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ee ee ee eee eee eee eens recess emeseeeeelseeeseemesseeesi eases ithe musical Stage Adaptation by DEAN PITCHFORD and WALTER BOBBIE Based on the Original Screenplay by Dean Pitchford Music By Lyrics By TOM SNOW DEAN PITCHFORD Additional Music By ERIC CARMEN, SAMMY HAGAR, KENNY LOGGINS and JIM STEINMAN RH TREAT RNEATS a anivaceicomeavr 601 West 26th Street » Suite 312 + New York, NY 10001 ‘Tel 800/400.8160 or 212/564.4000 « Fax 212/268.1245 ‘ Copyright © 2007 by Famous Musie LLC, Bnsign Musie LLG, Pitchford Music and Show Mase. International Copyright Secured. All Rights Reserved. P S gpmogeaepee egrgp 1A 148. 15, 16. 16A. 17, 18, 19, 20. 21. TABLE OF CONTENTS ACTI Footloose/On Any Sunday. ‘The Girl Gets Around. ‘After “Gi” Be TCan’t Stand Still Somebody's Fyes.. 68 Learning To Be Sitent Scene Change To Burger Blast Holding Out For A Hero ‘The Plains Of Bomort....... Scene Change (“Somebody's Eyes” Somebody's Byes (Reprise) Heaven Help Me... On Any Sunday — March. I'm Free/ Heaven Help Me. vee 123 ACTII Entr’acte Still Rockin’ Underscore .. Let’s Hear It For The Boy.. Can You Find It In Your Heart?, ‘Transition... : Chuck Accosts Ariel Dancing Is Not A Crime. ‘Mama Says (You Can’t Back Down). ‘Mama Says (Encore). Almost Paradise .. ‘Out Of “Paradise Out Of Council ‘Transition To Moore Hom Ariel Comforts Shaw... Heaven Help Me (Reprise). After “Heaven” Reprise Can You Find It In Your Heart? (Reprise). Footloose (Finale)... Bows.... ‘Megamix (Optional) Exit Music ie auee ee Wes ORE OME ORE ME SR as AME TOTEM ARTAS TORS AAT ORC TMM TORT MC AAAT MEAL T ORG EIST cities o i tisstialtassiaeasstsetnatssstatteaeta as _s ae | KEYBOARD-CONDUCTOR 1 4 ( | [| , Footloose /On Any Sunday" | (COMPANY) ; | Hard “Rock-n-Roll” ‘ | 1 2 3 4 ‘ « « FOOTLOOSE Cueych © 1564, 1999 by Fanon Misi LLC and Emig Muse LLC QNANY SUNDAY Copght © 1890 by Sgn Maio LLE Paced Ried See Mi Totenatonal Copygh Sersed Aig Reet -2- OO 000000 006000066 eeeeece...... eee eae eeeeeeeeeeeeereeSETTEaTE