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UNIT 3 GRAMMAR Name Mark /30

REPORTED SPEECH 4 The reporter wanted to know

1 Choose the correct alternatives. (6 marks) had survived the crash.
5 We asked the driver cost.
‘I’ll see you tomorrow,’ he said.

6 I wanted to know was
He said he would see me the day before / the next day.
1 ‘The film is only on tonight,’ Sarah said.
Sarah said the film was only on that night / this night. 4 Rewrite the questions using reported speech. (4 marks)
2 ‘I want to go home now,’ Lucy told me. ‘Why are you here?’ we asked them.
Lucy told me she wanted to go home after / then. We asked them why they were there.
3 ‘This science building was built only three months ago,’
1 ‘Who is Lisa going out with?’ Simon asked.
the teacher explained.
The teacher explained that that science building had
2 ‘Which restaurant did you visit?’ my father asked us.
been built only since three months / three months ago.
4 ‘My trip last month was cancelled,’ Sunil said.
3 ‘Where have you put my magazine?’ my mother asked me.
Sunil said that his trip that month / the month before
had been cancelled.
4 ‘Will you meet me tonight?’ Ana asked me.
5 ‘Yesterday there was a big storm here,’ he told us.
He told us that there had been a big storm there the day
before / the following day. REPORTED ORDERS AND REQUESTS
6 ‘I might go to France next summer,’ Joe said.
Joe said that he might go to France the following 5 Rewrite Jake’s direct speech as reported speech. (6 marks)
summer / the summer before. ‘Spot, sit down!’ Jake told his dog, Spot, to sit down.
1 ‘Spot, don’t eat the rubbish!’ Jake told Spot
2 Rewrite the sentences using reported speech. (4 marks)
‘I’ve lost my new phone that I bought last week,’ Sara said. 2 ‘Emily, could you turn the TV down a bit?’ He asked
Sara said that she had lost her new phone that she had Emily
bought the week before.
1 ‘I could phone Alex today,’ Christina said. Christina 3 ‘Emily, please don’t sing all the time.’ He also asked her
said that

2 ‘My brother and I didn’t go to town yesterday,’ John 4 ‘Simon, give me back my bag.’ He told Simon
said. John said that
5 ‘Mum, could you find my shirt?’ He asked his mum
3 ‘I can help you tomorrow’, Kate told her sister. Kate
told her sister that
6 ‘Mum, please don’t throw away my magazines.’ He also
4 ‘My cat always sleeps on my bed,’ Roberto said. Roberto asked his mum
said that
REPORTED QUESTIONS 6 Rewrite the suggestions in reported speech. Use either a
3 Complete the sentences with words from the lists. (6 marks) that clause or a gerund. (4 marks)
how much if if how many where ‘Let’s go shopping.’ (that) He suggested going shopping.
what time why 1 ‘Why don’t we go out?’ (gerund) She suggested
people I his CD player the article
the cathedral the shop the bus tickets 2 ‘Let’s invite Mark.’ (that clause) He suggested
A tourist asked me where the cathedral was.
3 ‘What about going for a walk?’ (gerund) He suggested
1 Kasia asked me had a
dictionary she could borrow.
4 ‘You should ask her for advice.’ (that clause) He suggested
2 Jamie asked the assistant
3 Robert wanted to know
didn’t work.


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