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॥ हंसःसॊअहम् ॥ About Mhora

This software was written by Ajit Krishnan (http://www.mudgala.com) for his own use, on his own time, as a way to tinker with Jyotisha related concepts. It is presented to the public on the auspicious occasion of Vishu 2005 (pArthiva) in the hope that it will furthur Jyotisha related research. This entire work is © Ajit Krishnan except where explicitly marked otherwise.

Mudgala Hora Feature List
• • • • • • • Works with SJC Jagannatha Hora data files (.jhd files) Runs on Windows with .NET Framework v1.1 (Windows NT, 98, 2000, ME, XP, 2003) Work with multiple horoscopes at a time Work with global or per-chart options (ayanamsas etc) Choice of layouts: 2x1, 2x1 (Tabbed), 2x2, 3x3 to maximize screen space Customizability and Flexibility in both calculations and display Ability to customize strength rules used throughout the software

Varga Charts
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Standard Vargas: D-1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,12,16,20,24,27,30,40,45,60 D-2 Variations: Parivritti, Jagannath, Kashinath D-3 Variations: Parivritti, Jagannath, Somnath D-11 Variations: Rath, Raman D-30 Variations: Parivritti, Non-continuous zodiacal Other Variations (all vargas): Parivritti (d-9), regular (d-60), trikona (d-3), kendra (d-4) Higher divisions: Parivritti D-108, Raman D-150 Built-in well known composite divisions: d-108 (d-9-12), d-144 (d-12-12) Support for any multi-level user-defined composite divisions eg. d-9-3-7, d-19-12 etc D-150 Variations: Variable varga cusp lengths Bhavas: Equal length, 9 padas, Sripati, Alcabitus, Companus, Koch, Placidus, Regiomontanus Non equal-length bhavas with lagna in the beginning / middle of 1st house Ability to extrapolate bodily longitudes from varga charts, and treat as Rasi Graphical display of longitudes in rasi charts Display SAV bindus for rasi chart / respective varga chart in background Displays include standard view, dual graha arudha view, varnada view, karaka view Display: South Indian Charts, East Indian Charts

Bodies and Calculations
• • • • • • • • • • Position of all bodies in all vargas Grahas: 9 standard Grahas (Sun-Saturn, Rahu, Ketu) Rahu/Ketu based on true / mean positions Sun-based upagrahas (Dhuma, Vyatipata, Parivesha, Indrachapa, Upaketu) Graha-based upagrahas (Kala, Mrityu, ArthaPraharaka, YamaGhantaka, Mandi, Gulika) Gulika calculated from beginning / middle /end of Saturn’s / lordless’ portions Graha-based upagrahas calculated from beginning / middle / end of their respective portions Lagnas: Lagna, BL, HL, GL, SL, ViL, Pranapada Chandra Lagnas: HL (Chandra Ayur Lagna), BL, ViL, GL Time-based progressed special lagna for all 12 houses

Shoola Dasa. Shattrimshat-Sama. Narayana Sama Dasa. Karana. Vighatika graha at birth Current Muhurta for mundane charts Ayanamsa offset. and nakshatra aspects and lattas 64th navamsa and 22nd drekkana from lagna. Chara Dasa. Shatabdika. Ke-Ra Longitude Sums: Lagna-Mandi. 6th8th-12th lords. Niryaana Shoola Dasa. hours and minutes Edit all parameters affecting dasa sequence and lengths (including relative strenghts of rasis and strengths. Trikona Dasa Tithi Pravesh: Tithi Pravesh Dasa. Karana Chaturashiti-Sama Graha Dasas: Naisargika Graha Dasa. Tithi Ashtottari. fixed days) Compress dasas to any dasa. Compressed Yoga Vimsottari Dasa (Yoga. Compressed Karana Chaturashiti-Sama Dasa (Fixed) Nakshatra Pravesh: Nakshatra Pravesh Dasa Tajaka Dasas: Compressed Sudarshana Dasa Dasa Options • • • • • • • • • • • • Custom Fixed Year lengths. moon and sun Arudhas of all 12 houses in all divisions (including dual arudhas for sco & aqu) Varnadas of all 12 houses in all divisions (house based definitions) Sunrise / Sunset based on apparent / true positions of sun’s edge / center. where appropriate) Edit dasa sequence. Tithi years Compress/Extend dasas to arbitrary years (custom param ayus) Compress/Extend dasas to arbitrary days (compress to 1 year. Panchottari. Narayana Dasa. Naisargika Dasa. Sudasa. Sun-Ven-Jup. Compressed Tithi Ashtottari (Tithi. Moola Dasa Graha Strengths with breakdown: Co-Lord.Solar. Drig Dasa.Fixed). Nakshatra. Lagna Kendradi Rasi Dasa. 36 Sahamas User-input custom longitude. Naisargika Dasa Dasas • • • • • • • • Nakshatra Dasas: Vimsottari. Solar years. Sudarshana Chakra. Sun-Moon. Ashtottari. Moola Dasa. Chaturashiti-Sama. Lagna-MoonSign. Jup-Moon-Mars. Dwisaptati-Sama. year length=#days) Compress dasas to tithi pravesha year (based on tithis. Fixed) Karana Pravesh: Karana Pravesh Dasa. LMT offset Ayanamsa: Lahiri. Dwadashottari. Ra-Ke. Yoga Vimsottari. Raman. sun’s progression. antar dasa using dasa pravesha charts Offset dates by custom number of days. Fagan. Sat-Moon-Mars. Yoga Hora: Divide LMT day into 24 parts. Shodashottari. Navamsa Dasa. Sunrise – Sunrise day into 24 parts. Krishnamurti. or Local Mean Time Other Panchanga calculations: Tithi.• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Nadi Midpoints: Brighu Bindu (Ra-Mo). Yoga Pravesh: Yoga Pravesh Dasa. starting time and lengths after computation (still get antardasas) Unlimited number of dasa divisions (where possible) Dasas available for all varga charts (where possible) Dasa pravesh chart of any [sub-]dasa period Sunrise chart for any dasa pravesha . Yogini Dasa. or Sunrise – Sunset – Sunrise into 12 + 12 parts. Karaka Kendradi Graha Dasa Rasi Dasas: Naisargika Rasi Dasa. special nakshatras. or custom ayanamsa Strengths • • Rasi Strengths with breakdown: Narayana Dasa. Usha. to see its placement in all vargas Nakshatra lordships of all bodies based on all nakshatra dasa Special tithis.

Venus. sunset. rahu / yama / gulika kalas Print neat Mudgala-panchanga type panchangas . karanas. with ability to filter prastara-ashtakavarga and relevant bindu contributing grahas Narasimha Rao’s house based SAV variation Chakras • • • • • Navamsa pada based graphical circular view of grahas. …. tithis. …. or Add this degree to all bodies in the chart. or Time based progreesion chart based on progreesion of individual grahas to this degree (taking retrograde motion into account) Ashtakavarga • • • Standard nine chart view of Sarva-ashtakavarga and Prastara-ashtakavarga Sarva-Chancha-Chakra based view (east-indian anti-clockwise and south-indian clockwise) of ashtakavarga. Saturn Search forward / backward for varga changes of Lagna. sunrise. longitudes.• View past / future cycles of dasa Annual Charts • • • • Tithi Pravesha and Tajaka charts View annual charts using dasa pravesh option of yearly dasas View sunrise charts using sunrise chart option of yearly dasas Tithi Pravesha: Tithi pravesha dasa & Tithi ashtottari dasa Transit Charts • • • • • Apply to Mars. … Saturn Search forward / backward for local solar eclipses. Saturn Search forward / backward for transits of Lagna. showing lagna cusps in all vargas Panchanga • • • • Calculate information for any number of user-specified days Calculate cusps for lagnas. speeds and distances Sarva-Chancha chakra based view of ashtakavarga Sarvatobhadra Chakra Vara chakra Interactive Graphical Lagna based rectification view. yogas. Sun. nakshatras. horas and kalas Show vara. Jupiter. Saturn Search forward / backward for retrograde cusps of Mars. Mercury. Sun. global solar eclipses and lunar eclipses Progressions • • • Time based progression chart by progressing Sun per divisional charts.

For example. or change the net results (order and length of dasas)…and still be able to subdivide the dasas as if the computer had generated these values.• Using Mudgala Hora’s Unique features Varga Longitude Extrapolation Extrapolate planetary positions based on offset within a varga division. Custom Dasa Lengths and Compression Swearing-in charts: Set the Param Ayus to 4/5 years as appropriate Days: Set the Param Ayus to n days of length 1 day to compress the dasa to a few days Dasa Options Change the parameters affecting the calculation. and taking the dvadasamsa of this extrapolated chart gives the standard D108 Ashtottaramsa chart! This feature effectively allows you to find divisional charts of divisional charts. this allows you to change the narayana dasa lengths freely. . Extrapolating lontigutdes from a horoscope’s navamsa positions. The traditional use of D-108 (navamsa-dwadasamsa) and D-144 (dwadasamsa-dwadasamsa) gives support to this technique.

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