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Strategy Map and Balanced Score Card 2018-2022

July 13, 2018


Deanie Ocampo – 10:00 – 12:00 - Brief background; what happened in the last 5
- Introduction; objectives
 Read the tasks of the Secretariat in
accomplishing select measures of the BSC
 Identified issues related with those tasks
- Balanced Score Card
Stakeholder: What public policies have we
influenced, and how have we governed the
Internal Process: Excellence in governance,
synergy among member networks, and
Financial: Resource generation, judicious use of
resources, and grow the endowment fund
Learning and Growth: alignment to strategy,
competencies, culture and board governance

*focus on LG, IP and F

* Use system (policies to be improved, internal
rules and process need to be in place and
improved) and Skills (are there any skills gap, have
ability to do job, )

Learning and Growth Insights:

1. Structure and staffing 1. System: Hiring Policy, Building Management,
2. Management system and competency Skills: HR management
framework 2. System: Look for sponsorship/scholarship for
3. Communication system staff Dev, transitioning to netsuite, Clarify exactly
4. Strategic performance management system M.I.S requirement & needs
7. board performance evaluation system Skills: Training & Learning Design, Orient
8. Performance evaluation system approves & users (defined for internal control),
and no in-house/outhouse/ I.T. guy
3. System: Full utilization w social media tech,
dedicate catalogue of data & someone to handle
data, data privacy act policies, procedure
Skills: Hire consultants with Comms, Knowledge
Management, and Archiving and information
management and skill upgrade with new system
in comms and KM etc.
4. System: Improve MANA system vis-a-vis
strategic plan 2018-2022, performance
assessment vis-à-vis learning development, and
improve performance reward system
Skills: Coaching, mentoring and technical
assistance, and performance, planning,
management of Monitoring and Eval
7. Skills: Install performance rating system and
simplify presentation of PES to ExeCom and BOT
(shorten process)
8.System: Performance Review and evaluation for
the commision
Finance Insights:
1. 1. System: Overall M&E system on project
Skills: Learn and apply new frameworks on M&E
and proposal Making and Business Development
2. System: Communicate with funders on own
initiative, mapping of CODE-NGO capacities (to
sell our biz), improve linkages with business
sectors, mapping of business sectors vis-à-vis
Skills: Identify person-in-charge for proj dev
3. System: Develop specific campaign (c/o strat
Skills: Explore gava gives and give 2 asia for evert
specific project,
6. Skills: Monthly expense reports to be
consolidated into quarterly reports, and reduce

Internal Process Insights:

Capacity Development and research Capacity Development and research
1. Capacity development plan System: Contract out Cap Dev plan, Skills of
2. Capacity building modules Blended learning Dev, In-house learning and dev,
3. Trainers and mentors module designer, basic IT skills , and training Asst.
Advocacy and research training
1. Processes and research Skills: Cross analysis of 1. CAT, 2. LA, 3. CBF
2. Advocacy agenda results 4. SCP write shop 5. CANA , mainstream
3. Advocacy coalitions use of blended learning, catalogue of free e-
Communications and database learning modules, need for a learning monitoring
1. Communication master plan tool, systematize pool of training and mentors,
2. Database and knowledge production seek external accreditations, and mentoring a
Innovation youth org
Advocacy and research
System: Improve strategic and efficient
communication, and to enhance monitoring and
evaluation skills
Skills: Review membership re: youth
representation in board, mapping of champions
from gov’t, CSOs and other stakeholders to
support advocacy, to set criteria forming, joining
conditions; Quality over quantity, craft M&E
System For Advocacy, Communication Framework
Design, and Identify research Agenda vi-a-vis
Communications and database
System: Utilize netsuite for database (donors,
catalog), for the catalog similar to an Open Online
Access Catalog, and data privacy
Skills: Hire dedicated comms personnel, website
management training, monitor analytics on views,
capacity building for secretariat with regard to
public relations, develop partnership with key
media institutions, identify IT personnel and skills
required, and Maintaining current capacities on
the utilization of tech (e-mal)