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Design Criteria Report of Temporary Staging for BR#231

Akhaura-Laksam Double Line Project

► Design Load Considered:-

● Dead Load
1. Selfweight of the structure
2. Total weight of Girder = 275kg ≈ 2.6968 kN (as per BOM submitted by NDE)

● Live Load
1. Working live load = 100psf ≈ 4.788 kN/m² (as per BNBC)
2. Stream force of the river = 1.092 kN/m (as per AASHTO LRFD)

► Sub-soil Invetigation Report Analysis:-

● No interpolation of soil test report has been done, due to lack of full furnished report.
● Different soil parameters have been collected from emperical correlations of SPT
as per Peck et. al. 1974; Bowles, 1977 and BNBC 2015 Table 6.D.6

► Lateral Soil Spring Stiffness Calculation:-

● Initial soil spring stiffness is calculated from emperical correlations, considering the
young's modulus of the soil under consideration, thickness of soil layer and depth of
layer from river bed as per sub soil investigation report.

► Stream Force Calculation:-

●Stream pressure has been calculated considering a stream velocity of 1.50m/s .
●Depth of local scour has been calculated using Laursen's Method considering
a depth of flow of 3.30m as per site condition.
●Stream pressure has been calculated for a total height of 7.85m (Depth of Flow +
Depth of Local Scour) = 3.30 + 4.550m

► STAAD.Pro Analysis:-
●A skeleton modelling is done for the proposed staging.
●All steel grade is considered A36.
●No earthquake or wind load is considered due to the staging being temporary and
will be dismantled after erection of girder.
●Load combination considered = 1.2*D + 1.6*L
●Design code used AISC-ASD.

► MS Pipe Embedment Calculation

●The worst soil profile has been considered for structural safety.
●Total vertical load considered = 350 kN (Max reaction from STAAD analysis
is 308.975kN)
●Vertical settlement of MS Pipe is calculated as per VESIC and kept within tolerable
limit of 25mm as per AASHTO.