars. this corresponds to Day 4 of the Creation. we do find 24 hours within a period of a natural day. 16 Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation 17 . solid Pythagoras said that (normal) man is two octaves below God. within every human. At the level of the microcosm.

an octave of hexads. 3 Gemini I think I think not 4 Cancer I feel I feel not Zodiac Sign 1st Decan 2nd Decan 3rd Decan 5 Leo I want I want not Aries skull migraine concentration 6 Virgo I analyze I analyze not Taurus nose throat ears 7 Libra I balance I balance not Gemini smell lungs speak 8 Scorpio I desire I desire not Cancer skin body fat touch 9 Sagittarius I see I see not Leo heart blood circulation 10 Capricorn I use I use not Virgo appetite stomach digestion 11 Aquarius I know I know not Libra metabolism bowels excrement 12 Pisces I believe I believe not Scorpio sexuality genitals hormones Sagittarius farsightedness eyes nearsightedness At the level of Re meaning Regina or Regent. two of these Ara The Altar Eridanus The River chromosomes are gender chromosomes. we have no single word to refer to this Pisces concentration nerves reflexes wholeness of 48. A decan is the division of the full period of a Corvus The Crow Serpens The Serpent Zodiac sign (of 30 degrees of arc) into three equally long periods (of Crater The Cup Triangulum The Triangle Cygnus The Swan Ursa Major The Big Bear each 10 degrees of arc). No. The table below Piscis Austrinus The Southern Fish Perseus The Hero Perseus shows the bodily locations of these diseases. diseases start to surface. We find a close example of this 48-parted unity in the Constellation Meaning Constellation Meaning humane genome. we find the creation of Capricorn spine bones joints a 48-parted unity. and they are not doubled Argo Navis The Boat Argo Hercules The Hero Hercules into a pair in each human’s genome. or 16 trinities. In total. The table below shows the corresponding disease for each decan 2 Taurus I have I have not per Zodiac sign. Andromeda The Chained Lady Draco The Dragon Aquila The Eagle Equuleus The Little Horse there are 24 different human chromosomes. However. This relation is based on the three decanates (or decans for Corona Borealis The Northern Crown Sagitta The Arrow short) per Zodiac sign. which is a quartet of dozens. The second decan corresponds to the day numbers from 1 to 18 Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation 19 . we can say that the people who Delphinus The Dolphin Ursa Minor The Small Bear were born on the day numbers of 21 and higher belong to the first decan. Zodiac Sign ∇ ∆ 10. The remaining day numbers (11 up to 20) belong to the third de- 1 Aries I am I am not can. human existence has dropped below this base level. Cepheus The King Pegasus The Winged Horse ance for a longer period. Again. A lunatic is innerly off balance. ruled Canis Major The Big Dog Lupus The Wolf by Regent Luna. Cassiopeia The Queen Ophiuchus The Serpent Bearer Centaurus The Centaur Orion The Hunter Orion tics. this corresponds to Aquarius arms legs movement Day 6 of the Creation. based on the moment of Corona Australis The Southern Crown Cetus The Whale birth. By remaining innerly off bal. Canis Minor The Small Dog Lyra The Lyre We can refer to humans at this sub base level of existence as luna. which consists of pairs of chromosomes. In the first chapter of Genesis. Auriga The Charioteer Hydra The Water Serpent The level of Mi from microcosm (ruled by Mother Terra) is the Boötes The Herdsman Lepus The Hare base level for human existence. At the level of Re from Regina. Roughly.

Omni is the God of the seventh heaven (Do). at the circumference of the other circle. 20 Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation 21 . governing God. These 36 level. The result of connecting ness) and yang (light). The essence of this tri- In the sixth heaven (Si). Each circle’s heart is everything. I refer to this God as Tao. also con- heaven (La) is Hunab K’u. That is why Vesica Piscis is the name 5 La the Milky Way’s core Hunab K’u 3 of that ancient symbol. The table below shows this hierarchy of Gods. The pointy oval in the middle of the geometric shape Heaven Tone Governing God Name Faces is called a vesica. By extending both (membrane) 7 Do Wholeness Omni 1 lines on one side a little longer. circular shape is the triangle. the sun Helios is the primary Creator. 4 Sol the sun Helios 6 3 Fa Jupiter Zeus 12 The geometry at the level of La from Lactea or Hunab 2 Mi the earth Terra 24 K’u. This is the one and Each level of the Ray of Creation has its own primary Creator or only circle of level 1. At the highest level. God. The circle represents the oneness. In the second heaven (Mi). consists of two circles. we find the initiator of the Ray of Creation. the shape of a fish (or pis- 6 Si Duality Tao 2 ces in Latin) appears.3 The Geometry of Creation on top of the 12 astrological constellations that correspond to the 12 The geometry at the level of Do from Dominus or The Lord signs of the Zodiac (presented at the level of Fa from Fata or Fate). visible from the northern hemisphere (in total. In the same way.At the level of Re (ruled by Regent Luna) there are 36 extra decans. meaning the whole of of the Duality. consists of three circles. and wholeness of everything. I therefore refer to the God on this level as Zeus. which is the name the Ancient Greeks gave to this giant gas planet. unity. cumferences cross over each other In the fourth heaven (Sol). The table above shows these 36 extra astrological constellations. we find the (lunatic) hell of the first ‘heaven’ ruled note that these 36 extra (astrological) constellations of stars are only by Regent Luna. astrology distin- guishes 88 different star constellations). (with just three straight lines) results in The heavenly bodies surrounding Terra are the rulers in the third an equilateral triangle. Below the hu- extra decans correspond to 36 extra constellations of stars. The Mayan name for the reigning God of the fifth triangle. The largest of them (apart from Helios) is Jupiter. is a perfect circle. our Mother planet Terra is the primary Creator. the God of the Trinity. which corresponds to the human base on top of the 12 Zodiac signs (resulting in a total of 48). Please man base level. heaven (Fa). referring to the (beating) heart of the necting the six points where two cir- Milky Way. the God have given to this Unmoved Mover is Omni. The name I The geometry at the level of Si from Sidera or Tao. the reigning God is the Creator of yin (dark. 1 Re the moon Luna 48 Each circle’s heart is at the crossing of the circumfer- ence of both other circles. 1. representing both the hearts of these three circles with straight lines is an equilateral yin and yang.

we also find a shape of 13 adja- tetrahedrons. there are 19 ring (of level 2½). Ring Level 1 1½ 2 2½ 3 3½ 4 4½ 5 gon is like the shadow of the three. since it is half on top of the first ring of level 1. and drawing a circle ex- a perfect outer ring. the By drawing 12 ‘leafs’ within each of these circles God of the Hexad. as this female shock. This is the ring on level 1½. Within this geometry of the 61 cir- tegrating two mirrored cles. corresponding to the geometry of Fa (of ring level number 2). This new circles of which 18 form a new outer outer ring is on level 2. is the ancient symbol of the Seal of Solomon. This two-dimensional form of the hexa. Outer Circles 1 6 12 18 24 36 36 54 48 dimensional cube. ing of 6 circles. Flower of Life. all touching the hearts of a figure to the left shows the geometry of circle from the previous outer ring (of 6). or Solomon is like the Mother Terra – has an outer ring of shadow of the three. Connecting the hearts Ring level number 1 corresponds to the geometry of Do. the star tetrahedron. At the ge- of these six outer circles. having in total 37 shown in the figure on the left. 24 circles (at level 3). as shown in the figure to the left. also known as the Star of David. we saw a new outer ring (of level number 1½) consist- the shape of the prefect hexagon. we find the incoming shock. we get another an- level 1 is fully enclosed by the six surrounding cient symbol. This fascinating symbol is called the circles. also called the Total of Circles 1 7 19 37 61 97 133 187 235 hexahedron. results in ometry of Sol. which results from in. The two- dimensional shape of The geometry at the level of Mi from this ancient Seal of microcosm – the Goddess Gaia. The following prefect outer ring consists of 12 cir- To me. cent circles in three straight lines. all touching the heart of this first circle. as shown in dimensional shape of the figure to the right. The geometry at the level of Sol or Helios. Tone Do Sol Fa ∇ Mi Re The geometry at the level of Fa from Fata or Between the tone of Fa and the tone of fate – the God Zeus – has a new outer ring Mi. The of 12 circles. circles at the geometry of Fa. 22 Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation 23 . this perfect hexagon is a cles. The shape that results from cutting all vesica pisces in the second ring (of level 1½) into half. consists of six circles forming of the geometry of Fa. In total. fascinating geometric shape. The original circle (of Do) at actly around these 19 circles.

Also the Cube of Metatron has this outer shape. Connecting the hearts wards. Surfaces : 4 6 8 12 20 Sides : 6 12 12 30 30 Angles : 4 8 6 20 12 Tetrahedron Hexahedron Octahedron Dodecahedron Icosahedron 24 Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation 25 . This means that the hexagon is an essential two-dimensional shape. these shapes are called Platonic solids. solid shapes. we find at the outer boundaries the shape of the hexagon. two-dimensional shape of Creation. and angels. The hexagon The geometry at the level of Re from Regina – the Goddess Regent is the basic. The next paragraph discusses this special cube in more detail.4 Geometry of Wholeness There are five three-dimensional shapes consisting of identical sur- faces.representing the three orthogonal axis of space (or time). 1. We of all 13 circles result in another fascinating drawing called the Cube find this fascinating shape also in the structure of honeycombs. Luna – has 48 circles in the outer ring (of level 5) of in total 235 cir- cles. The figure In all geometric shapes from the creational level of Sol and down- below on the left accentuates these 13 circles. The figure below on the right shows this Cube of Meta- tron. of Metatron. as show in the figure below. three-dimensional. As homage to the Ancient Greek Plato. sides. The table below shows these five perfect. The next paragraph shows how the two-dimensional shadows of all fundamental thee- dimensional shapes are present in the Cube of Metatron.

we can find both tetrahedrons in the Cube of Metatron. symbolized exactly twice bigger than the small shape. we can find the defining lines of the two-dimensional shadows sphere. and on the right hand side the two-dimensional shadow of the male Merkabah (yang). which is the pyramid shape. the star tetrahedron is completely in balance. with the upper half of the shape of the octahedron. we find the same Golden Ratio between the side lengths of both drawings. Now. we will discuss this Golden Ratio. also the shadows of the decahedron (on the left hand side) and the icosa- hedron (on the right hand side) are visible in the Cube of Metatron. Both the big bah. In the figure below. Most people are familiar by φ). we see on the left hand side the two- cube and the small one are easy to find. Again. 26 Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation 27 . The figure below shows the hexahedron for the three-dimensional shape of the star tetrahedron is the Merka- (or cube). dimensional shadow of the female Merkabah (yin). which is the most well-known wholly solid. Equally easy. Also the star tetrahedron is present in the Cube of Metatron. In order to also show the remaining two Platonic solids. The ratio of the side lengths of the small cube versus the big cube is The figures below depict both octahedrons. Within a tron. we need to draw a few auxiliary lines. With the aid of these additional lines. Another word of all five Platonic solids. the big shape is exactly 1: φ (later on.By accenting some of the connecting heart lines of the Cube of Meta.

However. we saw the outline of the process of Creation. In the same way. there is World No. 2. three-dimensional reality. About one century before Plato. also the small ver- sions of both Platonic solids can be found. that resulted in our present-day. 2. Because of the flowing nature of everything in World No. In Plato’s cave. The next chapters will elaborate on this in more details. only shadows exist. They only know World No. Plato Revisited Plato lived about 24 centuries ago in the region we now call Greece. the Shadow World. 3.) also flows. They cannot see how the objects held in front of the fire project black shapes on the cave wall. introductory chapter. In their shown in the figures below. chained prisoners believe that the projected sha- dows are real forms. This is the Flow World. 28 Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation 29 . Heraclitus summarized this with his famous words “panta rhei”. 3. Perhaps his best-known legacy is the Allegory of the Cave. 2. Before the galanty show of the Shadow World. everything in the projected Shadow World (No. the overall reality is much larger than this. The continuous flow in the second or inner world causes the perpetual movement of the mani- fested shadows in the third or outer world. In this.

By definition. we first need to ergetic movements. space however. regular nodes emerge. Matter is projected energy. Only with harmonic ratios. In this graphical representation. then we will start to understand the origin of (the illusion of) matter. After two cycles of the faster wave (and one cycle of the slower never stand still. These shared null points are called nodes. Plato tried to show that matter is like a tation of energetic movement. The shorter the wavelength. these waves also have a shared null point in the middle. we find the meaningful code of eve. Just like a shadow. and energy is vitalized code. we distinguish all three dimension. The picture rything in the overall reality. the same direction. we experience time and When we combine both wave patterns into one graph. The upper one moves twice as fast as the lower understand the nature of energy. The picture below on the left hand side shows the ener- getic movement in two of these di- mensions. It can one. The same happens In general. energy flows. we see that space. Please note that we cannot perceive or detect energy directly. The amplitude of this wave represents the amount of energy. both waves synchronously pass through the zero point from this continuously flowing movement of en. spirally (according to our experience of time and space). In this Shadow World. What we call one-dimensional movement. we see that energy moves the Source World. The picture below shows two en- In order to understand why matter is like a shadow. The denotation for this energetic movement is oscillation or vibration. This is the first harmonic ratio of the octave. the ratio of the quint. while the wavelength shows how fast this energy moves. The sine wave describes wave). For matter is in fact an energetic node (a seemingly fixed shadow). Only when we understand the harmonics of energy. shadow. the faster is the movement. just as Plato explained with his Allegory of the Cave. This is By including also the third dimension. ones at the beginning and ending of one wavelength of the slowest wave. 1. 2) originates from World No. In this core. matter is a (holographic) projection.The inner Flow World (No. which is 2:3. we experience time as a with a vibrating string between to two fixed points. together with while the energetic amplitude creates our experience of space. The figure below shows another harmonic ratio. Let us again place experienced space on the vertical axis. time becomes circular. and experi- enced time on the horizontal axis. The vibrational ratio between these two waves is 1:2. ergy. After three cycles of the faster wave (and two cy- 30 Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation 31 . We can only see shadows of energy. above on the right hand side shows this three-dimensional represen- With this allegory. The energetic wavelength creates our experience of time.

The journey inwards did not stop at the level of protons. 2.cles of the slower wave). On stepping further down the road of finding the Each of these three harmonic ratios repeatingly create three nodes: (hard) core of matter. neutrons and electrons. which is 3:4. A molecule is the smallest particle that still possesses all the characteristic features of the whole. The figure below shows the third harmonic ratio. In the quest cles of the slower wave). and one at the end. modern science thought atoms were the most elementary units. consisting of positrons (which are anti-electrons). antiprotons and antineutrons. universities started to ratio of the quart. This is true on each zero point from the same direction. both waves synchronously pass through the to find these elementary pellets. the division of molecules resulted in even smaller particles. cules. turned out to be inappropriate. both waves synchronously pass through the The illusion of matter only occurs in the nodes. modern science also discovered antimatter. university scholars first found mole- zero point. the division of these three subatomic particles one at the beginning. level. Let us now investigate this illusion of matter a little further. For a long time. ranging from entities as small as subatomic particles to those as large as clusters of galaxies. called atoms. For instance. atoms resulted in a nucleus of protons and neutrons surrounded by orbiting electrons. The shells of electrons and the orbits of planets are nodes in a cosmic symphony of energetic waves. The word atom means ‘indivisible’. the In trying to understand what matter really is. since a further division of monic ratio. This meaning The shared null point in the middle is also present in this third har. Later. After four cycles of the faster wave (and three cy- look for the smallest building blocks of these shadows. In total. one in the middle. both waves have a shared null point in the middle. however. Next. resulted in quarks.1 The Illusion of Matter Again. modern science has identified six types 32 Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation 33 . a water molecule consists of two hydro- gen atoms and one oxygen atom.

scholars believe to be ‘energy’. Though gravitons. ion. does not exist as a single point. no real explanations for this behavior. This ongoing exploration. this image is mis. as is described in the ancient scrip. because weighs 100 protons. sider the theory of postulated forces and particles to be more science modern science postulated the existence of particles called photons. Modern science invented these hypothetical. By doing so. wave properties.(or flavors) of quarks. This ence only focuses on the outer world of shadows. Yet modern science neglects or ignores the critical explora- In order to describe the behaviour of matter down to subatomic tion of these origins. the electromagnetic force gives matter strength. It excommunicates anyone who does not believe in the so-called tons and neutrons within a nucleus. and the weak nuclear force. science. Ancient science explored the origins of the levels. and hardness. It is clearly impos- means that an electron is not a tiny little pellet. description of the mediation of the weak nuclear force. a particle can tures found in India. In order to mediate this electromagnetic force. To explain a shadow. because it is actu. science is fiction. the electromagnetic force. ally but a superficial projection of deeper realities. is in fact just a shadow of real en- sponsible for the structure of atoms and chemical reactions between ergy. the strong combines the insights of ancient science with the findings of modern nuclear force. 34 Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation 35 . However. Matter can thus be Modern science also discovered that all particles also exhibit considered an illusion. An electron. we need to know what projects it. Wholly Science forces: the gravitational force. However. however. but an orbiting cloud sible to explain shadows without referring to the origin of these with a negative charge. understanding the Flow World. protons and neutrons (or even quarks) Close examination of the theory of modern science on the nature of we think of matter as tiny little pellets. called gluons. modern science which are collectively called antiquarks. be viewed as a particle or as a wave. is all in vain. A boson in contrast. but not both simultaneously. science postulated the existence of particles called gravitons. hoping that the journey into the heart of mat. In order to mediate this weak nuclear force. charm. has so much mass that it out- The quest for the smallest particle is a never-ending journey. what university The electromagnetic force describes the attraction and repulsion re. modern science postulated the existence of four non-contact physical world within a framework of shadows. 2). fiction than science fact. matter shows that it only describes the behavior of matter. modern overall reality. That is why I con- shape. and offers leading. strange. down. Each of these also has its negative counterpart. The weak nuclear force is responsible for the transmutation of top. This is because modern sci- but travels around the nucleus in a cloud known as an orbital. Matter only exists in the Shadow World (World No. for example. By using words like electrons. quarks. Matter is an illusion. In order to mediate this gravitational force. Material shadows are projected by energetic flows. 3). shadows. postulated forces. Universities have turned science into relig- The strong nuclear force describes the attraction between the pro. which are called: up. photons and gluons are postulated as particles. Because of the wave–particle duality. Without atoms. Energy exists only in the Flow World (World No. massless particles only to explain the mediation of three of the four ter will stop there. and bottom. In order to mediate this strong forces of nature and its denominated particles as a blasphemous here- nuclear force. tiny quarks into pieces. Modern science now uses very expensive equipment to smash these they have no mass. postulated the emission and absorption of particles called bosons. or maya. The gravitational force describes the attraction of a smaller mass Wholly science starts with understanding the three worlds of by a larger mass. All this mass is theoretically required for the matter does not really exist. modern science postulated the existence of particles tic.

the Shadow World is the world of Hunab K’u. The circle (or the sphere) symbolizes the reality. the God of the Trinity. In the third and outer shadowy circle. we find the duality of yin and yang.2 Harmonic Numbers As the previous chapter showed. This is the tone Si from Sedera. we find the trin- ity in everything that exists (as a temporary shadow). 3). a single thinking 36 Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation 37 . The Source World is the world of the Lord. Wholly Science is the study of the Next. the God of the Duality. The figure be- low shows the essence of these three concentric circles. By rediscovering the fundamental insights known in ancient science.The objective of this book is to free mainstream science from its nar- row-minded dogmas. The figure below depicts the essence of each of three concentric circles of reality in an identifying symbol. When we understand the Whole of Reality including the worlds before (or beyond) the Shadow World. In the second circle around this core. as beyond our ‘normal’ world (World No. a Wholly Science will emerge. the God of the Oneness. The symbol of oneness represents the inner circle of the Source World. In order to under- stand the essence of oneness in the Source Word. then we become fa- miliar with the origin of everything that some consider to be Holy or Sacred. This is the tone Do from Dominus. It originates from the su. The square (or the cube) symbolizes our understanding of this reality. pernatural or metaphysical world beyond the common. 2. The Flow World is the world of Tao. This is the tone La from Lactea. shadowy world. shown in the next figure. we can use the contrast between black and white to stress the (harmonic) process of Creation. Thirdly. Holy or Sacred means that it is from dynamics between yin and yang in these identifying symbols.

Of the Flow World. in order to fully understand the essence of the trinities in the Shadow Word. and geometry. and Fire). Under the bottom line. This is the number of the com- bined wholly and semitones within the unity of an octave. Perhaps that is the reason why the hexagon is such a fundamental shape in the process of Creation. By adding up 4 and 9. will come back fre- quently in the following chapters. five energies. The following chapter will discuss this in full detail. However. we require four thinking squares. these are the squares on the same ‘scale’ as the corresponding circles. we require nine thinking squares. as we saw earlier. the numerical essence of the Shadow World is 3. To- The figure above shows these thinking squares corresponding to the gether with the four types of energy three concentric circles of reality. Also here. Air. each corresponding to a type of energy (Earth. This number equals a trinity of hexads (that is: 6 6 6. These are for instance the ciphers 1 up 9. Both the summation as the multiplication of these three numbers is 6. Thirdly. The figure below shows these from the Flow World. we can use the contrast between black and white to stress the dynamics between yin and yang in these identifying symbols. have you ever heard of this number before?) or both a yin and a yang Enneagram. Wholly Science studies har- everything in the shadowy reality corresponds to one of these nine mony based on three pillars: numbers. Numerology shows us that the essence of As stated at the beginning of this book. Thirdly. These are the same ciphers we saw earlier around the ancient numerical essence of the Source World is 1. numerical essence is 2. in order to fully understand the dy- namics of the duality in the Flow Word. this symbol of the Enneagram. wich origi- nates from the Source World. The next chapter discusses a fifth type of energy (Aether). we get 13. 38 Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation 39 . casting the five ele- ments as their shadows in the outer ring of reality. Water. The ciphers. All the numbers mentioned in the above figure. we find the total of 18. music.square is sufficient. as shown in the next figure.

the inward spiraling motion phases. The ancient-science reference to Air fits tics of the flow. Earth and Air indicate that these two symbols represent the inner Exactly in the middle of the apple. spiral. Next. tion of each phase. The horizontal inner lines in the ancient symbols for down along this apple shape. changes into spiraling outwards. This matches with what ancient World. Fourthly. To distinguish between inwards and outwards spiraling energy. I use a white (meaning positive) trian- gle pointed down (meaning inwards). At the end of the inner outward spiraling movement. at the end of the outer outward The essence of the inner world of ener. the energy  reverses into an outer inward spiraling motion towards the outer cen- tre of the apple. brings energy in and represents a positive charge. the first phase is the World. In order to understand the Flow inner inward spiraling movement. The outward spiraling (away from the centre) called yang. gies is that energies always flow. This very center of the energetic apple is the null point (or zero point). shows this ‘apple’. which has been kept secret since the beginning. Finally. sends energy out and represents a negative charge. Starting at the apple’s top. To symbolize the yin movement. The inward spiraling (towards the center) called yin. the the right) perfectly match the direc- energy spirals upwards. The Forbidden Apple of Knowledge outward spiraling motion. the outer inward Genesis refers to the hidden nature of spiraling phase corresponds to the concept of Water in ancient sci- energetic flow as the Forbidden Apple of ence. and the outgoing as clockwise. That is The Forbidden Apple of Knowledge shows four different phases why I call the world of energies the Flow of spiraling energy. All energy spirals up and below shows. as the figure tinuously spiraling energy. science refers to as Earth. This is an infinite flow of con. I use a black (meaning negative) tri- angle pointed up (meaning outwards). The Bible’s book of with the inner outward spiraling movement. While passing this equator. the science (as shown in the figure to energy spirals downwards. the concept of Fire in ancient science refers to the Knowledge. we need to know the characteris. In the apple’s outer part. the movement changes back into an inner inward spiral. When we assume the perspec- tive of this null point. which we could refer to as the apple’s equator. The figure to the right outer outward spiraling phase. we perceive the incoming spiral as counter clockwise. The symbols used by ancient In the inner part of the apple-shaped movement. ancient science uses the con- cepts of yin and yang. the energy changes again into an outer 3. To symbolize the yang movement. 40 Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation 41 .

All these scribed in the previous chapter. electric energy describes the transfer of charges between For more than a century. and electric energy are shadows of the four phases Modern science postulates four different forces of nature. magnetic energy. mag- Theory of Everything. the four types of energy described by modern science phenomena are of the Shadow World.The spiraling movement of energy has no beginning and no ending. Modern Science Ancient Science Wholly Science The inner energy movement of going inwards (Earth) clearly Kinetic Energy Earth Motion of Matter matches the effect of gravity. just Electric Energy Fire Transfer between Matter as the energetic spiral movement of Water is. matter. as de. The figure below shows the four phases of the weak nuclear force are both aspects of a single force they called infinitely spiraling energy plotted on the shape of the symbol for in. and not of the Flow World (World No. Fourthly. chemical energy. electromagnetic radiation Chemical Energy Air Structure of Matter matches with the inner energy movement of going outwards (Air). modern science unsuccessfully tried to con. Ancient science distinguishes be. also referred to as the Grand Unified Theory netic energy describes the attraction and repulsion between particles. the weak nuclear force is oriented away from the centre. causing the phenomenon of decay result from the continuous interaction between yin and yang. 2). the electroweak force. ‘energies’ describe in fact phenomena related to matter. In the same way. Kinetic en- tween four types of energy. They are descriptions of shadow effects of the outer world (World No. This (meaning disintegration). caused by outward spiraling energies (called yang in ancient sci- ence). Ancient science reveals that all phenomena (in the Shadow World) getic spiral movement of Fire. dual nature shows itself clearly in both poles of magnetic of electric 42 Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation 43 . 3). becomes easily clear. Fourth and finally. Some modern scientists believe that the electromagnetic force and Energy spirals infinitely. (GUT) or simply Theory of Everything (ToE). Kinetic energy. In fact both ‘forces’ refer to shadow effects finity (∞). Modern Science Ancient Science Wholly Science Gravitational Force Earth Inner Inward Electromagnetic Force Air Inner Outward Strong Nuclear Force Water Outer Inward Weak Nuclear Force Fire Outer Outward This means that the four forces of modern science are not really forces. Chemical energy both are the same. Next. The hypothesis of Wholly Science is that ergy refers to the ability of matter to move. Next. By doing so. Wholly Science combines modern knowledge emerges from the structural arrangement of atoms or molecules. of spiraling energy (as summarized in the table below). just as the ener. struct such an overall theory. the strong nuclear force is oriented towards the centre. I hope that modern scientists are able to upgrade their thinking to the level of Wholly Science. Magnetic Energy Water Interaction between Matter Thirdly. This with ancient wisdom. the outline for the Grand Unified means that nuclear energy is a kind of chemical energy.

Therefore. each corre- Father Fire sponding to a different heaven. and Water and Earth both yin energies. as the next chapter on the dynamics of time will show. Father who art in Heaven’ is actually an homage to the yang ener. In the case of nuclear or atomic energy. and Fire. As this gospel is not part of the 1 Re Luna solid Earth Bible. this fore). These are the Forbidden Apple of Knowledge also shows that Fire and Air are both larger. For chemical energy. since the prayer that starts with the words ‘our small black circle) and Earth (the small white circle). no duality creates the difference between fusion and fission. The symbol of the Tao shows that the big black drop (Fire) disap- gies. The symbol of the Tao therefore that Fire and Air are the two yang energies honored by the prayer of shows the spiraling dynamic of the Forbidden Apple of Knowledge. we find another example of the shadows created by the four Reference Energy Nature Sign phases of spiraling energy in the four states of matter. out of the small black system. This means over into the big black drop (Fire). while Tzol’kin. it creates the difference between im. we also use 44 Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation 45 . Next. This means that Water and Earth are the yin and yang within kinetic energy. as shown in the table below. Electric Energy Positive Pole Negative Pole The well-known symbol of Tao (the God of Si) also captures the four The Forbidden Apple of Knowledge shows the correct sequence of phases of spiraling energy. Our Mother in this prayer refers to our mother planet called Terra. This brings us circles represent the smaller inner movement of Air (the again to the Bible. Our Mother Terra consists mostly of water. The same sequence is also present in the fectly in balance in this ancient symbol of Tao. Next. The the white lower part represents Water. which literally means ‘Mother Terra’ (as said be- plosion and explosion. Both small yang energies. the name of Gaia. To address her. Without water. two yin energies honored by the prayer of our Mother who art in Earth. Similarly. Father Helios (full of plasma) represents the yang energy of hole (Air) the big white drop (Water) appears. yang is represented by a single long line Chemical Energy Implosion Explosion (similar to the sign for negative: -). life is possible on Terra. few people know of this prayer. Heaven refers to the yang energy of Air. our Father who art in Heaven. Air. The black upper part Zodiac (as we saw before) and in the Mayan calendar called the in this symbol as shown to the left represents Fire. Our Father refers to Father Helios. Fourthly. Modern Science Yin Yang In the (64) hexagrams (meaning ‘six lines’) of the I Ching (the Kinetic Energy Gravitation Levitation ancient Book of Changes). the difference between gravitation and levitation is the expression of Earth simply refers to Earth. the central sun in our solar pears in the small white hole (Earth). our Mother refers to Water. The white yin and the black yang are per- Earth. Finally.current. Heaven Air Yang  Mother Water heaven tone God state energy Earth Earth Yin −− 4 Sol Helios plasma Fire 3 Fa Zeus gas Air The Essene Gospel of Peace contains a prayer that starts with the 2 Mi Terra liquid Water words ‘our Mother who art in Earth’. outer movements of spiraling energy. that gradually turns Fire. and yin by two short lines (just as Magnetic Energy South Pole North Pole the sign for positive constitutes of two lines: +). Water.

which means an oscillation these metadimensions in itself is also a trinity. but cycli- Identity = function ( Space . time consists of three cycles: a daily cycle. time. we can define each of these three metadimensions as a function of both others: Just like space and identity. Identity ) dimensions. The period directly after noon is called afternoon and lasts change from 3D via 4D to 5D. 2). and top ∆ or bottom). as the remaining of this paragraph of space. shadowy phenomena originate. time. The four phases of spiraling energy are clearly present in our experi- ence of daily time. there is nothing. The interaction between sciousness. Everything in our holographic Shadow World is subjective by nature This period matches the energetic phase of Earth. we need to understand from where these will explain. Time ) cal. time also has three defining Space = function ( Time . Therefore. and light is the identity. soul. each human is a trinity of body. corresponding to our soul. Each of We know that everything is a vibration. as the table below shows. tity. In the same way. until sunset. neu- Depth Year Soul ∇ trons and electrons. Above the awareness Shadow World). also known as our spirit. The projected Shadow World (World No. space. each of these subatomic particles is a trin- Height Aeon Spirit ity of three quark orientations (up or down.1 Dynamics of Time vibrational Density. The morning pe- since the observing identity is a defining metadimension of that very riod from sunrise until noon (or midday) matches the energetic phase same reality. and identity. where the D stands for Dimension. lasting twelve aeons. we find the level of our these three metadimensions creates the experience of reality (in the sub-consciousness. will discuss this in more detail. To me. and spirit. an identity. Night is the period from midnight until sunrise. Below. a Everything in the Shadow World is a projection from the dynamics yearly cycle. we find the level of our super- a conscious identity. Let us take a closer look at the three metadimensions of our reality. This period matches the energetic phase of Water. a moment in time and a place in space. The body corresponds with the level of our common con- All three metadimensions are essential. or time. the ‘D’ therefore stands for 3. Each atom is a trinity of protons. and iden- three dimensions. modern science uses the speed of light. Experiencing reality in the Shadow World requires level of our (common) consciousness. In fact. we 46 Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation 47 . Many people believe that our (shadowy) world will of Air. in which all projections have a similar degree of density. Width Day Body ~ Each identity is a trinity. time. This speed is of course space Space Time Identity Type divided by time. strange or charm. In order to understand the nature large cycle. and identity (which is again a trinity). Next. In order to have a point of reference in our subjective reality. and a very in the Flow World (World No. 3) has three metadimen- sions: space. Without consciousness. To measure this vibration. While some actually do think that this means the birth of additional Fourthly. the evening period from sunset until sunrise matches the orthogonal directions. I see these ‘dimensions’ as frequency domains energetic phase of Fire. and has therefore frequency. Identity ) linear like space. we need space. Time is not Time = function ( Space . Underneath this common level.

In full daily circle. 48 Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation 49 . the second round corresponds to the outer spi- raling phases of Water and Fire. Sunlight also rules the yearly experience of time. the sunlight rhythm rules the experience of time on a daily basis. the length of the lightness meridiem. In order to determine the time of day. The rotation of Mother Terra around her vertical axis causes the ex- perience of the four phases of a natural day. Both at the These are the twelve hours before (or ante in Latin) vernal equinox and the autumnal equinox. we find the equinoxes. ‘pm’ means post (meaning after) meridiem. The first round represents the inner spiraling phases of Earth and Air. The period from midday until midnight also lasts twelve hours. The relative position of this identity on the rotating crust of Mother Terra related to the direction towards Father Helios determines the time of day for this identity on that location. there is maximum darkness and minimum lightness. and daily pe- riod from sunset until sunrise as darkness. Exactly in day. In fact. Next. The abbreviation of period and the length of the darkness period are precisely equal. Time is a function of space and identity. The Our clock divides the period from midnight until midday into twelve opposite is true for the day of the summer solstice. with a maximum hours. we need to know both the identity that experiences this time and the location in space of this identity. the analog clock goes round twice. the middle between both solstices. amount of lightness and a minimum amount of darkness. Let us refer to the daily period from sunrise until sunset as lightness. Meridiem is Latin for mid (meri) day (diem). abbreviated as ‘am’. The first hour starts at midnight and the twelfth ends at mid. At the day of the winter solstice. as stated in the beginning of this paragraph.

the background of stars behind Helios as seen from Terra’s surface. changes each day nearly one degree of arc. Air Morning Spring Water Afternoon Summer Fire Evening Autumn As Mother Terra orbits around Father Helios. day. Seen from this southern circle parallel to the equator. These four seasons is the day of maximum lightness on the southern hemisphere (and (each lasting 13 weeks) fully match with the four phases of spiraling maximum darkness on the northern hemisphere). and does not set in the summer. At noon on that energy. At noon on that day. Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces 50 Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation 51 . darkness on the southern hemisphere). to be precise). In the figure below. Helios is then Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer exactly in the zenith position. as shown in the table below.In a period of one full orbit of the rotating Mother Terra around (the At the opposite day of the annual orbit of Terra around Helios. the light from Father Helios shines perpendicular on the Tropic of Capricorn. This is the day of The twelve constellations also preserve the right sequence of the four maximum lightness on the northern hemisphere (and maximum energetic phases. The offi- cial name for this axial tilt is the obliquity of the ecliptic. Helios does not rise in the win- ter. the also rotating) Father Helios we experience four seasons due to this winter solstice marks the beginning of the period of Capricorn. the summer solstice marks the beginning of the period of Cancer. Terra’s axis of rotation makes an arc of nearly 23½ degrees with the ecliptic (23 degrees and 27 minutes. On those locations. Fire Earth Air Water Seen from this northern circle parallel to the equator. The twelve constellations of the Zodiac result from dividing the full circle of this background star view into seg- ments of thirty degrees each. In the figure below. Experienced from the northern hemisphere. This eternal ‘battle’ between lightness and darkness. Helios is at that Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio moment in time at the left hand side of Terra. The ecliptic is the two-dimensional plane of Terra’s orbit around Helios. the light from Father Helios shines perpendicular on the Tropic of Cancer. Energetic Phase Daily Phase Yearly Phase Helios is then exactly in the zenith position. as shown in the table below. except those with latitude beyond the polar circle. Because of this tilted axis. He- Earth Night Winter lios is at that moment in time at the right hand side of Terra. the experience of the daily alternation of darkness and lightness differs for all locations.

and the Holy Spirit. and the son of God. because the other semicircle is below our horizon. This orbital position is called the day of the winter solstice. At the same time. and every evening he sets in the west. Both Messiah and Christ mean ‘the anointed one’. At the day of both the vernal equinox and the autumnal equinox. the Sun about 250 kilometers per second) is to right hand side. the ball of Fire called Helios describes a semicircle largest semicircle. The beginning of the new year (on January 1st) Terra is about at In the picture below. and the ‘perihelion’. which we could also below. both positions of sunrise and sun- set crawl a little more to the south (as seen from the northern hemi- sphere. Therefore. By drawing a straight line from the three As we saw earlier. which refers to Many people mistakenly believe that Terra’s orbit around Helios is a the (local) ruler. So we can say that the God Hunab K’u is the Father of with the horizon marked exactly the location of the rising Helios (or Helios. and at the same time is He. Hunab K’u (being the beating heart of the stars (also known as the Three Kings) in the Belt of Orion through Milky Way) is the God on the level of Creation right above the level the star Sirius (which the Kings followed). where most of humanity lives). the direction of Helios’ movement (with an incredible speed call the Holy Spirit. From that day. the smallest semicircle we see during the her closest the point to Helios. That means that the Messiah (meaning the sun Helios) is the (re-) birth of Christ) on December 25th. this is the solstice. We do not precieve the other half of the full circle movement of Helios. This orbit actually has the shape of an egg. Helios rises marked with the plus sign (+). the sun Helios describes exactly the same (smallest) semicircle in the sky. the Messiah. Therefore. The sun is the son (of God). This means circle. lios our Father (who art in Heaven). is marked with the minus sign (-). Helios climbs a little less as high in the sky as the previous day. the crossing of that line of Helios. It takes Helios only seven natural days to cross that dis- 52 Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation 53 . is in the sky as seen from Terra’s surface. Helios is the ruler of our solar system. the Messiah rises three days. I refer to this (neutral) semicircle as the zero semicircle. on December 25th. because Helios is not in the center of that the sun Helios is the Christ. appearing on the day of the summer solstice. Neither is it an ellipse. In Latin. During a trinity of three natural hours. personalized version of this celestial dynamics. Every morning. Helios is the trinity of Father. which is 12 hours. the darkness is no longer gaining in strength. This shrink- ing semicircle causing darkness to increase and lightness to decrease is continuing until the winter solstice. this semicircle very gradu- ally keeps on shrinking. the visible a semicircle of Helios last exactly half a natural day. where sol means sun (as said up from the dead and starts to move higher in the sky every next day before) and stice means ‘standstill’. Every day after the autumnal equinox. (until the summer solstice). we could say that the Light-bringer or the Messiah (meaning the sun Helios) is dead for After being dead for three days. this orbit. In the picture And his sunlight is the healing plasma energy.Every day again. The biblical version is just a sun of God. In order to describe this yearly event. in the east.

which is a Fire sign. and autumn). the Great Autumn rotation axis. shortest season (which is the winter). 1 Great Year = 1 × 25. The Great Summer starts with the cycle is the tumbling movement of Terra’s Aeon of Scorpio. a full 360 degrees circle of the daily cycle takes nearly the same amount of time as a 1 During a full circle of the Great Year. The figure below in the direction of a bright star called Polaris shows the ordering of the twelve aeons in the cycle of a Great Year. the yearly dark period (of autumn and winter) is one week yearly circle. is an Earth sign. with an emphasis on the signs of the starting aeons per Great Season. Next. Fourthly. That is why the Great Year tumble is called the Preces- shorter than the yearly light period (of spring and summer).and aphelion) is 3. over to each of the twelve constellations. where her distance to Helios is the largest. which is an Air sign. The rotational direction of the Great Year tumble is the reverse of the In total. Dividing this full circle into There is a third cycle of time. the Great Spring starts with the Aeon of cle takes 72 years. after. meaning a reversed succession of the vernal year.3%. which is a Water sign. 12 Aeons = 12 × 2. which degree of arc progress in this Great Year cy.100. The extra day then occurs in the and autumnal equinoxes. evening. Six months after perihelion Terra in the constellation Lyra. The cause for this long Aquarius.160 Years winter. summer. about 13 millen. The difference between both distances (peri. reached the ‘aphelion’. (or the Pole Star). this difference is six days. Plato referred four quarters results in the four Great Seasons of three Aeons (or to this very long cycle as the Great Year. 4 Great Seasons = 4 × 6.480 Years = noon.920 Years = Our experience of time combines the daily cycle (of morning. nia ago the alignment of Terra’s axis of rota- tion was with another bright star called Vega 54 Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation 55 . In a leap sion of the Equinoxes. The Great Winter starts with the Aeon of Taurus. In this experience of time.000 kilometers). A 1 ages) each. Currently this axis points north starts with the Aeon of Leo. However. Terra’s axis of rotation bends degree of arc progress in the annual cycle. and night) with the annual cycle (of spring.tance (147.

Helios and Sirius. The Tzol’kin assigns each natural day to one of twenty Signs in a fixed sequence. We find the cause for this relative very slow wobbling in the orbit of Helios. Later on. Air. which is offi- Before. and cially called Sirius B. and it Now. The cause for the sec- ond dimension of time is Terra’s orbit around Helios. Terra’s tilted axis wobbles. since this star is accompanied by a white dwarf star. Terra is like tumbling humming top. In this third temporal dimension. The cause for the first dimension of time is the rotation of Terra around her own (tilted) axis. we see that this same correct sequence is present in the starting is the most brightest one we can see from the surface of Terra.2 The Clock of Giza The previous paragraph mentioned the third dimension of time. re- ferred to as the Great Year by Plato. 3. rica as Po Tolo). we saw that the essential sequence of Earth. we see the very same ordering in the Mayan calendar called the Tzol’kin. But what is the cause of this temporal dynamics. Water. That is Caban Etznab Cauac Ahau the reason our year starts on that moment. red white blue yellow Earth Air Water Fire Imix Ik Akbal Kan Crocodile Wind Night Seed Chicchan Cimi Manik Lamat Serpent Gate Deer Rabbit Muluc Oc Chuen Eb Offering Dog Monkey Grass Ben Ix Men Cib Reed Jaguar Eagle Owl On January 1st. Helios’ orbital movement is a result from Helios’ energetic dance with his bigger brother Sirius (officially called Sirius A. Terra is exactly in between Helios and Sirius. In the middle of this orbital circle there is no superstar. we will learn much more about the Mayan calendars. Sirius (A) is nearly the closest star to Helios. A half year later. Aeon of the Great Seasons. Seen from the surface 56 Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation 57 . we find Earthquake Flint Rainstorm Sunlight another alignment of Terra. as shown in the table be- low. We only find there empty space. literally meaning the count- ing (tzol) of natural days (kin). known by the Dogon People in northeast Af- Fire is present in the yearly ordering of the twelve constellations. In the period of the Great Year. In the third dimension of time. Below. Helios completes a full orbit.

which is Latin for the water carrier. time. That is the moment the semi-cycle of darkness in the The number 6 plays a mayor role in Great Year starts. Dividing 25. and the yearly time. I think that these numbers are simple and a man carrying a jar of references to the length of one sixth of the Great Year. During the dark half of this cycle. and wherever he enters.000 years Silver Great Summer water is a reference to Aquar- Satya Yuga 4 × 432. Helios and Sirius fully align on July 4th. there In Mark 14 we read: “And he are four types of Yuga. Egyptians had no knowledge of Sacred Geometry. multiples of six. the At that moment in the Great Year.320. starts. meaning of the Hebrew word Pasach (or Pesach). also the cycle of the house we will celebrate the Passover. The Powers That Be) tried to fully control life on this planet. To provide us in the present-day time with a clock that shows exactly The start of the Silver Age is like the summer solstice in the when we will re-enter the house of Aquarius. and the base length of each Yuga is 432. The man carrying a jar of Treta Yuga 3 × 432. the distance between Giza plateau in Egypt were built. Therefore.920 by 6 Also the Bible shows the rela- gives 4320. cle.000 years Bronze Great Autumn …”. the Golden Age starts with the Aeon of That is why both the 24 hours per day Aquarius. In this Just like the daily time. the dis- tance between Helios and Sirius is relatively small. understanding both time and space. as shown in the table below. symbolizing the rebirth of Darkness in the within the period of a Great Year is a Great Year. At the opposite position. That is why the The start of the Golden Age is like the vernal equinox in the yearly Founding Fathers of the United States of America selected that spe. the pyramids on the yearly time. The start of the Bronze Age is like the autumnal equinox in the yearly time. said to them. 58 Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation 59 . As we saw before. This number of 4320 help tion of the Aeon of Aquarius us to understand the amount of years and the relation with the light. However. we see the Bronze Age starts ples of six. This was done many thousands of Helios and Sirius is the closest. The total length of these four Yuga’s is sent two of his disciples and 4. At that moment in the Great Year. the distance between Helios and Great Pyramid is nowadays a classic example of the application of Sirius is the greatest. meaning first the Golden Age and then the Silver Age. which is the literal translation Great Year has four parts. The Ancient The start of the Iron Age is like the winter solstice in the yearly time. years before the first dynasty of a Pharaoh in Egypt. Dvapara Yuga 2 × 432. Great Year.000 years. water will meet you. Also the number of years with the Aeon of Leo. Follow him. Aquarius symbolizes the rebirth of Light in the and the 12 months per year are multi.of Terra.000 years. In total. exactly halfway the vesica piscis. What we then have ‘passed first the Bronze Age and then the Iron Age. we will (re-) enter the house of Aquarius in the year 2012. per type of Yuga mentioned in the Hindu philosophy. During the light half of this cy. Kali Yuga 1 × 432. the distance between over’ is the semi-cycle of Darkness in which the Pharaohs (meaning: Helios and Sirius is relatively great.000 years Iron Great Winter say to the master of the house. "Go into the city. That is the moment the semicycle of light in the Great Year cific day as the most important national day of celebration. According to my calculation.000 years Gold Great Spring ius.

Based on this unit. Most people scaling is no longer precisely this number. then the outcome is φ each endocrine glands corresponds to the working of a chakra. will be explained in one of the following chapters. since Terra is constantly know about the Great Pyramid. the locations of the chambers in the Great Pyramid. cubits to refer to their knowledge of the speed of light? We can find the proof of the π/6 meters length of a cubit in the Please note that the Pyramid Builders used the meter as a base for sizes of the Great Pyramid. However. Now we can understand the word Py-Ra-Mid. The scale they used was 1 : 43. The height of the Great Pyramid represents the average radius of the Pyramid Builders also knew about the chakra’s end the working Terra’s sphere. The cham- from the middle of a base side to the apex) by the bers in the Great Pyramid form a representation of the top three of length from the middle of a base side to the mid. The energetic function of dle of the pyramid’s base. cycle.200. actly the same as the speed of light (in vacuum). the Great Sphinx and two more growing (which is another fact the universities try to hide from us). This clearly means that the Ancient Egyptians did times 432 for this scale. The figure below shows a map 60 Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation 61 . then the divided π by the amount of six (meaning the hexad) to honor the sun result is 299. Also these loca- By dividing the hypotenuse (that is the length tions were thoughtfully chosen by the Pyramid Builders. When we subtract caught into a scientific determination. The Pyramid Builders that fits exactly around the Great Pyramid. and the original height was 280 cubit. These light is about 300 million meters per second. never repeats itself.7912558. Did the Pyramid Builders choose 440 between Dark and Light. I (great) pyramids. as (Phi. Apparently. see through the illusion of matter in the Shadow World. is exactly π/6 meters.792458 Py refers to π. the Golden Ratio). the circumference of a circle and its diameter. The back of the King’s Chamber corresponds to the pineal gland. When we subtract the original height measurement.Wholly Geometry. scale the circumference of the Great Pyramid’s square base repre- sents the equatorial circumference Terra. which enables us to The Pyramid Builders also new the exact sizes of the planet Terra. just like π/6) equals 4320 years (which is ten times 432). The meter is therefore an ancient unit of measurement from the summation of the width and the depth of the Great Pyramid. the length of the circle that fits exactly within the The Pyramid Builders based their unit of measurement on π. With the same of the endocrine system (many thousands of years ago!). Ra to the God of the Hexad (/6). It is of course a reference to the precession not build the Giza pyramids. Terra’s pre- the result is exactly 100π. called the cubit. let us focus on the whole of the Giza plateau. The base length of 440 cubits was selected for mal representation never ends. and Mid is the mid (in million meters per second). This square base of the Great Pyramid from the circle unit. which is transcendental number since its deci. Using a scale ten times a big (mean- The Ancient Egyptians had no knowledge of the fixed ratio between ing 1 : 4320) would clearly have been overdone. I want to point out the meaning of also a very good approximation of π. there are in total also 8 smaller pyramids hope that is clear to you why the Pyramid Builders used a hundred accompanying the greater pyramids. This number is almost ex- Helios. and it cannot be probably another reason as well. and the speed of Pyramid are 440 cubit. in which one sixth (divining by 6. humanity only recently rediscovered. Both the width and the depth of the Great sent-day circumference is about 40 million meters. namely 299. Nowadays we refer to this constant as π (Pi). Please note that the current Now. the endocrine glands in the human body. also called Ra. sizes were selected very thoughtfully. since dividing the summation of the width and the depth by the original height (resulting in 22/7) is Before I will show the Giza Clock.

949 the stars from Orion’s Belt rose horizontally above the hori- zon. within that circle exactly fits a Thanks to the work of Robert Bauval. 62 Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation 63 . 10. If you want. These are precession cycle. Around mid in the middle. same way does the diagonal from the square go Not only the three greater pyramids represent the stars from Orion’s straight through the heart off the greater Nowadays. the Pyramid with these four stars was per- Builders used these amounts of smaller fect. The Great Sphinx was built many thousands of years Let us count the smaller pyramids. This seal cuts the circumfer.920 years. following the bright star of touches the circle is a very important point in Sirius). and the rectangle fore. Also the southern shaft from the King’s chamber is designed we see that this line goes straight through the to point towards Alnitak (once every 25. The southwest corner where the square (these are also the three Biblical Kings. the trinities of the smaller pyramids do the very same. before the pyramids. In the that via this shaft. (above). These shafts all point to stars (meaning from south to north). with rounded corners marks the location of the Great Sphinx. We could say heart off the smallest greater pyramid. The last time. the line from the southwest corner to the Giza plateau near that represented moment in time. as we saw be- squares with the inner crosses are all pyramids. The Great Year lasting 25. The position of the Great Sphinx allows us understand the timing of this clock. then 1. was. This den circle on the Giza plateau.920 years). The full circle represents the Great Pyramid. so the Pyramid Builders used the Great Sphinx ther from left to right (meaning from to indicate the timing. the first three ciphers of π. The brightest star in Orion’s Belt is nowadays called Alnitak understanding the Clock of Giza. corners of three pyramids and the bottom of the Great Sphinx. One sixth of this is. The Great Pyramid (below) is representing Alnitak a line from that point to the Great Sphinx’s tale. three greater pyramids represent the three stars in the Belt of Orion mids. according to my in- pyramids to indicate that there is a hid.949 BC. vestigation. We find this timing in the shafts the Pyramid west to east). 2309 BC. you can watch me explain all this is short youtube videos on Pateo. 4320 years. ei. First we with a clear relation with the count 3. Belt. act same way as the smaller pyramids that are placed east of the ence of the circle into six equal parts.of these 11 pyramids at the west side of the Great Sphinx. the Great Pyramid is pointed towards himself. hidden on the Giza plateau. we can understand that the square perfectly inclosing the three greater pyra. When we draw (of Alnitah). or from bottom up Builders created in the Great Pyramid. in the ex- Solomon. in the exact same way as the smaller pyramids are placed on the To cut a long story short. the Great Sphinx’s tale is one of the six constituting lines of the Seal of stars in the Belt of Orion rise vertically above the horizon. Since π is the alignment of the four shafts related to the circle. means that the semi-cycle of Darkness started 10. and then 4. Lets us draw that hidden circle on the map: and that the semi-cycle of Light will start in the year Not only do we find a perfect circle touching the 2012 (AD).

Day 1 is the stage of Seed. and Fire repeats itself 3 times in the series of the 13 Tones. namely the Whole of the Source World. 9 Mobilizing Earth INitiating quence of the 13 Tones. The meaning of the number 3 is wholly. as mentioned in the table 3 11 Releasing Water Filling IN below. 2 Opening Air OUTlining 1 ous chapter). the sequence of Earth. 3) is a Trinity of space. Trinity simply means that every whole is a unity of three defining aspects. the Tzol’kin is a Holy Calendar. To show this. Air. the intended creation. there are 13 Tones. 12 Completing Fire Carrying OUT 13 Transcending Earth INitiating 1 Yin = IN Earth INitiating Yang = OUT Air OUTlining The 13 Tones follow an alternating yin yang rhythm. 5 Enacting Earth INitiating 6 Arranging Air OUTlining 2 7 Synchronizing Water Filling IN 8 Harmonizing Fire Carrying OUT The ordering of Earth. and Fire also appears in the se. To the Mayans. 64 Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation 65 . Next. with 6 Nights of Creation in between these 7 Days. and the lower (or negative) black this process. In total. the world we experience daily (World The 7 Days of Creation are visible as the growing stages from seed to No. and this number is therefore widely present in all holy (or Wholly) writings. the Flow Day 1.3 Dynamics of Creation of Creation. this Wave of Creation consists of 7 yin Tones and 6 yang Tones. The next phase results in an outline of the process and (yang) tones as Night. Filling in the details happens in the third phase. In total. The fourth and final phase of creating is carrying it out according to the results of the previous phases. it attracts what it needs for growth. the start of the growing process. Now we see again the 7 Days of Creation. On another Trinity. and identity. This Wholly Calen- dar indeed helps us to see beyond the world of shadows. Water. That is also the correct meaning of the concept of the Trinity. we need to understand the 10 Manifesting Air OUTlining energetic function of each spiraling phase. In total. The table below shows the defining function of each of the 13 Tones 3. It assigns 1 Attracting Earth INitiating each natural day not only to a Sign (as shown at the end of the previ. time. each 3 Activating Water Filling IN corresponding to a phase in the process of Creation. To symbolize 4 Defining Fire Carrying OUT each Tone. For example. as shown in the Yin = IN Water Filling IN tables in the beginning of this chapter. Water. and the Shadow World. the opening of the World. The Whole Reality is fruit. The upper (or positive) white (yin) The first phase of each process of creation is taking initiative to start tones are also referred to as Days. and for every fifth dot a line. but also to a Tone. the Mayans simply use dots. The figure below shows this Yang = OUT Fire Carrying OUT rhythm as a wave pattern. Air.

the Leaves appear. all ingredients are manifest. Water. and Fire. resulting in the first spur (or boom). on Day 4. The third and final full cycle starts on Day 5 when the flowers appear. Further arrangement takes place in Night 3. The vates the seed. and Fire reaches completion. also the second cycle of Earth. This intensity of this wave gradually grows and peaks somewhere be- completes the first full cycle of Earth. On Day 2. Air. Water. Then. The 13 Tones of Creation also rule the stages in a natural human life. resulting in harmony.sees occurs at Night 1. At Day 6 the flowers re- lease their petals. Next. Completion of the third and final cycle takes place at Night 6. the process of germination acti. leaving the receptacle. over the hill. We are used to counting until 10. which brings us back to the beginning of a fol- lowing process of Creation. Each peace of fruit is also full of seeds. meant to mobilize insects for pollination. the receptacle transcends into fruit. enabling the synchronization with the environment. but the Mayas knew that there are three more numbers in the total process of Creation. The series of the 13 Tones of Creation forms one overall wave. Now the process of growing is in the open. Air. on Night 5. tween Day 5 and Night 5. The germ defines the growth process on Night 2. On Night 4. 1 Attracting Day 1 Seed Do as shown in the table below. so to say. the intensity dimin- The second cycle starts on Day 3 when a boom appears above the ishes again. After this. soil. 2 Opening Night 1 3 Activating Day 2 Germ Re Tone Day/Night Function Stage of Life Phase Cycle 4 Defining Night 2 1 Day 1 Attracting Desire to Unite Earth 5 Enacting Day 3 Spur Mi 2 Night 1 Opening Coitus Air 1 3 Day 2 Activating Impregnation Water 6 Arranging Night 3 Fa 4 Night 2 Defining Pregnancy Fire 7 Synchronizing Day 4 Leave 5 Day 3 Enacting Birth/Baby Earth 8 Harmonizing Night 4 Sol 6 Night 3 Arranging Toddler Air 9 Mobilizing Day 5 Flower 2 7 Day 4 Synchronizing Child Water 10 Manifesting Night 5 La 8 Night 4 Harmonizing Adolescent Fire 11 Releasing Day 6 Receptacle 9 Day 5 Mobilizing Adult Earth 12 Completing Night 6 Ti 10 Night 5 Manifesting Senior Air 3 13 Transcending Day 7 Fruit Do 11 Day 6 Releasing Elderly Water 12 Night 6 Completing Dying Fire 13 Day 7 Transcending Passing Over Earth 1 66 Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation 67 . At Day 7. This is at Tone 10. The func- tion of this fifth tone is enacting.

The third and final cycle of Earth. Right in the middle. The inner spiraling phases of Earth and Air create the circle of vision. present and future events in our world. Together. this is in fact the start of the second cycle of Earth. The 13 Tones of Creation rule all historic. and so is the length of the physical body. while the outer spiraling phases of Water and Fire create the circle of action. as described in the following chapter. As shown before. there is tone no. while the latter six tones are focused on action. Air. Water. and Fire. Also in a natural human life. we also find the four energetic phases attached to a group (or trinity) of 3 consecutive tones. Water. as shown in the fig- ure on the following page. and Fire starts with the stage of adult- hood. 68 Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation 69 . desiring to unite. these 13 tones also form a lemniscate. Air. the World of Shadows.Tone 5 (or Day 3) corresponds to birth of the new creation. 7 synchronizing both halves of this lemniscate. the intensity is highest around the fifth Day and Night. In this lemniscate. The first cycle starts with the attraction force between both (future) parents. The first six tones are focused on vision.

0 13 × 20 3 Tun of the space-time-identity Trinity in the Shadow World. Everything 4 13. the 13 Tones of the next Wave of Creation occur. That is precisely the meaning of the word Apoca. In total. The pace of the 9 Waves of the Overall Creation is fractional.0. means a 20-fold acceleration of creational time for each following mediate Nights.0. in 3114 BC.13. the following Wave of Creation starts at 35 percent of In the first chapter we saw that the overall process of Creation occurs the total length of this Day. Wave Starting Date in Mayan Writing Wave Length 9 Taking into account all Waves.13.0 13 × 20 5 Tun Completion of the Overall Creation.0.0 13 × 20 7 Tun known as the Armageddon.0. the Creation of our (shadowy) world re.0 13 × 20 1 Tun 6 Each position counts the Tone of the corresponding Wave. 13 × 20 4 Tun that has a beginning also has an end.13. the starting date of the sixth Wave in Mayan writing would be For practical reasons.13. the Long Count Calendar started at the begin- ning of the sixth wave.0. At the end of the Old World.13. Creation of the Shadow World each Day 7.0. The Mayan calendar.13.0 13 × 20-1 Tun* 8 this starting date is 13 × 20 2 Tun The Beginning of the Overall Creation corresponds to the initiating 5 13.13. this starting date be- comes 13.13.0. Wave. This completion will mean both 2 13.0. On referring to the Ending of the World) and the transcending into the space-time-identity of a new world (of (*A Tun is a period of 360 natural days. The challenge with the Long Count Calendar is that the Mayans lypse. also referred to as ‘Days’.13.0. This ending coincides with the 3 This step pyra- mid in the east of the current country of Mex- ico indeed shows exactly 9 levels. stopped using it long time ago. including 6 inter. accelerating Creation.0.13. the Mayans also 70 Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation 71 .) shadows).13. To visualize these 9 Waves of 20-fold quires 9 Creational Waves of the 13 Creating Tones each. Within the remaining 65 percent (which in 7 layers.0.0. generally referred to as the Long Count Calen- dar. the new space-time-identity will reveal itself. we equals 13/20).0.0 13 × 20 6 Tun the end of the space-time-identity of our current Shadow World (also 1 0. namely revelation or disclosure. In Mayan writing. 13 × 20 0 Tun 7 13. Taking in account also the fifth Wave. the Mayans built the Pyramid of Kukulcán in the town of Chichén Itzá in the region of Yucatán.0. While still using it.13.13. keeps track of this 9 times 20-fold accelerating Creational Time.0.13. This saw that also each creational step requires 7 Days. In the previous chapters.0.0.13.

big question is when precisely the end of this Day 7 (of the ninth I call the original calendar that tracks the 9 Waves of each 13 Wave) will be. 3114 BC 6 bak’tun 144. the period of 18 evolution of consciousness.000 3 million years 2 820.000. To the Mayans. also the Bible refers to growing at the same pace. The Mayans below shows the starting date of each of the 9 Waves. At the first and lowest level of consciousness.880. it becomes circle. The lengths in natural days of these Creational Days and Nights Since space. 2011.569 BC 2 alau’tun 23.600. Secondly.13.918 BC 3 kinchil’tun 1. First.13.920 minutes (similar to the Creation.496 BC 5 pic’tun 2. the table below shows. Wave Starting Date Wave Mayan Word Length in Kin Converted 9 November 24th.000 394¼ years 5 100.135 BC 4 calab’tun 57. To prove this.595 BC 1 habla’tun 460.000. meaning a full historic events with the Creational pattern of the Tzol’tun.13. 1756 7 ka’tun 7. this length is 20 tun. time and identity form a Trinity. represents the 360 degrees of arc.000.7 years 6 March 2nd.000 1¼ billion years The ongoing Process of Creation keeps speeding up Creational Time. the last counting the remaining natural identity. which is also the end of space and the end of position into two positions.040. The ing periods of 20 kin.169. At this level. the only objectives are survival or 72 Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation 73 .048. they divided the final toward the end of time. since time. The period of a tun.changed the original tracking of Creational Tones into a system that The Tzol’tun is in fact a countdown calendar.056.800. 2012. we can verify each of these hierarchical levels by investi- length of a full circle of the Precession of the Equinoxes in years). The table actly 1 tun. 2012.13. when we match all known 360 natural days. space and identity are part of the same Trinity.200 19.401. 2011 9 18 2½ weeks 8 September 22nd.000 157 millennia 3 41. Each Creational Wave creates a higher days equals 432 hours (similar to the natural oscillation frequency in level of consciousness. lasting precisely end is on October 28. gating our own consciousness. In days (called kin by the Mayans) and the before last counting remain. this period of a tun serves as the elementary clear that the correct ending date is July 14. the Mayans have words for each of the that the start of the ninth and final Creational Wave coincides with 20-fold longer periods of Day and Night of all previous Waves.000. 1999 8 tun 360 nearly 1 year 7 April 10th.13. Mayan writing.13. Some say this end is on December 21. and assume this of 360 kin or natural days (tun). the unit for tracking Creational Time. This calendar points gives a unique coding for each day. meaning the counting (tzol) of periods follow the Swedish researcher Carl Calleman in this.000 63 million years 1 16. Since each human being reflects the overall Hertz meaning cycles per second) or 25.13. In the previous Wave. space and identity are show some very remarkable numbers.000 7884 years 4 2. last part of this chapter matches important historic events with the 13 During the eighth Wave each Creational Day and Night lasts ex.13. Others Creational Tones the Tzol’tun.152. this End of Times is 13. In fact. as Thanksgiving Day in the USA.000. The growth of identity corresponds to the the importance of the number 144. However. To do so. Please note call this length ka’tun. we are only aware of our existence. Tones of the 9 Waves according to this countdown date.

At this level. Accordingly. That is because space (meaning the experienced size of the primates. which lies on top of the At the first consciousness level of existence. as mammals). At this level. We then intuitively know what to do. Humanity is cur- rently jumping from power-based consciousness up to strength-based At the second level of consciousness. Accordingly. the fourth Creational Wave created the cro-world of a living cell and its direct environment. especially the rep. our loving heart is the centre of our be- At the third level of consciousness. as stated be- common sense. meaning us. consciousness. brain stem) in the middle of our heads. At the eighth level of consciousness. At the seventh level of consciousness. enlightened beings co-create in the ninth Cre- feelings guide us.growth. the seventh Creational Wave created well-organized power groups using every means to benefit them- selves and get around any kind of obstructing legislation. we develop cultures. At the ninth and highest level of consciousness. originating from our left hemi- sphere. Accordingly. At this level. Reasoning and logic are typical for human beings. Accordingly. world) is a function of time (meaning the experienced pace of Crea- At the fourth level of consciousness. Accordingly. enlightenment. The proteins first Homo Sapiens. imposed by both govern- ment and religion. we place ourselves above the law. we honour values. the third Creational Wave created the first world. Our feeling originate from the limbic system. Accordingly. the ego is the dominating cen- tre of our being. since our instincts settle in the reptile brain (officially called necting people with open minds and hearts. the eighth Creational Wave creates a global uprising con- tiles. our instinct tells us what to do. the second Cre. Our reasoning takes place in the neocortex. and we gladly make an exception for ourselves. Accordingly. which lies on top of the Each higher level of consciousness enables us to experience a larger brain stem. equivalency and grati- with all warm-blooded animals (such tude. values. We then justify whatever benefits us. we are fully ational Wave created the first (and last) aware of the wholeness of everything. Our values originate from our right our physical body consists of 50 to 100 trillion cells. For example. cordingly. fore. Some refer to this level as dinosaurs. hemisphere. The ruling principle 74 Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation 75 . the sixth Creational Wave created the first laws. human cultures on Terra. the fifth Creational Wave created the first the first Creational Wave created the first single cell organisms. Based on these living creatures. we obey norms and rules. intuition is the centre of our being. Accordingly. We share this level with all At the fifth level of consciousness. we follow our reason or tion) and identity (meaning the level of consciousness). up from the single-celled organism. Ac- We share this level with all cold-blooded animals. We share this level ational Wave a new world based on respect. especially the apes. our inner strength is guiding our lives. At the sixth level of consciousness. our ing. within the cell play the central role in this world. but never both at the same time. the world is the mi- limbic system.

we will also experience harmony in the collective stimulus response. the world corresponds to the state we live in. the world corre- and on Day 2. At the sixth consciousness level of norms. The ruling principle of interaction in this world is logic. our family. the world corre. outer world. we understand that all worlds from the micro-world to the macro-world are all one Level of Con. An il. Please note that ac- 1 Existence Micro-world Proteins Causality cording to modern science. the world corresponds to billion years ago. in a similar way. The ruling principle of interaction in this world is co- sciousness of the World Inner Centre Interaction creation. we remember that we are all part of 9 Wholeness Macro-world Heart Co-creation the same space-time-identity Trinity. The ruling principle of interaction in this world is the regional culture. The ruling principle of interaction in this world is indi- We could say that on Day 1 the projection of our Shadow World vidual stimulus response. which is choice is simply between you dominating others or allowing others the basic concept of causality. which is the basic concept of motivation. In this world. The ruling principle of interaction in this world is harmony. the world corresponds to the region we live in. which is the basic concept of classification. precisely at the start of the stage of Germination. On Night 1. Seize Guiding Principle of and the same. which provides the basis for legislation and law enforcement.of interaction in this world is that all action equals reaction. ing. The ruling princi- ple of interaction in this world is domination. The ruling principle of interaction in this world is the law. At the second consciousness level of instinct. At the eighth consciousness level of strength. sponds to the area we live in. At the fourth consciousness level of reason.7 At the third consciousness level of feeling. as a unity of jurisdiction. At this highest level. the world becomes supranational. it reached the Flow World. all responding world. to dominate you. starting in the Source World. why everything in the outer world is just a reflection of our inner lustrative example of such a group is a school of fish. the shadows arrived in the third and outer world. the so- called Big Bang occurred about 13. At the seventh consciousness level of power. overruling all national legislations. which is the basic concept of condition. At the ninth consciousness level of wholeness. The ruling principle of interaction in this world is By creating inner harmony. the 76 Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation 77 . com- 3 Feeling Family Limbic Systeem Motivation pletely on the principle of action 2 Instinct Group Brain Stem Conditioning equals reaction. we understand sponds to the (anonymous) group around our own organism. At the fifth consciousness level of values. which provides the basis for coherence. 8 Strength Inner World Intuition Harmony 7 Power Supranational Ego Domination The remaining of this chapter plots historic events to show the Cre- 6 Norms State Left Hemisphere Legislation ational Rhythm of 13 Tones times 9 Waves. 5 Values Region Right Hemisphere Coherence The first Wave of Creation created 4 Reason Area Neocortex Classification organic life on Terra (on Day 7).

a hungry tiger (stimulus). This means that Homo Sapiens have been present on the surface This ability to feel enables a warm-blooded life form to protect and of Terra for period of about 200. that an evolutionary chain of hundred links the highest evolved creatures on Terra. This instinct is why a school of fish moves like a single or- ganism. the Sumerians wrote down this story on the origin of such as the anthropoid apes. Wormwood. After their extinction. for example. coming The third Wave of Creation created from the red dwarf of Nibiru – also part of our solar system (and also the capacity to feel.000 years. for example. or Planet X) – geneti- (originating from the limbic system) cally engineered Homo Erectus into Homo Sapiens. These humankind in cuneiform on clay tablets. the cold-blooded dinosaurs were those of Homo Erectus. Exactly on Day 3. The second Wave of Creation brought instinct on Terra. because genetically Homo Sapiens differs totally from Homo Erectus? The whole story about the so-called missing link is utterly ridiculous. The genes of Homo Sapiens are so different from For more than 200 million years. lasting more then a millions of years would still not be able to ex- blooded mammals took over this position. life forms learned individually how we were able to rediscover this ancient story. con- sciousness jumped to the level of reason. dur- ing the Night 6. Hercolubus. A much more plausible explanation is that the Annunaki. Next. About five thou- is clearly present in the hominoids sand years ago. the first man- like creature on Terra able to reason. a movement of an attacking shark (stimu- lus). suddenly the first Homo Sapiens arrived at the surface of Terra. when the boom cracks through surface of the soil. appeared exactly at Day 3. This capacity know as Nemesis. the first fish appeared on Terra. Homo Erectus. about this period? Our official history books only tell us (a little) 78 Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation 79 . All fish in the school react collectively. warm. What do we really know serve the own family. plain this. In the fourth Wave of Creation. the beasts react (respond) to. How on Earth was this possible. Thanks to Zecharia Sitchin. exactly at the same the moment and in the same manner (re- sponse) to.

at the West side of current Africa. Terra? Human writing. happened in the remaining 195. So what However. based on rules. formal rules muria. together. The fifth Wave of Creation resulted started exactly at the beginning of the in the development of human culture sixth Wave of Creation. all continents (as we know them now) were still con- nected. but then much smaller. 80 Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation 81 . also called the Land of Mu. meaning ‘peaceful sea’.000 years human beings are living on We only have the references Plato made in his writings. This Wave based on shared values. Since then. In those days. legislation keeps each nation tight The first human culture was in Le. much we do not know about these early human cultures. Each culture created sovereign countries.about what happened from the sixth Wave of Creation on. National originates from a specific region. based on the Latin name Mare Pacifi- cum. wiping out Atlantis for the first time. Mu was in fact one very large island surrounded by what we call now the Pacific Ocean. there were two periods of the culture of Atlantis. Atlantis was also an island. at the place where we now have the Atlantic Ocean. The dynamics of the Great Year (meaning the Precession of the Equinoxes) provides an explanation for the rise and fall of both Le- muria and Atlantis. Later on in this fifth Wave of Creation. The Sphinx was built to help humanity remember the effect of the Aeon of Leo.

On the Day 3. they were able to consciousness to jump to suprana. The top of for the same reason. also organized religion evolved in this sixth this secret pyramid of these hidden powers calls itself the Illuminati. Secret societies joined forces and seized control 82 Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation 83 . bloodlines are much more difficult to hide than bank accounts. opening the op- The industrial revolution formed the portunity to seize global power. fol. Since then. Every new Day of this including the present ones. ever. we started to use the electronic telegraph. we see in Roman numbers the year 1776. The first Day indeed ends nearly precisely at the start of the year 1776. At the first layer of the pyramid in The Great Seal. the leader of the German party of National Socialism. on the they never appear in any top listing of the (multi) billionaires. the internet merged into our home environment. supplied both sides with both weapons and loans. To ensure maximum returns. On Day 5. who started the Second World War in 1939. of Creation. since the Illuminati control easy. money. These layers represent the Days and Nights of the seventh Wave of Creation. Technology enabled which is warfare. we have a supranational economy (or global village) on Terra. seventh Wave created at the same time supranational power groups. because the Illuminati think they are the offspring of the Gods and therefore own this planet including its workers. the Illuminati founded themselves on May 1st. these groups (semi openly) started to join hands. lowed by the telephone on Day 4. create all major incidents of violence and wars in the last 250 years tional level. Their strategy is munication technology made overcoming physical distance more simple. Through manipulation and lies. And also Adolf Hitler. the designers of this pyramid also pointed out that the 13th and final layer ends in 2012. the clearest proof of the agenda of the Illuminati is visible on the back of the US one dollar bill. In the same way and over sovereign countries through the monetary system. This New World Order of the Illuminati is a global fascist regime During this seventh Wave of Creation. the Novus Ordo Seclorum under the pyramid mean New World Order. The pyramid has exactly 13 layers (under the All-Seeing-Eye).written down in statute books governed people. In this year. Let money control the world. followed by the television on Day 6. The Illuminati think that the Latin words of Together with the individual jump to power-based consciousness. bond to the Illuminati. the radio made its way These dominating families are now so rich and powerful. that into our lives. including Barrack Hoessein Obama. in These lines show that nearly all presidents of the USA are blood- which all national economies are closely connected. Wave of Creation a global power group dominated by 13 bloodlines. and each layer lasting 19. To me. new com. They became of- ficially established precisely at the start of Night 1.7 years. Finally. The International Workers' Day is in fact the yearly celebration of this date. they always seventh Creational Wave. By putting the ending year of 1776 on the first layer. These Illuminati families generation starting point for the seventh Wave after generation used the most profitable way to gain more power. How- Day 7. belonged to one of the bloodlines of the Illuminati.

For every free human who has the water. At this level. This is the Illuminati’s centre of religious power. Everything need formalised rules. which is the reverse of the Italian word for love: amor. science. Humanity started to think. These selfish intentions or not to do. based consciousness to strength-based consciousness. consciousness before Thursday No- vember 24th. I want to have a good allow our intuition to overrule our ego. independ- ent of Italy. Exactly on the right day. education. The purpose of this Wave is to ables awakened humans to become enlightened. the task of the power groups is and 6 Nights of the Creational Wave. London City in the heart of London is a sovereign state. During this eighth Not only the 13 layers on the US one dollar bill represent the 7 Days Wave. food. and what is not. The Illuminati used Roman numbers on the bottom layer of the pyramid to stress their alliance with the Vatican in the heart of the Italian capitol Rome. there is also ninth The overture to the new millennium was nearly at the same time as Wave of Creation. They therefore intentionally contaminated our air. That is why day of Day 2. media. Vatican City in the heart of Rome is a sovereign state. we on selfishness and the need to control others. Washington DC is a sovereign state. This is the conscious decision facing each and Creation. People's Representation turned into a sham democracy. This is the Illuminati’s centre of military power. tion of strength-based consciousness as much as possible. The national flag of the USA to prevent this jump. This property is mine. namely the first natural turning things upside down in order to conceal the truth. independent of the USA. It is the Big Brother as encourage the inner jump from power- George Orwell described in his book ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’. means available to keep the collective consciousness on this rela- tively low level. the 9/11 attacks very precisely prevented the germina- they represented the black Nights with white stripes. 84 Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation 85 . Due to this hidden coup on Terra. nor auditors and punishers to tell us what to do must happen exactly as I want it to happen. to feel and to perceive based In order for our consciousness to jump to level of inner strength. These three sovereign states are the pillars of the Illuminati’s hidden empire. We intuitively know. feel or perceive what is ethical to dominated the consciousness of the people in this seventh Cycle of us. feel and perceive that all life. The 7 red stripes represents the Days. Thirdly. technology and courage to jump to strength-based spirituality with poison or lies (which all produce the same kind of inner negativity). by all means. This is the Illuminati’s centre of financial power. In Italian. independent of the UK. this city is called Roma. healthcare. This Wave en- the start the eighth Wave of Creation.maximally controlling all life on Terra. Enlightened people know. The (hidden) power groups made sure that they applied all every one of us in this eighth Wave of Creation. The Illuminati are very fond of so was clearly 9/11. does the same. we no longer life. 2011. while the 6 Their most spectacular measure to do white stripes represents the Nights. It contaminated the entire planet with a self- ish ego virus. I do not care about others.

was science fiction as well. Maybe the coming passage of Nibiru meaning of the Latin words Annuit Coeptis at the top of the Great is the 36th that completes these five cycles. is the creation of power-based consciousness. This ancient Greek culate the year in which Nibiru will reappear. the so-called Arab Uprising is secretly created by the Illuminati in which. Please note that all these numbers vors the things that have begun’. as an acronym of ‘Never A Straight Answer’. The sec. the footage of the attackers taking over Tripoli was shot in Qatar. There is a harmonic relation between the orbit of Nibiru and the Precession cycle. Mayans talk about the fifth Sun. God simply means after 1588 BC. 86 Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation 87 . which is 2013 AD. of warfare.S. That scenario will include a at the facts related to this object. which is the Cartesian product of both Harmonic of the Illuminati since the objective of the seventh Wave of Creation Ratio Base Numbers 2 and 3. This caused the gigantic eruption of the volcano under the Greek island of Thera (also called Santorini). Within the period of five Precession cycles. Niburu The Illuminati claim that God approves of their endeavor. lating astrological data. then we can easily cal- The ninth Wave of Creation is the apotheosis. the movie ‘Deep Impact’ is released in which an ama- ond half of the year 2011 will therefore be the most crucial period teur-astronomer called Leo discovers an incoming comet called defining the path our reality will take. By broadcasting this fake footage. the Illuminati were able to break the moral of the de- fenders. Indeed the Creator favored the coup are multiples of 6. If this event took place in 1588 BC. In the ninth and ‘C/2010 X1 Elenin’. the Illuminati also have a role to play.anywhere in the Cosmos. the so-called plaques of Egypt as described in the Bible. That is why many people interpret the name There is. Nibiru will probably return in the coming years. This is creating a counter weight Recently. In 1998. This finalizing organization. For example. Historians date this devastating event between 1630 BC and 1500 BC. This is in fact a new way imaginary duality. This private company is known for hiding and manipu- Wave creates unity in all possible ways. third World War probably starting between Israel and Iran.A. Please note that Nasa is not a governmental final Wave of Creation.A. namely 3600 years word means raising up to the level of the Gods. Enlightenment ends the order to gain control over more oil fields. That is the orbits Helios exactly 36 times. there was a lot of excitement about what Nasa called to enable the rise of strength-based consciousness. the possibility that humanity gets stuck at the N. Enlightened people remember their own ability to Create. in those days.E. While the Illuminati try to seize full planetary control. Maybe that is why the Seal on the backside of a US one dollar bill. In this movie. This Minoan eruption was one of the largest volcanic events on Earth in recorded history. ing propaganda and disinformation. it means ‘fa. is one and Wholly. Crucial for this way is using the television for broadcast- sciousness. Creator. however. Let us look level of power-based consciousness.L. however. In the eight Wave. their role is over. More and more people see that E. and if it in- deed resulted from the passing by of Niburu. Literally. so dominantly present in all lower levels of con. the US president is an African-American. As briefly mentioned above. resulted from the passing by of Nibiru.

By reversing and abbreviating both words. To me. After 0 and 1. In words.On December 10th.E. The Source World in the centre is the heart of the Was the movie meant to tell us half of the real story? Whole Reality.I. Leo is exactly the first half of The Whole Reality consists of three concentric spheres.E. are exactly the letters of the first half of Elenin. To put this in numbers. we get ‘Ele Nin’. In the next The world we consider ours is just a slice of the outer sphere of chapter.1 Deliberate Use of Numbers gets called after his surname Elenin. ‘Nibiru In November’. we could state that only the shadows of these Fibonacci numbers exist in our world. referring to numbers.L. In this imaginary exam- ple. 2010 (which is 13 years later). Everything we are able to perceive or detect as being real belongs to that (tiny) slice. exactly 10 years after 9/11. In the same way. we could say that ‘our’ world only consists of numbers of the Fibonacci series.N. Leonid is an official name for an astrological phenomenon. this date is Nine Eleven. in the first chapter. an amateur- astronomer called Leonid discovers an incoming comet. Starting with 0 and 1. Everything originates from this Source World. This comet 4. These people claim that E. each new number in this series is simply the sum of the two before it. ‘Near Impact Nibiru’. it was very strange that Nasa with all her advanced telescopes did not detect this incoming object. part. stands for ‘Extinction-Level Event’. The object ‘C/2010 X1 Elenin’ arrived at its closest distance to the sun Helios (called the perihelion) on September 11th. direction of the constellation Leo. or ‘Notable Impact Nemesis’. we will come back to the mystery of ‘Elenin’. this means that we are not able to detect the shadow of the num- ber 4.L. Further more. What is the point of being able to see other galaxies while an object that comes very close to Terra within a year time remains unnoted? Nasa’s strange behavior regarding this object caused many peo- ple to think that Elenin is an acronym. there are more variations like ‘Nibiru Is Near’. the Fibonacci series grows as follows: 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55 89 144 233 377 610 987 1597 2584 4181 6765 Metaphorically speaking. and E. shadows. The Leonids are a prolific meteor shower. The The object discovered by Leonid comes towards Terra from the Source World contains numbers and symbols. we are not able to detect the presence of su- 88 Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation 89 . as described Leonid. These meteors appear to radiate from the constella- tion Leo and tend to peak in November. For the N.

received most of the votes. on November 4th. being the Number of the 888 + 888 = 1776 Beast. two of these triple 8’s are required. As painters sign their paintings. but then in an. sents the Ruler and 11 is the number of Mastery. With 9/11. and so is the ning of Night 1 of the seventh Wave of Creation. of the fifth month (May). 1995. The number 8 refers to This date of 11/2 corresponds with the Dutch emergency telephone infinity (∞). since the meaning these terrorizing events. It tells us that Day 1 Adding up 5 (May) and 6 gives 11. and clearly not other (shadow) world. the British Lady Diana Their masterpiece (so far) is clearly 9/11. That is another reason why Literally. the The Illuminati planned their founding in 1776. they put the demarcation year of 1776 openly was killed on May 6th. Referring to this Darkness. for example. we value of both numbers and words as presented below. 2002. the Bible mentions the number of 666. 2004. pened in the 11th month and the numerical root of the date of Diana’s 90 Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation 91 . The numerical root of this date is 11. Illuminati means ‘Enlightened Ones’. but instead of Light- the Illuminati put the year 1776 on the US one dollar bill. mak. right energetic moment in time to openly start seizing global power. All life In numerology. of just 1 percent. 8 geographical directions. another fa- this 5 from the five days difference for their founding on the first day mous Dutchman was brutally murdered on the streets of Amsterdam. This date not detectable in our world. Exactly 666 days after the brutal murder of Israeli Prime Min- ister Yitzhak Rabin. There are. on the US one dollar bill (in Roman numbers). meaning January 1st. right at the begin. 1997. they openly worship the Darkness. which is a deviation nations. Rabin’s murder hap- actly corresponds to the beginning of Day 2 in the eight Wave. which is at the same time the start of Night 1. of 3 is completely. Just like with the murder of John F. The numbers in the Source World provide the code for life. the 9 repre- find these numbers in the genetic code of each life form. the Illuminati again demonstrated Illuminati is in the numbers. ness. fractions and even the zero exist. based consciousness as possible. blocking the public’s December 27th. the Illu- minati demonstrated their dominating power. Since everything has both a yang side and a yin side. In the Netherlands. therefore triggers associations with fear and panic. their power. However. capital of Spain. That is also probably the reason the Illuminati used Exactly 911 days after the murder of Pim Fortuyn. 1776. This means that even though something is the North American emergency telephone number of 9-1-1. 2004. they brought terror to Madrid. it is probably still real. on August 31st. 1775. The date of 9/11 also matches with but all in different slices. hoping for recognition Now it might become clear why the Illuminati are so fond of playing as ruling master on this planet. with inner strength. I clearly see the fingerprints of the Illuminati in all meaning of using three eights is complete infinity. The assassination of Theo van Gogh was on November 2nd. Ken- This claim is very accurate since the actual date of this transition is nedy. just a few days before the elections. was murdered in Paris. the arrested shooter was a scapegoat. All dates clearly show the number 11. Even though he was dead. the signature of the After 911 intermediate days. in the total outer ing it the perfect day for blocking as much germination of strength- sphere. the would-be Prime Minister Pim Fortuyn As mentioned before. By writing 1776. attention for the real killer and the ones responsible for these assassi- there is just a minor difference of only five days. with numbers. which is a system that reveals the numerical root emerges from a specific set of numbers.pernatural or metaphysical phenomena. In the Shadow World. The number of 1-1-2. That is not all. the shadows of all integers. There is more to this date. On March 11th. The date of this attack ex. he still ends in (about) 1776. This was indeed the adding up of 9 plus 1 and 1.

j k l m n o p q r clorum’. God indeed approved (Annuit Coeptis) should we write this name as I11uminati. 2011 stone of ‘The Powers on. 92 Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation 93 . refers to the birth of a new space-time-identity. we can picture ‘The Powers That the total creation as a pyramid of 9 layers each consisting of 13 tones Were’. Adding up the cipher values of the words ‘The Great Seal’ our third eye. the left part of the Great Roman numerals at the bottom level is 9. and the amount of To me. humanity to jump up and start also playing at level 8. Our (dynamic) state of consciousness determines on In the seventh Wave of Creation. and 5 plus 8 gives 13. America). There is solid proof for this interpretation. with ‘11’ (eleven) instead this lifting of into a new space-time-identity.murder also is 11. In The Great Seal. since it is the sole pur- of ‘ll’ (double el)? The Twin Towers also represented a gigantic 11. The purpose of the current eighth Wave of Creation is to enable consciousness. but also tion. God. created our Shadow World of increasing space-time-identity to for many and many more. pose of the Overall Creation. we will re. and 4 plus 9 gives again 13. they seized power. these numbers are alternated. these sent the pyramid’s top level 8 players will start exploring level 9 from November 24th. also referred to as 13 letters. As presented in the previous chapters. because adding up the cipher up. Most people play at level 7 and the levels be- to the purpose of this Creational Wave. Firstly. In the eighth Wave of Creation. identity. The amount of layers of this pyramid is 13. That is how I interpret the One Dollar and final Wave of Pyramid. this lifting of dollar bill all refer to 13. completion. Since each of these thirteen layers requires 7200 natural days for values of these letters results in 67. 58. ‘Annuit Coeptis’ also consists of our inner vision. the Illuminati repre. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 reveals the bigger picture. That proof is present fer to this pyramid as in the numbers. Next. being the Overall Force of Crea- The Illuminati are responsible not only for these murders. The use of 11 is the trademark of the Illuminati. fully according which level we play. archical levels. 2012. We can very well compare our world with a three- dimensional computer game. or will occur on July 14th. Proud of their power to do so. they sign allow consciousness to experience being limited in space. In total. In the ninth on to a totally new game. Adding up the cipher values of the words ‘Annuit Coeptis’ results in In that new space-time-identity. Creation. That is results in 49. The words of ‘of the why after exactly thirteen layers. the top of this pyramid lifts itself United States’ complete this trinity. Next. and the first layer was completed in around the start of All words around the strange pyramid on the back of the one US 1776 according to the Roman numbers written on it. will guide us. The pyramid under the All-Seeing-Eye has 13 levels. (or stages). as displayed on the backside of a US one dollar bill. numerology trans- Seal of the United States (of lates letters into ciphers according to the table below. establishing power-based low. a b c d e f g h i the Latin phrase ‘Novus Ordo Se. and 6 plus 7 again gives 13. This metaphorical game has nine hier- The ultimate goal of the Illuminati is to create a New World Order. time and their acts of terror with meaningful numbers. Everyone who reaches level 9 before the End of Times will move That Be’. literally meaning a New s t u v w x y z Order of the Ages.

There are also five a code for 64. the Now let us come back to the phenomenon called ‘Elenin’. of holds an olive branch with 13 ber. which there are five. There are 13 stars above the eagles head. Fire Transforming tetrahedron fire Earth Stabilising hexahedron earth Aether Connecting dodecahedron metal Water Stirring icosahedron water Air Expanding octahedron wood 94 Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation 95 . has the numerological value of 13. I think that ‘Elenin’ is a message helping humanity to evolve her consciousness to the level of oneness Energy Function Platonic Solid element or wholeness. numerological value for ‘Leonid’. next to the four sorts already dis- families. spiraling energy of the Flow World makes contact with the Source merological value of this name is 32. the eagle identical surfaces. The ribbon contains 13 let- ters making up the Latin words ‘E Pluribus Unum’ meaning ‘out of Surfaces : 4 6 8 12 20 many. and elements correspond based on cluster comet). This fifth sort is the most mysterious of all energies. That is why the Tetrahedron Hexahedron Octahedron Dodecahedron Icosahedron messages are at the 1 US dollar bill. Platonic bodies. as explained in the previous Based on Plato’s allegory of the cave. the previous chapters showed chapters. ries. The top stone of the Illuminati pyramid of power consists of 13 There is a fifth sort of energy. Their goal is to become the one and only power of domi.2 Dynamics of Interacting Energies of stages of any process of creation. we find another refer- of the United States. At the left side. as shown again in the table below. The perfect three-dimensional shapes consisting of Eagle. All these hidden mes. and 13 arrows on the right. that our world is just a small part of the whole of reality. It is nance on Terra. Clearly the designers tried to stress the importance of the number 13. like Nasa claims. sides and angels are called Platonic bodies. In the Forbidden Apple of Know- ledge. we find Aether in the central null point. guishes between five elements. In this null point. we find the ence to Plato. but then in a totalitarian way. This means that ‘Leonid Elenin’ is This means that there are five sorts of energy. referring to the nascent oneness. Thirdly. The nu.The US flag has 13 stripes. In the basic On the right side on the Great Seal shapes that are present in our Shadow World. ancient science distin- strive to realize this oneness. Next we find exactly the same World. cussed. one’. The Illuminati also Platonic bodies. Sides : 6 12 12 30 30 sages point in the same direction: Angles : 4 8 6 20 12 13 becomes 1. Please note that also ‘C/2010 X1’ their different functions. called Aether (or simply Ether). The table below shows how these This means that ‘Elenin’ is not an ordinary comet (or officially a sorts of energy. as shown above. The number 13 represents the amount 4.

With a metal axe. male shape of the pentagram repre- use both metal (cord) and Aether (cordless) to interconnect our. Fire heats up the metal. Fifthly. a fire. In the generating yin cycle. Nowadays. Earth symbol is present in nearly 1 of every 5 national flags! This eats ashes. each Fifthly. We used the shape of the nourishing yin cycle. can dominate the world.We could say that each Platonic body is the particle appearance in goat-headed figure. The other two have different names. allowing it thing in the Shadow World. The circle represents the round. To distinguish between both. can master any. Metal controls wood. By stretching the pinky and the index finger. we push is that whoever controls the elements. nate. we element of wood enables the expansion of trunks and branches. This saying wooden tree. which is the limit of the ratios of successive terms of In the destroying yang cycle. we need to draw the surrounding circle as well. They openly worship the Devil impersonated as Baphomet. sents the controlling yang cycle. each element nourishes the following The function of Air is to expand. the wood. element corresponds to the wave appearance. The Illuminati like to point the pentagram downwards. ful interactions between these five sorts of energy. the Shadow World of the corresponding energetic phase. female The function of Aether is to establish connections. which is Greek for a model fire. it becomes clear that our technology is solely based on the controlling yang cycle. gies interact. the remains of symbol is called the pentagram. bol is the favorite of the governments on this planet. in the ancient symbol of the pentagram. to make it resemble a goat By replacing the elements of ancient science with the words modern head. In a similar way. to be bended. we feed the fire. metal nourishes wa- crossing of one side over the other is exactly at the point of the ter. Air from high-pressure areas is element. Wood controls earth. We 96 Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation 97 . the sorts of energy are capital. By watering plants. The the earth back. with the surrounding circle show that ener- ments share the same function as the energy from which they origi. Water condenses most quickly on metal. while the Illuminati members secretly signal their membership to each other. Water controls fire. All ele. wood block. we can cut a There is a very old saying that refers to this symbol. selves. symbolises the play. Water nourishes always expanding towards low-pressure areas. a science uses to describe these wave-like shadows. (gram) of five (penta). energy. in both a yin and a yang way. By throwing in another One of the oldest symbols found on our planet. Golden Ratio. For example. ised in this book. while the element of metal to connect ourselves with telephone lines. feed them. each element controls the following the Fibonacci sequence. Now we straight. That is clearly the reason why this sym. Several harmonic ratios are hidden Metals grow within the earth. Earth nourishes metal. The small circle at top. In order to discover the secret of the pentagram. Earth controls water. we can extinguish playful interactions between the five sorts of energy. Dikes of earth are to stop the meaning of this saying is that whoever can exploit the never ending water coming in. as shown to the left. With water. Wood nourishes fire. The five points where the pentagram Three of the five elements have the same name as the corresponding touches the circle correspond to the five sorts of energy. this Fire nourishes earth. With wooden shelves. fire controls metal. because ether symbolizes Aether. element. The pentagram together and air are not present as elements in our (shadow) world.

yang cycle. our combustion engines use Each chakra corresponds to an endocrine gland. Together with the other chakra’s they form an energetic rainbow bridge between the infrared energy of Terra and the ultraviolet energy of Helios. this corresponds to a straight line of the controlling yang cycle. chemicals called pharmaceuticals suppress Entrance Chakra Sanskrit Gland physical symptoms of illness. is that it represents the controlling. Even today. 6 Third Eye Brow Ajna pineal 5 Throat Neck Vishuddi thyroid The reason why the pentagram is so widely used by the powers that 4 Sternum Chest Anahata thymus be. By stressing the 3 Solar Plexus Belly Manipura pancreas male yang cycle and suppressing the female yin cycle. Knowledge about the meta- physical function of the pineal gland goes back to at least Ancient Egypt. This chakra corresponds to the pineal gland. we can find many examples that refer to this pinecone shaped gland. first individually internally. straight lines of the pentagram. Both steps correspond to selves means allowing our chakra’s to function properly. the Forbidden Apple of Knowledge spinning magnetic fields. Let us re-establish the balance between yin and yang. allowing the incoming ener- gies from our Mother to spiral upwards into our core. Our chakras transfer incoming energies into corre- cal energy. produce electrical energy by Seen from the top (or bottom). lacking harmony on all 1 Pireneum Base Muladhara adrenal levels. It 7 Summit Crown Sahasrara pituitary also corresponds to a straight line of the destroying yang cycle. This gland is physiologically a real eye. Thirdly. As shown in the pic. above picture. sponding hormonal messages. just take a better look at the artifacts used by the powers that be. To find them. Internally balancing our- energy. The Sanskrit word from Ancient India for spinning results from physical this rotating wheel of energy is chakra. Next. Our Crown chakra is facing upwards. This has nothing to do with healing. 98 Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation 99 . and then collectively externally. allowing the incoming energies from our Father to spiral downwards into our core. This looks like a rotating wheel. women create a red dot between the eyebrows precisely at the entrance spot of the sixth chakra. ture on the left. we are able to perceive outside our common World of Shadows. we allowed 2 Pelvis Sacral Svadhishthana gonades our (shadow) world to become off balance. Our Base chakra is facing downwards. as shown in the chemical energy to control physi. With this inner eye. In India.

The magic disappears plexus relates to self-esteem. That is why (-) by yang and received (+) by yin. while the other two send out World of Shadows. conscious creation is pure magic. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). these energetic qualities are translated into coded information. These three steps of creation are the essence of all successful approaches to creation. who are mostly males. in which yang persons seduce (-. yin person spends money (-). this vitalized code. while a yang person more easily delivers (+) intuitive messages. in- wards oriented). Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). vitalizing the right code. three of these five chakra’s understand how to influence the events and shapes in our outer receive energies (with a + in the front). By bringing this code into our consciousness. For By taking into account to the Trinity of the Whole Reality. Their orientation is horizontal. Next. we also help balance the outer world. The fifth chakra of the throat relates to expression. outwards oriented). Our senses translate physical quantities into energetic quali- ties. Finally. a when we can see it as science. The typical yin person commands (-) the typical obedient (+) yang person what to do. the sixth chakra of the third eye relates to intuition. The opposite is true for yang persons. with the insights of Ancient Greek scientists such as Heraclitus. That is why yin and yang persons fit together. The aim of this book it to reconnect our modern day understanding ics of interacting energies in the Flow World. The process of conscious creation starts with energies (with a .in the front). The process of creation starts with selecting the correct code. will project its shadows in the materialistic part of reality. The semen is ejected this understanding. while a yang person earns (+) it. who are mostly females. The (magical) process of creation is the reverse of the process of per- ception. Without Insemination is related to the sacral chakra. while yin persons desire to be tempted (+. we can yin persons. In order to feel good about ourselves. the chakra of the solar humanity is so fond of stories about magic. The outer World of Shadows is just a mere reflection of the dynam. By balancing our inner world.There are five intermediate chakras in between the vertically-oriented Base chakra and Crown chakra. The middle chakra relates to romance. Next. this energy will influence the manifestations we per- ceive in our reality. Finally. Then. it becomes alive. in the back of our brain. which is energy. Py- 100 Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation 101 . A yin person more easily receives (+) intuitive messages. meaning energy.

low. By repeatingly present in the Whole of Reality (above). the very first on our planet who wrote down references to Wholly Science was Hermes. Each are present in each human (below).5 (5) five methods are astonishingly 5×1= 5 (5) 5÷1= 5 (5) 5×8=40 (4) 5÷8=0. multi- Whole of Reality (meaning above). 7. There are We start with the base ciphers of 1 and 8. 6.125 (9) 102 Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation 103 .875 (2) good. To me. that as the Flow World is. in the same way these levels are resulting number consists of one or more ciphers. so below’ (as mentioned at the start of this two yin functions (+ and ×). The ciphers themselves title of Trismegistus. all 4×1= 4 (4) 4÷1= 4 (4) 4×8=32 (5) 4÷8=0. His most famous words are ‘As ics in the Flow World. The never move. However.625 (4) revealing. and Plato. 3. Below (being the yang functions (− and ÷). which have bigger effects. we eventually get the cient Greek carved the words ‘know thyself’ above the entrance to the root cipher value of this number. and the Enneagram 3×1= 3 (3) 3÷1= 3 (3) 3×8=24 (6) 3÷8=0. To me this means. as shown in the table be- various methods for gaining more self-knowledge based on this be.125 (8) diak. the Chinese Astrology. There are nine basic ci- three-times greatest in the passing on of Wholly pher codes: 1. Thoth or Hermes is the greatest source of inspira. and two so is also the Shadow World. My advice to you: 6×1= 6 (6) 6÷1= 6 (6) 6×8=48 (3) 6÷8=0. and 9. 2. adding up the constituting ciphers of a number. To me. low-above correspondence.375 (6) (pictured on the right). keep what is 7×1= 6 (7) 7÷1= 6 (7) 7×8=56 (2) 7÷8=0. Each number has a numerological temple at Delphi. These functions create the dynam- tion for my work.3 The Code of the Source World The Ancient Greeks considered Hermes to be the The codes of the Source World are ciphers. functions (× and ÷). so below’. which have smaller effects. At the moment we were born. which book). Each cipher has a yin or posi- Knowledge. 1×1= 1 (1) 1÷1= 1 (1) 1×8= 8 (8) 1÷8=0. 8×1= 8 (8) 8÷1= 8 (8) 8×8=64 (1) 8÷8=1 (1) 9×1= 9 (9) 9÷1= 9 (9) 9×8=72 (9) 9÷8=1. the codes inter- Their picture of him is on the left. and the other two are outer There is another meaningful interpretation of ‘As above. There are above. Other revealing methods are Nine Star Ki based on the Bagua 2×1= 2 (2) 2÷1= 2 (2) 2×8=16 (7) 2÷8=0.25 (7) (pictured on the left). 5. By understanding ourselves (meaning below) we also understand the The application of the four functions (adding. our personal energy values (below) Let us now look at the tables of both multiplication and division. Ancient Egyptians called him Thoth the Atlantean. root cipher. meaning thrice greatest. and dividing) to the cipher codes results in numbers. These methods include the signs and tones from the Tzol’kin and the monthly constellations from the Zo. create higher numbers. They therefore honored him with the tive value and a yang or negative value. subtracting. 8. Two of these above (being the Flow World). four functions (+ and −) are inner functions. 4. because there is no motion in the Source World.thagoras. This mysterious act according to specific functions.75 (3) Question everything. which Shadow World) is nothing more than a reflection of create lower numbers. 4. that is why the An. The nine levels of consciousness plying. In the Flow World. fully reflected the energy values in the Cosmos (above).

Multiplying appear. which goes on infi.8 (8) 4×7=28 (1) 4÷4=1 (1) represents the clockwise movement created 5×2=10 (1) 5÷5=1 (1) 5×7=35 (8) 5÷4=1. movement. That 1×4= 4 (4) 1÷7=0.. The tables above same. (8) 2×5=10 (1) 2÷2=1 (1) cipher (counter clockwise). (4) 1×5= 5 (5) 1÷2=0.25 (7) 5 or dividing with 2 results in a counter- 2×2= 4 (4) 2÷5=0.75 (4) subtracting 4. (3) 3×5=15 (6) 3÷2=1. The table next cipher (clockwise). and form the ing with 4 results in a counter-clockwise reciprocals 2 and 5 a group together with 8.714285. The figure to the left below shows the multiplications by and divisions with the reciprocal shows this basic rhythm. (9) 9×5=45 (9) 9÷2=4. This means that 5×4=20 (2) 5÷7=0. The The reciprocal cipher for 2 is 5.25 (8) by adding 4 or subtracting 5.5 (8) The figure above also represents the functions of adding 1 or sub. 8×4=32 (5) 8÷7=1..285714.. 4×4=16 (7) 4÷7=0. In this series.5 (6) Since both multiplication and division result in the same sequence. The figure to the right shows this order..571428. while multiplying by 1×2= 2 (2) 1÷5=0.6 (7) 8×7=56 (2) 8÷4=2 (2) with an infinite series of ciphers is beyond the scope of this book.428571. We find the opposite of this rhythm when we multiply with 8 or divide by 8.285714.142857. (5) 8×5=40 (4) 8÷2=4 (4) tracting 8. and the counter- division table of 1 is simply jumping to the clockwise movement created by subtracting 2 or adding 7.5 (5) clockwise movement. while multiplying by 7 or divid.5 (7) the reciprocal cipher of 1 is again 1.8 (9) 9×7=63 (9) 9÷4=1. 3×4=12 (3) 3÷7=0. (6) 6×5=30 (3) 6÷2=3 (3) again 8.75 (3) shows both movements. The rhythm of both the multiplication and movement created by adding 2 or subtracting 7. On the 9×4=36 (9) 9÷7=1.. In the same way form the reciprocals 4 movement. These three ciphers form a special by 2 or dividing with 5 results in a clockwise group. and 7 a group together with 1. and 9 never and the divisions with 5 and 4. Multiplying by 4 or dividing with 7 results in a clockwise movement. the ciphers 3. 7×4=28 (1) 7÷7=1 (1) 7×5=35 (8) 7÷2=3. while the consecutive order in this series is always the reciprocal cipher for 7 is 4.5 (6) clockwise movement created by adding 5 or 7×2=14 (5) 7÷5=1. and the counter- 6×2=12 (3) 6÷5=1. (7) 4×5=20 (2) 4÷2=2 (2) both 1 and 8 are reciprocal ciphers of themselves. 6. 9×2=18 (9) 9÷5=1.857142. This figure also represents the clockwise (147) (258) (369) 104 Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation 105 . the functions of subtracting 1 or adding 8 result in a counter-clockwise movement.2 (3) 6×7=42 (6) 6÷4=1.2 (2) 1×7= 7 (7) 1÷4=0.142857.6 (6) 3×7=21 (3) 3÷4=0.4 (5) 7×7=49 (4) 7÷4=1. In both cases the resulting movement is clockwise..125 (9) Dividing by 7 results in an infinite repeti- tion of a remarkable series of ciphers. as shown in the figure to the left. ciphers of the one used here.5 (9) contrary. This figure also 4×2= 8 (8) 4÷5=0. nitely. and the reciprocal cipher of 8 is 6×4=24 (6) 6÷7=0. Please note that proving the root value of the fractions 8×2=16 (7) 8÷5=1.. represent the multiplications with 2 and 7.5 (5) rhythm simply jumps back to the previous 2×4= 8 (8) 2÷7=0. (2) 5×5=25 (7) 5÷2=2.4 (4) 2×7=14 (5) 2÷4=0. The figure to the left 3×2= 6 (6) 3÷5=0..

(5) binary values (yin or yang) on three positions results in 8 different 6×9=54 (9) 6÷9=0.The group of 3. ing or subtracting 9. (6) 2×6=12 (3) 2÷3=0.4 999.222.777. The table above shows the basic multiplications and divisions with 9 as the base cipher.999.. any division by 9 not always results in a 9.. Each of these groups is a 5×3=15 (6) 5÷6=0.333. and the 1 2 4 8 7 5 1 2 4 8 7 5 counter-clockwise movement created by adding 6 or subtracting 3. 8×3=24 (6) 8÷6=1. 6 and 9 is special. (9) The doubling sequence is an infinite repetition of the series of 1. (6) symbol for trinity. In the Shadow World. and dividing are the four basic functions.. (9) of 3.. which create in a clockwise movement. (9) cipher groups as a triangle.333. 4. Firstly...999.666. (9) 6×6=36 (9) 6÷3=1.. The first is doubling. (6) trigrams of the I Ching. there are 64 2×9=18 (9) 2÷9=0. Just like 1 and 8.666..6 666. However. (4) programming language based on this doubling series. (3) 9×3=27 (9) 9÷6=1. 6 and 9 is special because the result of any function rocal. (6) 5×6=30 (3) 5÷3=1. This cipher root value 3×9=27 (9) 3÷9=0. and the same is true for add- shows the multiplications and divisions for the reciprocals 3 and 6.999. 1×3= 3 (3) 1÷6=0. The most special cipher of all is the 9.555. This figure also represents the clockwise movement created 1 2 4 8 16 32 64 128 256 512 1024 2048 by adding 3 or subtracting 6. The result of any multiplica.. (3) The figure to the left shows each of the three 3×3= 9 (9) 3÷6=0. (9) 3×6=18 (9) 3÷3=0. (1) results in doubling the amount of cells. its triangle has dotted 7×3=21 (3) 7÷6=1.4 999.999. Another example is the digital 4×9=36 (9) 4÷9=0.3 333. subtracting.. while combining two trigrams (again yin and 7×9=63 (9) 7÷9=0. The opposite is true for the complementary function of tion with 9 is always a 9..888. and 5. To accentuate that the trinity 6×3=18 (9) 6÷6=0. The figure to the left of the doubling sequence and the cipher root values of each number. (6) lines.. (3) 7×6=42 (6) 7÷3=2.666.. since it is 1.444. (3) trinity in itself. a 6 or a 9. (6) 8×6=48 (3) 8÷3=2.333. After 6 divisions.. The triangle is the 4×3=12 (3) 4÷6=0.. 9×9=81 (9) 9÷9=0. 2. while multiplying movement in the Flow World.. (9) All this belong to the basics of cipher mathematics.. Lastly. The table below by 9 does not alter the cipher root value.1 333. (2) cells that together form an independent unity. (7) yang) results in 64 hexagrams...1 666. the chess board also has 8 8×9=72 (9) 8÷9=0. Combining 5×9=45 (9) 5÷9=0. the 9 is also its own recip- 106 Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation 107 .. functions. (6) 2×3= 6 (6) 2÷6=0. in which adding.111... The table below shows the beginning clockwise movement.9 999. there are many examples of projections that result from this doubling series.8 333. (3) also shows this unity... the process of cell division 1×9= 9 (9) 1÷9=0.666.333. Dividing with these ciphers as base always is a 3...1 666. (9) 9×6=54 (9) 9÷3=2. (3) 1×6= 6 (6) 1÷3=0. Multiplying by 3 or dividing with 6 results multiplying. 7. Let us now look at two advanced by 6 or dividing with 3 results in a counter. 8. (3) 4×6=24 (6) 4÷3=1. (8) times 8 makes 64 fields. shows both movements..

028125 0. In total.5 0.015625 0. +8. The ciphers 1 represents the halving series for the common and 8 appear simultaneously in both series. the dotted line represents the 1 5 7 8 4 2 1 doubling and halving series for the 3 and the 6. +1. doubling and halving series. The table below shows the beginning shaped line with the 9 at the apex. 7.225 0. 2 back to 1. cause these three special ciphers together create a special series. -1. When we reverse the direction of this movement. never a 3. 5. but instead a pyramid- when we start doubling with 3. in the Source World.0234375 3 6 3 6 3 6 3 6 3 { -9. +2. the ciphers. and the special series) continuously alter- nate between being positive and being negative. it The table below puts both series next to each other. -3. 9 18 36 72 144 288 576 1152 2304 4608 9216 Series Coding Sequence Sum 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 Doubling (+) -1 +2 -4 +8 -7 +5 +3 Special (0) -3 +9 -6 +6 -9 +6 0 9 1 0. The name I use for this figure is Source Code. +4. -7.375 0. 7.halving.05625 0. +5. every cipher has both a positive yin value with a 6. +7. 8. -4. Starting at 1. a 6.0140625 Halving (-) +1 -5 +7 -8 +4 -2 -3 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 The values of the ciphers in each of the three series (the doubling series. -6. or a 9 appears.75 0. back to 1 is the dou- 1 5 7 8 4 2 1 5 bling series for the common ciphers. 3 6 3 6 3 6 3 6 3 6 3 6 In the Whole of Reality. -8. 4.046875 0. This series bounces back and forth between the 3 and the 6.25 0.03125 0. 8.0625 0. reciprocals pair up. 7. 4.125 0. each result is always a 9. 5. Let us see what happens tween the 3 and the 6. +6. the table below shows the first results when we start halving why. The table above 108 Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation 109 . That is why the unit of the Tzol’tun is exactly 18 natural days. That is be- of this series. This series is 3 6 12 24 48 96 192 384 768 1536 3072 6144 follows: 3 9 6 6 9 3. everything is always in balance. tional cipher of 9. That is Next. 8. 1 0. -2.0078125 the line to 2. This is not a straight horizontal line be- In both series. and a negative yang value. which is 1.1875 0. +3. At the other positions. 1 2 4 8 7 5 1 In this figure. the halving series. -5.45 0. there are 18 different cipher codes in the Source World: 6 3 1. and 2. 5.5 0. 4.09375 0. +9 } When we apply the functions of doubling and halving to the excep. Halving results in an infinite The figure to the left shows each of these repetition of the series of 1.1125 0. as shown in the table below.

Therefore. there are the projections of the special series. These three type of threads simple units called nucleotides. in which the +1 and the -1 always lay next to each other (and projections do not create material so do -8 and +8). The figure below shows the temporal changes in the sum values as adding up the charged ciphers of the special series results in a neutral represented in the previous table. like the doubling and the halving series do. the value of the halving series is negative (-). since its order. series is neutral (0). In the structure of the apple’s skin.shows the sequences of these three series in which each cipher has a Time 1 2 3 4 5 6 positive or a negative charge. An illustrating example of this trinity lies hidden in the genetic codes of all organisms found in deoxyribonucleic acid (abbreviated as DNA). Therefore. In the apple’s skin. This again shows why ple’s core. the value of the Doubling (+) +8 -7 +5 -1 +2 -4 doubling series is positive (+). Therefore. 110 Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation 111 . This graph depicts the apple’s heart outcome (0 for each sequence). the threads are always in the same the special series is special. the value of the halving beat. In between these polymers. Thirdly. allowing infinite halving series. Halving (-) +4 -2 +1 -5 +7 -8 Adding up the charged ciphers of the doubling series results in a Special (0) -3 +9 -6 +6 -9 +6 positive outcome (+3 for each sequence). three threads form a trinity. stretching at the apple’s equator and infinite compression in the ap. The three series constitute the threads of which the skin of the For. This skin of threads is ultimately flexible. This acid consists of two long polymers of bidden Apple of Knowledge is made of. mers are the shadows of the doubling and ple. shadows. These poly- continuously spiral in and out the null point in the center of this ap. Adding up the charged ciphers of the Sum +9 0 0 0 0 -9 halving series results in a negative outcome (-3 for each sequence).

each correspond. as represented in the doubling or halving cycle in the sponds to one of the four types of energy. At the cellular level. motifs (of diamonds and hearts) represent the yin Earth Air Water Fire energies. because it is based on 2 hydrogen bonds. which are the carriers of each cell’s life Diamonds Spades Hearts Clubs force. Next. That is why the symbol of clubs represents the number 3. this fully corresponds to the connecting line in the Source Code. sponds to the first ener- based on 3 hydrogen bonds. In total. the total amount of different unit codes are 64 (4×4×4). For each of the 3 posi. C.There are four types of molecules called nucleobases that enable the Let us now look at a deck adjacent nucleotides of both polymers to connect. point. Spades corre- energy. tions in this genetic trinity. Nine of these cards have numbers. we see an example of how a unit (1) corresponds to the of the nine ciphers. This is Ace Jack Queen King precisely the same amount as the number of different signs in the Tzol’kin (and the number of discs in the game of international draughts). Together with the invisible middle sponds to the third energetic phase after passing through the zero helix there are 3 helixes in DNA. The fundamental unit with the symbol of diamonds represents the number 4. the Harmonic Ratio Base Numbers of 2 and 3 play bol of hearts represents the number 2. The amino acids are the fundamental units for Earth Air Water Fire the creation of proteins. or T). while both black Guanine (G) Cytosine (C) Adenine (A) Thymine (T) motifs (of spades and clubs) represent the yang Just like Earth and Air are the inner compressed phases of spiraling energies. of playing cards. there are 20 different amino acids. matches with the outer expanded phases of spiraling energy of Water That is why the symbol of spades represents the number 1. as shown in the table below. (or colors). energetic phase after passing through the zero point. In human body cells. each of the remaining four cards corre- amount of 64. Each unit of 3 consecutive nucleobases contains the genetic code of a single amino acid. Again. deed the fourth energetic phase after passing through the zero point. which in the doubling series is the successor of 1. there are 4 possibilities (G. The connection between adenine and getic phase after passing thymine is weaker. and diamonds is in- genes consists of 3 consecutive nucleobases. and the same do the 20 personal identity types corresponding to the signs in the Tzol’kin at human level. A. The root value of 20 is 2. there are 13 playing cards of each of these four motifs Therefore. and hearts is indeed the first an important role. In the genetic cod. the root value of 64. The sym- and Fire. the connection between guanine and cytosine is stronger. 20 amino acids play the game of life. This through the zero point. Both red ing to a different type of energy. each representing one Again. as shown in the table be- Source Code. The ing itself we find another trinity. 112 Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation 113 . Clubs corre- Both polymers form 2 helixes. forming a trinity. low. Again.

If you encounter one or more errors. because it limited itself to investi. when you think that would be a good idea. called ‘The Bigger unable to explain these motions. we find only 9 What we consider to be the real reality is in this book is all new material. The more people there are who understand the basics of Wholly Science. (ISBN 978-94-90765-00-2). Ancient Science describes the flowing nature of life energy. Each cipher represents a ratio. The Apple represents the spiraling dynamics in the Flow Johan Oldenkamp World. Modern science is in the English language. of which holographic reflections of movement in the second ring. the relation between the decans and the illnesses is based on his work. In the core of the Whole of Reality. being the second ring of the Whole of Reality. The Zeist. The Apple’s skin is made of threads of these charged ciphers in fixed sequences. this book might contain one or two (or even more) language errors. Picture. For instance. All material manifestations in this third ring are the content of the other chapters. Beyond the Illusion of Matter’ gating only shadow phenomena. 2011 energy. I thank you in advance for spreading ‘the word’. Forbidden Apple of Knowledge displays the continuous flow of life December 13th.5. since each value in the Whole of Reality is always relative to other values. Concluding Summary Acknowledgements Everything we are able to perceive or detect belongs to the outer ring The content presented in the first chapter of of the Whole of Reality. Thank you for reading (parts of) this book. Among the people that inspired me to write this open- ing chapter is Santos Bonacci (‘Mister Astro Theology’ of Universal Truth School. the sooner humanity can free itself from the barriers of the past. That is why most was also present in my previous book everything in the Shadow World always moves. please let me know. The Netherlands. compared with fact just a shadow. each having two possible charges. The spiraling motions of these threads project the shad- ows we experience as being real. or have suggestions for improvement. Please pass it on to oth- ers. Since I am not a native English speaker. 114 Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation 115 .

Since governments and universities are not able to do all this (in fact. 48 pages Everything in nature has a rhythm. we better do it our selves. also ‘Understanding Nature’ and ‘The Bigger Picture’ are available as a free online e-books on the Eng- lish section of Pateo. Previously published by Pateo of the same author: Understanding Nature The Quest for Free Energy 2nd Edition (March 11th. This book applies this new scien- tific paradigm to explain the es- sence of nature. we need a new scientific para- digm. Just like ‘Wholly Science’.nl. 116 Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation . they only make it worse). The old paradigm beliefs that energy originates from matter. this new science is not so new at all. In short. since it brings us right back to the legacy of Pythagoras. Nature is constantly dancing. violence and pollution). This small book (of only 48 pages) explains how to solve all mayor planetary problems (such as poverty. 2010) ISBN 978-90-813871-01-9. In order to fully understand this. Everybody can un- derstand and apply the fundamental insights of this new science. However. The new paradigm shows us that matter originates from energy. it shows us the way to ultimate empowerment. on all levels. It shows simple solutions for all the problems of the old science.