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Countries, Nationalities &

Continents - teacher’s notes
Author: James Heath
Level: Starter / Elementary
Skills: Vocabulary, Speaking
Topic area: Geography
Required resources: One copy of students book for each student. (Note:
the flags work better in colour, but if this isn’t possible try printing one
copy in colour and passing it around the classroom throughout question

Lead in
Ask students how many country names they know in English. Ask them to name any
animals that live in those countries. Ask them if they’ve visited any other countries
and which ones they liked.

1) Ss write the names of the countries under each of the flags. Ss can help each
other in pairs or small groups to see how many they can answer by themselves
before checking the answers as a class. Drill pronunciation of the country names
while checking.


1. Brazil
2. China
3. New Zealand
4. Argentina
5. Peru
6. Canada
7. South Africa
8. India
9. The United Kingdom (UK)
10. Italy
11. Germany
12. Mexico
13. Chile
14. France
15. Australia
16. Switzerland
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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“What do you call people from Australia? Australians” Ss fill in the gaps in pairs. The United States of America (USA) 19.Argentina . E.The UK . where is your passport from). drill pronunciation of each continent and let Ss find them on the world map. Japan 21. ANSWERS Africa Asia Europe North South Australia America America (and New Zealand) . ANSWERS Ending in ~an Country Nationality Argentina Argentinean Australia Australian Brazil Brazilian Canada Canadian Chile Chilean Egypt Egyptian Germany German India Indian Italy Italian Mexico Mexican Peru Peruvian South Africa South African This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.New Africa . South Korea 20.Ireland .France 3) Elicit the difference between country and nationality. Egypt 18.Brazil .India Switzerland .Chile Zealand .com 2 of 5 .Japan . then as a class.Canada .Italy .China . Find more free lesson plans and ideas at ELTideas.South .Germany . 17.0 Unported License.Australia . ask “What country are you in now?” “What is your nationality?” (i. Write answers on the board to check spelling. Ss fill in the table of countries.Mexico . Ireland 2) Lead in by asking the Ss to name the 7 continents. .South .Egypt Korea .Peru . Check in pairs or small groups.The USA .g.e.

) Ss fill in the questions – check as a class.) 7) Set the scene of a party where you are meeting new people and having a basic conversation. South Korea South Korea The USA American Ending in ~ese China Chinese Japan Japanese Other France French Ireland Irish New Zealand New Zealander Switzerland Swiss The UK British 4) Ss should be able to complete these gaps with their country and nationality. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3. Quickly fix any problems with understanding the difference. Find more free lesson plans and ideas at ELTideas. or ask Ss to stand and mingle. 5) This next part can be tailored to your class depending on what type of questions they have been taught or what topics you’ve recently covered in class. but don’t spend too long on this as it will be practiced in question 3 of 5 . Other possible questions include: • What’s your favourite colour / sport? • Do you have any hobbies? What are they? • How many siblings do you have? • What town are you from? (Note: the example also uses the UK spelling for “favourite” and “colour” – feel free to change this to US spelling using the editable word doc version. ANSWERS: 1) What’s your name? 2) How old are you? 3) Where are you from? 4) What’s your favourite animal? 5) What’s your favourite food? 6) Monitor as Ss practice the conversation in pairs and help with any pronunciation issues. (Note: if you change the questions in question 5. make sure to edit the example conversation to include your new questions. You could use some background music to help set the scene and maybe arrange some chairs around the room in different areas.0 Unported License. The examples given are for a very low level elementary class.

6 and give each Ss a character card. as 4 of 5 . use the character cards on the following page. Ss pretend to be the character on their card and speak to the other people in their group.0 Unported License. this can work as a good getting to know you exercise with Ss giving real answers to the questions.ELTideas. gathering the information required to fill in their table. asking them not to show anyone else their card. if you have used Option B for question 7 you could ask Ss to answer some of the questions truly. or if Ss know each other quite well and would already know the answers to the questions.There are two options for this part of the exercise. Option A: If you have a multi-national class and you haven’t done a lot of getting to know you type exercises yet. EXTRAS Countries and nationalities are good to use in spelling games in follow-up lessons or at the end of this lesson if you have time. Option B: If you have a single nationality class. Also. Split class into groups of 4 . please let us know how it went and any ideas for improvement at www. 8) If you have extra time after the Ss have filled in the table you could ask them to feedback to the class information about specific people and if they found out any extra This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3. How did it go? If you’ve used this lesson with your class. Find more free lesson plans and ideas at ELTideas.

com 5 of 5 . Find more free lesson plans and ideas at ELTideas. Character Cards Name: Sam Name: Alex Age: 18 Age: 22 Country: Country: Favourite animal: tiger Favourite animal: octopus Favourite food: lamb chops Favourite food: fish and chips Name: Chris Name: Ashley Age: 19 Age: 21 Country: Country: Favourite animal: elephant Favourite animal: donkey Favourite food: pancakes Favourite food: pizza Name: Tracy Name: Toni / Tony Age: 20 Age: 23 Country: Country: Favourite animal: kangaroo Favourite animal: cow Favourite food: steak Favourite food: potatoes This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.