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Information Technology Assignment Page 1

Information Technology Assignment

Melissa Roque

PHT 5523

September 11, 2010


1. Defragmenting a computer

According to Dictionary.com1, “Defragmenting a computer means to rearrange or

relocate the storage on your hard disk by reuniting files that belong together.” Your

computer stores information wherever there is free space; therefore the files become

spread out and it takes the computer longer to read/write the files. When you “defrag”1

your files are rewritten/reorganized and stored together properly in the same area.

2. Antivirus

An antivirus is a “software program used to prevent unwanted computer viruses.”2

3. Malware

Malware is “a computer program created for the sole purpose of harming your computer

and can be very detrimental, such as a virus.”3

4. Two free antivirus programs are:

1. AVG Free Anti-Virus

2. Avast
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5. Two free anti malware programs:

1. Spyware Doctor 2010

2. Malware Bytes
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Outline: How to Find the Most Current Research Article on Vitamin D

I. Where should I Start?

A. Go to FIUs online Library webpage:

i. Avoid search engines such as, Google or Yahoo because your search

will be too broad.

B. FIUs Library allows you to search its catalog, journals, databases, and course

reserves from home.

i. On the right side of the page under RESEARCH HELP, click the link

that says Research From Home

ii. Sign in using your Panther ID card 14 digit number

C. Since we are researching the most recent article published about Vitamin D, we

are going to use the Research link at the top of the page.

i. Click on the tab labeled Research

D. Our Subject is Vitamin D; therefore, the topic is health related. To narrow down

the results select to browse by subject.

i. Scroll down the page and at the left hand side there is a box labeled


ii. You can either choose to search under the subject Medicine or Nursing

and Health Sciences. I chose Medicine; however, both have similar

databases and either could be used.

E. A long list of medical databases will appear. I chose the 2nd link Pubmed

(Medline) because this database allows you to sort by publication date; therefore,
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we acquire the most recent work.

F. Initiate Keyword search

i. Type: Effectiveness of Vitamin D

G. Click the arrow next to the display settings link to sort by Publication Date

H. Voila! Your most recent publication of Vitamin D has been found and it pertains

to “The virtues of vitamin D”.

i. Article Title: The virtues of vitamin D—but how much is too much?

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