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Completion of FPP Treatment Specialist Services under FPP Service

 All FPP inpatients who continue to be treated

under the FPP service until the completion of INFORMATION FOR
treatment or continue as FPP outpatients,
shall be required to make payment before Outpatient Inpatient PATIENT’S TREATMENT
obtaining the prescribed medicine or before AND PROCEDURES
being given an appointment for follow up Daycare
 Receipts of payment shall only be issued after
payment of all necessary fees has been made. Scope of Services

 Internal Medicine (Paediatric and Adult)

Exemption of Payment  Endocrinology (Paediatric and Adult)
There is no exemption of payment under the FPP  General Surgery
service.  Endocrine, Breast and Bariatric Surgery
 Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Payment Disputes  Orthopaedic (General, Arthritis, Joints, Foot
and Sports)
Any dispute over payment shall be made in writ-  Spinal Surgery Full Paying Patient
ing, after a full payment has been made for the
treatment or procedure, if the verbal clarification

Otorhinolaryngology (Ear, Nose and Throat)
(FPP) Services
is found to be inadequate.
 Rhinology and Sleep Medicine
 Dentistry and Oral Surgery
Payment Method  Minimally Invasive Surgery
 Psychiatry
 Cash
 Anaesthesiology and Pain Management
 Cheque (limited to companies which are reg-
istered with the Ministry of Health)  Pathology
 Credit Card  Diagnostic Imaging (including MRI and CT
 Debit Card
 Money Order
Registration into FPP Services
 Postal Order
 Banker’s Cheque/Banker’s Draft/Banker’s All patients opting for FPP service shall be
Order required to sign an Acceptance Agreement
 Cashier’s Order Form to register into the FPP service.
 Guarantee Letter (for eligible patients includ-
For further information, please enquire at:
ing cashless card holders) accompanied with
Specialist Outpatient Clinic Counter (SOC) Hospital Putrajaya
the Acceptance Agreement Form which has
Tel: 03-8312 4316
been endorsed by the company or insurance Email:
Introduction Hospitality Fees Deposit

 Via Full Paying Patient (FPP) service which was All FPP patients undergoing treatment or procedures in  All FPP daycare or inpatients shall be
introduced in 2007, a patient may receive treat- Hospital Putrajaya will be charged the following charged a deposit and the rate shall be
ment from a specialist of his choice and enjoy hospitality fees: based on the stipulated rates for each
additional facilities subject to availability of exist- treatment provided or procedure per-
ing resources, field of specialty and services in Inpatient Bed Fees formed on the inpatients.
Hospital Putrajaya.  The minimum deposit is RM 3,000 or 50% of
 All FPP patients shall be charged for each treat- the estimated total cost for each treatment
Type of Room/Bed Fee (Per Day)
ment provided or procedure performed by the or procedure, whichever is higher.
specialists at a very competitive price.
Executive Room (Single/Double
RM 300  FPP patients who are cashless card holders.
bedded) upon approval by the appropriate authority
 The hospital policy including visiting hours, re-
striction on ward visit by children aged 12 years First Class Room (Single bedded) RM 160 may not be required to pay a deposit.
old and below, shall be adhered to by all FPP pa-  All deposits shall be reviewed daily to en-
First Class Room (Double bedded) RM 130
tients. sure adequate balance of not less than RM
First Class Room (Four bedded) RM 80 1,000 is available.
Patient Registration and Consultation  A letter of reminder for additional deposits
shall be issued to any FPP patient or the
All FPP patients undergoing treatment or procedures Daycare/Intensive/Critical Bed Fees next of kin from time to time when the
in Hospital Putrajaya shall be charged the following balance of the deposits falls to or below
registration and consultancy fees: RM 1,000.
Type of Bed Fee (Per Day)
 Additional payments are to be made by the
Outpatient Fees Daycare RM 70 FPP patients within 24 hours from the date
of receiving the letter of reminder.
Clinic Hours After Clinic Hours/ Intensive or Critical Care RM 400 (max 14 days)
Type of 8 am – 5 pm Saturday
Cases Coronary Care RM 400 (max 14 days) Termination from FPP Service
Registration Consultation Registration Consultation
Neonatal Intensive Care RM 200 (max 14 days)
New RM10 RM 100 RM 10 RM150  In the event that an additional deposit is not
High Dependency RM 160 (max 14 days) received by 12 p.m. upon receiving the letter
Follow-up Nil RM 60 Nil RM 90 of reminder the following day, the FPP pa-
tient shall no longer be entitled to benefit
Others from the FPP service.
Daycare/Inpatient Fees
 Any FPP patient admitted into the Executive
After Clinic Ward for FPP service shall be discharged and
Clinic Hours Type of Facility Fee
Type of Charges Hours/Public continue treatment as a public patient in the
8 am – 5 pm RM250 per hour/ any First Class Ward.
Holidays Operation Room
part thereof  All outstanding bills for FPP service shall be
Registration RM 10 RM 10
Labour Room RM250 per delivery settled in full by the FPP patient before con-
Consultation RM 60 RM 120 verted into the public patient for continua-
Consultation Note: Other fees such as procedure, investigation, tion of treatment.
RM 90 RM 180
For Intensive Care medicine, immunisation and consumable fees may
also apply.