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Eurydico 12008 eurydice by Sarah Rubl Draft: October 19, 2004 BRI Eurydice received its premier at Madison Repertory Theatre, directed by Rick Corley, in September 2003. Staged readings include: the Piven Theater Workshop, New Dramatists, New York Theatre Workshop, Seattle Repertory Theatre, Arena Stage, the McCarter ‘Theater, Women’s Project & Productions, and Victory Gardens. Satah Ruhl Represented by: Bruce Ostler 310) 664-9149 Bret Adams, Ltd. (847) 207-4300 (cell) 448 West 44% St. 834 Grant St /#4 New York, NY Santa Monica, CA 10036 90405 (212) 765-5630 Eunycice 872272008, CHARACTERS: Burydice Het Father Orpheus A Chonus of Stones: Big Stone Little Stone Loud Stone (The charactors below should be double-cast) ‘A Nasty Interesting Man (called Man) A Child (Lord of the Underworld) ‘The set contains a raining elevator, 4 mater pump, some rasty exposed pipes, can abstracted River of Forgesfilness, an old fashioned glowinthe-dark globe. NOTES: Exydice and Orpheus should be played as though they are a Hite too young and a litle to in love, They should resist the temptation to be “tlassical.” ‘The underworld should resemble the world of Alice in Wonderland more than it resembles Hades. ‘The stones should be played as though they are nasty children at a bintbdey party. Infact, they might be played by children. The play shonld be performed without an intermission. Eurytice 5722/2008 First Movement Scene 1 A young, man-Orphens-and a young woman-Euryice. ‘They wear swinoncing outfits from the 1950s. Orpheus makes a soveping gesture wish his arm, indicating the sky. EURYDICE: All those birds? ‘Thank you. He nods. They make a quarter turn and be makes a sweeping gesture. EURYDICE: And—the sea! For me? When? Orpheus opens bis bands, EURYDICE: Now? It’s mine already? Orphens nods EURYDICE: Wow. ‘They iss, He indicates the sho EURYDICE: Surely not~surely not the sky and the stars too. Orpheus nods.