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following is a summary of the ts of investigations by Deca- ‘and Macon County officials as have been presented in The Id and Review. It was from “evidence” that . the faked of Decatur's “Hell Hallow” written, GLADYS WALTON ladys Walton, 15, died of pneu- ynia which was contracted after was taken to a Decatur hos- suffering from a severe nerv~ breakdown in May, 1934. The Fl was alone in the home of her nts near Elwin for a short during the morning. When her her returned home at noon, dys was found locked in a yt in an upstairs bedroom. In incoherent story, she told of per visiting the home and satening to throw her out of an irs window. She locked her- in the closet to escape, she d. There had been a dispute ong the Waltons and persons) merly living on the farm over Session of some furniture. The did not associate with boys. re was no evidence of a crim- ‘attack. Nothing in the case the slightest indication of a killing. EVERETT BARKER Brereit Barker, 15 years old De Be voy, wo was shot and illed BNovernber, 102, provided = mys- hich has not. been solved @ according to beliet of authori: Bey conceal a cleverly execut- Burges plot. Barker was shot az land a boy companion were run away from the Spser Bicycle fun store in the. 20. bioek ft Sain sticet, after an attempt Dpurcinrize the store. “Walter B Be proprietor of the. store Bied ne tired the thot. Invest fon of authorities turned on the the Harker boy may” have or activitice of agave] at Mhieves thoy marked im. for fh or that his death resulted Knowledge he had affecting sonal conduct of members fis "immediate family. The bry that he knew of a plot to| Is father for insurance te only | ative ‘and is not borne out evidence gathered at the time the shooting ‘The only known ation that is death was. the| fit of a gang plot isa teport fa small time’ Central Timois ster is said to have mentioned Backer willing while parading | Beelt as a big, shot gangster Underworld acquaintances MELBOURNE SAVAGE Savage, employe of was shot | ‘antly killed in the cemetery | (foreman to go down to “the jun- |May 22, 1930. At the time of the shooting, the river bank at the low- er end of the cemetery was a mass| of undergrowth and brush and was| known as “the jungle” in which hoboes gathered to cook food. Shortly after going to work for the aay, Savage was instructed by his] gle” and disperse a group of ho- boes. Shots were heard and Savage was found dead. Although the mur- der has not been solved, authorities | are confident Savage was killed by| ‘a member of the hobo group, ot| was ambushed by some person who sought personal revenge. Savage ‘was shown to have been interested in women in the neighborhood in which he lived south of the Dan- zeisen packing plant. Authorities investigated the possibility he was| Killed because of gangster activi- ties in St. Louis, his former home, but found no evidence to sustain ROY POLEN Roy Polen, war veteran, disap- peared from a Sangamon river shack early in February, 1933. Sev eral weeks later his body was found floating in the river. There is seri-| ous question whether he was mur- dered. Polen, who was addicted to drink had been staying in an im- provised shack on the river bank| near the St. Louis bridge with Harry Howard, an indigent painter Polen had been drinking heavily according to Howard's story: Polen left the shack and walked toward Rosetta home and appeared to hal Jan intimate acquaintance with Mi Rosetta, As time went on, Snyder and Mi Rosetta were not 0 friendly. Mi Rosetta became acquainted wit Joe Bersano, who lived on th same block with Guy Milligan [There were rumors in the neigh borhood that Bersano and Mrs, Ro setta were to be married. Bersan and Snyder left Decatur tozethe in search for work. Snyder return ‘ed. Bersano was found dead at side of a highway near Hillsboro Mrs, Sadie Sunderlik, mother ‘Mrs. Rosetta, is said to have beet from the Milligan home, her hous facing on South Main street. Ape “parently in the belief Snyder kn more than he Bersano death, Mrs. pretended of ‘Sunderlik from the alle Snyder was immediately susp fed of the Sunderlik killing and fle from Decatur. Authorities receivet a tip that Snyder had been in th Milligan home a few minutes by fore Mrs. Sunderlik was killed. news accounts of the Sunderlik the river bank. Whether he fell in- to the water and drowned, or en-| gaged in a drunken brawl and was Killed has never been established. | There was nothing in the investi- gation of his death that would zive the slightest reason to suspect a Premeditated or gangster killing “SNYDER DEATHS"? Two Decatur deaths and possibly four. are charged to Ralph Snyder fugitive. They are the murders of Mrs, Sadie Sunderlik in August 1935; Guy Milligan in November, 1935, both of whom died of shotgun blasts, the death of Victor Rosetta under unusual circumstances in 1933, and the death of Joseph Bar- sano. These deaths are linked since | all four were associated with Sny der. The theory that Snyder may have been implicated in all four of these | déaths is based upon the following facts: Snyder was living in the Rosetta home in the 800 block South Wa- ter street, when Rosetta became suddenly ill. Rosetta died the next |day, his death being attributed to [poison caused by a burst dix. There was no autops Snyder continued to live in the appen-| vestigation, it was hinted that Mil Jligan was an eye witness to th |shooting and would he the chief prosecuting witness if Snyder wet captured and brought to trial. This possibility marked Milliga for death. On a night in Novemby 1935, Milligan was ness against from the Milligan home across vacant lot to his parked car. Chile dren playing in the street reco} nized him as Snyder. JOSEPH BERSANO Joseph Bersano, Decatur mint died a violent death in Marcl |1995, his body being found ne Hillsboro. he was run down by a hit and rut driver, or was murdered with club or similar weapon. The prin cipal reason for believing his deat was murder is that he left D tur with Ralph Snyder in sears for employment. Snyder since wi accused of two other murders, an this fact caused authorities to [Possibility Bersano also was by Snyder