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Soal “Tryout” Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 6

A.Pilihlah Jawaban yang paling tepat !

1. My … hobby is collecting stamps. b. five glass d. fife glass
a. sister c .sister’s
b. sister is d. sisters 15. What are these ?
a. grapes
2. His mother … tea to coffee
b. rambutans
a. prefer c. prefers
c. star fruits
b. is prefer d. are prefer
d. melons
3. What is your favourite …? bean
a. fruit c. drink 16. We … vegetables for our health.
b. vegetable d. sport a. eat c. take
4. The pupils are learning … the classroom. b. buy d. plant
a. on c. at 17. Corina:“What is your mother’s hobby?
b. is d. in Dita: “… is singing.
5. A person who collects … is called a philatelist a. My hobby
a. envelopes c. letters a. Her hobby
b. addresses d. stamps c. His hobby
6. … is that slim girl? She is Tamara d. Your hobby
a. Where c. Who 18. My favourite … are orchids and roses.
b. Which d. What a. sports c. flowers
7. … is your new school bag? It is purple b. fruits d. vegetables
a. What c. Which prefer 19. Fenny : “…”
b. Which d. What colour Gina: “Traditional dance.”
a. Do you like dancing ?
A Nice Day
b. Does she like traditional dance ?
This is a bright afternoon. In Ivan’s home, some peoples c. What kind of dance do you like ?
are enjoying their activities. They are all busy. His father d. Which traditional dance that famous in Bali?
is repairing and cleaning the car. His mother is cooking.
She is just making gado-gado and grilled fish. His sister
20. Hanna is my sister. … hobby is singing.
is watering some flowers beside the house. Ivan is a. My c. Her
painting. They are very hapy. (No.8-10) b. Your d. His
8. What is his sister’s hobby ? 21. I like reading. Reading makes me …
a. painting c. gardening a. smart c. late
b. cooking d. cleaning the car b. lazy d. stupid
9. Is Ivan’s mother cooking? 22. We borrow books from the library. We always
a. Yes, she is c. No, she isn’t return the book …
b. Yes, he is d. No, he isn’t a. late c. on time
b. any time d. some time
10. Who is watering the flowers?
a. Ivan’s sister c. Ivan’s mother 23. How many papayas are there on the table ?
b. Ivan’s father d. Ivan’s brother a. Yes, I am
b. Three papayas
11. A place to care patients is a …
c. That is a green papaya
a. hotel c. hospital
d. These are good papayas
b. cinema d. bank
24. There are some fruits on the table. All … the
12. Apa yang kamu minum setiap pagi ?
fruits are ripe.
Pertanyaan yang baik adalah
a. at c. of
a. Drink what you like in the morning ?
b. is d. in
b. Do you drink what every morning ?
c. What drink you like do every morning ? 25. There is … of bananas in the basket.
d. What do you drink every morning a. a slice c. a bunch
b. a loaf d. a log
13. We always … a glass of water after meals.
a. drinks c. drinking 26. My sister is buying ….
b. drink d. drank a. two orange
b. too orange
14. There are … on the table.
c. two oranges
a. fife glasses c. five glasses
d. too oranges LKS Inggris Gratis http://kliku.denu
27. Rudy : “….” b. What afternoon does the brother drink in
Anne : “There are nine apples” your?
a. Is that an apple ? c. What brother does in the afternoon drink
b. What colour of those apples? your?
c. How many apples are there? d. What does in your afternoon the brother
d. Which do you prefer? drink?
28. Jenny : Do you like peanut? 38. Ali : …. do you get this story book?
Asep : Yes, …. Ben : from our school library.
a. I do c. she does a. What c. Who
b. he does d. you are b. Where d. When
29. “Yes, I see. Vegetables are good for our…. 39. There is a friendly man working in the library.
a. health c. stomach He is helping me to find this storybook. He is
b. mouth d. healthy a….
30. This is a correct group. a. library member c. student.
a. bean, spinach, carrot, apple, pumpkin b. headmaster d. librarian
b. mango, pear, turnip, banana, pineapple 40. __ The King went to a quiet…* on the
c. bean, pear, spinach, chicory, pumpkin mountain. There, he prayed for days, wishing
d. mango, pineapple, pear, banana, grape that he’d be blessed with a …* (dua kata untuk
31. in – my – two – bag - there - apples - are melengkapinya; dari cerita The Multi Coloured Lake)
Arrange these words into a good sentence! a. palace-prince c. cave-hero
a. There two apples in are my bag b. cave – child d. lake-prosperity
b. There are two bag in my apples 41. A place to buy stamps is ….
c. There apples are two in my bag a. hospital c. cinema
d. There are two apples in my bag b. hotel d. post office
32. Fran : “….” 42. A place to see film is ….
Sisca: “He prefers jogging to swimming” a. hospital c. cinema
a. Which do you prefer ? b. hotel d. post office
b. Which does your mother prefer? 43. Jakarta is the … city in Indonesia
c. Which do they prefer? a. biggest c. bigger
d. Which does your father prefer? b. most big d. more big
33. Do they like swimming? 44. Elaine buys some dress in the….
a. in Marcopolo Hotel a. hospital c. supermarket
b. on Sunday morning b. post office d. greengrocer
c. at the beach
d. Yes, I do 45. I … badminton … football.
a. prefer-to c. prefers-to
34. What is your favourite vegetable? b. prefer-and d. prefers-than
a. pear c. banana
b. grape d. spinach 46. She … melon juice … coca cola.
a. prefer-to c. prefers-to
35. Is watermelon your favourite …? b. prefer-and d. prefers-than
a. drink c. vegetable
b. fruit d. sport 47. Her aunt … some flowers beside her house.
a. sends c. eats
36. My mother… (biasanya)drinks a cup of tea in b. plants d. drinks
the morning.
a. sometimes 48. That man has a lot of money. He saves his
b. usually money in the….
c. always a. hospital c. bank
d. never b. cinema d. supermarket
37. afternoon-brother-what-drink-does-your-in- 49. Her father is a teacher. … hobby is fishing.
the? a. Her c. My
a. What does your brother drink in the b. His d. Your
afternoon? 50. Listen! There … a boy calling you.
a. is c. are
b. am d. does LKS Inggris Gratis http://kliku.denu