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4/27/2017 Recent questions and answers in Bridge Engineering ­ Civil Engineering Technical Questions Answers ­ Ask a Civil Engineer

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Civil Engineering Technical Questions Answers ­ Ask
a Civil Engineer
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Recent questions and answers in Bridge Engineering

relation between PCU and CVPD
0 0 62
votes answers views asked Jan 18 in Bridge Engineering by Akash Kumar MAurya  

Welcome to Aboutcivil Q&A,
differentiate between routine and special maintenance ? where you can ask questions
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and receive answers from
votes answers views asked Dec 9, 2016 in Bridge Engineering by mayank1  
other members of the
what is the best type of cement can be used in bridge
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construction in high tempreture areas
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asked Dec 9, 2016 in Bridge Engineering by Muhammedahmed   All categories
embankment   sheets   admixtures   rcc   dpc­oil Civil Engineering (1,800)
Engg. Materials (121)
materials to build a walk bridge
0 0 111 Surveying & Levelling (2
votes answers views asked Feb 22, 2016 in Bridge Engineering by tanyaabrahams   22)
civil   engineering Engg. Economics (3)
Concrete Technology (2
requirements of bridge foundation?
0 1 403 54)
votes answer views answered Nov 20, 2015 in Bridge Engineering by prasadrmb   Professional Ethics (2)

bridge Strength of Materials (54
which book is preferred to structural analysis ? Reinforced Concrete (12
0 1 37
votes answer views answered Sep 14, 2015 in Bridge Engineering by fawad   8)
Building Construction (1
What are the factors to be considered in foundation design of Soil Mechanics (56)
0 1 57
Bridge? Engineering Geology (3)
votes answer views
Hydraulics (24)
answered Sep 14, 2015 in Bridge Engineering by fawad  
Fluid Mechanics (17)
Bridge Engineering (22)
what kind of materials are used to prepare the pillars carring Megastructures (0)
0 2 124
the main bridge Civil Jobs (21)
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Drawing and Drafting(11
answered Sep 6, 2015 in Bridge Engineering by fawad  
Technical Report(
how we can find percentage of culvert during work progress to Writing1
0 1 24 1)
make bell of invoice.
votes answer views
Structural Engineering (117)
answered Aug 28, 2015 in Bridge Engineering by fawad  
Earthquake Engineering (18
engineering   civil   bridges )
what is retaining wall? Environmental Engg. (20)
0 1 52 Irrigation Engineering (34)
votes answer views answered Aug 28, 2015 in Bridge Engineering by fawad  
Transportation Engg. (72)
civil   engineering   walls
Project Planning & Mgmt. (3
What are the guidelines for structural design of an intersection 4)
0 1 34 Geotechnical Engg. (64)
(with Flyovers)?
votes answer views
Civil Softwares (259)
answered Aug 27, 2015 in Bridge Engineering by fawad  
Urban Town Planning (12)
civil   engineering   construction   bridges   flyovers
Water Resources Engg. (64)
what are the common problem of steel bridges­engineering/bridge­engineering 1/2

 2015 in Bridge Engineering by mfby2k   cbr   fluid   strain   equipment bridge theodolite   canal   total­station consturction   masonry   pressure ultimate strength . 2015 in Bridge Engineering by mfby2k   building   software   construction   rcc steel   surveying   soil   design bridge   lab­tests materials   water   beam   levelling what is the advantage of providing closed box shape in hollow structure   cement   project 0 0 56 box girder bridge? primavera­p6   road   reinforced­concrete votes answers views planning   foundation   sap   stress asked Aug 7. Send feedback Powered by Question2Answer | Snow Theme by Q2A Market http://www. 2015 in Bridge Engineering by mfby2k   level   moment   analysis   problem civil   engineering joints   pavement   estimation How many types of Pre­cost Bridges. 2015 in Bridge Engineering by mfby2k   engineering   civil   bridges Help get things started by asking a question.characterstic strength. 2015 in Bridge Engineering by mfby2k   slab   autocad   primavera­p3   beams girder   bridge column   bridge   strength mechanics   walls   sand   paints how is foundation for a bridge laid? 0 0 81 hydraulic   sap2000   lab­tests votes answers views asked Aug 6.tensile strength of a 0 0 18 load   drainage   columns   floor timber urban­planning   sewer   asphalt votes answers views differences   truss   survey   clay asked Jul 1.and how much in in cost transportation   management 0 0 17 bridges.093 answers votes answers views asked Aug 17. 2015 in Bridge Engineering by mfby2k   10 comments bridge 737 users elaborate the scientific way to construct a bridge.4/27/2017 Recent questions and answers in Bridge Engineering ­ Civil Engineering Technical Questions Answers ­ Ask a Civil Engineer asked Aug­engineering/bridge­engineering 2/2 . 2015 in Bridge Engineering by mfby2k   highway   jobs   shear   ms­project hydrology   report   irrigation construction   foundation   bridge structural   earthquake   brick   footing what is bent?     0 0 41 aggregates timber reinforcement carrier   bricks   dam   environmental votes answers views asked Aug 5. 0 0 49 votes answers views asked Aug 9.aboutcivil. 2015 in Bridge Engineering by mfby2k   bridge   lab­tests Most popular tags Describe the precautions which are considered during 0 0 48 votes answers views conducting the test of a bridge civil   engineering   concrete asked Aug 7. 2015 in Bridge Engineering by mfby2k   0 0 149 steel   bridge votes answers views Recent questions and answers in Bridge Engineering why in the bridge pier design is circular 0 0 123 votes answers views asked Aug 18. 2015 in Bridge Engineering by mfby2k   gis   town­planning   calculate bridge drawing   grading   rebar   bending How can bridge disasters be prevented ? geotechnical   piles   suveying 0 0 39 admixture   benchmark   designing votes answers views asked Jul 27.494 questions 0 0 342 what are type of bridge? 1. votes answers views asked Jul 1. 2015 in Bridge Engineering by mfby2k   bridge   design 2.