for All Intelligent Beings
Master of Sacred Science

Charles Henry Kropf
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ne day, as I was moping around feeling sorry for myself, I was inspired to write down what my rights as a human being were. From that list came this ³Bill of Rights´, along with a meditation for each of the statements. Thirty Principles have been listed herein. I realize that the list could be much longer, but what is given here represents the basics, I believe, for personal growth and maturity. A true human being is able to stand with integrity, dignity and honor in the midst of all that comes his way, but this is not always easy. I will be honest with you and tell you that these thirty things are some of the most difficult things for most people to do, even though in reading them they sound like a piece of cake. This is because we have been programmed to have a certain mindset that says we are merely puny humans that have no power. We are supposed to submit to the ³fates´ that await us and have no power to change them. But in truth, this is the mindset of slaves, not free people. There comes a time when we must ³take authority´ over our lives and in strength confess our authority as we are given it by the Ineffable. This is the natural heritage of all humans! It is my hope that these thirty simple statements will help you to begin to throw off the ³slave consciousness´ instilled in you and begin to really live! This booklet teaches you that you have authority. The word authority means the right and the sanction to

do something. Authority is power. So in embracing these thirty simple principles, you are taking back the power that is rightfully yours. Because of this,  You have a purpose for being here.  You have the power to be here.  You have the authority to be here. You have the Right, Power and Authority to fulfill your purpose, and no one has the right, power or authority to stop you. You may say that there are others in authority, whether they be religious or political. In the greater work of society this may be true. But on a personal level, No one has the right to tell you how to run your life ± no religious authority, no political authority, no social rule. Only you can decide this. These thirty principles will, I trust, help you establish your personal power base. They are given in the authority of Love. Perhaps you are already using your authority in some of these things. I will say this to you as it was taught to me a few years ago: Take what you can use and leave the rest.





1. I HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO BE ME. One day when I was really feeling sorry for myself, a profound thought popped into my mind: ³I am me. No one else can be me but me. No one else can do what I do the way I do it. Everything has my personal signature on it and cannot be duplicated.´ Everyone¶s life is stamped with their personal signature. They are the only ones who can use it. Whatever they do has the unique expression that goes with that signature and anyone who tries to duplicate it is committing forgery. There is no one on earth that can do what you do the way that you do it. Two people writing about the same thing will tell their experience of it, and put side by side, one can tell that the two came from different people. Your signature endorses your personal authority and is a statement of power. You say to others who you are, what you are and where you are in your life. One of the greatest Spiritual principles that exists is the admonition to speak your truth with courage, boldness and wisdom. By choosing to be who you are, what you are and where you are, you can become a free agent, no matter what circumstances surround you.


I am the only person who can do this. The Signature of my life is locked in the Reality of who and what I am and is necessary for the benefit of others and for the furtherance of my path. I am who I am, what I am and where I am for a reason. I bear this signature, and no one can take it from me. Though I be enshrouded in the opinions of others, I am that I am.


2. I HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO BE TRUE TO MY WORD. ³Be impeccable with your word.´ is the teaching of ³THE FOUR AGREEMENTS´.1 The word impeccable comes from a Latin root and means to be without sin, to be perfect, flawless. Your word is the statement of your authority and power. If it is not true to your intentions, it has a nasty habit of coming back to you and biting your ass. People determine your honesty and integrity by not only what you say, but how you back up what you say. If you say one thing and do something else instead, you lose the trust of others and consequently, your power base. You devastate yourself and the work you are here to do. You usurp your own authority. Being true to your word means to follow through with what you say by taking actions that are conducive to it, by doing the things you said you would do. The old saying is, ³A promise made must be a promise fulfilled.´ If you say you live by the principles of Life then you must do so at all costs. If you say, ³I will fulfill this need,´ then you must do everything you can to fulfill it. This is being true to your word. I have made commitments, not only to myself, but to God before the hosts of Heaven. Because of this, I am under the obligation to fulfill them. I made them freely before entering this world and they are sealed within

A book written by Don Miguel Ruiz, a Toltec Nagual (Master). The Four Agreements are: Be impeccable with your word. Don¶t take anything personally. Don¶t make assumptions. Always do your best.


the DNA of my body, to be broken open and released in the proper times. There is no other set of promises that are as important as these. They are my Prime Directives.


3. I HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO FULFILL MY REASON FOR BEING HERE. You were born into this world having the mandate you agreed to fulfill in this life. You were given choices, and of your own free will accepted the life you now live, and in this life, to do what you agreed to do. This is now a given for you, your Prime Directive. It is a part of what you are and what you may yet become. To go against the agreement you have already made is a testimony that your word means nothing. The misery you face because of it will be of your own making. This is not only because you, in essence, lied to God, but you also usurped your own authority. You lie to yourself and withhold the energy that is allotted to you to do your work. That energy is locked into the DNA of your being and is available when you need it. Your purpose for being here is designed to fit your personality and Signature. All the tools are at your disposal and will activate when they are needed. You would not have these tools, which are your many abilities and talents, if you did not have the authority to have them. Since that authority is yours, you have the authority to use them. One of the strengths of your health in body, mind and soul is your use of the authority you have to fulfill your purpose. In doing this in the long run, you will have no regrets. The promises I have made are concerned with the reasons I was born into this world at this time. I have a Commission from God to do the tasks lain before me. I

will do them to the best of my ability and honor my commitment to them. I will not hesitate. I will not hold back. I will march forward and never have regrets.


4. I HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO HEAR GOD SPEAK TO ME FOR MYSELF. The Voice of God speaks to your heart and guides you in all the things you do. It is the voice of your Divine Soul, which has always been a part of you. It is your True Authority. We often refer to the Divine Soul as the Christ that dwells within all things and especially, within every person. To be guided by this Voice is to fulfill all the things you are here to fulfill. I must stress that it is an Inner Voice. It is a part of your being. You have the right, power and authority to follow its guidance in all things. There are those who say you must adhere to a certain way of thinking and acting. If those ways are not conducive to what your heart is telling you they are false and will lead you away from your purpose. What will you heed, your Heart Voice or the voice from an outside authority that has no right to impose its mandate on you? You must realize that you are a Divine Being who has Divine Authority. You are in this world to learn how to be truly human. To be this is to be totally free to do your Work and to speak your Truth. It is not based on a cut and dried form but upon your spontaneous activation of your purpose, an activation that requires your signature in order to have any power. You have the authority to hear God speak to you because He is a part of what you are. There is no separation, no self and other. God is not up in the sky far, far away, but so integrated with you and with all that surrounds you that no other authority has any say in

the matter. You are a part of God and God is a part of you. That is the way it was always intended. This independence from the obligations of a religious format is highly frowned upon by those who are blinded to the Truth. They are running from themselves, trying to hide from what they know, in the deepest nave of their souls, they truly are. Such are weakened in all areas because of this, and their ability to hear the still small Voice whispering in the ear of their heart is muted to a murmur they cannot understand. To hear this voice speaking to you is a vital key to your success in what you seek to do, no matter what it is. It is honorable to do this, though sometimes hard to accomplish. Yet you have the strength and the right to do it and be at peace. I am just as able as anyone else to hear the Spirit of God speak to me, though it be through emissaries of the invisible or visible world. I will weigh the truth of all things lain before me and will trust in the Divine Guidance given to me to tread my Way. I will listen when Spirit speaks, and use the guidance He gives me as if it were a sacred text. I will not falter in my Way.


5. I HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO ACCEPT WHATEVER TRUTH IS GIVEN TO ME WITHOUT FEAR. When you listen to the Voice of God in your heart, there is no need to fear that you will be led astray. That Voice does not call you to grovel, trembling like a whipped dog, but to stand in the authority that is rightfully yours, and to heed the truths that are presented to you by whatever means. It is true that religious and political authority says differently. They say you must act like everyone else acts in order to be accepted. Which is better ± to be accepted into their fold by their standards or to be acceptable by having the courage to embrace Truth on its own merits? To accept the Truth is to take unto yourself the Reality of who and what you are. It helps you determine where you are in your life. It may be contrary to everyone else¶s views, but it is right for you. You have the authority to embrace it because it would not present itself to you otherwise. You receive in your life what you need, and all you need is for the furtherance of your mandate. Sometimes the Truth you receive is very uncomfortable for you personally. You cannot escape it. It is there to help you adjust your life to a more perfect expression of your purpose. If you try to run from it, it will chase you to the ends of the Earth. If you embrace it, it will give you peace. You have the authority to receive Truth without fear of being led astray, because it is Truth. It is not based on

speculations or the whims of the moment. Some of these truths are Universal in nature and others are personally designed for you alone. The latter cannot be spoken because they are keys to your Power, but the former is what is shared with others. In sharing with others, one makes room for more Truth to come. The Truth will set me free! I will accept it as it is, without speculation and without fearing what others might think of it. I am not here to uphold a false tradition, but if necessary, to introduce a new one based on the Truth I have been given. I cannot do less than this without violating my Sacred Trust. It is more important to me to uphold Truth than to live a lie.


6. I HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO PROSPER. It is an outright myth that Spirituality and poverty go hand in hand! You do not have to be poor to have a Spiritual experience. If you have much money and wealth in this world¶s goods and can maintain a Spiritual rapport within yourself, you are not living in sin. This penster has seen both the poor and the rich have the deepest of Spiritual experiences, so the experience is independent of this. To have the authority to prosper is to first and foremost let go of the fear of it. Fear in any form can disrupt the circuitry, so to speak, between the reality one seeks and the one seeking. If you are afraid to prosper, in other words, you will not do so. You will stay where you are and never progress. True prosperity comes on three levels:  On the physical level, you have the authority to live as well as you desire.  On the mental level, you have the authority to change your thinking from ³poverty consciousness´ to the consciousness of abundance.  On the Spiritual level, you are in authority through the Divine Soul to overcome all obstacles and direct the flow of prosperity to the mental and physical levels. You must become aware that everything you are has always been a part of you. Ill teaching and human

ignorance has kept you from embracing your birthright as a human being. It has instilled within you the consciousness of fear. To change your consciousness, the way you view and react to things, is to accept the authority you have and vanquish the consciousness of fear. The deepest roots of what we might call Prosperity Consciousness is found within you. You cannot just be prosperous on the outside and be impoverished within if you wish to be a whole person. If you want to prosper in a balanced way, seek to enrich yourself on all levels in balance with each other. What have you accomplished if you are filthy rich and have all the earthly goods you want, if you feel miserable inside? By the same token, what good does it do to have all that Spiritual and Mental energy within if you don¶t have the means to express it? To allow the WHOLE PERSON to prosper as ONE is the true Prosperity! I have received a promise given to all who would receive it that God would supply all our needs because He is rich in glory. God knows that I must have the means to do the things I must do to fulfill my reason for being here. It is given to me to activate that Abundant Supply, to have the Key to the Treasure House. I must use it wisely.


7. I HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO BE IN HEALTH. One of the greatest bits of prosperity in the world is good health. It is true, that the pursuit of your mandate in this life can be compromised by poor health. This is a given. This is why it is important  To respect your body as the Temple of God that it is,  To respect your mind as an offspring of Divine Mind,  To respect your spirit as the child of the Spirit,  To respect your soul as the vital energy of Divine Soul,  To respect your Divine Soul as the Foundationary Energy of God, the Christ within you. This is a ³Wholistic´ process that must be undertaken to ensure good health across the board. You have the authority to do this. Remember that authority gives you the right to be healthy, and to be healthy is to be in harmony with your own Life Rhythm. Remember that Life is the rule of the Totality, not the exception! You are part of that Totality, so you are an expression of Life, the Divine Christ that is the Life of all that is. My body is the Temple of God and the Spirit of God is within me. It is part of my Sacred Trust, and I am


accountable for it if I misuse it and squander its energy. While I do not go to extremes of body-building and such, I do what I must to care for it by practicing moderation and respect for myself, by eating moderately, exercising moderately and getting the proper rest. Nor will I endanger it by taking unnecessary risks.


8. I HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO LIVE A FULFILLED LIFE. What is fulfilling to you?  Is it living the good life? If that does not include every aspect of your being as a human it is not complete.  Is it having deep Mystical experiences? If the experience does not express itself in some form on the outside, it is not complete.  Is it having great academic prowess? If you do nothing constructive with it, it is not complete. You cannot live a fulfilled life if you do not live it on all levels. Your life must be fulfilled in body, mind, spirit and soul. If any part is weakened in any way, there is yet no completeness. If you wonder why there is a weakness within you, in most cases it can be boiled down to one question: Are you fulfilling your reason for being here? To fulfill your purpose is the most fulfilling thing you can do for yourself as well as others. This brings everything else into line, including good health, prosperity and well-being. Only one who is able to do this can become a whole and complete human being. My life is fulfilled when I do what I am here to do, no matter how hard or impossible it seems at the moment.

When I accepted the rose garden of my life I accepted the thorns as well as the flowers. I learn respect and obedience to proper protocol in my life through the pleasure and the pain of this life. I learn, I grow, I become more nimble of foot and more humble of spirit here below.


9. I HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO BE JOYFUL. The Bible says that the joy of the Lord is your strength. This joy is a feeling of well being and security in the midst of a troubled world. It is an inner knowing that nothing is out of control, that all things are guided by intelligent design, even the unpleasant things. This joy is something that you already have whether you realize it or not. It is part of the human package of unopened qualities that have been suppressed within you. You have from the day you were born been under an illusion that you had to earn this joy in order to have it. You have allowed others to teach you that you could not have joy unless you did thus and so, unless you followed a prescribed pattern of conduct. The truth of the matter is that it has always been yours for the taking. There have been many who have never allowed their joy to be taken away because they have had people who have encouraged them to be the best they can be. Most, however, have not had that luxury. It is hard for you to have joy if you are constantly reminded that life is a path of constant suffering and pain. If you are told that you are a miserable sinner who deserves to burn in hell for all eternity, it is difficult for you to feel much joy. But when you know that joy is a part of your birthright, that is a different matter! That means you have the authority, the right to be joyful! My strength is in joy, especially, in the joy of the Lord! A joyful person can be saddened and seemingly enshrouded in grief, but within him the joy wins the

game and overcomes all things. It is the joy of knowing that I am never abandoned, no matter how lonely I feel or segregated from "normal" life. I am happy because I am of a nature to be, because the Nature of the Divine is within me.


10. I HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO BE WISE. The Book of Proverbs says that we should get wisdom. Perhaps it would be better to say, ³Use the wisdom that you already possess.´ Because you have a Divine Soul you have access to the wisdom of the ages within you. It is a part of you and cannot be taken away from you. Unfortunately when something cannot be taken away, it can become buried so deeply that you don¶t even know it is there. When you are told that wisdom is in a book or in some lofty dimension you cannot possibly reach without religious ³training´, it causes you to look for an outside source for your inspiration. But the most these can do is trigger the wisdom you already possess because the Divine is within you, the Source of all you are. When you are enshrouded in the illusion that everything you need is apart from you, it is hard to realize this. Yet once it is tapped, you have the key to the Ageless Wisdom that the Masters know. It truth, any true Teacher of Light would tell you this. Again I tell you that if you were not meant to have this, you wouldn¶t have it, but because you are a Divine Being, you have the authority and right to be wise! It is human imperfections that make people do foolish things. I am no exception to the rule. Yet the Source of Pure Wisdom is within me. I tap into it and use it as fully as I can. Though I make errors in judgment, I recognize them and move on with my life, accepting the balance that is part of my nature as the Corrector of all foolishness.

11. I HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO RUN MY OWN LIFE WITHOUT OUTSIDE INTERFERENCE. One of the greatest lessons to be learned in life is that you, as an individual are sovereign over your own affairs. This individual sovereignty is the basic foundation of individual freedom and liberty. You would not be an individual being if this were not so. In this country we are known for our many freedoms that most other countries do not have. Yet in this free land of ours we are subject to religious oppression, political hounding, peer pressure, the authority figures in our lives who tell us more or less how the cow eats the cabbage and our conditioning because of all this. Somewhere along the line, we often lose many of our individual rights as human beings because we must submit to these ³necessities´. All of these are outside influences. They are not supposed to control your every move as most would lead you to believe. You are responsible for yourself and have the authority to make your own decisions based on what your Inner Guidance speaks to you. Religious, political and social guides are secondary, and are often used as tools to control people. It implies that people are too dumb to control themselves. But this ³dumbness´ is created by these outside factors and is therefore superficial. When you realize this you are in a position to come into your authority and to activate your personal sovereignty. Some will say to you, no doubt, that you have to follow rules. If those rules do not violate your

purpose for being here or deny you the right to do it, well and good! But if the time comes that you must choose between the ³rules´ and your Purpose, you must be wise in your choice. Which, after all, is more important to you ± the ³rules´ of religion, politics and society, or your personal mandate? I am what I am by the grace of the Divine Christ within me. I have the honor and the right to have freedom of choice in conducting my life, even though I have made commitments to do certain things before my birth. As a free moral agent, I can choose to lead my own life or to follow my destiny. Though others may judge my choices and try to dissuade me, they are my choices and I must live with them, or I can choose to change them.


12. I HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO MAKE A MISTAKE AND TO CORRECT MY PATH. Do not be afraid of the fact that you are a human being and that human beings make mistakes. This is a given. There are those who would shame you for things that you do wrong and never let you forget it. Such is a ploy to keep power over you, to restrain you from learning from the mistakes you make and finding ways to correct your path. If you learn from the things you screw up, you retain your own power base, and no one can overcome you. This is why you have the authority to make a mistake and to correct your path. These are two parts of the same thing. You cannot have one and neglect the other. It is well if you make no mistakes. But this is a virtual impossibility on the human level. The right to makes mistakes and to correct them as you are able is a process that gives you a chance to learn and grow in a positive way. This is why I said to never be ashamed of the fact that you goofed up. You learn more about yourself because you expose your weak points and have the wherewithal to strengthen them. The key to retaining your power base is to face squarely these weaknesses with courage and determination to shore them up so you are no longer weak in that area. Some may say to you that they make mistakes on purpose to cause someone else to suffer or have a hard time. Such an act is very bad and the repercussions are great. This is not what we are talking about here. Someone else will say that they are in prison because

they screwed up and robbed a bank. This is premeditated, designed to be hurtful on purpose. This is not a mistake. A mistake is when you do something wrong without the intent to do so, and certainly without the intent to cause misfortune to anyone. Karma, the Law of Cause and Effect, discerns the difference and welds its power to that effect. It is known when you goofed up accidentally, and when you did so on purpose. The key to this is your intent. Were you really trying to do the right thing and wound up doing the opposite? Do not be afraid to admit this and begin the process of healing within yourself and, if need be, within others. I have the perfectly legal right to screw up! But I also have the obligation to correct my mistakes whenever I can, so that no one will be hurt because of my error. I realize that everything I do has an effect, and so I must be careful to conduct myself in a way that is LifeGenerating. When I screw up, I must correct my Path as soon as possible.


13. I HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO WALK IN SIMPLICITY. This does not mean you become a simpleton. It simply means no window-dressing. There is absolutely no need for you to complicate your life any more than it naturally is. You don¶t have to keep up with the Joneses, or anyone. You are yourself, and as yourself you are required only to unfold your life according to the pattern you set before you were born. Remember that you made promises and chose to come into this life with all its hang-ups and problems to progress your soul. You only need what you naturally desire, not what others say you need. You only have to live a lifestyle according to your own desires, not according to the ³status quo´ others say you must live. The true prosperity that you should seek is the prosperity of being happy where you are. If you want to improve it, do so because you want to, not because you are being pressured to. Someone might say that you need a Mercedes and a big fancy house in order to have status in the world. If you are more comfortable in a Chevrolet and a mobile home, then that is where you should be. Status is determined, in the long run, by your character, not by what you own. Simplicity simply means living the way you are comfortable and content to live, and following your destiny to completion. What others say is not important. Though some may give you advice about this and that, that advice should be weighed against your purpose for being here. If it is not compatible you will know it. You will not feel comfortable with it. Be honest and

straightforward with yourself and with others. That is all that is required. For my own peace of mind and spirit, I have the right to be simple and straightforward in my affairs. It is not necessary for me to complicate my life with a lot of flack due to the tendencies of a technological society. To live simply is to be close to the Earth and close to Heaven at the same time and to accept the Reality of life as it is, knowing that from every lemon tree can come an abundance of lemonade!


14. I HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO ATTAIN UNION WITH GOD. One of the greatest things that you can accomplish in your life is to attain Union with God. What does this mean? It means being a whole person, having a complete balance within yourself between what you perceive as being the Divine Part you identify as Divine Soul Consciousness or Christ, and the rest of what you are. To see these as separated in some way is to still be divided and not whole. One who attains Union with God becomes as a fresh baked cake. All one sees is cake, not the ingredients. When one sees a truly whole person, he sees a Divine Being in manifestation. Religious teaching has painted a picture of humanity separated from God. This is a total impossibility. God is the Life of all that is. In my teachings I have tried to stress the fact that Life, which is God, is the rule of the Creation, not the exception. There is no separation in all Creation from the Life Essence because everything comes from it and is a part of it. What does this mean to you? It means that you are the Universe and the Universe is yourself. A Divine Being is a Cosmic Being, meaning that he or she has come to complete Union with God, which also means complete Union with all that is, visible and invisible. You may call yourself a Texan or an American or whatever, but the truth of the matter is that you are much more than this. This is the totality of what you really are, and you have the right and authority to embrace it and become unified with it!


There are many things that could be said about this concept and many things that could never be said except by personal experience, but I tell you truly that this you have the authority to do! The ultimate goal of my life is to return Home, not by death, but by living as close to the principles of integrity and honor as I can. To do this is to be close to God. To be close to God is to have the opportunity to become as He is, to take on the Divine Nature that is my birthright. I can do this in a physical body, but soon enough it will no longer be needed.


15. I HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO BE FREE OF CONDEMNATION. On of the worst things you can do to another is to pass judgment on them, to condemn them for not living up to the ³standards´ set for them. Have you set those standards? If they are your standards by which you live, well and good. But you do not have the right or authority to impose them on others. Others must set their own standards and live by them, whether or not they agree with yours. As freely as you have received your authority to live as you feel you should, they have the same authority in their lives. It is true that you have a mission to fulfill in your life, and you must do everything in your power to fulfill it. But it is designed to awaken others to their mission, not to persuade others to follow your way exclusively. A true human being does not judge or condemn ± he simply lives what he is and does his work with total love and devotion. When he sees others coming into their own, he rejoices. Because he is not filled with condemnation, he does not condemn. He lives and lets others live. His life is devoted to healing and mending the imbalances in the world, and one of them is this seeming desire by some to control others. Condemnation is just another way to gain power over someone else. Even as you do not have the authority to pass it on others, you do have the authority to refuse to condemn others or to accept condemnation from others! You have the authority to be free to pursue your own path no matter what anyone else thinks about it.

To be free of the ability to hurt others or destroy their dignity by harsh judgments is my goal. In so doing, I free myself from such condemnation and judgmentalism. I claim to be uncondemned by Christ because I have accepted His Reality within me. Therefore, I have none to give. If I accept condemnation, it is because I was weak and uncertain. God is my certainty.


16. I HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO BE FREE OF ELITISM. If you come into the world with a special role or mission, you must come to realize that you are no more special than anyone else. You have a purpose to fulfill that you volunteered for, but so does everyone else, and like you, everyone else feels especially honored for being thought worthy to take on the task they are doing. As it is yours, what they do is their love, their life, their commitment beyond all other things. Nothing else matters but this. The commission to do what you are here to do does not divorce you from the human race. In fact it unifies you and makes you more closely linked to what it means to be human. To do this with humility should be the crown jewel of your life. Though you may have a place of authority, you should learn that this authority has a price that you must be willing to pay. Authority gives you power, perhaps power to guide others. You must never abuse that power for any reason. Nor must you give those you guide a reason to feel exalted to the point where they begin to have elitist thoughts. If they do this you have not done your job well. You may think is strange that I say you have the authority to be free of elitism. It means that you have the ability to choose to be free of this according to your own will. Whether you choose to or not is up to you, but you must remember that you will feel the effects of any decision you make.


At the same time you have the authority not to be pinned to someone else¶s bug poster. You must be free to pursue you path without any flack from others or condemnation because you refuse to be pinned down by rules and regulations you don¶t even believe in. I have personally found that the best things to do are simple and direct.  Stick to your mission and don¶t let others tell you how stupid it seems to them or how much you seem to assume upon yourself.  Live as free from any form of elitism as you can, even if others accuse you of being elitist.  Be humble, but don¶t be a throw rug for anyone.  Be bold in your work but don¶t be a steamroller that flattens everyone.  Be open, honest and sincere but don¶t brag or boast of your mission to excess. You have the authority to be yourself above and beyond what you are now. I am not someone's special bug pinned to a poster. I am not here to be anything but what I am any more than anyone else. Therefore I will not sit myself on a "guru rock" to be respected as anything above what I am. I am Spirit and Truth because the Divine within me is Spirit and Truth. I did not make myself, but have become myself because of Him.


17. I HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO SPEAK MY TRUTH. You have the authority to speak your Truth because that is what was entrusted to you. You do not have the authority to speak for another person, because they must speak and demonstrate the Truth entrusted to them in their own terms. Your Truth is not some strange revelation that no one else can have. After all, the purpose of speaking your Truth is to share it with others. But it is your Truth because it has your signature on it, your own unique mode of expression that no one else can duplicate. Though what you share is universal in nature, it is still your Truth because of this. Others may speak of the same things you share but the way they do it will be different. You should never forget that the Truth is not exclusive property belonging to any one person or group. It is public domain. And yet the variety in the ways it is expressed serve the purpose of reaching as many people as possible. This is not a one-man show, and you, yourself, cannot reach everyone. Speaking your truth in the way given to you is a precious gift you should honor. It is your personal uniqueness. But don¶t let it go to your head, because everyone else is so gifted as well. This is one of the things that make human beings unique in the animal kingdom. Speaking your Truth is the expression of your personal sovereignty. Your signature is also an expression of it. The whole Creation is stabilized by the balance between Order and Variety in the ways that

Order is expressed. Some call this ³ordered chaos´, but it is more than this. Within you, this process exists and gives you your personality and mode of operation. I am a Messenger. I am responsible for the Message I have been given and have every right to speak as the Spirit gives me utterance. I do not speak the Truth of another but only what has been entrusted to me. This is my Sacred Trust. To go beyond this is folly and an affront to others. My Truth has my Signature upon it, and only I can present it in the way given to me.


18. I HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO ALLOW OTHERS TO SPEAK THEIR TRUTH. As I just stated a moment ago, everyone has their own modus, there own way of doing things. Just as you have the authority to speak your Truth, they have the authority to speak theirs. Just as you agreed to come into this life to fulfill your mandate, so they do as well. As you would not have others tell you what to do or how to do it when it comes to your work, your reason to be here, so you must honor their right to personal sovereignty and freedom of expression. No one has any right to deny anyone this! You did not come off a mass-production line, nor did anyone else. The problems in the world today can be brought back to the human lust and misuse of power. It is a powerful thing to turn living people into zombies who are slaves of obedience and duty. Powerful, too, to play the ³fraidy´ card and terrify people into towing the line. But even more powerful and stable of limb is the power of freedom and liberty to make ones own decisions in life and to speak ones Truth without having to please the ³elders´ of organized religion. With every gift one receives, he also receives a responsibility. When it comes to your right to speak your Truth, the responsibility you have is to respect everyone else¶s right to do the same, even if you do not agree with them. There is in this the issue of semantics. Are they telling it wrong or are you just not understanding their background for what they say? What is the difference between enumerating poultry and counting chickens?

Because everyone is responsible for the work given unto them, it is not my place to withstand them, even if I disagree with them. Every pot must sit on its own bottom. Every bowl must fulfill its own destiny, that for which it was created. My responsibility is for my work alone. Part of my work is not passing judgment or contesting another.


19. I HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO WALK MY PATH WITH DIGNITY AND HONOR. Your dignity is your self-respect and your honor is your pure honesty in the work you do. If you do not respect yourself, you cannot expect others to do so either. If you have no honor, you have no self-discipline and no direction, and you will fall into the pit of chaos. The Work of the Spirit is no play-pretty that is here today and gone tomorrow. It is real and the most stable work you can do. It is not your place to scare the bejesus out of anyone in doing it for this would not be honorable. Nor is it your purpose to denigrate anyone or destroy their self-respect. To tread in honor is to endorse your own self-respect, your own dignity so that those around you will feel honored to be there. It is easy to condemn or judge another by arbitrary means. Much more difficult it is to show respect and to be respected. The best way to be respected is to be yourself, your true self. You are most honorable when you do this. Many can see through your charades and know what you are in truth. If you are genuine in your honor and dignity, you will honor the dignity of others. Most cultures, no matter how primitive they are, have a code of honor. It may not be the same for everyone, but it¶s there nonetheless. The true human code of honor is not written in any book but upon the heart. To find it and tap its energy gives you true dignity beyond your wildest dreams. Dignity respects the beliefs of others and does not seek to derail them. Such respect draws honor to you and retards fear and distrust. As you honor and respect

others despite what they believe, so you must not allow others to rob you of your dignity and honor. Hold them in a sacred place. Breathe them in and exhale them, embrace them and make them a part of your consciousness and no one can take them from you. And being an embodiment of them, you will not dishonor the dignity of others My Path is not a spook show or a circus act. My Path is the Way of Honor and dignity, and respects the honor and dignity of all the ones I work with or through. I act with Honor and Dignity by upholding it within others. I act like a fool by disrespect for what others believe or feel. It is not an honorable thing to be a fool.


20. I HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO BE FREE OF WANT. Being in need has much to do with the state of your consciousness. If you are in a state where you feel that Life has cheated you out of what you need, then you will remain in that state. If you think that since you were born poor you will remain poor for the rest of your life, then you will remain poor. But if you have come to the place where you understand that you have within you the keys to overcoming these things you can do so. If you want to change conditions in your life change the way you look at them and react to them. By getting rid of the attitude that causes you to create the conditions you find yourself in, you come to a new level of consciousness. You may say that you are where you are because of your karma. This may be so, but the reason you are here is to correct things that you ignored in a previous life. Having bad karma does not mean you are fated to suffer all your life. Because you are where you are, you have the keys within you to overcome these weaknesses that keep you in want. You may say you don¶t have the education to be better than you are. The world is full of successful people who have no higher education than you have. If you want to rise above the attitude of want, you have the power to do so. No matter what anyone else tells you, this is your time to rise to the occasion and prove your worth, for you are worth more than you think you are!


Only those who have the consciousness of poverty remain in poverty no matter how rich they are. Only those who have the consciousness of abundance may break free of poverty no matter how poor they appear. Once the mind has been set on abundant supply, nothing is impossible no matter how things appear. I am rich because I have the Divine Consciousness within me.


21. I HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO DEVELOP MY TALENTS AND GIFTS AS FULLY AS POSSIBLE. Whatever talents and gifts you have, they were not given to you ³just because´. You have them for a reason and that reason is to fulfill your purpose for being here. They are your tools to work with. If you are a carpenter you have in your possession the tools of your trade. You cannot build anything without them. So if you would fulfill your mission here, you will have what you need to do so. Many times you have great difficulty in assessing what you are here for. First of all I would tell you that you must search your heart, but I would also urge you to find out what your talents and gifts are. They will give you a clue. I had a minister tell me once that whatever ministry I had would make a way for itself. If you use what you have as much as you can, your reason for being here will unfold without uncertainty. Like anything else in this world, your talents and gifts must be developed in order to function properly. If you sing, you must develop your voice to the point where it carries a tune as efficiently as possible. If you play an instrument, you must practice with it until playing it becomes second nature to you. If you write, you must practice and learn from your mistakes so that your writing may improve. What do you have in your hand? What do you have that can be useful in your work? Learn to use it and your mission will demonstrate itself for what it is. This is your authority and power.


I am gifted of God. It is given to me to use those gifts for the good of all concerned. I have talents as parts of my birthright. It is given to me to develop them as well as I can for the good of all concerned. In using what I have to hand, I give testimony to the fact that I honor the One who gave me the gifts and granted me the talents. I will use them well.


22. I HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO SHARE MY LOVE WITH OTHERS FREELY. Since you are the embodiment of Life, you are the manifestation of a portion of the Divine. It is the nature of the Divine to love, because God is Love. Love is not meant to be horded like gold but to be shared with others. You show your love for others when you treat them with respect and dignity, when you demonstrate to them that they have worth just as anyone else does. You do not judge them harshly if they fall into misfortune or if they do things that seem to you to be wrong. You do not know what their motives are or what is causing them to do what they do. When you deal with others in love, you discover that there is no room in your heart for arrogance and bigotry. If they err in their way, remember that you do too. Have you learned from your error what was meant for you to learn? If you have, you will allow the natural love you are to love them and encourage them on their way. You cannot give yourself to bitterness because of past hurts. You cannot hate yourself and lash out at others unjustly because you are hurting inside. This personal hurt is where much of the condemnation and judgmentalism comes from. It is contrary to the natural love that you express without effort. You have the right to let this natural love flow and heal the bitterness of your own heart and to demonstrate it to others. You are a Divine Being. Love gives you a higher consciousness so that you can embrace others with open arms and an open heart.


God is Love. God is the Divine Consciousness within me. Therefore, I am the embodiment of Love for the sake of everyone I meet in this world as well as for everything in Creation. By sharing my love with all things I demonstrate the Love of God and embrace all that is as a part of the Wholeness of which I am a part.


23. I HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO BE ROMANTIC. In order to be able to demonstrate the Love that you are daily becoming, you must come to grips with the nature of your human self. You are a sensual person, and you cannot deny this and be whole. It is a false concept to think that you cannot be a sensual person and a Spiritual one at the same time. This sensuality is not just about sex. It is true that two people who are to be together are sexually attracted to each other, but they are attracted in other ways as well on the mental and Spiritual levels. This is the secret of true romance ± to discover and build upon this attraction of the wholeness of person on every level. Romance is the discovery by each person of the other. It does not happen all at once, but builds little by little as each invites the other into their world. It is based on mutual trust and understanding. While each explores the other one¶s world, they do so without trying to change anything, but accept without judging what they find. When they understand what makes the other tick a relationship can develop and they can bond with each other for life. When the two become one in this way they will compliment the other in their personal development on all levels. Of course there will be disagreements and spats, but true love finds a way where there seems to be no way. Remember that as an expression of the Divine Life that is the essence of every life form, it is natural to love with everything you have and are.


Part of the dignity that honors me is my acceptance of the fact that I, as a human being, am a sensual person. Sensuality is part of my nature. It is as natural as sneezing and requires that I respect it by respecting the same feelings in others. I have a right to have these feelings and to enjoy the embrace of another. I will honor this with dignity and respect.


24. I HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO SEE WITH A CLEAR EYE THE TRUTH OF ALL THINGS. There is within you a Reality that knows all things you need to know to fulfill your purpose for being here. All the knowledge, all the wisdom is there. All you have to do is tap into it. It is true that there are those who want to withhold the Truth from you, the Truth about who you really are and what you are really here for. They want to drag you down into accepting the message of the ages as they see it. It does not matter to them if what they tell you is true or not. What they try to teach you was taught to them and they feel obligated to indoctrinate you. But you have a mind to think with. You are able to reason things out and to blend your reasoning with the intuitive portion of your thought processes. You have a Sacred Heart that guides you into the right paths. Many times what you learn from the Divine within you will not agree with what you have been taught over the years. Before you learn the real Truth, you will have to unlearn the teachings of the false dream. In many cases that takes some doing, and a lot of courage. You are the only one who can determine if you have it. It does not matter what others think about that which you acquire from the Divine and Sacred Heart. For the courageous True Heart, only the Truth matters. If you lose friends over the matter of the Truth, were they your friends, your jailers or just fearful of taking their stand as you have?


All things given to my care are things I have a right to know about. I was not sent into this world to be stupid or foolish but to be knowledgeable and wise. Therefore there is that within me that causes me to connect with the Sacred and the Secret, to learn that which I need to carry forth my Commission. As I rest in the Guidance of the Divine within me, I know that I will not be kept in the dark.


25. I HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO BE ABLE TO MAKE A DECISION WITHOUT HAVING TO ANSWER TO ANY BUT GOD. The false dream teaches you that you are too dumb to make an intelligent decision about many things in your life. Whether it holds up the education card, the IQ card or whatever, it tries to convince you that to go beyond the accepted concepts is unacceptable and then punish you if you do so with social odium and condemnation. The foundation of the false dream is fear and duty. The duty it implies is to uphold the status quo, the acceptable order, whether it be religious, political or otherwise. It seems to be rooted deeply within the human psyche to resist any kind of change, yet evolution is fueled by it. The growth of any species is governed by its ability to accept change as part of its growth process. You may consider yourself to be an instrument of change. Before you attempt to change others, you will need to change yourself, and this will require that you accept the changes that come in your life as for the good, not only of yourself, but also of those who are associated with you. The best way to do this is to discover who you really are and then just be yourself. This does not require you to be a superhero, just to be you, to eat, sleep, and do your work as yourself. You must do this twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. What you do, after all, has your signature on it, so it should be of the greatest integrity.


Despite what others think, only you can put forth the effort to do what you need to do in order to allow the changes to take place within you that must occur. No one else can make up my mind about anything but me, no matter how learned they may be. I am guided by forces only I am able to comprehend in a measure, not that I am a special bug, but because this is natural for all. Therefore all decisions are mine and can only be mine. But I am guided by Divine Consciousness, which is my Sacred Heart, so what the Divine wants is what I want. That is my decision.


26. I HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO HELP OTHERS WHEN I CAN. This dog-eat-dog world tells you to look out for number one despite all others. So what if you mash a few toes and ruin a few lives. It¶s a jungle out there! Only the most fit and the strongest survive, and if you don¶t, that¶s just tough. People who think like this wind up in the hospital more often or in accidents or other problems because they are inviting the other dogs to eat them. The old rule is still that you reap what you sow. So if you terrorize others for your personal benefit, you can, in the long run, forget about benefiting but as you get terrorized yourself. If you ruin lives to get your own way, your life will end up on the garbage heap. This is why the most wise among humankind have taught to give of yourself for the sake of others. It is not just an obligation but a right, and demonstrates your humanity, passing the seed of kindness from one to the other. Since you reap what you sow, you attract to yourself the goodness of others in accordance with what you have sown. This does not mean to imply that you are everyone¶s slave and that you must neglect your own work to help others. You dare not, in fact, neglect your work, for it is intended to better the lot of all concerned. If you become everyone else¶s slave you cease being yourself, and this you must not do. You cease being effective when you cannot express your own abilities in the ways given to you.


There are those who use your authority to help others as a way of having authority over you. By keeping your mind on what they think you should do, they seek to keep you out of focus to your real authority to be there where you are really needed, which is not necessarily where they want you. You know in your heart where you are most effective. Always you have freedom of choice. You can be an angel or a devil as you please, but you must understand that each has its reward. It is given to me to be available to be of service to others when I can. This does not mean that I am everyone's slave. It simply means that when there is a need I can answer, I will help as much as I can. What I can do may not be what everyone wants, but it will be what I can do and do well. In this I stay within the range of my own capacity, which is wisdom. And yet God is able to amplify what I do beyond my own ability and means.


27. I HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO ENCOURAGE ALL WHO ARE DOWNCAST AND SAD. Everyone faces times of discouragement and sadness. Everyone has been through those dark nights of things that go ³bump´ in the night. When one goes through these things, the last thing they need is to be treated without compassion and understanding, to be told to ³get over it´. Whether one faces the death of a loved one, the loss of a job, house or car or has been discouraged by people who do not understand what he is feeling, you have the authority to step in and help that person in whatever way you can. You cannot go through their experience for them, but can only support them as they experience it for themselves. By being kind and compassionate without being mushy you can do more by what you don¶t say than be what you say many times. But you have the authority to be there for them if that is where you are. I know that in the many times I have experienced these things, I was most encouraged by those who were just there for me than by those who preached at me. When I was grieving over my wife who had just died I wanted to throw a brick at someone who told me I was just wanting sympathy and that I was not a real man because I cried so much. This is not the right way to exercise ones authority to be there. Love does not call anybody names or seek to degrade anyone. It just loves, and that is what I needed at the time. When things get out of control for others, you have the authority to be in control of your excessive need to

help when such would be detrimental to the situation. One does not help a chick hatch or a butterfly to come from the cocoon, though a word of encouragement in the midst of the struggle never hurts. One who acts by sometimes not acting can be of great benefit. One who jumps in and helps without considering what they are doing can do great damage to the one they are trying to help. One must face what he must face in his experience in life and no one has the authority to interfere. Sometimes it¶s the experience of things that gives strength and teaches one to live as fully as he can. I am given the incentive to encourage those who are downcast because of things they cannot seem to control. I can understand this because I've been there and know what it feels like. I can minister to the sad of spirit because this, too, I know and understand. Whatever it is necessary for me to do to lift them up, I will do.


28. I HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO SEE MY VISION FULFILLED. Your own personal vision is given to you to fulfill. As we have said before, you chose to fulfill it before you were born. That means you have the authority to see it through, and you have every right to do what you must do in order to do so. It is true that there are those who would come to you and try to lay down some ground rules for fulfilling your purpose. If what they say does not agree with your vision, something is wrong. You may have to make a choice between pleasing them and retaining your own peace of mind by following your heart. Others cannot give you rules to follow when it comes to fulfilling your vision. They do not have the authority. It is your vision, and you are the only one who can decide what to do with it. You have the authority to set the rules you follow, and you have Divine Guidance from the Divine Consciousness within you to make the proper choices. It may be that when you do this, others will question your authority to do so. The methodology you follow may be different than the things they believe. You must have the assurance in your heart, the conviction, to stand upon your decision in what you do. You cannot conform to public opinion, but to your own heart, you must be true. It may seem to be a hard choice before you, to take the initiative to pioneer new territory. It is a choice every teacher of Light has had to face. You have the wherewithal within you to do what you must for the

good of all concerned. But you already know that you do not walk your path alone. Within my heart there is the vision of what I am given to do in this life. I have every right to see the fruit of my labor fulfilled and continued beyond my own span. I have a right to feel a sense of accomplishment, of knowing that I made a difference. I have a right to feel at peace.


29. I HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO BE FREE OF MY GREATEST FEARS. There is both Light and Darkness within everyone. There are things that make you feel well with the world and with God, but there are other things that make you cringe and pull back, things you know are within you that you would rather leave alone and not deal with. It is a time when you must take a deep breath and have the courage to face them. Often you will find that those things hidden in darkness are meant to be there and can be faced when you have reached the Spiritual maturity to have them revealed to you. Often, too, you will find that some of these things, blown all out of proportion by religious teachers, are not what you thought they were. You have been so uptight about them that you could not see them for what they were and are. Truth is the Revealer of all things, and much of what it reveals is unpleasant, mostly because your attitude about them has been so unbalanced. Wisdom helps you balance your perceptions in order that you may make wise decisions based on what Truth reveals instead of what religious and social teachers tell you. Perhaps this approach may cause you to be criticized and badgered by well meaning but blind friends, but always Truth wins out and you arise as victor. This is not to say that there are not things within us all that must be done away with altogether as we become aware of their detrimental effects. Yet the tool we have to work with is transmutation. ³Transmutation, not presumptuous denial, is the weapon of the Master,´

says the Hermetic Philosophers. This is the ability to take that which is detrimental and transform it into that which is beneficial, this, for the good of all concerned. Therefore one learns to not reject Darkness and embrace Light, but to know and understand that both are parts of your wholeness, that one cannot be complete without the other. This is contrary to most religious and social teaching, but it is the only authentic Path to Peace. There are those things within me that are so dark and sinister seeming that I have been afraid to stir them up. Recognizing that I have a Light side and a Dark side does not give me pause as much as the reality that the dark is so pitch black! When I gaze at the Light I see that it is very great and it makes me squint. I have the authority to face the Darkness as well as the Light, for both are frighteningly deep. I will trust God to help me through this.


30. I HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO BE A CONDUIT OF HEALING TO EVERYONE I CAN. Healing is your birthright. You may not be a doctor or a nurse, but you have the power and the right to bring healing to others. You need not address a specific ailment, but when you become a conduit of healing energy, the energy knows where to go. You need not know about pills or herbs. You but need be an avenue through which the healing flows. Healing is energy. Since you are energy as well, you come from the same Source as healing energy comes. Therefore it is only natural for you to be able to tap into that Source and allow it to flow. Since energy is a flowing essence, you get out of the way as far as your own thinking is concerned, and just allow it to flow. The Source may be called many things ± the Power of God, Universal Energy, Reiki or a number of other things ± but it all works the same. It all works to bring balance and harmony to the being, which is its natural state. It recognizes that all illness and pain comes from a disruption of the harmony of the body, mind and spirit. In restoring the harmony, the being becomes whole again. It is your right to help bring this about in any way you can. It may come when you feed someone who is hungry ± not all sickness comes from germs and viruses ± or comfort a grieving mother. Whatever opportunity you have, you have the authority to help heal the world! Everything is energy, including myself. Because of this, I am tapped into the main line to the Source of all

Energy. I become a conduit of healing energy, helping to correct the imbalances in the energies of others. I am but the conduit; God is the Healer. As the energy flows through me, I allow it to go where it is needed. In this way, I see results.


Charles Henry Kropf is a Master of Sacred Science, taking his studies from the International College of Esoteric Studies of Barbados. He is also a Reiki Master and does energy work in the Metro Houston area. He is widely read and is a prolific writer on matters of deep Spirituality. Being an inter-dimensional communicator, he has dedicated his writing skills to recording the messages given to him from Higher Realms. His special work is the publication of SOTERIUM and THE BOOK OF DISCOURSES which he has available at his storefront website. If you wish to contact him, his email address is: His storefront is located at: His blog is:


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