• The Final Exam is comprehensive and covers all chapters and TCOs.

• Total of 270 points ○ 15 Multiple Choice questions at 2 points each ○ 10 Short Answer questions at 10 points each ○ 7 Essay questions at 20 points each • You will have 3.5 hours to complete the exam.
Start of Question Pool - "" - The exam will display 1 of these questions 2. MC 1. (TCO 1) A CEO of a local newspaper has noticed that the advertising and subscription revenue has been decreasing. The CEO sets a goal of stopping the decline. The CEO is ... (TCO 1) When the dean of the college of business downsized the college from five departments to four departments, the dean primarily was performing the ____ functio... (TCO 1) When the finance director of Signature Cleaners and Tailors establishes a good working relationship with PNC Bank so that the firm is able to get an emergency loa...


MC 1.


MC 1.

5. End of Question Pool 6. Start of Question Pool - "" - The exam will display 1 of these questions 7. MC 2. (TCO 2) When LarMar Foods introduced Garlic Expressions salad dressing, it was concerned about locating and using the computer software needed to track orders and k... (TCO 2) State supported universities receive money from state tax payers. Harvard University's endowment is so large that Harvard is guaranteed significant income ju... (TCO 2) For more than a century, Americans moved from rural to metropolitan areas. Then in the 1950s, Americans made a mass exit from the city to the suburbs. Now many of...


MC 2.


MC 2.

10. End of Question Pool -

24."" . 13. (TCO 4) McDonald’s. 19. 14. MC 3. all of which operate in many different countries. MC 4. Start of Question Pool . MC 4.. (TCO 2) The expiration of a pharmaceutical drug patent allows generic drug makers to introduce the same chemical compound under a different name and at lower prices. Pizza Hut. MC 5. (TCO 3) A firm is taking a(n) ____ stance when it actively looks for ways to benefit society as well as meeting its obligations and responding to requests."" 21. This. (TCO 4) Under a(n) _____ between a U.. . (TCO 2) AirTran Airlines (formerly ValuJet) has an airplane fleet that is older than those owned by other airlines. (TCO 3) New York passed a law requiring no smoking in bars and restaurants.S... in return for the right to use the parent company’s brand name and sell its 23. and KFC restaurants. (TCO 4) Domestic managers who become international managers face several environmental challenges. Start of Question Pool ...The exam will display 1 of these questions 12. and Krispy Kreme outlets before dawn so. MC 5.The exam will display 1 of these questions 17. 18. MC 3. End of Question Pool 16. The ethical issue that .. (TCO 2) Krispy Kreme has a distribution network that allows fresh doughnuts to be transported to convenience stores. 20.. End of Question Pool . (TCO 3) Clayton Moore must choose between taking actions that promote personal interests and actions that promote the interests of others at work. Burger King. MC 3. Start of Question Pool .. MC 5. Bar and restaurant owners who look the other way when customers smoke in the restr. based company and a foreign company. Which of the following is NOT one of the environmental challenges that .. This is a potential ____ because it can give the compa.. supermarkets. MC 4. 15."" .The exam will display 1 of these questions 22..11. are best characterized as _____ corporations."" .

39. The company is the fourth largest baking mix producer. End of Question Pool – 31.The exam will display 1 of these questions 27... (TCO 5) For a differentiation strategy to be effective. 34. (TCO 5) A(n) ____ for an organization could be to decide how to improve returns for its shareholders by two percent annually. (TCO 5) The ____ of Applebee's is to "weekly repeat guests through providing surprisingly friendly hospitality. MC 8. MC 7.The exam will display 1 of these questions 37.. the product difference should NOT be based on ______.S. Start of Question Pool . MC 7. firm and a German firm can achieve all of the following benefits except _____. 35. Start of Question Pool . End of Question Pool 41. End of Question Pool – 26. MC 6. and sell. (TCO 4) If you were in charge of a developing country..goods and s. (TCO 5) Tools and techniques for making better decisions include which of the following? 38.The exam will display 1 of these questions 32. (TCO 4) A strategic alliance between a U. Start of Question Pool . MC 6. Start of Question Pool . and world class service ."" . MC 6. has never spent a cent on advertising. where would you go for financial assistance? 28. (TCO 4) All of the following are conducive to economic growth except _____. (TCO 5) A firm’s strategy includes which of the following? 33. superior quality food.. MC 7. End of Question Pool – 36."" . 25. 29. MC 8.The exam will display 1 of these questions . 30."" . 40.. (TCO 5) Chelsea Milling Company produces Jiffy Mix and other mixes."" . MC 8.

the most likel. (TCO 7) Maytag is not a company known for its secrecy. 55. tools. MC 9. Start of Question Pool .. 54. 43. 48. which of the following is the first step in planning of your business? (TCO 6) Donna Graves has just completed research to determine the types of advertising to use in her proposed business. End of Question Pool 46. 49.. She knows little about the area she would be living in. (TCO 7) Desiree is reluctant to take a promotion because it involves moving. (TCO 6) Many small firms provide _____ services to large firms—that is.. 50. (TCO 7) In an organization in which high-level managers make the effort to involve others in decision making and seek opinions of others. they hire themselves out to help with special projects or to handle certain business functio. corporate culture te."" . MC 10. 45. and home goods.The exam will display 1 of these questions . it needed to. jewelry. According to the text. She will discuss advertising under the _____ headi."" 51. Start of Question Pool . End of Question Pool 56.The exam will display 1 of these questions 52. Start of Question Pool . (TCO 7) Andrea had worked in the marketing department for 27 years. MC 10. MC 11. MC 11. MC 11. MC 9. 53.The exam will display 1 of these questions 47."" .."" . the disadvantages of a matrix structure include which of the following? (TCO 7) Sears has departments for clothing. When change is sugge.. (TCO 7) Despite potential benefits.. End of Question Pool .42. (TCO 6) If you desired to become an entrepreneur..... 44.. MC 9. This is an example of departmentalization by ______. MC 10.. She knows the history and successes of the office better than any other employee. but when it began developing what it considered to be a revolutionary high-efficiency washing machine.

These benefits target which level of. MC 14.57. MC 13.. She has also been informed that she will be fired if she does not get her. the team has been experiencing interpersona. an. (TCO 8) A manager has been told that she will get a $50. Start of Question Pool . (TCO 9) ____________ roles serve to keep the team operating effectively and help team members feel more cohesive and the team less prone to suffering process losses such . (TCO 9) You are a manager who has recently established a team of employees who are assigned to developing a new product. (TCO 8) Ana is a police detective in a metropolitan police force. End of Question Pool .. MC 12. has added a lucrative retirement plan for its employees that includes medical benefits for retirees.000 bonus if her team meets their quota. Because she is female. Start of Question Pool . 59. MC 14. 65.The exam will display 1 of these questions 67."" 66."" . 60. but the effects on decision quality or employee productivity are weaker when leaders use which of the following decision making st. MC 13.. 58. She believes that she is just as good a detective as her male counterparts. 70... MC 14. (TCO 8) Fairway Green Inc. Start of Question Pool . He quickly found that he needed help running the operation. 64. End of Question Pool .. MC 13..."" . End of Question Pool – 71. his brother. MC 12. (TCO 8) Employees tend to be satisfied. MC 12. (TCO 9) Pooled interdependence exists when: 68.The exam will display 1 of these questions 62. 69.The exam will display 1 of these questions .. (TCO 8) Directive leadership is thought to be most effective in which of the following situations? (TCO 8) Chris Childers opened Macon Christian Bookstore in the 1980s..."" . so he hired his parents... 63."" 61. many ..

(TCO 1) Explain the three steps involved in controlling in an organization. Briefly discuss the three broad categories. 5. (TCO 10) One of four top mistakes companies appear to make regarding how to set and use non-financial controls effectively is ______. (TCO 10) ______________ was originally introduced to integrate financial and non-financial controls in a way that provided an understanding of the determinants of firm pe. MC 15. 9. (TCO 2) Why do managers perform stakeholder analysis? (TCO 2) Briefly discuss the internal analysis tools and processes that managers can use to analyze their internal environments? What does each tool tell the manager? (TCO 2) Describe how on-demand movies on cable are a threat of substitute product to Blockbuster.. 73. 74. SA SA 2."" . 10. Start of Question Pool . End of Question Pool – 6.. 1. 8. 1... SA 3. Give a workplace example of one of the ."" . 1. MC 15.The exam will display 1 of these questions 2. 4.The exam will display 1 of these questions 12. . MC 15. 3. End of Question Pool 11. What kind. Start of Question Pool . SA 3. (TCO 3) Who are the important stakeholders of your college or university? What does each stakeholder group get from the school? What does each give to the school? (TCO 3) Discuss how the Sarbanes-Oxley Act promotes ethical leadership within organizations? 13. SA SA SA 1. SA 2. 2...The exam will display 1 of these questions 7.72."" . (TCO 10) A laboratory runs chemical analyses of materials to be used in the production process before those materials leave the receiving area of the warehouse. Start of Question Pool . (TCO 1) Discuss the process of planning. (TCO 1) Henry Mintzberg identified three broad categories of roles that managers play.

. Start of Question Pool . End of Question Pool – 26. Start of Question Pool .S. 19.. SA 6. 6. Which method seems best to you? Explain your answer. 30. 25. 28. you have been asked to write a standing policy. exporting."" . 23. End of Question Pool – 16. 18."" . SA 3. (TCO 4) Why does escalation of commitment occur? (TCO 4) Describe the three common categories of decisions commonly made within organizations. 5. As part of your responsibilities. 24. 29. (TCO 4) Briefly discuss the potential challenges to decision making and discuss a specific example of a time when you experienced one of these challenges while making a d."" .14. SA SA 6.The exam will display 1 of these questions 27. 20. (TCO 6) If you were considering starting you own business. how do foreign direct investment and opening a foreign subsidiary differ from licensing? (TCO 4) As a business student. and franchising. SA SA SA 5."" . economy. what are the four major types of information you would include in your business plan? (TCO 6) A new business can be started either from scratch or by buying an existing business. you should develop expertise in a basic area of business. What else should you do to prepare yourself to enter a global business world? (TCO 4) There are four common ways for a firm to expand its operations into overseas markets—importing. 5. (TCO 4) As strategies for going international. You are a CEO of a large co. Start of Question Pool .The exam will display 1 of these questions 22. 4.The exam will display 1 of these questions . (TCO 6) Discuss five ways in which small businesses help the U. SA 4... End of Question Pool – 21. End of Question Pool – 31.The exam will display 1 of these questions 17. (TCO 3) You have recently been assigned as the ethics officer for your organization.. SA SA 4. licensing.. Start of Question Pool . 15.

(TCO 9) How does one determine whether to communicate verbally or in writing? 45. End of Question Pool . (TCO 7) Briefly discuss two of the reasons for individual resistance to change and give a workplace example of each.The exam will display 1 of these questions 42. End of Question Pool – 41. End of Question Pool – 46. (TCO 7) Why do poorly performing companies often find it easier to change compared to successful companies? 35. 38. SA SA SA 10. SA SA SA 8. Start of Question Pool .The exam will display 1 of these questions 47. 9. 7. Start of Question Pool . SA SA SA 7. 10. 8. (TCO 9) Define active listening and discuss at least 3 ways to improve your listening habits. 48. Start of Question Pool . 33. (TCO 9) Compare and contrast formal and informal leaders.The exam will display 1 of these questions 37. 10. 49. 9."" .32. (TCO 8) Discuss how organizations that value their employees are more profitable than those that do not? (TCO 8) What is the difference between person-organization and personjob fit? (TCO 8) How can job enrichment reduce turnover? 40. SA SA SA 9. (TCO 10) How can good controls help an organization be efficient and effective? (TCO 10) Discuss two things that can go wrong when non-financial controls are not linked to the strategy? (TCO 10) Discuss the two biggest challenges that organizations face when trying to use non-financial controls? 50. 34. 39."" . 44."" . 8. (TCO 7) Briefly describe the characteristics of a typical organization using the bureaucratic structure. 43. End of Question Pool – 36. 7."" .

. 9. EQ 3..The exam will display 1 of these questions 7. (TCO 2) You are an upper level manager in a mid-size telecommunications company."" . EQ 1. 13..Start of Question Pool .. Discuss the general environm. (TCO 3) Describe the five stages organizations adopt toward social responsibility.. (TCO 2) Organizations have both an internal and an external environment.. but your job responsibilities hav."" ."" . The CEO of the company assigned you to a task force to complete a SWOT analysis as a part. EQ 3. EQ 4. (TCO 4) The firm for which you work was recently acquired by a large multinational corporation. EQ 2. The CEO has asked you to form a group. Do you think an organization uses the same approach every time? Why? (TCO 3) Explain the difference between an ethical dilemma and an ethical decision and provide an example of each. End of Question Pool – 16. 4. Describe the general environment and give at least one specific example of each dimension. (TCO 2) Compare and contrast the sociocultural and the politicallegal dimensions of the general environment...The exam will display 1 of these questions 12.The exam will display 1 of these questions 17. EQ 1.. 10. EQ 1. (TCO 4) Assume you accepted a transfer with your company to move overseas as a manager within the company’s new international division.The exam will display 1 of these questions 2. End of Question Pool 11. 3... other .. (TCO 5) The CEO of your organization has developed two potential plans to help the organization cut costs. the members of the group. with particular attention to how forces in one could af. You were lucky that your job was spared. Start of Question Pool . 14. 15. Start of Question Pool . the goal of the organization is to become a multinationa."" . Start of Question Pool . . EQ 2. 8. Discuss how an organization is impacted when it adopts socially responsible practices.. End of Question Pool – 6. (TCO 4) You have been assigned to head up your organization’s expansion into the international marketplace. 5. EQ 3. EQ 2. (TCO 3) Discuss the notion of social responsibility..

Using Le.. EQ 5. End of Question Pool – 31."" . EQ 4... and you are the plant manager at a unionized parts warehouse. How will you help the top management team over... 20. Start of Question Pool . 25. Start of Question Pool .. EQ 6. EQ 7. supervises a group of very competent workers. (TCO 8) Phil W. You need to hold an initial .The exam will display 1 of these questions 27. EQ 7.."" . 19.The exam will display 1 of these questions 22. (TCO 5) Discuss the important role an organization’s mission and vision play in the setting of the organization’s strategy and in the accomplishment of the or. 23. (TCO 7) You are the internal relations manager for Elan. ."" .. 29.. 30. (TCO 5) Managers must make decisions on a regular basis.. EQ 7. EQ 6. an Irish biotech firm.. often times these decisions are affected by one or more behavioral elements. You have been asked by top management to inform the line workers that the plant will be..The exam will display 1 of these questions 32. and the company has written standard operating procedures to. (TCO 8) Discuss how the path-goal theory of leadership and the expectancy theory of motivation are related. EQ 5. 24.. EQ 4. 33. (TCO 8) Discuss at least one action an organization can take to satisfy their employees’ various needs as defined by Maslow? 28. (TCO 7) Assume that you are the manager of an organization that has a routine way of performing a task and now faces a major change in how it performs that task.18. End of Question Pool – 26. (TCO 9) It is April. EQ 6. EQ 5. End of Question Pool – 21. when it is acquired by Johnson and Johnson. Start of Question Pool .. 34. Discuss how two of these behavioral . These employees are involved in a routine task. (TCO 7) Describe the job characteristics approach to job design and explain how it is related to job enrichment. (TCO 9) What advice would you give someone who is going to become a manager in how he or she can avoid falling prey to the common communication barriers? (TCO 9) You are the plant manager you just established a self-directed team that will be assigned to work on a new inventory tracking system.

End of Question Pool ."" .35.

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