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“Free College:” Laura W. Perna putting This voice Perna While The statistics really
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First Published She is a universities offer tuition funding however debt.
December 13, coauthor of The in the state, assistance from an tuition
2017 Research Attainment how many to endowmen assistance
Article Agenda: State kids are struggling t (THEC & seems to be
Policy attending, families. TSAC, the way to go.
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Education and cs of who Promise
the co-editor of goes to has greater
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to college,
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ing jobs to
er workers
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attain jobs
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Free College I looked up Taxpayers This voice Jacobs After I read I wish this article had
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the Economy anywhere. of American governmen university very practical.
students. To t is already tuitions are The amount
By W. E. Jacobs require that struggling reasonable that taxes
citizens with k-12 . According would have to
Co-Author: should also funding so to the be raised in
Maureen pay for adding College order to
McMahon higher another 4 Board, sustain it
education - years on slightly less would be way
currently a top would than half of more than
privilege increase the full- everyone
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t - is an would be a public four-
investment burden for year
that will the schools in
never taxpayer. 2007-2008
guarantee a are paying
return. The between
American $3,000 and
economy is $6,000 per
already year. More
demanding than half
that people pay less
change their than
lives in such $9,000 per
a way as to year”.
Adding a
tax fund for
education is
not a
response to
when the
people who
are paying
for their
via a
check to
The cost of Tabitha lawmakers This voice She tells In my research I like how this article
free tuition Whissemore is recently doesn’t give us, “In I’ve come to was written by
and author and passed the a stance Oregon, the conclusion someone who is
Whissemore, editor at the Oregon but one lawmakers that tuition close with tuition
Tabitha community Promise, a could be recently assistance is assistance programs.
college daily bill to inferred passed the possible as
and a provide free since she is Oregon shown by
writer/editor at tuition to talking Promise, a Minnesota
American recent high about how bill to and Oregon.
Association of school oregon and provide More states
Community graduates tennessee free tuition are
Colleges pursuing a are to recent considering
community providing high school the start of
college free graduates their own
degree or associate pursuing a tuition
certificate. degree community assistance to
The training funding to college low income
will link to high school degree or families.
occupationa students. certificate.
l fields such It takes
as effect fall
agriculture, 2016. Like
business the
managemen Tennessee
t, human Promise, it
services, is a "last-
health dollar"
services and program,
engineering. meaning
Because the students
program is would first
tied to have to use
workforce all state
developmen and federal
t, it's not aid
likely to available to
"fade away" them.”
after two
years, says
Maren Gelle
liaison for
Office of
New York Alexandra S. This article I think this Alexandra I needed to I like how the
Today: Free Levine is a basically is a great explains read this program is open to
College, but Metro reporter outlines program what the article in order everyone who lives
With Caveats for The New how New and program is, to get a better in New York and
York Times, York provides “Yes. understanding how all the
By Alexandra S. where she handles many Recipients of how tuition recipients will have a
Levine writes the New tuition people who should plan assistance job after college.
York Today assistance. can’t afford to live and programs
column on Students to go to work in work and how
breaking news, whose college the New York they can be
features and families opportunity after adopted by
cultural goings- make under to go. I graduation, other states.
on across the a certain think more for as
city's five amount states many years
boroughs. She after should as they
joined The graduating adopt this received
Times in 2015 have to program help with
apply for because in the tuition.
this today’s If that
program. If world a obligation
accepted college is broken,
the must degree is they will
attend required by need to
college the most jobs. repay that
following year,
semester in similar to
order to repaying a
qualify for student
this loan,
program. though the
such as
hardship or

Make College Bernie Berine talks This article is Bernie says, I thought this
Free For All Sanders is an about in great 100% for free “It is time to was a very
American detail how college. In build on the thorough
By Bernie politician college needs the 2016 progressive description of
Sanders serving as to be free. He primaries one movement of why free
the junior tells us that of Berines the past and college
United States back in the campaign make public should be a
Senator from day a high promises was colleges and thing.
Vermont school to make universities
since 2007. diploma was college free. tuition-free in OTHER:
good enough In fact it was the United The article
to get a well Bernie States — a however
paying job Sanders who development doesn’t really
and getting re- that will be explain how
that diploma popularized the driver of a free college
was free. He the idea of new era of could
then says free college. American become a
that today a prosperity. thing.
college We will have
degree is a stronger
needed to get economy and
a well paying a stronger
job equating democracy
it to a high when all
school young people
diploma. He with the
then makes ambition and
the point that the talent can
essential reach their
education full potential,
should be regardless of
free for their
everyone. circumstance
s at birth.”

Hogan wants Ovetta This article is This article The authors I really like
to expand Wiggins: about the agrees with explain the this article
tuition-free Ovetta Maryland the idea of current state because it
college Wiggins wants to free college. of the shows states
program covers expand on If this program other than
Maryland their current program were here, “The New York are
By Ovetta state politics scholarship to be already willing to
Wiggins and in Annapolis. program. The approved approved consider and
Danielle She came to program Maryland College work on
Douglas- The currently would be the Promise tuition
Gabriel Washington allows some second state program assistance
Post in 2003 students to to grant free provides programs.
and has attend tuition to scholarships
covered community some of up to OTHER:
numerous college tuition students. $5,000 to I’d like to
stories about free. He students know what
Prince wants to whose other states
George's expand the families earn have these
County program to 4 less than kind of
during that year public $150,000 a programs in
time, universities. year and the works.
including the adults
rise and fall earning less
of former than
County $100,000.
Executive The state
Jack B. covers tuition
Johnson, the left over after
county's factoring in
foreclosure other
crisis, and the scholarships
attempt by and grants,
County and the
Executive legislation
Rushern L. instructs the
Baker III to Maryland
take over the Higher
school Education
system. She Commission
graduated to prioritize
from Rutgers need in
University distributing
and the money.”
worked at the
Inquirer and
the Bergen
Record in
New Jersey.


student debt
for The
Post. Danielle
joined the
desk in July
2012 from
Business, a
where she
served as the
local retail,
and banking
Danielle was
the managing
editor of Real
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m, the New
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