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Hydromechanical Solutions for a Sustainable Future


The company designs and produces Traditional products Specific product installations

all kind of electromechanical works Gates, Stop logs, cranes, Racks, Special lifting systems, maneuver

for the hydropower sector and par- Trash racks, Linings, pipes, bi- chamber, special coatings, bridges,

ticularly, products for the intake and trifurcations, Penstock Safety project assembly equipment, work-

aqueducts. valves, Cone jet valves, Butterfly shop equipment, lifting and move-

Valves “Turbine Inlet Safety ment equipment, special ladders,

Valves”, manholes, expansion tanks and more.

This implies a wide range of hydro
joints, dismantling joints.
mechanical equipment, such as:

Headquarters & Design - Italy

Production - Honduras
Projects - Central América, South América & Africa

Depending on the size and type of use of these gates, the
product could have different shapes, such as: flat to slip,
wagon (wheeled, box, radial, disc, etc.) and could have
different types of “set in motion” (manual with electric mo-
tor, hydraulic piston / pneumatics, bike chain with reduc-
ers, fixed or movable counterweight, own weight gravity).
The dimensions can vary from 1.00m x 1.00m to 20m x
20m ; and plus, water-bearing from 0 to 10 mca for spill-
way radial gates and stoplogs. Our highly specialized engi-
neering team and technology, give us the possibility to al-
low any kind of projects worldwide.
Generally our seals profiles are type "omega", but it can be
tailor made with other specs . The materials used for these
products are: rubber, EPDM or neoprene, coated or less
than a film of Teflon (PTFE) to reduce friction.
Pirris Dam– Costa Rica

Rigoberto Cerna Dam “La Concepción” - Honduras


Steel Pipes transports the water from
the intake to the Machine-House, par-
ticularly to the turbines.

The company can perform the following

types of steel pipes:

• Steel tubes up to 5 meters diameter

and Wall thickness up to 40 mm – with

hydraulic calender

• SSAW tubes from 600mm to 3000mm

Diameter, with the maximum wall thick-

ness of 20 mm, 12 meters longitude- with an automatic process, in a variable time from 50 minutes to 2 hours


Pipes at Kramis Dam– Algeria


The stop logs are built by one or more horizontal
elements, depending on the dimensions and
weights required to move them. The stoplogs, are
the barriers that are commonly used to facilitate
the assembly of the Gates and other equipment
located downstream (in dry conditions), in order
to perform maintenance and provide security con-
ditions for the personnel.
Normally one of the elements of the stoplogs are
equipped with bypass valve, to allow the flooding
of the compartments (at the end of the works),
and then remove the elements with balanced
The stop logs composed of a single element can be
moved with winches, lifting and pulling equip-
ments. If it’s composed by more than one element,
then is necessary to use an “expansion joint” en-
gaging elements - from their storage to the posi-
tions within the guidelines.
Kerrada Dam– Algeria

Pirris Dam– Costa Rica


Trash Racks
Trash Racks machines are intended to remove trash
material from the Racks, which blocks the flow of water.
There are different types of Trash Racks (TR):
1. Mesh rotary drum (where maximum filtration is re-
2. Band (a band crosses the flow, intercepts the foreign
matter and discharge it in other place);
3. Comb: piston moved, the comb removes foreign
matter that obstructs the racks, and the mechanism
could be fixed or can be moved across to cover the en-
tire surface.
4. Cable: composed with a cart cleaner (comb and jaw)
and an upper Portico, vertical deployment unlimited ,
considering that the movement is guaranteed by wires
and winches located in the Portico.
We always bring the state of the art technology and solu-
tions in a wide range of possibilities from simple dash-
boards, even using PLC touch-screen electronics and con-
trol, which facilitates operations and human-machine inter- Trash Rack manafacturing at IIA

Pirris Dam, Costa Rica


The IIA has engineering and technology capabili-
ties to design and manufacture the following
1. Gate valve: the shutter in fully open position
releases the flow area. Manufactured in steel up
to DN1200-PN10;
2. Butterfly valve: with motion reducer, piston or
counterweight. Manufactured up to DN3550,
with counterweight (DN2400 and DN2600) and up
to 25 and 40 bar pressure;
3. Check valve/ Non-return valve: used down-
stream for large pumping systems. Dimensions
have been manufactured between DN800 -
DN1000 and PN16 - PN25;
4. Howell Bunger valve: modulates the flow
through a moving cone and reduces the free sec-
tion. Manufactured up to DN1500 PN16;
Xacbal Dam - Guatemala DN3550
5. Larner Johnson valve: sink valve and flow con-
trol used for the environmental flow. Manufactured up to DN700 PN10.

Valve manufactured for Xacbal Dam


IIA designs and manufactures gantry cranes
and special cranes over rails for: maintenance,
gates operations, valves and other equip-

Most of the crane´s production responds to

special needs and specifications.

Gantry cranes has many load capacities (Tons)

and may be equipped with winches of
different load capacities (i.e. 160 -20 - 5 tons).

Pirris Dam - Algeria

Kerrada Dam, Algeria


Fabricated with plane profiles, separated from each and
fixed in frames - according to the specifications of the cli-

Both are made with fixed panels anchored to the civil

works and removable (a slip with wheels) through beam
side guides and expansion joints.

For water purification plants, we made stainless steel Racks

of 2.5x 6.0m, but in our experience with Dams, we have
used galvanized steel, with dimensions 6.3 x 13.4 m & 10 x
5.2 m .
Kerrada Dam - Algeria

Racks for Mendre Dam– Panama


IIA Production Plant


Automation and Control

IIA designs, supplies and installs the panels and
electrical control systems and monitoring that
allow monitoring and management of electro-
mechanical equipment (gates, valves, cranes,
Trash Racks, etc ...) according to the customer
specifications and needs.

We always bring the state of the art technology

solutions in a wide range of possibilities from
simple dashboards, even using PLC touch-
screen electronics and control, which facilitates
operations and human-machine interfaces.

Engineering and Projects

The engineering area, is located in Italy in the province of Venice, and is composed by Senior staff with over
10 years experience and Junior person-
nel as well, young graduates from the
best Italian Universities for Mechanical
Engineering (Padua, Venice, Udine) .

The company also has external support

from European engineering offices, in
case of specific topics.

Designing, engineering and assembly

processes are made from the Office in

Italy, responsible to send the infor-

mation to Production facility, ensuring the complete control between the designing until On-site assembly


Our Experience

Our Experience

Our Experience
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