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Tid Bits of Wisdom

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August & September 2018 Vol. 12, 9-10


Who will have all men to be saved,
and to come unto the knowledge of
the truth.
The one thing I love about our Creator is that He loves “ALL” His cre-
ation. Some scholars, who want to go deep into the Word, have concluded that
God chose some to be saved and some to be lost. The simplicity of the Scriptures
is very clear. If there is any doubt as to how God feels about all mankind, read
1 Timothy 2 and it will remove all your doubts. God chose a way to salvation
and that way is the Lord Jesus Christ. Those who submit to His way, which is to
repent and believe by faith, are chosen to be saved. It is God only who decides if
our hearts are right. Jesus tells us clearly that “He is the way, the Truth and the
Life,” and NO MAN comes to the Father but by Him.

John 1:13
Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man,
but of God.

Our bloodline does not make us a Christian. If in our flesh, we decide
to chose to be a Christian, we cannot attain it without God choosing to accept
us. The work of the flesh cannot produce salvation. Your family’s will may be
DeSoto, Texas 75115

Non-Profit Organ.

for you to be saved, but their willingness for you to be saved cannot bring you
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salvation. Salvation is of God and God only. It is provided for all who repent
and believe in the life and the work of the Lord Jesus Christ for their redemption.
There are no exceptions! Man’s greatest problem is that he wants to do things
“HIS WAY,” God says, “Repent, turn from your way and by faith do it God’s
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(Continued from page one) Years ago we read George Muller’s book called “Life of Trust”. We
committed to live life as he did and not tell our need until after God had sent the
In the first two verses of 1 Timothy 2, Paul tells us what our part is to be answer. George Muller wrote a paper monthly telling what he asked for and how
toward those in our lives. it was answered. It was the greatest encouragement we had ever had to trust God
and not man. Well, that’s where we are now and we had no idea how hard it must
1 Tim 2:1-11 have been for George Muller to pay down the needs for thousands of orphans.
I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving This is a very humbling place. It also is a very exciting place. We daily see God’s
of thanks, be made for all men;
hand reaching out to us. We want to wait upon the Lord for our needs and our
For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable
life in all godliness and honesty.
3 For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour;
Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth. There is one thing that Gloria, and I desire and I don’t feel it would be
wrong to share it with you and ask you to pray for us. We are very close to having
The very first thing we are to do when we become concerned for others our house paid for and if God would provide for us to be free of that payment we
is to PRAY for them. Bring their name before God and make supplications for would survive where we are. I’m not sharing the amount we need because that
them. Ask God to work a special work that will cause them to seek God in their is not what we want you to pray. Pray if it be God’s will, He will provide what
lives. Some say, “Well, if God loves all, then He will deal with them and He we need. We have been waiting for this these four years and God may want us to
doesn’t need me to ask for them,” Not so! God will work in their lives, but He continue waiting on Him each month. We want God’s will first and foremost.
wants us to make requests for special works. You have not because you ask not.
God says to us, “Stir my heart up for this person,” We affect the heart of God! Thank you for letting us share our paper with you and may God bless
We can cause Him to change His mind but not His character. We can change you.
His heart but not His will. He is Sovereign and will always have the last word. THE WONDERFUL WORD
LETTER from reader: Bro. Brewster,
Just like those who are around us affect our lives, we affect God’s life. God is &
thank you and Sister Gloria for all your years Tid Bit’s of Wisdom
either pleased with your life or He is angry at your life. God made us in HIS
of faithfulness to the Lord. You are a bless- -Psalms 68:11-
IMAGE. He has choice, and He has given us choice. He gives us the “LAW OF Founded December, 1966
ing and an inspiration to us and so many. WONDERFUL WORD Magazine, now
LIBERTY,” which is, we are free to do as we please. But He decides rather to
Tid Bits of Wisdom has often contained Tid Bits of Wisdom, is the official voice of
bless our work or curse our work. He decides all outcomes of our actions. We can WONDERFUL WORD PUBLISHERS, a
truth that has encouraged and strengthened
accomplish nothing without God’s blessing upon our actions. non-profit, religious organization, endeav-
me when I needed it most. May God con- oring to publish Gospel Literature in the
tinue to bless your ministry. Love in Christ, Spanish Language for world-wid distribu-
We are to make supplications, prayers, intercessions and giving of thanks tion, through Bible believing Missionaries at
Bro.Dale & Cheryl Harris Gal. 6:9
for ALL men. Just as God included “ALL,” He expects us to include “ALL.” no cost to them. It is published as the Lord
enables. It is dedicated to Missionary activ-
We are not to love some and ignore others. We are to be thankful for all that God
puts in our lives. The lovely and the unlovely! We are to ask, beg and intercede
Satan does not ity on the fields already white unto harvest,
and contending for the verbally inspired
for others. Ask God to grant mercy for those who have not come to salvation. want to Word, exalthing the LIVING WORD.
When is the last time that you spent time talking to God about someone other than
yourself? Maybe you are living a miserable life because you haven’t prayed for get rid of the Wonderful Word Publishers
P.O., Box 315
Powell, Tenn 37849
those around you. You would be surprised how people quiet down and become
peaceable when they know you love them. When we appose others, they end up

apposing us! Did you pray for President Obama the same way you pray for Presi- He wants to ‘TID BITS OF WISDOM’
Bro. Jerry & Gloria Brewster
dent Trump? Do you only pray for those you like? Do those who are in authority
over you feel you are thankful for them being in your life? distort it. 1801 Old Hickory Trail
DeSoto, Texas 75115

Art Wilson E-mail
God would have ALL men to be saved. What about us? We’re glad He

2 11
TID BITS OF WISDOM made a way for us, but have we forgotten that He made a way for ALL? Do we
receive our salvation and go on our way without any thought of those whose sins
are still not forgiven? Oh, if we could be like Christ and desire salvation for all,
we would make a difference in the lives around us.
In December, Tid Bits of Wisdom will be 12 years old! It seems like only
yesterday it all began. If you have the heart of God, you will love ALL. Hate sin, love the sin-
ner! Can you separate the two? When you are the one they sinned against, can
you forgive them (give up your right to harm them) and trust God to take care of
Wonderful Word had just lost Bro. David Cimino in death and Mrs. things?
Connie and Mrs. Rose needed some way to keep their work before the
people. Bro. Dick Cimino, the founder, had died a few years before and These next two verses are my favorite verses.
he had written a monthly paper for years. Mrs. Rose said Gloria reminded
her of Bro. Dick and asked if she would write for them. It was two years 1 Tim 2:5-6
before we decided this was what the Lord wanted us to do. I had my For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man
heart attack about two months before and Gloria’s sister died right after Christ Jesus;
we mailed our first paper. Not long after, Gloria’s mother died, and later Who gave himself a ransom for all, to be testified in due time.
her Aunt died and then her brother-in-law. We were writing the paper to
encourage struggling believers. We had no idea the things we would walk God knew that man would pervert His doctrines, but He will straighten it
out one day. One day He will stand and declare that He gave Himself a ransom
through when we started this work. I’m sure you know, that the best way
for ALL. Why don’t we just go ahead and believe it today? He’s already said
to encourage yourself is to encourage others! Many times the articles are it!
coming from things we are going through.
There are many gods today. Everyone has decided for themselves how
We have had such wonderful feedback through the years of how an to find God. The world rejects Christianity because it is one way and only one
article came in the mail or was picked up just as that person needed what way to the Father! The gods of this world have decided to play god, instead of
was written. We desire always to let God lead us, because only He knows seeking God. I don’t know about you, but I want God’s way to be my way. This
your needs! is a little song that we sing.

In 12 years we have never been left in the red. We’ve come close I Want God’s Way
a few times but never left without our needs. You who have been faithful I want God’s way to be my way,
these years will never know what your support has meant to many readers. As I journey here below.
After we buy ink, paper and supplies each paper cost about $2.00. When For there is no other highway
you give $25.00 you are sending to 12 people. $50.00 you are sending to 25 that a child of God should go.
Though the road be long and rough,
people. $10.00 sends to 5 people. Our readers thank you for your support .
If He leads me tis’ enough.
We do not take a salary from Tid Bits of Wisdom. Anything you send.
I want God’s way, to be my way,
with Tid Bits of Wisdom’s name goes straight to Tid Bits of Wisdom. The paper
Every day.
will be 12 years old this December and many who started with us have died or
become unable to give. Many have been faithful all these years. Pray and ask Abortion has never been about “choice”...
God if He wants you to join us with a monthly support. We are grateful for our
It’s about escaping the consequences of your choices,
All donations to Tid Bits of Wisdom are tax deductable. 1801 Old by taking all
Hickory Trail, DeSoto, TX, 75115. Phone 214-293-5252 choices away from another human being.
10 3
UPDATE on the Brewsters
F (Everywhere we go we are asked how we are doing. This paper goes to 2200
E people and we thought we would update you on how we are doing.)
M Four years ago this August I retired from the pastorate of the Galilean
A Baptist Church. I had prayed five years for God to send the man he wanted to
L lead our church. Bro. Matthew Wilkerson was that man. The church has done
E well under his pastorate and he has a wonderful family with a wife and nine chil-
dren who are a blessing to our church. I have no regrets.
INSPIRATIONS Gloria Brewster On Monday morning, after my last Sunday, my heart gave way again and
I found myself fighting for my life. I thought I would be able to work, but every-
DO YOU MEASURE UP thing we had planned changed that day. These last four years have not been at all
what we had planned for our lives. We knew without a retirement, social security
TO would not cover us. Twice in the last four years I faced death. Afterwards I began
GOD’S STANDARDS? to have gout attacks all over my body. During those attacks I could not walk or
function on my own. When the attacks passed I would return to doing my daily
This is my third try at writing this article. I have a heavy burden for the chores. I have had two pacemakers with defibrillators put in. My latest challenge
condition of most American women. Especially the women who profess Chris- has been reactions to my heart medications, which they have had to take me off
tianity. When I was a teenager you could see a woman in public and pretty well of. They are now checking my lungs to see if the medication has further damaged
guess if she was a Christian or not. Not only could you see evidence of the Spirit them or if it might be congestive heart failure. Today I’m on my feet and if you
of Christ, but you pretty well knew what domination they were by their dress. saw me you might not even know I was sick. God has been so good to me to keep
me going. I preach and teach and love it. I work around the farm, building fences
I went to beauty school in the late 60’s and the hairstyle was heavy back when possible. My youngest son. Joseph, and his family, come every Friday and
combing with large curls on top of the head. I was often accused of being an help with the things I cannot do. We just keep plugging on! We have had major
Assembly of God and not a Baptist.. The Assembly of God women as a rule expenses and each time God has put it on the heart of someone to send just what
did not cut their hair, but they had some outstanding hair do’s. Of course, they we needed. Some of you have saved the day many times this last four years. We
didn’t wear make up or short-sleeve dresses like we Baptist did. We, Baptist, have had to rewire the house, repipe the gasline in the house, repair a major water
had our own standards of length of dress, no pants and no horn-rimmed glasses! leak, put a motor in a vehicle, and buy two sets of tires. That’s just what I can
I will have to say one thing for the Assembly of God people, they could outdo remember off the top of my head. Sometimes the need and the answer come at
us Baptist any day when it came to music. I think they were all born playing an the same time. but a few times this year God has sent the money before we knew
instrument. Bottom line was, we each had distinctive qualities. Today you can’t what the need was going to be. We waited and within a couple of days the need
tell us apart from the world. Oh, you do see the Spirit of Christ in many, but it is showed up. I have said all this to say we would appreciate your prayers for us as
not their most outstanding quality. You have to get in a deep conversation before long as the Lord leaves us in this position. It is a humbling position and it’s easy
you know they are a believer. to grow weary. Please do not pity us. This is a work of God and His promises will
carry us through. Pray with us, that if it be God’s will, He would open a door for
Did we do everything right back there in the 70’s? No! One of the us to provide our own needs once again.
reasons our children departed from our actions was that we had a wrong spirit
about our separations. We thought that our works made us spiritual. Actually,. As for Gloria, walking has been a challenge for a long time but God keeps
the spirit through which we do our works reveals our spiritually. Is the outward showing her ways to deal with it and she keeps on going. She’s fighting several
appearance important? Yes, but it has nothing to do with the heart. It may reveal things, but who isn’t at our age? Bottomline, we are on our feet and going!!!!
what is in our hearts, but it doesn’t make our hearts right or wrong! The outward
appearance tells the world what value we put on our lives. Royalty doesn’t dress
(Continued on page 11)
4 9
GALILEAN BAPTIST CHURCH like a vagabond. A vagabond is a person who wanders from place to place with-
out a home or job. Royalty are people of royal blood or status. We are children
86TH ANNIVERSARY of the King. We are of royal blood! We are not to look like a vagabond who has
no anchor to their lives. People who are royal and vagabonds have the same life
Founder, Dr. John R. Rice to live and do many of the same things, but always are distinctive in how they
handle their lives.

We thought since on the 29th of July, Galilean Baptist Church will be I don’t pretend to know how to tell you to dress, outside of saying dress
celebrating their anniversary, we would include a portion of the founder’s book morally and respectfully of, who you are. Ask God if your dress is pleasing to
“Personal Soul Winning”. Him and seek you husband’s approval. You are representing both of their names
when you are in public.
1V. The Soul Winner and His Bible
One can hardly overestimate the importance of the Word of God in the What made me become more burdened about the condition of women
heart, life, and work of one who would win souls. today was when I was reading about the requirements of a pastor and a deacon’s
wife. Most churches have ceased from having deacons because they don’t have
It is refreshing to consider the holy devotion which great soul winners any men who qualify. They call them trustees. When was the last time you saw
have had for the Word of God and their reliance upon it. Liberalism, modernism, a church holding the wives of pastors or deacons to a Biblical standard? Most
never begins with the Spurgeons, the Wesleys, the Moodys, the Torreys, the Sam probably don’t even know what her requirements are!
Joneses, the Billy Sundays.
1 Tim 3:10-11
Years ago in Texas the question of evolution arose in a great university, And let these also first be proved; then let them use the office of a deacon, being found
my alma mater, and so there came a widespread discussion among our people blameless.
as to whether the Word of God was verbally inspired or inspired in some lesser Even so must their wives be grave, not slanderers, sober, faithful in all things.
degree. Talking to a great evangelist, some prominent pastor asked, “Why make
a to-do about it? If the Bible is inspired, isn’t that enough, whether it is infallibly To be grave is to be honorable and honest. To be a slanderer is to be a
accurate, word for word, or not”? false accuser. That means you do the work of Satan, who is the father of all lies.
To be sober is to be circumspect. Circumspect means to be on guard or be bal-
The evangelist himself told me how he answered, and he was moved anced. To be faithful is to be trustworthy in ALL THINGS. If the pastor needed
with emotion as he repeated it: “It matters to me. If I do not have the miracles your help with the ladies in your church, would you work through these qualities?
of God day by day, I cannot have the great revivals. It matters to me when I Do these qualities live with you daily?
face drunkards and harlots and infidels and every kind of worldling and sinner. I
have to have an infallible Bible, the very Word of God, powerful, supernatural, It is to our shame that the church finds it very hard to find people with
inerrant, if I am to win souls. Some of you preachers can go on with your work Biblical qualities to serve the church. So often even the pastor doesn’t meet all
without an infallible Bible. Some of you, if God were to die, could go on with requirements. Just because we like someone and we think they ought to be able
your machinery, your budget, your organizations, for a year before you would to serve, we ignore the Word and think God will understand. The church often
know it! But I must have an infallible, supernatural Bible if I am to win souls”! is not doing things “God’s Way” and we wonder what went wrong when we find
ourselves divided. Many churches today have decided they can do things their
HEAVEN HAS A WALL AND STRICT way and it will be alright. Many wives think they can work independently of
their husbands and not trouble the home. God gave a way and if we want His
IMMIGRATION POLICIES. blessings we will do it His way. Ladies, will you commit to being a lady who
would qualify. We should already be living this way if we love God. Women
HELL HAS OPEN BORDERS. either bless the church or destroy the church. Which are you?
8 5
Lived: Jun 28, 1703 - Mar 02, walked inside the door you could not tell there was a child present, although there
were always at least 11 children present. She taught them to be quiet. Susanna
1791 (age 87)
believed it was child abuse to allow your child to go without punishment if they
Nationality: British
misbehaved. She said, “if it is an action that you would have to break later, then
Spouse: Mary Wesley do it at the first sign of misbehavior”.
Founded: United Methodist
Church · Kingswood School What made me think about John Wesley? I went to half-price books
Siblings: Samuel Wesley (Brother) and found his book on Notes Upon the New Testament written in 1860. It’s from
Charles Wesley (Brother) · Benja- Matthew through Revelations. I love studying history. My grandfather was a cir-
min Wesley (Brother) · Mary Wes- cuit riding preacher. He hopped wagons and held brush arbor meetings all over
ley (Sister) · Kezia Wesley (Sister) the country. During the depression there were not enough preachers and many
Anne Nancy Wesley (Sister) · Su- country churches met only every other week. My grandfather would preach in
sanna Ellison Wesley (Sister) · Wil- the Baptist church one Sunday and the Methodist church the next Sunday. My
liam T Wesley (Brother) · Martha grandfather said they had the same doctrines back then. When people got saved,
Wesley (Sister) · Emilia Wesley he baptized them by immersion. The Methodist didn’t sprinkle back then in our
(Sister) · Wesley Wright (Sister) · counties. There have been many changes through the years to both Methodists
Mehetabel Wesley Wright (Sister) and Baptists. It would do us good today to make sure we have not varied from
the truth, but are standing firm on Bible doctrines.
John Wesley was an English cleric and theologian who, with his brother I’ve studied Susanna Wesley quite a bit. She was a strong woman who
Charles and fellow cleric, George Whitefield, founded Methodism. Edu- put her all into living the way she thought God wanted her to live, but she did not
cated at Charterhouse School and Christ Church, Oxford, Wesley was understand that you can know you are saved and that your works cannot save you
elected a fellow of Lincoln College, Oxford in 1726 and ordained as an or keep you. Every night she went to bed not knowing if she was saved. When
Anglican priest two years later. He led the “Holy Club,” a society formed I read that, I began thanking the Lord for teaching me early that I can know that
for the purpose of study and the pursuit of a devout Christian life; it had I’m saved, and for giving me a good understanding of the work of salvation. I
been founded by his brother Charles, and counted George Whitefield don’t think Susanna ever learned how to work through her husband’s position.
among its members. After an unsuccessful ministry of two years at Sa- Their marriage wasn’t the best. Her husband left home to preach, but actually
they were mad at one another. He turned his church over to another preacher
vannah in the Georgia Colony, Wesley returned to London and joined a
when he left town but Susanna and other church members did not feel he knew
religious society led by Moravian Christians. On 24 May 1738 he expe- how to feed them God’s Word. One day the preacher wrote Susanna’s husband
rienced what has come to be called his evangelical conversion, when he and said. “Your wife is preaching at your house on Sunday night.” Susanna’s
felt his “heart strangely warmed.” He subsequently left the Moravians, husband wrote and said, “Are you preaching at our house”? Susanna wrote back,
beginning his own ministry. “No, I am just reading your sermons to the children at night and some of the
What is a good Baptist paper doing publishing a Methodist founder? people ask if they could come”. He wrote back, “How many people”? She wrote,
While I do not agree with all the doctrines of John Wesley and his family, I do “250”. Those behind us were not perfect, just as we are not perfect. Glean the
appreciate their desire to make Christ known to their generation. best of others and maybe they will glean the best of us in days to come.
----Gloria Brewster
John’s mother is the one who taught her children to have meth-
ods to live by. Every day they started the day at the same time and had their Though I am always in haste,
meals at the same time. Their mother, Susanna, taught each child. They
had to learn the complete alphabet in one day. Susanna said one was a little I am never in a hurry.
slow; he took him a day and a half. Visitors to their home said when you John Wesley