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Law Enforcement Sensiive br, Bruce (ODAG) te EEE From: br, Bruce (0086) Sent: Friday, uly 01, 2016 3:82 PM To: hn steele Subject: Re: Availability for Skypecon With COS? chris | wish you and your family @ great weekend as well, Talk with you next week! Bruce On jul 1, 2016, 0 3:25 OM, Chris Stee EE rot: From Oh, Bruce (0046) ‘Sent: Friday, 1 Juy 201 Tor Chis Ste Subject: RE: Avalabilty for Skypecon Wh COS? From: Civis Stel Sente Friday, July 01, 2016 11:54 AM Tor Or, Bruce (OD8G) ‘Subject: Availabilty fox Skypecon With CDS? Dear Bruce hope al'swel wth you | am seine in London next week to decussongoing busine bux there & something szperate | vrarted to dacuss with you nformaly and separately. Rconcems ou favourite bushesstycoon! | mght have teen coming tothe US imminently but now am pot, a leas unt August. Instead, f you arent traveling tou ope spon, could we do Skypecon sometime next week pleaz, before |head to Cyprus on holiday wth the family 16? Many thanks and Best Ones Chris Steele Drecor zmagedo1.png HPSol (8-28-18)-00s-000008 Document 1D: 0.7.16046.111956