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Another 9/11 has passed and all the
Church Events
tragedies of the day were recalled in a October
variety of ways. The TV gave coverage to
many of them. As I relived that day, one CANTERBURY MSU FALL
Little Things small TV piece came to light again. It was
just one ten-second sound bite that has 3
become the staple of the medium. For just
By the Very Rev. Dr. Gordon F. Weller a moment, one of the people interviewed 4 4FS
shared why he was not in Tower One of 9 BAPTISM CLASSES
the WTC as he should have been. He MITTEN TREE APPEARS,
stopped to buy doughnuts for the office. MSU V U-M FOOD DRIVE,
He thought it would be a nice thing to do. 10
Because of this little thought and action on that fateful morning, his life was spared. MEMORIAL SERVICE, CROP
There were others who experienced the same thing. One missed the bus. Another’s WALK,
alarm clock didn’t go off. A third got a blister because he wore a new pair of shoes 12 B&PW
and needed to stop at the drug store for a Band-Aid. There are any number of stories
like this, and the most common question after the sigh of relief that they were spared 16 NEWCOMERS’ CLASSES
was/is, “Why?” People ask themselves if it was in God’s plan and why? Does God have INSTRUCTED EUCHARIST,
a reason or purpose for me to have survived? YOUTH CHRISTIAN EDUCA-
As an answer to that, let me say “maybe.” God does have the ability to alter each per- BRUNCH
son’s life in some ways, maybe even when a person stops to buy doughnuts for his co- 18 4FS
workers. What I don’t believe in is predestination. Our lives are not all mapped out with 30 FALL BLOOD DRIVE
no possible deviation from a path. To believe in predestination denies one of God’s
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4 F’s
By Nancy Sheldon
Please mark your calendars and join us for the 4 F’s Group in 2010-2011. This year, our meetings are the first and
third Mondays of each month (*exceptions noted). Anyone is invited who has time in the middle of the day!
12 noon Eucharist 12:30 p.m. Lunch ($4.00)
1 p.m. Bible Study (Steve Lange) 1:15-2 p.m. Program
 October 4 – Potter Park Tour behind the scenes
 October 18 – Maplewood Home for Women & Children (City Rescue Mission)
 November 1 – Programs by Altar Guild and on Kneelers
 November 15 – Overview of Lutheranism by Amanda Highben of University Lutheran Church
 December 6 – Someko Singers Christmas Celebration (with Melanie Walker and Emily Laub)
 *January 10 – Program on Australia, Fiji and New Zealand by Nancy Rudd
 *January 24 – Program on Autism, its causes and treatments
 February 7 – Visit to Ele’s Place (grief counseling for children)
 February 21 – Rites of Passage
 March 7 – Visit to Mt. Hope Assembly of God Church & Gideon Healing Center
 *March 9 (Ash Wednesday) to April 24 (Easter) – 5 Lenten Book Reviews
 May 2 – Visit the Buddhist Retreat Center (lunch & Eucharist at the Millars’)
 May 16 – Annual Picnic, book review, planning session at Nancy Sheldon’s

Canterbury Fall St. Paul’s Hat & Blessing of the

Feast Fundraiser Mitten Tree for Beasts
By the Rev. Deacon 2010 By the Very Rev. Dr.
William Fineout By Dorothy Marsh Gordon F. Weller
The Canterbury MSU, Episcopal On October 10, a tree will ap- On October 3, the Sunday closest
chaplaincy at Michigan State Uni- pear in the cloisters. Each year, to St. Francis’ Day, we will have a
versity, is having its Fall Feast & the “Giving Tree” arrives and Blessing of the Beasts service at 3
Auction fundraiser on Friday, Octo- magically sprouts gloves, mit- p.m. Please consider bringing your
ber 1 at 6 p.m. at All Saints Episco- tens, scarves and hats. Well, of pet for blessing and prayer. Our
pal Church. Great food, marvelous course, it’s not just magic since pets represent the unconditional
fellowship, and a fun way to sup- each of us contributes pieces of love of God and, when coupled
port our campus mission is offered. its decorations. Still it is a joyful with the blessing, offer a very posi-
Help the students pay for program- feeling to see it grow weekly tive message. Refreshments will be
ming and a spring break mission and know that its fruits will be served.
trip by buying a ticket for $30. shared and bring pleasure and
We have a table of 10 reserved warmth to so many. All sizes,
for St. Paul’s. Please see Deacon shapes and colors are welcome,
Bill. and you are invited to partici-
pate in growing this bounty
which will be delivered to Chris-
tian Services “Love Closet” at
Judson Memorial Church.

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U-M v. MSU at St. Paul’s Matthew Sheppard
By the Rev. Deacon William Fineout Memorial Service
Who will win the football game? The important By the Very Rev. Dr Gordon F. Weller
question is who will win the St. Paul’s U-M v. MSU
food drive! Once again, this fall classic of food and Once again, on the Sunday closest to Matthew
donations for the Greater Lansing Food Bank will Sheppard’s Martyrdom date, St. Paul’s will conduct
happen here at St. Paul’s. Starting September 24 a Eucharist service of worship that speaks out
and finishing on Sunday, October 10, we ask each against hate crimes. Please plan on attending Octo-
of you to step up and donate on behalf of “your ber 10, at 7 p.m., and let your presence voice your
team.” According to our organizers, Pat and Tony support.
Smith and Nancy and Pete Sheldon, the U-M team
is the decided underdog based upon past drives.
Details will be posted in the Sunday bulletins.

CROP Walk 2010

By Barbara Heany, Vestry Member
Please join St. Paul’s Youth Group as it walks in the 34th Annual Greater Lansing CROP Walk on 10/10/10. CROP
Hunger Walks are sponsored by Church World Services and help children and families worldwide with 25 percent of
the proceeds staying right here in our own community to aid services such as Advent House Ministries, The Garden Pro-
ject, Volunteers of America, among others. Our goal this year is to raise at least $1,100. A local anonymous donor has
pledged $50 to each church that increases its previous year’s total by 10 percent. Please visit our CROP walk table in
the Merrifield Room where more information will be available. If you aren’t able to walk, please consider supporting
St. Paul’s Youth Group with your pledges. Together we can help stomp out hunger!

By the Very Rev. Dr. Baptisms on
Gordon F. Weller B&PW November 7
Are you new to the parish? Have By Nancy Rudd, Presi- All Saints Sunday, at the
questions about the Episcopal dent 10 a.m. Service
Church? Questions about St. Paul’s?
Want to explore what membership The October meeting of the It will again be time for our fall
means? Consider coming to a class B&PW Guild is Tuesday, baptisms. In preparation for this
offered on Saturday, October 16, October 12. We will meet sacrament of initiation, we have
at 9:30 a.m. We will try to answer in the Hill Room at 6 p.m. scheduled one class on October 9
all your questions at that time. In for dinner and a business for all people, including parents
addition, All Saints Sunday, Novem- meeting. Our program will and Godparents for children. It will
ber 7, is when we welcome by name be a talk by Bill Fineout. begin at 9:30 am and last until
and individual recognition our new Please call Debby Pierce 11:30. Depending on the number
fall members. Please identify your- for a reservation. Dinner is involved, there may be a need for
self to Fr. Weller or Evangelism $8. Join us for an evening other classes. They will be scheduled
chair, Sally Lawrence, so you can of delicious food, a pro- at the participants’ request. If inter-
be included. In addition, there is a gram, and great compan- ested, please contact Fr. Weller
Newcomer dinner on Saturday eve- ionship. and/or the parish office to reserve
ning, November 6, beginning at 6 a time.
p.m. There will be more news as we
get closer to that date.

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Morning Prayer
By the Very Rev. Dr. Gordon F. Weller
For the last 30 or more years, Eucharist has been our primary service of worship on Sunday morning. But there is an-
other service that was once used more frequently and is missed by many. It too can be used in the worship of God. It is
Morning Prayer. On Sunday, October 31 (the fifth Sunday of the month), we will have the service of Morning Prayer
as our principal service at 10 a.m. Please understand that we are not trying to replace Eucharist with Morning Prayer.
We are not returning to a previous time. We are trying to offer the widest variety of services in our worship of God
as we possibly can. This throwback service will please some, confuse others, and irritate some, but we hope it ener-
gizes all in their worship of God.

Youth Christian Education New Nursery Attendant

Committee By the Very Rev. Dr. Gordon F. Weller
The Youth Christian Education Committee is looking for Mrs. Christine Corcoran is our nursery attendant on
new members to join us as we plan and provide guid- Sunday mornings. Christine is an MSU student enrolled
ance and direction of our Youth Christian Education in Elementary Education. She comes with experience
program. The Committee meets on the 3rd Sunday of and enthusiasm. Please stop by the nursery and wel-
the month immediately following the 10 a.m. service. come her.

Instructed Eucharist Fall Blood Drive

By the Very Rev. Dr. Gordon F. Weller By Elisabeth Richardson
On Sunday, October 17, we will have an instructed October 30 is the Fall Blood Drive at St. Paul’s.
Eucharist in place of the sermon at the 10 a.m. ser- Please save the date. We need people to give
vice. Because the Eucharist is such an important part blood, provide sandwiches, work the blood drive, set
of our worship, we want to understand the various up and teardown, and call participants. To sign up,
parts and their development as best we can. Various you may call Elisabeth Richardson at 372-1369 or
persons will intersperse the morning Eucharist with email You will also be able to
comments to edify. Please plan on being present. sign up at both church services on Sundays starting
October 3. If you have friends or neighbors who
give blood, get them signed up to give at our drive.
As it is the day before Halloween, please feel free
to come in costume. The Merrifield Room will be fes-
tively decorated and there will be treats, with very
few tricks. Thank you.

By John Irwin
We are pleased to report that the 14th car that CarsINC has placed is going to James. He is from the Sudan and is a stu-
dent at Grand Valley State. The placement of this car was made possible in part by the generous donation for the Suda-
nese Advancement Foundation.
We are eager to report that CarsINC now accepts Laptop computers and iPods for recycling. This is in addition to our cell
phones, inkjet and toner cartridges. You can not only help keep the environment green but help to place automobiles
where they can do the most good.

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Financial Information as of August 31, 2010
By Julie Young, Treasurer

Pledge income in August was $25,385. This brings year to date total pledge income to $193,448, which is 58 percent of
the annual budget amount. Operations for August had a net loss of $13,576.
There was one transfer required from the investment account into the operating account during August for $10,000. An
additional $20,000 transfer was made from the Perpetual Fund and was given as a loan to Father and Linda Weller per
vestry authorization. Payment in full, plus interest, is expected on this loan within 90 days.
The investment accounts/funds had a net loss of $17,288 for the month.

Vestry Highlights
On September 22, 2010 your Vestry:  Heard a synopsis of RSVP
 Brainstormed ideas about electronic communication
 Had a meal together and evangelism
 Did devotions together, Deacon Bill Fineout providing  Were reminder about Canterbury Fall Feast
leadership, on the new Diocesan program, RSVP  Were reminded about the dates we have signed up
(summarized elsewhere in this issue) for to provide dinner for the Canterbury MSU stu-
 Had a long discussion with Joe DeLuca, from Maner, dents
Costerisan and Ellis about the cost overrun of our new  Received a treasurer's report synopsis found else-
server where in this issue
 Review the Clergy pension options  Received various Committee reports
 Received an update on the Pictorial Directory  Did a mini janitorial review
 Reviewed the Church credit card application  Had a mini sound system review
 Received a report on the float scheduled to be in the  Ratified or pledge to the diocese ($45,503)
Silver Bells parade
 Pass a motion for include the office manager’s
 Reminded Vestry that calling of parishioners will need daughter in health insurance
to take place during the stewardship campaign
 Approved money for first aid training for some ushers
 Heard a reminder that all meetings, however small, so they could come back to train other ushers
need to be cleared through Kathleen in the front of-

Needlepoint News
Mandy Lawton, Chairperson
A new memorial kneeler was installed this summer. Gordon and Nancy Milne had the kneeler made in memory of the
Frost Family.
The Frosts were long time members of St. Paul's. The Kneeler was stitched by Mary Tuckey, Nancy Milne, and Sue Millar.
The kneeler is on the left side of the church by the third pillar. Please take a look at the new "silent beauty" for St. Paul's.
The needlepoint committee refurnished the chair seats in the chapel. These seats had the original filling in them. They are
more comfortable now for our ministers.

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New Youth Group Blazes a Youth Group Potluck
Trail at St. Paul’s Planning Meeting
By Barbara Heany, Vestry Member By Barbara Heany, Vestry Member
For the first time ever, St. Paul’s will have a youth Parents and youth (grades 4-12) met on September 19
group to accommodate Grades 4 and 5. As our par- to organize and plan fellowship events and outreach
ish grows in vibrancy, with more and more youth, we projects for the coming year. All three youth groups
have felt the need for a fellowship for our younger shared a meal together and then broke off into their
youth approaching middle school. Larissa Clark will individual groups:
be the Youth Coordinator. Let’s all give Larissa our
love and support as she blazes a trail into the future  the newly formed intermediate group for grades 4
of this much needed ministry. & 5 led by Larissa Clark
 the junior high group for grades 6-8 led by Barb
Heany, and senior high group led by Judi Brown-
The youth groups are looking forward to an exciting
year. Look for a schedule of events in next month’s SPN

Prayer Lists to be Divided into Short Term and Long Term

By the Very Rev. Dr. Gordon F. Weller
In October, we will begin asking those nominating friends or family to our parish prayer list to let us know if prayers are
needed weekly or over the long haul. Names will be removed from the short-term list after four weeks, and names will
remain on the long-term list indefinitely by request. The long-term prayer list will be published in the church newsletter
monthly and placed in one Sunday bulletin during the month. The short term list will appear in each Sunday bulletin.
We have some individuals and families who are facing long-term illnesses or recovery periods who still need our prayers
but are not immediately in peril. They have asked that we start a long-term prayer list to keep them in mind and their
battles before God, but they don’t need their names mentioned every Sunday.
We will also continue to have the St. Aelred’s visitation and call list for all those who find themselves unable to attend
Sunday services.

By the Very Rev. Dr. Gordon F. Weller
Here is a logo and some initials you will be hearing a lot of in the coming months
and years. The initials stand for “Revitalization and Strategic Vision Planning” for
the Diocese of Michigan. They represent the Diocesan attempt to achieve a common vision and goal for all the parishes.
During the coming months and years, we will have special events and messages that will be used around the Diocese to
help start and promote this effort. A group from across the Diocese has been working on this for almost a year. It is sched-
uled to make a presentation to the whole diocese at the convention in October.

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Choir News
Choir Newsletter
A big “welcome back” to all the choristers and their families. It was great to have all of you together on September
12. What a wonderful, uplifting, exciting addition you were to the service. It was indeed a joyful noise (emphasis on
joyful!) that you made. Your gift of time and talent enriched and blessed all those present. Thank you!

Special Dates to Save:

Cherubs will sing for the Harvest Home service on Wednesday, November 24
The Choir Auction for England Choristers will be Sunday, May 1, 2011, right after church. We greatly appreciate
you thinking about what you might be willing to donate for this auction. This fun event is always the most important
part of our fundraisers. Thanks! More details will be forthcoming!

Singing Schedule
Date Choirs Date Choirs

October 3 Cherubs, Boys’ and Grace, High School November 7 Boys’ and Grace, High School, Chan-
cel* (Because it is All Saints’ Sunday)
October 10 High School, Chancel
November 14 High School, Chancel
October 17 High School, Chancel
November 21 High School, Chancel
October 24 High School, Chancel
November 28 High School, Chancel
October 31* Chancel Choir (*Because this is a Morn-
ing Prayer Sunday, the Boys’ and Grace
Choirs and the High School Choir will be
in church school classes for the entire
time of the service.)

New Choir Vestments to be dedicated

After nearly 40 years of service, the vestments for the High School Choir are being retired. Through the generosity of
money given in memory of Edward Farmer, new vestments that can be machine washed (instead of dry cleaned) and that
are made of a synthetic/cotton blend and not of wool have been purchased and will be dedicated at the 10 a.m. service
on Sunday, October 3. The color of the vestments will remain blue and will be interchangeable with the adult vestments,
allowing for more versatility in their use. The choristers are especially grateful for these new vestments.

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Mission and Outreach Activities
Requests for Prayer
October Where is Christ calling you to help others? We pray for those who are sick and in need: Cindy
Robinson, Shelley Robinson, Mason Hill, Lois
1 Canterbury MSU Fall Feast & Auction Caswell, Marjorie Belles, Barb Powers, Skip &
Canterbury MSU dinner at St. Paul’s Marsha Macholz, Tom Foltz, Bill, Jan Bigham,
Max Sutton, John & Grace Hawkins, Maureen,
10 Crop Walk, Food Drive ends, Christian Ser- Noah, Jared Miller, Pat Amundson, Emilio Garcia,
vices Hat and Mitten Tree begins Lloyd Law, Ray Benner, Andrea Ingraham, Mary-
Lea Benson, Jacob Thomas, Pat Reno, RuthAnn
30 Fall Blood Drive Lubben, Lee Kinney, Ellie Freed, Raymond White,
Housing Assistance Fund, Fruit & Greens Sale Susan Irish, and Marquerite Upham.
We pray and remember those in the Military, serv-
November ing in dangerous areas: Jeff Doorlag and Justin
TBD ECW United Thank Offering
We pray for comfort for the family & friends of
14-21 Thanksgiving Baskets Army Ranger Spc. Bradley Rappuhn, Martha Flo-
res and Steve Berger, who recently passed away.
December We pray for and celebrate the birth of Benjamin
David Hall to parents Kym & Matt Hall, and big
5 Canterbury MSU dinner at St. Paul’s sister, Hannah; and Mallory Lane Barris to parents
Sacha Mallory & Seth Barris.
Sudanese Education Fund
We pray for guidance and continual help in all our
24-25 Layette Gifts for the Christ child doings here at St. Paul’s.
1st Sunday Manna Sunday, loose and dedicated offer-
ings for street ministry, busing and work boots;
Youth Noisy Offering for local charities
Heifer Gift Cards
Prayer Quilts
Habitat for Humanity

(Continued from, “Little Things” page 1)

greatest gifts: free will. What I do believe is that God

continually provides opportunities, and we are called to Rick Laub and Doug Holmes teamed to top the St. Paul's
do what is good and right. We should always be looking Men's Golf League at Groesback Golf Course on Au-
for these opportunities. What I do believe is that time is gust 26. They defeated Jim Huber and Jon Fancher in
in God’s control and that we worry too much about it. All the final match for the 2010 championship. This is the
we can do is manage it to the best of our ability. But, sixth year for the two-member team championship, and
when something happens to upset our control, we should St. Paul's has not yet seen anyone as a repeat cham-
not be overly upset at the interruption in our schedule. It pion. While the finalist's dueled for the trophy, the rest
should be seen as a chance to practice the love of God of the league finished their year with a crazy "fun"
in another way, perhaps in a different place then were scramble followed by dinner and the awards ceremony
we thought we’d be. held in the Merrifield Room. See you next year!
See you in Church Sunday. That is unless you’re detained
along the way. God may want to encounter you in God’s
time and place. God may have a job for you; be look-
ing for it.
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