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1. Is the purposeful activity of information in order to 7. When is good time to build and sustain
convey meanings through a shared system Commitment:
of signs and semiotic rules: a. Anytime
a. Research b. Every Year
b. Health Teaching c. Never
c. News d. Once a month
d. Communication 8. Which of the statement is true:
2. Describes the process of conveying meaning in the a. The more committed people there are, The more
form of non-word messages: effective they are in influencing others.
a. Verbal Communication b. People cooperate at a higher level when they
b. Telepathic Communication don’t share commitment.
c. Written Communication c. People who are committed are the ones who
d. Non-verbal Communication take discouragement seriously
3. Which of the following is a barrier of d. If people are committed to an effort for a period
communication: of time, they won’t learn what they need to
a. Giving detailed information know to be more effective.
b. Clarity 9. People need to feel respected and appreciated in
c. Directness order to stay connected and committed to a group
d. Lack of focus or organization.
4. Is dependent on a number of factors and cannot be a. True
fully isolated from other important interpersonal b. Undecided
skills: c. False
a. Non-verbal Communication d. It depends
b. Chat 10. Commitment grows when people:
c. Instant messaging a. Work together
d. Verbal Communication b. Destroy relationships
5. It means expressing your thoughts, feelings, and c. Discourage ones role
needs in an open and honest way, while standing d. Disrespects one another
up for yourself and respecting others.
a. Respect
b. Understanding II. If you are a Nurse Manager, How will you sustain
c. Honesty group commitment among your team?
d. Assertiveness
6. Is dedication to a particular organization, cause, or
belief, and a willingness to get involved:
a. Commitment
b. Relationship
c. Communication
d. Nursing