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BIRLA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, MESRA, RANCHI (END SEMESTER EXAMINATION) SEMESTER: II SESSION: SP/2012 _ SUBJECT: MCA4007 COMPUTERIZED FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING TIME: 3 HOURS FULL MARKS: 60 INSTRUCTION! 3 1. The question paper contains 7 questions each of 12 marks and total 84 marks. 2. Candidates may attempt any 5 questions maximum of 60 marks. 3. The missing data, if any, may be assumed suitably. 4. Before attempting the question paper, be sure that you have got the correct question paper 5. Tables/Data hand book/Graph Paper etc. to be supplied to the candidates in the Examination hall. Q.1(a) Briefly explain the four Accounting conventions? [4] (b) Explain the Accounting equation Assets = Liabilities + Equities (4) (6) What are the different errors and omission which are not shown by the Trial Balance? [4] 2.2(a) Explain the importance of madern Accounting software developed with relevance to. [6] Financial reporting to Management? (©) Differentiate between Fund Flow and Cash Flow statement? (6 -3(a) Why is Voucher important for computerized financial accounting? How does it helps in {6] reparation of computerized report of expense and Revenue statement? (b) Explain the MM Module in SAP Transaction? (6) Q.4(a) Why inventory data is necessary for preparation of Final Accounts"whether manual or [6] ‘computerized? (b) What is Stock ledger? (6) .5(@) How does the concept of CENVAT treated in accounting software while implementation [6] of computerized Financial Accounting. (©) What Is: the logic required in printing of the computerized Invoice containing all [6] relevant financial details? Q.6(2) Whatare the different databases required while preparation of Final Accounts through [6] accounting software package in report generation? (b) Draw a Performa Income Statement as per Indian Accounting Standard? (6) Q.7 Write short notes on the following: (646) ()) SFC and DFD in MIS of Financial Accounting (ii) Tally as an Accounting software. *°27.04,2012"E