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Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) Surgery

Got More Q11. Most common site of carcinoma colo-rectum is

a) Hepatic Flexure b) Sigmoid colon
suggestions and
queries c) Anal canal d) Rectum
Q12. All are premalignant for carcinoma esophagus except
Questions 84-88
a) Diverticulum b) Caustic burn
Questions 78-83
c) Mediastinal fibrosis d) Human papillloma virus
Questions 70-77
Q13. Lipoma which undergo malignant degeneration is
Questions 66-70
a) Retroperitoneal b) Subserosal
Questions 61-65
c) subfascial d) Submucosal
Questions 55-60
Q14. Most important prognostic factor for carcinoma esophagus is
Questions 51-55
a) cellular differentiation b) Depth of esophagus involvement
Question 46-50
c) length of esophagus involvement d) age of the patient
Questions 41-45 u
Q15 Contraindication to anterior resection of rectum is
Question 36-40
a) Age more than 60 b) poorly differentiated carcinoma
Questions 31-35
c) Sigmoid lymph nodes d) single hepatic metastasis

Questions 26-30
Questions 21-25
11) d
Questions 16-20
Carcinoma of the rectum is the most common site. Other common sites in order of
Write a Comment decreasing frequency are

View Comments Rectum -38%, Sigmoid colon 21% Hepatic flexure of colon - 2%, Caecum 12%, Anal
Canal 2%
12) c
Risk factors for carcinoma of esophagus are Alcohol, tobacco, beverages( low), nitrosamines,
Q6-10 polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, croton flaveus, trace element deficiencies
Tylosis, achlasia (midesophagus), strictures due to lye ingestion, chronic esophagitis are
Q16-20 other risk factors.
Q21-25 Barrets esophagus, congenital rests of columnar epithelium predispose to carcinoma
esophagus and particularly adeno carcinoma.
Diverticula have a very small risk of carcinoma, HPV 16 and HPV 18 lead to carcinoma
Surgical esophagus.

Surgical Tech schakelford 5th editionpg 316

13) c
Surgical Lipoma of retroperitoneum and mediastinum are the most common to undergo malignant
Surgical degeneration and change into carcinoma.
Medical 14) b
Surgical Caps Most important is depth of involvement of wall of esophgus and lymph node involvement of the
surrounding esophageal tissue.
Length of esophagus involvement is not that important because esophagus has extensive
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Non Surgical submucosal lymph supply and for complete cure 10 cm excision margin would mean removal
of almost total esophagus.
Face Lift
Surgical 15 b
Surgical APR (Abdomino perineal resection) is done if carcinoma Rectum or Anal Canal is poorly
Assistant differentiated, sphincters cannot be preserved or there is no continence.

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