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Dante Jimenez v Hon.

Edwin Sorongon, Socrates Antzuolatos, Carmen Alamil, and Court of Appeals, and all other courts or tribunals in all civil actions and special
Marceli Gaza, and Markos Vgoutis (Brion, 2012) proceedings in which the

Topic: Nature of Bail: Matter of Right Government or any officer thereof in his official capacity is a party.

FACTS (nothing about bail in the original) The People is the real party in interest in a criminal case and only the OSG can
Petitioner is president of Unlad Shipping and Management Corporation, a local represent the People in criminal proceedings pending in the CA or in this Court. This
manning agency, while private respondents are some of the listed incorporators of ruling has been repeatedly stressed in several cases and continues to be the
Tsakos Maritime Services, another local manning agency. Petitioner filed a complaint- controlling doctrine.
affidavit with the Office of the City Prosecutor of Mandaluyong against respondents
for syndicated and large scale illegal recruitment. The 3 rd assistant city prosecutor ONLY PART PERTAINING TO BAIL:
recommended the filing of the information. City Prosecutor approved the
recommendation and filed the information with an RTC of Mandaluyong. City Thus, by filing several motions before the RTC seeking the dismissal of
Prosecutor then reconsidered and filed a motion to withdraw the information. RTC
the criminal case, respondent Alamil voluntarily submitted to the
denied the motion as it found existence of probable cause.
jurisdiction of the RTC. Custody of the law is not required for the
Respondents filed 2 motions (not at the same and they filed separately) which were adjudication of reliefs other than an application for bail.
all denied, namely: omnibus motion for judicial determination of probable cause with a
request to defer enforcement of the warrants of arrest, motion for judicial  APPEAL DENIED
determination of probable cause with a request to defer x x.

Respondent Alamil moved for reconsideration and for inhibition of Judge Capco-
Umali. The judge inhibited.

RTC: granted Alamil’s MR. It treated respondent Alamil’s motion for judicial
determination as a motion to dismiss for lack of probable cause. It found no evidence
on record to indicate that the respondents gave any false information to secure a
license to operate as a recruitment agency from the POEA. RTC dismissed the case.
Petitioner filed an MR which was denied. Petitioner then filed a notice of appeal which
was also denied. Petitioner then elevated the case to the CA

CA: dismissed outright – only the OSG has the legal personality to represent the

WON CA committed a reversible error in dismissing outright the petitioners
Rule 65 petition for certiorari for lack of legal personality to file the petition on
behalf of the People of the Philippines – NO

Procedural law basically mandates that "all criminal actions commenced by complaint
or by information shall be prosecuted under the direction and control of a public
prosecutor." In appeals of criminal cases before the CA and before this Court, the
OSG is the appellate counsel of the People, pursuant to Section 35(1), Chapter 12,
Title III, Book IV of the 1987 Administrative Code. This section explicitly provides

SEC. 35. Powers and Functions. The Office of the Solicitor General shall represent
the Government of the Philippines, its agencies and instrumentalities and its officials
and agents in any litigation, proceeding, investigation or matter requiring the services
of lawyers. . . . It shall have the following specific powers and functions:

(1) Represent the Government in the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals in all
criminal proceedings; represent the Government and its officers in the Supreme Court