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Volume and Year Title Projects or Patterns Author(s) Editor copies

Volume 1/Number 1/Fourth
Quarter 1976 Sheepscoat Hat and Bag Persis Grayson 1
Handspun Cotton Shirt Persis Grayson
Sheepscoat Pillow
Polyester Place Mat
Volume 2/Number 1/First Quarter
1977 Ripsmatta Mat Martha Matthews 1
Weft Face Rug on Four Harnesses
("Summer and Winter" Draft) Faithe Nunneley 1
Volume 2/Number 2/Second
Quarter 1977 Diagonal Pillow Phyllis Tucker 1
Decorative Floor Pillow Jeanne Hambleton
Three-Layer Floor Pillow Mary Jean Flowler
A Modern Monk Pillow Jana Vander Lee
Volume 2/Number 3/Third Quarter
1977 Floor Pillows for Playrooms Lucia Pollard Persis Grayson 1
All-of-a-Piece, Two-in-One Pillow Barbara Bartholomew
Woven Floor Pillow Ruth Obolensky
Technique for Making a Soft Jewelry
Fall 1977 Basketry Neckpiece Joan Michaels Paque Persis Grayson 1
Circular Convex Coiled Wall Hanging Joan Michaels Paque
Soft Pots (or Baskets) Ellen Jones
Spring 1978 Hammock with a Removable Pillow Sirrka Walker 1
Deck Chair Fabric Persis Grayson
Warp Pickup Pattern
Fall 1978 Weaving Camera Strap (Inkle Loom) Sallie T. Guy Persis Grayson 1
Shoulder Purse (Four Harness Loom) Sallie T. Guy
Tea Cosy (Four Harness Loom) Sallie T. Guy
Winter 1978 Woven Clothing Loom Shaped Tunic Lynn Barnett-Westfall 1
Woven Skirt Lynn Barnett-Westfall
Plaid Skirt and Shawl Persis Grayson
Volume 1, 1979 Tunic Sirrka Walker 1
Shirt Fabric Betty LaFara
Volume II, 1979 Pick-up Version of Six-End Block Weave Sadye Tune Wilson 1
Pick-up Version of Three-End Block
Weave Sadye Tune Wilson
Overshot Block Technique Sadye Tune Wilson
Some Coverlet Drafts from
Volume III, 1979 the notebook of Ruth Jelks Pine Blossom Ruth Jelks 1
Governor's Garden Ruth Jelks
Volume IV, 1979 Chenille Dress Persis Grayson 1
Marjorie O'Shaughnessy,
Winter 1979 "Bog-Shirt" Woven by Persis Graysn Persis Grayson 1
Marjorie O'Shaughnessy,
Triangular Scarf Woven by Persis Graysn
Volume I, 1980 Blue Jeans Tailored by Mary Dieterich 1
Woven and Text by Oliver
Volume II, 1980 Woven Bath Accessories Hand Towel for Two Harnesses Doris W. Clement 1
Hand Towel for Four Harnesses
Hand Towel for Four Harnesses in Color
Double Weave Bath Towel for Five
Double Weave Bath Towel for Four
Harnesses and Pick-Up
Colorful 4-Harness Summer and Winter
Volume III, 1980 Placemats Clotilde Barrett 1
Volume I, 1981 Ultimate Luxe in the Bath Bath Towel Sadye Tune Wilson 1
Bath Mat
Hand Towel and Wash Cloths
A Supplemental Project - Cotton Waffle
Weave Bath Towel
One Warp, One Threading,
Volume II, 1981 Three Techniques Modified Waffle Weave John King 1
Bound Weaving on Opposites
Bound Weaving on a Straight Twill
Useful Gifts from Short Ends
Volume III, 1981 (with eratta) Clutch Purse Lela B. Gordon 1
Vinyl Insert
Emergency Travel Sewing Kit
Kleenex Case
Tallys or Note Book
Bill Fold
Coin Purse
Draw String Bags
Eye Glass Case
Book Mark
You Take an Old Coverlet
Volume IV, 1981 Draft ... Curtains Ruth Jelks 1
Tunic or Cover-up