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Lessee’s Copy/Lessor’s Copy

1. Schedule. Business hours shall strictly comply with Northridge Plaza store hours from 10AM – 7PM daily
(including holidays). The Lessee’s personnel may come at an earlier time to open their stall and fix their

If the tenant intends to close the premises a written request must be submitted to the lessor at least three
(3) days in advance. A penalty of P1.00 per minute shall be imposed to those who shall open later than
10AM & closed early than 7pm to be billed accordingly and include in your monthly billing statement.

2. Quality of Service. In order to encourage customers to patronize your products, the Lessee should offer
quality foods and products as well as replenish their merchandise at all times.

3. Non-Liability from Third Party. The Lessor shall not be held liable from any complaints coming from third
party (ex. Food poisoning etc.). Likewise, the Lessor shall be free from any obligation to the tenant from
any loses/damages on the merchandise during the entire duration of exhibit (mall hours and non-
operational hours).

4. Insurance. The Lessee shall obtain an insurance coverage for its merchandise and all other properties
inside the premises against fire, lighting and/or other perils, and adequate public liability insurance policy.

5. Relocation. The Lessor has the right to relocate the tenant in the event of major changes on the store’s
direction on tenant mix.

6. Default. It is agreed, however, that upon default by the Lessee of the payment of any rent and other
charges due for more than one (1) month, the Lessor may enforce such action as closure and/or stoppage
of Lessee’s operations and/or termination of contract without prejudice to Lessor’s right to claim from
Lessee said payment. The Lessee shall be charged a penalty of three (3%) percent per month reckoned
from the beginning of the month up to the date of payment over thirty (30) days for late payment. If in case
the Lessee decides to pull-out prior to the expiration of the contract, the Lessor shall not be obliged to
refund or deduct the remaining payment for the unconsumed days of the month. Lessee’s Security
Deposit shall be forfeited upon pre-termination of contract for whatever reason prior to the expiry date of
the term or failure to occupy the leased area for the full term.

7. Assignment of Rights. The Lessee does not have the right to sell, sublease, transfer or any manner
dispose of or encumber its right under this contract in whole or in part or any interest there to be conferred
on anyone. Violation of the same shall be a cause for termination and forfeiture of security deposit.

8. Vandalism. The Lessee is not allowed to put posters, ads or any advertising material on mall wall, elevator,
glass door etc. without approval from the Administration office. LESSEE shall at the LESSEE’S exclusive
expense the repair, restore of all damages at the leased premises prior to turn over of lease area after
lease term. However, if no action taken at Lessee the Lessor will handle the repair and just deduct from
the Security Deposit of the Lessee.
9. Uniform. The Lessee is required to provide uniform for all its employee assigned to man the stall. Said
official uniform (red shirt, black pants and black shoes or its own standard uniform) with ID should be
worn the whole duration of working hours.

10. Proper Decorum. Shouting, quarreling, gambling, playing, sleeping and sitting on the floor is not allowed
inside the mall. Using offensive or indecent language in other co-tenants/employees and customers are
not allowed inside the mall premises. Eating of the sales personnel shall be contained inside their leased
premises only. Violation slip shall be issued by the management for each and every count.

11. Safety. Do not leave your stalls unattended during operational hours. Don’t leave expensive gadgets,
items and cash valuables in the leased premises, regular deposits is suggested.

12. Cleanliness and Orderliness. The stall occupied by Lessee must be cleaned using their own materials
and equipment regularly. Lessor housekeeping personnel are not allowed to do the cleaning. Personnel
who man the stall must clean the table used by his/her customers and throw the left over food, disposable
plate, cups, spoon and pork.

Merchandise/stocks/cart must be contained within the space allotted only.

13. Use of comfort rooms must be observed by the following regulations:

 Washing of dishes, clothes or any object therein is strictly prohibited.
 Washing of used cooking equipments and other utensil must be at washing area located at
basement 1 only.

14. Food Court/Snack & Food Trucks Vendors may sell any nonalcoholic beverages they like EXCLUDING
Lemonade. All drinks and pricing must be included on menu submitted with application.

Violation of any of the above rules and regulations are subject to penalty or termination of our Lease Contract.


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