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Regular Assembly Meeting

COGS Assembly Room
Room, 250 Student Life Building
October 1, 2010
6:30 p.m.

Agend a
Call to Order

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call

Approval of the Minutes from September 13, 2010

Messages from Student Government

Student Comments

Special Introductions
• Dave Rothenberg- Friends of Internationals Program

Petitions Into the Assembly

The Report of the Speaker

• Senate Budget for Fiscal Year 2011
• COGS Budget for FY 2011

The Report of the Deputy Speaker for Finance

Committee Report
CSAC Report
• Ways & Means
• Academics & Student Life
• Internal Affairs

Funding Requests
• Bill 46- On Petition- Society of Musicology
• Bill 47- On Petition- Student Association for Religious Studies

Old Business

New Business
• Bill 45- Sponsored by Rep. Straub- An allocation of $3,800.00 for the NAGPS Conference
• Bill 48- Sponsored by Rep. Wollenschlager- An amendment to the COGS Code to adjust attendance
• Resolution 11- Sponsored by Rep. Grimes- A rule change to require that certain amendments be submitted in to
the COGS program assistant in writing prior to adoption by the Assembly


Final Roll Call


Next Meeting- Waiver of Rules: Monday October 18th, 2010 at 6:30PM in the COGS Chambers
Report of the Deputy Speaker for Finance
18th Congress of Graduate Students
September 13, 2010

 COGS Administrative $99,492.25

 COGS Unallocated $37,366.00

 COGS Organizational Support $5,000.00

 COGS Presentation Grants Left for year - $119,656.07

 Carry Forward - $21,200 with
 $9,200.00 encumbered
 $8,411.66 paid
 $3,588.34 being held for Sweepings
 July-October $60,000.00
 $37,997.97 encumbered
 $5,934.30 paid
 $16,067.73 remaining
 Nov-Feb - $70,000.00
 Mar-Jun - $30,000.00

 COGS Conference Travel Left for year - $13,500.00

 Carry Forward $ $3,300.00
 $1,900.00 encumbered
 $1,400 paid
 July-October $ 8,000.00
 $6,300.00 encumbered
 $200 paid
 Nov-Feb - $7,000.00
 Mar-Jun - $5,000.00

Accurate numbers not available at time of publication;

update will be included at Monday’s meeting



COGS Assembly Room
Room 250 Student Life Building
September 13, 2010
6:30 p.m.

REPRESENTATIVES PRESENT: Adams, Ardis, Blair, Fredericks, Glazier, Grimes, Lieberwirth, Manojlovic,
Ramirez, Straub, Taylor, Tazaz, Warren, Weber, Worrall, Zain





REPRESENTATIVES ABSENT, EXCUSED: Englehardt, Fleugel, Metka, Ma, Myers

REPRESENATIVES ABSENT, UNEXCUSED: Arispe, DeSantis, Hensarling, Iniguez, McKay, Wesighan





MINUTES APPROVED: Motion to approve, seconded, approved without exception

August 16, 2010

• Hans Rasch – School of Visual Arts, Theatre, & Dance
• Marc Wollenschlaeger – ED – Higher Ed
• Megan Schwab – ED – Higher Ed
• Cherry Hagens – Visual Arts, Theatre and Dance

• Bill 40 Vetoed by Vice-President Coburn – Would have removed RSO’s from our nondiscrimination
clause and substituted. The General Consule did not say it was illegal but that it might lead to
problems. Check comment section. Asked Chairwoman Blair was asked to look into
• Report on Non-discrimination Changes by Ways & Means Committee
• Alumni Village Childcare Facilities say Thank You! New blocks are great, I played with them. The
kids sent us a card. If you want a tour of the facilities let me know.
• Lieberwirth: asked how many kids are served.
• Ex-Officio Seat on Senate Budget Committee/Senate Budget Proposal – COGS get an ex-officio
seat on that committee. If you want to serve on the dates Speaker Grimes has, come talk to me.


• Get from Agenda

• C-SAC – not met – received no requests yet but a couple are in the works
• Ways & Means – haven’t met since last meeting Meeting Sept 16 at the Panera Bread at Ocala
• Academics & Student Life – resolution 9 is submitted
• Internal Affairs – half of committee not here. Looking for members.


Bill 39 – Amendment Preserving Representation – Lieberwirth – Save the trees – don’t print this again until
we find it will be considered. Seconded, No objection. Passed

Resolution 9 – Sponsored by Academics & Student Life Committee – Regarding Insurance Deadlines –
• OPENING STATEMENT Weber – last time our debate was wide ranging but only needs to address
the limits of when you must purchase FSU’s insurance
• Were there any new questions created from discussion from Dir Sacher? We are trying to urge the
system to move the deadline closer to class dates so to give us a chance to find competitive quotes.
• Can you explain further how this came about? For the insurance purchase you must indicate that
you wish to get it as early as spring for fall coverage. The effort was to move the proof of insurance no
further out than 30 days. Sacher said you could agree to purchase but cancel if you found a better policy
later within 30 days.
• Zain: Is this legal to pigeon hole graduate students in the way of fair competition?
• Grimes: Cannot comment, law school prevents students from commenting on legal issues because
it can prevent your acceptance with the Florida Bar
• PRO:
• Glazier: Thinks a good idea, could recruit some extra help rather than threaten to drop you for lack
of proof of insurance.
• Straub: In expressing our opinion for this to occur, this may start the ball rolling to accomplish this.
• CON:
• Tazaz: the system as it is set up, we get the best rates, if the students not offering proof of
insurance, get dropped, forces the university to open new registration window. May create problems.
• Glazier move to call the question, second, no objection
• Vote for the bill.
• Ayes do have it,

Bill 42
• Jarrod Fredericks acting chair
• OPENING STATEMENT - Grimes: There is a conflict between COGS and LSC – what kind of things
could be vetoed, what the rules were, and it created the atmosphere for the creation of 42. This would
preclude people from serving on both LSC and the COGS Exec Board. Makes clear the SPEAKER and
DEP SPEAKER must concur on Vetoes. With automatic pass if no action is taken within 10 days. If it is
vetoed, it goes back to LSC and if LSC signs it, it comes back to us.
• Blair: Can you please tell me who was there? myself, Chairwoman of LSC
• Glazier: Has LSC discussed this yet? Don’t know if it has yet?
• Taylor: Anyone else here from LSC? Glazier. Can you explain your due diligence in discussing this
with LSC? I don’t. I am very much committed to letting each organization have its independence.

• Blair: Would you say whose Idea it was? As a result of an angry email, things got so bad, I asked for full
and complete disclosure.
• Worrall: Andrew, were you present at this meeting? No but was unhappy with the way it was scheduled.
Our last meeting was before this incident.
• Ardis: Who was it that would be impeached? Not germaine.
• Blair: Back to separation of major offices. Do you think there is a difference in the Speaker/Deputy
Speaker for Finance and the Dep Speakers for Comm and Judicial Affairs? No. Each of the officers
have served temporary duty as Speaker.
• Taylor: What is Brittany’s opinion of the bill? Liked it, in favor of separation.
• Taylor: Do think this will help or hinder? Should we try to work it out together or do this on our own? I
wouldn’t have filed a bill that would have harmed our two organizations. To a certain extent, I like
working together, but this became really ugly.
• Worrall: Your position is that we don’t need to wait for them but make the changes because they are
under our jurisdiction.
• Tazaz: If this passes, how quickly will this come about in regard to the elections? It can be worked out.
• Seconded
• Blair: Do you think it wise to include all of Exec board but not all of COGS members? I think the
distinction is not to include people who will not serve as Speaker.
• Taylor: How would we get around the Andrew issue? Add a clause that exempts anyone who is serving
currently on both committees.
• Tazaz: How will this effect MSC? Would not be a problem since both operate on wildly different
• Straub: I feel it should be amended to include all funding boards so they all have similar provisions.
• Glazier: I don’t think this solves the problems that actually occurred. LSC hasn’t discussed this and
should have the right to be involved in discussing the methods used to resolve the issue. I would like to
have LSC here, should be here and will alienate LSC from COGS.
• Ardis: This was LSC’s idea to write this bill. I tried to send it to Brittany and it has been posted on line
since Friday. I have had no response from her.
• Worrall: Responding to Quinn, it would ideal if these rules apply to all groups, but takes nothing away
from what we are trying to accomplish.
• Taylor: Would like to see it apply to all. Sometimes good things come out of bad things. LSC is
unorganized. We gave them a huge budget based on faith in spite of no feedback from all their
organizations. Makes it clear how we will deal with them. I understand the reluctance to confirm this
without their input.
• Glazier: Don’t punish LSC. We did not know the bill was going to be moved forward, we haven’t been
informed by our Chairperson. This will be seen by LSC as COGS imposing our standards on LSC with
no input. No one there were persons involved in the original conflict. Move to table bill until LSC is here.
• Seconded. Objected.
• Glazier: I am not able to represent all of LSC.
• Grimes: Did you read this before you came? Yes When? Friday. Did you tell LSC about this? No
• Worrall: (commented, did not get what was said)
• Hans: (commented, did not get what was said)
• Taylor: Are you telling me you didn’t have any meeting on this?
• Worrall: Explain structure of LSC 7 members, chair, deputy chair/secretary/treasurer.
• Blair: I was reluctantly drawn into this affair, should be more communication, more time taken to discuss
this. It would bar me from service. Like to see parity across the funding boards and consult MSC.

• Grimes: I think it’s silly to be held hostage to creations of ours. I am uncomfortable with that.
• Zain: People could have been notified, email, communications being what they are.
• Ardis: Encourage MSC and LSC to be a part of the communication.

• Worrall: Question to Andrew, Why have you haven’t notified LSC. I assumed I would come and table it
so LSC could speak to the issue. I didn’t realize Brittany has been notified.
Third round of PRO
• Glazier: I feel the VETO side solves the issues
• ARDIS Motion to make amendment to exempt current member who hold a seat in both capacity.
• Glazier: My LSC seat will expire in the fall.
• PRO;
• Taylor: Lack of communication is what defines LSC during the entire time I have been here. This is not
punitive nor comes as a surprise. Have had three months to discuss.
• Worrall: I like the bill like the provisions, concerned about how little LSc knows what is going on. Better
to pass this and amend it as needed.
• Blair: Section F. There is a line of succession and we may have issues with the unlikelihood of the
chairpersons being involved. I would like to strike section F. Think about it and talk to LSC.
• Taylor: Objection:
• Blair: Haven’t yet made an amendment. Want to check with a
• Move to strike section F. Second. Objection
• OPENING Statement:
• Blair: I have made my opinion
• Questions:
• Straub: Striking F has no bearing on anything now.
• Grimes: Important to the LSC. They brought it up. I want to stick to the agreement that I made with
• Taylor: Address the potential conflict of interest.
• Manojlovic: Always the same two people in CON
• 2nd round of PRO
• Worrall Move to call the question. Seconded. No objection.
• Blair: It takes less to deal with the issue now 50% versus later 66%.
• Amendment concerning Section F. fails.
• Amendment to add language to Section F so that it includes those in the line of succession for Speaker
or deputy speaker for Finance.
• How would this involve current members?
• Zain Where does the line of succession end.
• Straub: This does complete the statement.
• Taylor: In terms of conflict of interest, the maximum time that could be 13 days.
• Grimes: Committee chairpeople don’t really have a large sphere of influence, not comfortable pushing
this further than that LSC has been agreed to.
• Taylor: Motion to call the question. Seconded.
• Blair: Reiterate that there is the same conflict of interest. All have the same opportunity to be a
signatory. We made a line of succession so that we covered all our bases. And even though LSC
doesn’t know about the LofS, it should be addresses.
• Nays have it.

• Grimes: Apologize to Glazier for the earlier Sets the wrong precedent is to say it got so bad that
impeachment was threatened, and we can’t do anything until we all get together and sing Kumbaya.
This body would not exist without COGS , it keeps them in the loop, gives them more powers and a
direct set of directions.
• Ayes have it.

Bill 44
• We enjoy have you all here and we feel there is 164 graduate students at the Panama City Campus. I
have experience with a satellite campus and there are different needs for those students. I want to make
it so that either a past or present graduate student from the Panama City Campus. We felt we have so
much problems with the Senate recognizing the special needs of

Ramirez: When you mention “previous” graduate program, what do you have in mind. Looking at recent
students in the graduate program from Panama City
Taylor: How many programs are represented. 10-12 seats.
Ardis: Would they have to drive in? That’s why we added the “currently or previously enrolled in”
Ardis: How would we empower them if they were there and had to drive in every 2 weeks? Can we provide
telecommunications? We can look into it.
Wollenschlaeger: Does this make it so they must be a current FSU student.
Fredericks: In favor of this, but add amendment that adds the phrase “within the last two years”.

Ardis: Does the language actually encourage joining the body as a member?

Taylor: Did you think about the online degrees?

Johnson: College of Information and Communication has a complete program that is on line. Do I think I
would come in 2 hours every other week?
Manojlovic: Good idea.
Taylor: Some programs that are extent from the university are in jeopardy and this would help give them a
platform and involve them in the FSU campus.
Johnson; This is just one seat? Yes but could also
Hagens: What advantage is it to give a seat for just the campus when there are empty seats that they might
already fill? Makes sure they can a voice heard.
Taylor: One concern with the previously enrolled student. Doesn’t say they must be in the same degree
program. Would this be okay?
Worrall: What seats are also Advocate seats.
Schwab: Response to Taylor. This seat would be to advocate for the entire Panama City campus not just a
Tazaz: For those students who were previously enrolled, will we ask for a transcript? If the student lives in
Panama City, but has classes here?
Rausch: In regard to other satellite campus, do we have any other satellite campuses represented?
Tazaz: Remove previously enrolled from condition from the requirements.
Second and objection.
If a student who lives in PC but whose classes are only offered in Tallahassee it’s unfair to offer that seat
Blair: Do you think that someone who lives in PC can fairly represent those students who are attending the
PC campus? I don’t think someone who hasn’t been there in 2 years has a feel for what is going on in PC at
that time.
Fredericks: I would prefer to address the language to ensure it is just students attending
Warren: Do you think they would be working against it?

Ramirez: I think they must be engaged with the PC campus.
Glazier: I would hope that they wouldn’t actively undermine the PC Campus. I understand and hope that
they be actively engaged and know people that are still there. It would also be easier to get someone here
that still has the connections necessary
Weber: I think we are encouraging students to join, and restricting the requirements makes it harder.
Manojlovic: One student could represent PC Campus if they have connections moreso than someone who
just lives there with no connections.
Tazaz: Amendment to amendment; Change back to original wording, but add in the additional wording that
they must be actively engaged in Panama City campus.
Straub: How do we ask “active”? We don’t
Wollenschlaegel: Enrollment doesn’t make you active.
Tazaz: Might be active in campus, but want to ensure a commitment to
Blair: For those who hold different seats for program,
Tazaz: May I withdraw the second amendment.Withdrawn
Grimes: 3 minute recess
Back to first Tazaz Amendment
Schwab: More important to ensure there is a rep for PC Campus. Even if they have been away two years,
they still have more experience than someone who hasn’t been there.
Johnson: If I have been away from a campus 2 years, it can change a great deal.
Blair: I think that it’s more realistic to expect a student that just came here from PC Campus has an interest
in representing
Tazaz: Want to make sure that it isn’t someone who just is filling a seat because their colleges seats are full.
Better to be represented by someone who even just lives there
Ardis: I want my name there.
Vote to strike the amendment.
I don’t think it’s as cool as it was but it’s still a necessary bill and pretty good. Should make PC Campus feel
more welcome.
The ayes have it.
Fredericks: Were there any abstentions? No. Passed unanimously.

Tazaz: Time: 9:29

Grimes: Any objection to extending the session until done? No. Extended.

Resolution 10
Fredericks speaker pro tempore
Grimes: A long time ago, LSC and MSC spent too much on clothing and awards. Right now, I think the
funding boards have enough oversight and COGS oversight that MSC and LSC should be given the
Straub: Why is this a resolution and not a bill? Because the proviso did n’t come from a bill and is corrected
by a resolution.
Zain: If you are in LSC or MSC you can’t get money from LSC or MSC for Clothing and Awards and get it
from COGS instead which takes it out of the COGS Unallocated or C-SAC.budget. Tazaz said that we turn
down RSO’s who are asking for this.
Grimes: I would like a clear policy, Either Blanket yes or no.
PRO Don’t like the wording even though I don’t really approve the purchase.
Taylor: It’s not true that LSC has been responsible funding board. Our financial manual states that awards
can be purchased if <$75.
Worrall: I don’t like the idea of clothing. Move to strike Clothing. Failed.
Glazier: I think the time has come to adjust the proviso and look into changing it. If we tell other
organizations that they can’t have clothing we should take a good look at ourselves.

Worrall: Remove the clause that removes the third whereas. Fails for lack of second.
Taylor: The rationale that just because we haven’t done it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t doesn’t hold water.
We haven’t been funding shirts because of fiscal responsibility to create more funds.
Glazier: Forget it.
Schwab: POI _ We are just giving them the opportunity to ask for it, just not approving it.
Taylor: But it isn’t that we decide, the funding board decides.
Grimes: But COGS speaker of deputy speaker must sign off on it.
Tazaz: Say this passes, and tomorrow an RSO comes and asks for $800 for shirts. Would the 10 day pass
and it goes without signature.
Worrall: Don’t like how LSC has demonstrated responsible is there.
Lieberwirth: Why did you include it?
Grimes: Because they have been doing the things we asked them to do.
Taylor: This would create a double standard where LSC and MSC are concerned.
Johnson: We always ask what they are doing to raise money.
Grimes: The Financial Manual is a lie. Money that would have normally come from LSC and MSC now has
to come from COGS Organizational Support/COGS Unallocated. I think it is dreadfully unfair for this to affect
MSC and the one instance where we
The proviso language is horribly unfair one way or another.
The Ayes have it.

Miles: I’m the advisor for COGS. You are on a push to establish yourself. I saw a lot of giggling; you should
probably have more respect. You should have probably a bill review panel. 48 hours over the weekend isn’t
enough time. You should consider a reasonable deadline and that should make our meetings shorter.
Dobiyanski: Look forward to working with you.
Ardis: Welcome to COGS.
Tazaz: The Earth, Ocean, Atmospheric Sciences is holding a run. Come along. Carnival at the REZ is
coming in October.
Johnson: I have my first publication, next summer!
Ramirez: There will be a meeting where everyone can practice their Spanish. Does anyone want to walk
together to the diner or need a ride to their car. I’m right over at the diner and can take people to their car.
Fredericks. Bimonthly movie round up. White Stripe, open mike, Splice , Robocop, Psycho, McGruber, the
Blues Brothers, museum of Fl history. Art for and photographs from NASA. Forbidden Planet. Attended by
Star Wars conventioneers.
Glazier: Law school is as crazy as ever.
Blair: No one is ALLOWED to walk by themselves. Ways & Means Committee Thursday the 16th Panera
Bread 6pm
Lieberwith: The WAVE
Rosario: I put a Recycle bin in the back.
Fredericks: I have personally tested 2 of the SafeLights.
Grimes: Some things we have done regularly, but if you would like to codify these, that would be good.
We are members in NAGPS, there is a meeting in Boston. If you would be interested in going, see me.
Senate has this thing called digital voting. System costs a couple hundred.
Manojlovic: it didn’t work at med school.

FINAL ROLL CALL: Ardis, Blair, Fredericks, Glazier, Grimes, Hagens, Johnson, Lieberwirth, Manojlovic,
Ramirez, Rasch, Schwab, Straub, Taylor, Tazaz, Warren, Weber, Wollenslaeger, Worrall, Zain


NEXT MEETING: Monday October 4th at 6:30 PM in the COGS Chambers

244 Student Life Building Tallahassee, FL 32306-4177 Phone: (850) 644-7166 Fax: (850) 644-1950

The 18th Congress of Graduate Students

On Petition

Allocation to Society of Musicology

On October 4th, 2010, the body voted to move and unspecified but finite amount to be
determined from COGS Unallocated 244-003 to the Society for Musicology.

Purpose: To be determined

David Grimes Date Joyce Howard Date
Speaker of the House Director of Student Affairs
Quinn Straub Date Mary Coburn Date
Deputy Speaker for Finance Vice President for Student Affairs

4 October 2010

244 Student Life Building Tallahassee, FL 32306-4177 Phone: (850) 644-7166 Fax: (850) 644-1950

The 18th Congress of Graduate Students

On Petition

Allocation to the Student Association for Religious Studies

On October 4th, 2010, the body voted to move and unspecified but finite amount to be
determined from COGS Unallocated 244-003 to the Student Association for Religious Studies.

Purpose: To be determined

David Grimes Date Joyce Howard Date
Speaker of the House Director of Student Affairs
Quinn Straub Date Mary Coburn Date
Deputy Speaker for Finance Vice President for Student Affairs

4 October 2010

244 Student Life Building Tallahassee, FL 32306-4177 Phone: (850) 644-7166 Fax: (850) 644-1950

The 18th Congress of Graduate Students

Sponsored by Representative Straub

Reallocating Funds for the NAGPS Conference at M.I.T.

On October 4, 2010, the body voted to move the following amount from the following account:

$3,800.00 from COGS Unallocated 244-003 to the COGS Expense Account 244-001

The purpose of this bill is to send four Representatives from the Congress to the National Association
of Graduate and Professional Student Conference at M.I.T. to receive training, relay best practices,
and evaluate Florida State University’s continuing participation in NAGPS.

___________________ __________________________________
David Grimes Joyce Howard
Speaker of the House Director of Student Affairs
___________________ _____________________________
Quinn Straub Mary Coburn
Deputy Speaker for Finance Vice President for Student Affairs

4 October 2010

244 Student Life Building Tallahassee, FL 32306-4177 Phone: (850) 644-7166 Fax: (850) 644-1950

The 18th Congress of Graduate Students

Sponsored by Representative Wollenschlaeger

Amendment to Number of Allowed Absences for COGS Reps

On October 4th, 2010, the body voted to amend Chapter 113 of the COGS Code governing attendance
requirements for members of the Congress of Graduate Students. The purpose of this bill is to
increase the number of allowable absences in consideration of the increased attendance expectations of
bimonthly meetings.
Be it enacted by the Congress:

113.1 A Seat shall be declared vacant and the Representative removed from membership in the
Assembly when:

A) A Representative has accumulated four (4) two (2) consecutive unexcused absences
from COGS Assembly or committee meetings, or

B) A Representative has accumulated eight (8) four (4) four excused absences from
COGS Assembly or committee meetings per semester, or Advocate.

Strikethrough indicates deletions, underlined items are additions.

___________________ __________________________________
David Grimes Joyce Howard
Speaker of the House Director of Student Affairs
___________________ _____________________________
Quinn Straub Mary Coburn
Deputy Speaker for Finance Vice President for Student Affairs

13 September 2010

244 Student Life Building Tallahassee, FL 32306-4177 Phone: (850) 644-7166 Fax: (850) 644-1950

The 18th Congress of Graduate Students

Resolution 11
Amending the COGS Internal Rules of Procedure

Sponsored by Representative Grimes

WHEREAS, the Student Body Constitution, Article IX, and COGS Code Section 110.1 both grant COGS
the power to create internal rules of procedure, and

WHEREAS, the COGS did on March 1, 2010 adopt such internal rules through Resolution 3, and

WHEREAS, Rule 1 of the COGS Internal Rules of Procedure states that the rules may be amended by a
two-thirds vote, and

WHEREAS, the efficiency and effectiveness of COGS will be greatly increased if the Program Assistant is
provided with written copies of substantial amendments,


Internal Rules of Procedure be amended to add the following rule:

23- All amendments to proposed legislation which are more than three words in length or include more
than an amendment to strike language must be provided in writing to the Program Assistant prior to
a vote of the Assembly.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a copy of this Resolution be sent to Dr. Joyce Howard, Ms. Sandra
Miles, and Ms. Vicki Dobyanski.

_______________________ ___ ______________________

David Grimes Quinn Straub
Speaker of the House Deputy Speaker for Finance