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pted to Fund (HB 41, 01/12/2018) Tax Dollars for Abortions. Unbelievable. *o {Q Planned Parenthood’ Gh hank CY ue [0 Dear Mike Miller, Thank you for your courageous bipartisanship as one of only three Republicans to vot o continue taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood Pike Fondo, cee Marching against Trump is great. But here's what's at stake: 22 "Heath Centers" almost 76,000 Abortions a Year in Florida, not mention our side ig seling aborted baby body parts! Sadly, 70% of Flora counties stil have no abortion clinics, and | know future generations can count on you to help keep federal funds flowing ' our facilities once you get to Congress But there's stil much more to do! Those pesky nuns are sl allowed to offer insurance without abortion coverage, and bakers can stil refuse to ctor LGBT weddings! Mike, we're counting on your help to smash that antiquated First Amendment so our revolution can sweep “righ of conscience” under the nig and expand Roe vs. Wade! Take care, and good luck with your Republican primary! Yours in resistance Cecile Richards Planned Parenthood

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