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What is an MSDS?

What is an MSDS?
A Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is a document that provides health and safety information about products,
substances or chemicals that are classified as hazardous substances or dangerous goods.

MSDSs provide information on:

• the manufacturer or importing supplier

• the product (e.g. its name, ingredients and properties)

• how the product can affect people’s health

• precautions for using or storing it safely

Who prepares and provides MSDSs?

Manufacturers and importers of dangerous goods and hazardous substances must:

• prepare an MSDS for each of their products

• provide the current MSDS to employers or occupiers of premises where the product is used or stored

• review and revise each MSDS as often as necessary and at least every 5 years to make sure that the
information is accurate and up to date

Schools responsibilities
Employers using or storing dangerous goods or hazardous substances on their premises must ensure that:

• they obtain an up to date MSDS for each of these products

• their employees, contractors and emergency services personnel have access to the MSDS

Information included on a MSDS

The MSDS must be written in English, be legible and include the following information:

• the product name of the dangerous goods or hazardous substance

• the name, address and telephone number of the Australian manufacturer or importing supplier

• Australian telephone number for information in the event of an emergency

• the date the MSDS was prepared or last reviewed

• a statement that the substance is a hazardous substance (if applicable)


• the proper shipping name, UN number, class, subsidiary risk and packing group for dangerous goods

• the hazard classification for hazardous substances

• the risk and safety phrases for hazardous substances

• the proportion or proportion ranges of the ingredients required to be identified with a chemical or generic name

• first aid measures

• emergency procedures

• any relevant health hazard information

• the chemical and physical properties of the substance or its ingredients including any hazardous decomposition
products likely to be generated during normal use

• precautions for the safe use of the substance, including engineering controls and personal protective

• precautions for the safe storage and disposal of the substance

• the exposure standard (if any) for a hazardous substances or its ingredients

• information on the health effects of the substance or its ingredients.