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Polytechnic University of the Philippines

College of Science

Department of Biology

Progress Report: Experimental Research

Title: Evaluation of the Potential Plant Growth-Promoting Activity of Rhizospheric Bacillus spp.
Isolated from the Organic Plant Soils in Cavite, Philippines

Proponents: Duma, Rona Mae A., Reyes, Carl Angelo G., and Salva, Kenneth

Project Review:

The isolated rhizospheric Bacillus spp. will be screened to series of Identification test thru
morphology, gram staining and endospore staining to determine whether the suspected bacteria are
Bacillus spp. The Bacillus spp. will be tested through the series of Plant Growth-Promoting tests. After
the confirmation, the Bacteria will be injected into the pot experiments that contain Tomato plants this
will take 2-4 months followed according to the normal plant growth of Solanum lycopersicum plant and
will be evaluated. This study aims to determine if PGPR (Plant Growth-Promoting Rhizopheric) provides
one of the most promising strategies for plant growth with the help of Rhizospheric Bacillus spp isolated
from randomly selected organic plant soils in Erjohn and Almark Santiaguel Farm in Cavite, Philippines.

Progress Summary

On the 30th of July, the researchers stated the research as what assigned in the approved
timetable. The Erjohn and Almark Santiaguel Farm located in Brgy. Santol, Municipality of Silang Cavite,
Philippines was the sampling of the soil samples. Random Sampling of soil samples was done, the plant
rows in the garden were assigned by several sites. Each site has one representative plant and serves as
the plant soil sample. Afterward, the soil samples were kept in 4oC to maintain the samples then
traveled to PUP ISTR as the assigned working laboratory for the research. Next, 1g of each sample was
diluted to 9ml of water and was heat-shocked in 80oC to kill the other bacteria and to get the Bacillus
spp. and the serial dilution was done. Each centrifuge tube starting from 10-1 up to 10-6 were plated in
the agar for mix culture.

Next week will be the assigned day for the subculturing of suspected Bacillus spp. that will take
2-3 days, this process will be late according to the timetable this is because of the conflict between the
researchers and the first assigned organic farm. The other methods and tests will be done for the next
couple of weeks. As of now, there is no preliminary result for the tests since it is not done yet.

The research was just started so there are no results for the primary data collection and the data
analysis has not yet started.
The concerns/ problems that the researchers are expecting is that what if there are no Bacillus
spp. that will grow on the mixed culture and if the suspected Bacillus is not true Bacillus spp. after all.

Project Status

Objective Methodology Percent Completion

1. to isolate rhizospheric Soil Sample Collection
Bacillus spp. from the randomly 20%
selected organic plant soils